The Best Air Fryer Reviews in 2020 – Fried Food and Fat-Free

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Have you ever felt guilty while eating French fries, since they are so unhealthy but delicious? Well, you can get that deliciousness without needing to endanger your health.

If you’ve ever wanted to make food with little to no oil or fat, but still nice and crispy like it was fried in a pan, then air fryers are for you. With these machines, you can get nice crispy and crunchy food without all those extra calories or the mess usually involved in deep frying food. If you’re looking to start eating healthy, this is a great investment.

In this article we will go over the benefits the best air fryers can bring to your kitchen as well as some of the top products on the market right now and why you should get one.

Why Buying an Air Fryer?

You might think that you don’t need an air fryer because you already have a deep frying machine and that is more than enough for you. But, of course, air fryers don’t perform the same function, and they offer plenty of upsides when compared to deep fryers. Some even consider them to be a superior replacement.

First off, deep frying uses a lot of oil which makes the food quite fatty and full of bad cholesterol. Besides fat, other dangerous chemicals are released into the food through deep frying, and all of that makes its way into your body. With an air fryer, that is not an issue since it requires little or no oil whatsoever to fry food, while still giving it that crispy and crunchy texture. You save money on buying oil, and you eat healthier food that doesn’t taste worse – what’s not to love?

Air Fryer

A best air fryer is healthy and simple option

Another reason to get an air fryer over a deep fryer is how easy it is to clean one of these appliances – you can clean them out in seconds since nothing sticks to them and there is no nasty oil residue. Deep fryers are notoriously difficult to clean, so an air fryer can save you a lot of time when it comes to the cleanup process.

They’re also easier to use than deep fryers, and anyone can operate them with little trouble. You also don’t have to worry about preheating or heating the oil to the right temperature and so on.

Overall, air fryers are just a healthier, simpler option than deep fryers and if you want delicious fried food without all the additional fat and unhealthy substances, this should be your go-to kitchen appliance.

While air fryers are great, some of them are not as good as others, and that’s a fact. We tested plenty of different models, and some were just unable to handle even the most basic of frying. It’s difficult to notice that without looking carefully though, and even the most experienced people could get a bad one by accident. Luckily, we are here to help, as we have determined some of the best products out there through weeks of testing – products which we will present to you right here. In addition to that, we will also talk about what makes a good air fryer and more. So, let’s get going!

Meet the Best Air Fryers

GoWISE USA Ming's Mark GW22621 Electric Air Fryer, 3.7 QT, Black

The Good: It has decent capacity, good power, and good temperature range while being highly adjustable and easy to use.

The Bad: Doesn’t seem sturdy, some foods stick to it, and it is quite large.

The Bottom Line: All in all, this is a decent appliance for an affordable price, and it is difficult to pass up despite some flaws it might have.

Simple Chef Air Fryer - Air Fryer For Healthy Oil Free Cooking - 3.5 Liter Capacity w/Dishwasher Safe Parts

The Good: Cheap and has a huge capacity for cooking while being easy to use.

The Bad: Cooks slow and is badly constructed with lots of flimsy, easily breakable parts.

The Bottom Line: For the price, this is a decent unit, but you might want to think twice before buying it due to how flimsy it is.

Avalon Bay Air Fryer, For Healthy Fried Food, 3.7 Quart Capacity, Includes Airfryer Baking Set and Recipe Book, AB-Airfryer100B

The Good: It possesses quite a lot of power and has decent capacity while coming with a few nice extras.

The Bad: It’s large and heavy, and it dries out most food that you put in it. It’s also expensive.

The Bottom Line: verall, this is quite a good air fryer with one major flaw that you might be able to overcome. However, the price might be a sticking point.

This is just the short version – for the long, in-depth comparison, keep reading.

All of the Factors Considered

Air fryers are quite unconventional appliances, and most of your cooking knowledge goes out the window when trying to use one. People who never used an air fryer before might have trouble distinguishing a good one from a bad one, even if they are cooking experts. We know – our experts had trouble with that as well. But, through rigorous testing, we have come up with some of the most important things to consider when buying an air fryer.


