The Benefits of Having a Double-Sided Fireplace

A fireplace provides warmth to occupants in a room and gives the room a key focal point. A double-sided fireplace does the same thing, but in more than one room at a time. This is what makes double-sided fireplaces popular in many homes and establishments.

Apart from being a beautiful focal feature in a room, double-sided fireplaces are a great way to divide a large space to allow more light and space between different parts of the house. There are many companies offering double and even triple-sided fireplaces that incorporate expansive glass that radiates the fire, adding coziness to multiple rooms.

If you are keen on having a double-sided fireplace on your property, there are things you need to know about these units. Let’s discuss the benefits of having a two-sided fireplace installed in your home and see the how it can help with your home aesthetic and warmth requirement.

Enhanced Heating Function

Aside from being an aesthetic divider, double-sided fireplaces have an advantage when it comes to heat distribution. Unlike traditional fireplaces that are usually built along a wall, double-sided fireplaces can be installed between two rooms to provide warmth to a larger space.

They not only add elegance to your home design but also provide enhanced heating function because of their location. Instead of heating just one room, double-sided fireplaces heat two areas via a more centralized home location. Imagine having a multi-sided wood fireplace with a see-through firebox in your living room from where light and heat radiate, letting you feel the warmth in multiple areas of the room.

Because double-sided fireplaces maximize the heating performance of your wood fireplace, you can cut down on heating expenses. Instead of spending on the installation of two separate fireplaces to take the chill out of an area, you can opt to install a double-sided fireplace, which will not only illuminate an entire space but also provide ample heat for two rooms at the same time.

Typically, installing an additional fireplace would require the installation of another flue and/or chimney. With a two-sided fireplace, you can warm up larger areas so you won’t need to install a new fireplace and an additional flue and/or chimney to vent the fumes.

This is ideal especially when you have some cold spots in larger rooms either as a result of having a fireplace that is not located in a central part of the room, or the lack of a fireplace in your home. You can address this issue by placing a double-sided fireplace in the center of a large room for a more even heat distribution.

Large Room with Fireplace

When getting a two-sided fireplace for your home, you have the option of getting a unit that does not require ventilation. Usually, homeowners who are looking for a ventless option go for electric fireplaces especially when they are concerned about heat being lost through the chimney.

The added versatility of these types of fireplace models also make them an attractive option for home buyers if ever you decide to put your home up for sale in the future.

Custom Styles to Match Any Home Décor

Double-sided fireplaces are not just heating appliances; they are also a great interior design element that adds a lovely appeal to any space.

The possibilities are endless when designing your home with double-sided fireplaces. First of all, they’re already attractive to begin with, so you won’t have to do much to create an impact. In addition, there are virtually no restrictions in where you can place them – you can use them to divide your living room while still maintaining the flow of natural light, or install them in your bedroom to add a cozy feel to the room.

Here are some ideas for your two-sided fireplace:

Modern & Fresh Design

To make your open room look hip, pick and combine neutral colors for your walls and appliances and add a two-sided fireplace in the center. This will make the space more youthful and modern.

Focal Element

Fireplaces are one the first things people notice when they visit your home. They are considered the main focal point in any room, so why not take advantage of this and bring more attention to your two-sided fireplace by adding vibrant colors and sophisticated materials to highlight the sleek design of your home.

Chic & Ultra Smooth

Chic double-sided fireplaces can add personality to homes with a contemporary interior design. They easily complement stylish furniture and other decorative accents in any room.

There are several styles of double-sided fireplaces to choose from. It all depends on which manufacturer you choose to get the unit from. Some units have glass and marble and will fit a contemporary home design very well, while others have more traditional materials. The choice is yours! Try looking online to get an idea of what you should use for your home – who knows, you might even find some models that are on sale.

Installing a double-sided fireplace can help heat your home more efficiently and also save you money. But more than that, they can even come in custom styles that can match different home interiors to help you create an appealing motif that will further beautify your home.

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