How to Bend Rebar: Do It Manually or with a Power Bender

Reinforced steel bars, also known as rebars, are some of the most common materials that are used in the construction industry. It is the piece of thick and durable steel that is found inside a concrete and used for reinforcement. More than just in the field of construction, it has many other applications, such as for landscaping and art projects.

If you are interested to know how to bend rebar, regardless of the reasons why you are doing so, the rest of this post has insights that you will find valuable. I will let you know some of the best ways to do it easily and effectively. It may be a strong material, but despite such, you can still bend it with enough force applied and through the right methods.

How to Bend Rebar

Bend Rebar with Right Methods

How to Bend Rebar 

In this section, we will talk about two of the methods of bending rebar. You can choose one based on the equipment that is available.

Bending Rebar without a Professional Equipment 

One of the ways of bending rebar is through doing it by hand. However, take note that this is applicable only if the diameter of the bar is less than half an inch. If it is larger, it will be too thick and will be impossible to bend. Before you start bending the rebar, be sure to wear thick gloves, which will prevent your hand from being injured.

Now that you have gloves, put the rebar on a flat and even surface. Look for a pipe with a diameter that is wider than the rebar. Insert at least six inches of the rebar in the pipe. Use your foot to press the rebar firmly on the ground and with enough pressure, raise the hollow pipe until the rebar is bent on the angle that you desire.

Bending Rebar

This is Applicable only If the Diameter of the Bar is less Than Half an Inch

As an alternative, you can also bend the rebar by hand with the help of a vise. The latter is a simple piece of equipment that will hold the rebar in place and will make it easy to make sure that it will be in a stable position. Put the rebar in the vise, secure in place, insert a pipe with a diameter bigger than the rebar, and bend until it reaches the intended angle.

To make things easier, there are some people who would resort to the application of heat in the rebar, assuming that it will make it softer. As much as possible, you should not do this. This can affect the structural integrity of the rebar, and hence, can make it weaker. It can cause a significant change in its shape.

Bending Rebar with Professional Equipment 

With the use of a professional equipment, bending rebar can be a lot easier. For those who do not have the luxury to buy a new tool, you might want to consider renting, especially if you are bending rebar only for a specific project.

Using Bender Equipment

You have to Clamp the Rebar so that It will be Stable

A manual bender is an example of a professional equipment that will help. With this, you have to clamp the rebar so that it will be stable. You can pull down the other end to bend the rebar. This is going to bend only one rebar at a time, and hence, it is not recommended for a lot of rebars.
If you need to bend a lot of rebars, it would make sense to invest in a power bender. They can be powered by gas and electricity, making it possible to bend several steel bars at once. Many are also equipped with cutters. The problem, however, is that they can cost thousands of dollars. To use a rebar bender, all that you have to do is to power it on, choose the desired setting, and position the rebars.


In sum, from the discussions above on how to bend rebar, there are two approaches that can be considered. First, you can do it manually or with a vise, which will require more effort on your end. As an alternative, you can use a powerful bender, which is gas or electric. The latter, however, is not recommended unless you are in the field of construction since the equipment is expensive.

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