This is simple – the higher the wattage of an appliance like this, the stronger it is and the faster it can get things cooked. Higher wattage usually means a better, more efficient air fryer and it’s difficult to argue with that.

However, you should consider if your outlets can support a high wattage appliance before buying one since you might end up with a useless piece of machinery if they can’t.

Temperature Range

The wider the range of temperatures and air fryer can achieve, the more versatile it is and the more different dishes you can cook with it. Most will have a top temperature of somewhere around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but the lowest possible temperature is also important for more delicate and precise cooking and frying that you might want to do.

Best Air Fryer

Air fryers are quite unconventional appliances

You should also consider how adjustable the temperature is, can you adjust at every 20 or every 30 degrees, for example? If you want to cook at an extremely specific temperature for some dish, you want that adjustability.


This refers to the amount of food that can fit in an air fryer. Most fryers can fit a decent amount of food in them, around 1.5 to 2 pounds, which can be enough for one or two people. However, if you intend to cook dishes that require a large amount of food or you want to cook for the entire family or a group of friends, you might want a larger unit. If you put too much food into a fryer and it gets cramped, it won’t fry well because there won’t be enough flowing air.

Still, you should consider the space you have available for your air fryer in the kitchen. You don’t want to buy a huge unit that you don’t need and that you can’t fit anywhere, so you should choose carefully. Also, if you buy a unit that’s too big and put only a little food in it, you might overcook it or burn it, so you should consider that as well.

Additional Features

Air fryers can come with a wide variety of additional features that can make them even more useful and convenient than they already are. These can take the form or different timers or handy additional compartments, removable parts for easy dishwasher cleaning and so on. Pick and choose the ones you might find useful, or if you just want an appliance with no additional distractions and just good core performance, you could go for that.

Now that you’re well-informed let’s present you with the top three products we picked and their rankings in these areas.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Air Fryers


Overall, this is a decently priced air fryer that can handle quite a decent amount of food at one time and has a nice temperature range, going quite low. It also features a load of inbuilt cooking programs that allow you to automate it. The problem is that it is not up-to-snuff in all areas, and seems cheaply built.
Temperature Range100
Additional Features95
What We Like
Large capacity
Large temperature range
Incredibly easy to use with timer and inbuilt programs
What We Don't Like
Takes up a lot of space
Some substances - like fish - might stick to it
Some parts of it are flimsy

Key Features

Good Power

This air fryer has 1400 watts, ensuring that it will cook quickly and efficiently. It performs quite well when it comes to most foods and doesn’t seem to overcook or undercook, though it seems a bit slow at times.

Huge Temperature Range

The temperatures this fryer can achieve range from 175 up to 400 degrees. It’s a decent range and a bit better than similar products, allowing for the cooking of foods that require quite low temperatures.

Great Capacity

The capacity of this unit is 3.7 quarts, making it more than decent and allowing it to cook meals for around three to maybe four The problem is that it might be a bit difficult to clean when it comes to some foods.

Useful in-built Programs

The standout feature here is the fact that there are various inbuilt programs in this fryer that you can use for various That means it’s quite easy to use and you don’t have to fiddle around with it a lot unless you want something extremely specific.

Customer Reviews

My husband got one of these for me, and I just love it! I’ve wanted to buy an air fryer for quite some time now but didn’t want to shell out too much money for it. I was a bit skeptical about the performance of the thing. It turns out that this is far better than a toaster oven. I used it to make chicken wings with one of the pre-programmed modes, but reduced frying time. The wings were incredibly juicy and crispy. I also used it to make some egg rolls, and they were perfect, as well as the banana bread I made with it later on. It’s just the perfect thing, and I love it. I just wish I had more recipes to use with it.
I’m more than pleased with this purchase. I’ve been using it for six months already, and it never failed me. There are no flaking issues with the pan; the food comes out well fried and making mozzarella sticks with it is the best. French fries with some olive oil are also quite a treat. It’s an incredibly wonderful thing to have, and I don’t know how I managed without it.
I was skeptical about this at first, thinking that an air fryer can’t possibly make good fries. Oh, how wrong I was. When I tried the first batch I was just blown away; they were crispy and soft on the inside with no oil or grease. Healthy French fries – it’s like a miracle. The garlic bread I made in it also came out perfectly. I’d most certainly recommend this for anybody who wants to start cooking healthy food.

Who Should Buy this Product

If you’re looking for an all-around good air fryer at a reasonable price point, this is the appliance you should buy. It offers ample power and quite a good capacity while it can achieve lower cooking temperatures than most other air fryers on the market. It’s also quite easy to use with a lot of options.

What to Watch Out For

While it does have a good capacity it also takes up quite a lot of space in the kitchen, so you should make sure that you have a good spot for it. In addition to that, some parts of it seem rather flimsy, and some substances might stick to it, like fried fish, making it more difficult to clean.

The Conclusion

When all is said and done, this is quite a decent product at a reasonable price that most people can afford and it is reliable. It does have its issues, the worst of which is how flimsy it seems, but it seems to offer quite a good bang for your buck and for that it is more than worth recommending.

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Simple Chef Air Fryer

This is quite an inexpensive fryer that offers enough power and a huge capacity while being rather easy to use and clean. However, its cheapness is evident in the poor design and shoddy parts, as well as a lack of extra features.
Temperature Range95
Additional Features70
What We Like
Large capacity
Easy to use
What We Don't Like
Badly designed - various parts out of alignment - flimsy
It takes quite a long time to cook
Lacks almost any extra features

Key Features

Not Powerful Enough

Despite having 1400 watts of power, this air fryer seems a bit underpowered as it takes a long time to fry or cook anything, far longer than you would expect. It also heats up quite a bit when working.

Good Temperature Range

The temperature range is 180 to 400, which is standard, but the real problem with this is that it is no incredibly adjustable due to not having a digital panel for temperature adjustment.

Huge Capacity

The capacity of this unit is 3.5 liters, which is far more than comparable products, making this the standout feature. The issue is that it can overheat and that it’s flimsy, meaning that you shouldn’t try to stuff too much into it.

Lacking Extra Features

This air fryer has almost no extra features to speak of. It has a timer, but that is about it, and besides that, it is a bare-bones appliance that can’t offer much besides cooking.

Customer Reviews

My family wanted to get an air fryer for quite some time now, but we weren’t sure it’d work well. I decided to bite the bullet this time and just buy one outright. I’m glad that I did since now I can’t stop making French fries with it. They need only a tablespoon of oil but are still incredibly crispy and tasty! I’m eager to try out all kinds of different recipes with it, and I’m more than impressed with it. I would recommend it to anybody who wants fried food that is healthier and easier to make.
I got this just a few short days ago, so I haven’t tested it too much. I only made French fries so far, and they took a little longer to make but turned out quite nicely. The recipe book included with the fryer is a bit lacking, but I found a couple of recipes online that I wanted to try. I don’t see myself using this too much during the winter, but in the summer it’s a nice alternative. The pan and the basket were easy to clean up, and the machine itself was simple to use. Overall, I like it.
I’m just in love with this air fryer. Since I live in a warm area, I despise having to use an oven that heats up half the house. This fryer lets me cook some nice and crispy food with no need for using a lot of added fat or heating up the house. It’s quite efficient and healthier than regular frying while being easy to clean up. I used it to make both fresh and frozen French fries, cooked sweet potatoes, fried chicken, and so much more. It’s great if you’re making food for two people, but for anything more you’d have to cook in batches. It cooks fast though, so that’s not a big deal, and it gets five stars from me.

Who Should Buy this Product

People looking to buy an air fryer on a budget will probably be satisfied with this product as it has decent power and can cook a whole load of food at once. It’s also quite easy to use and adjust meaning that you can get a lot out of it even if you don’t know much about cooking.

What to Watch Out For

There are multiple flaws with this air fryer, but the most prevalent and noticeable one is how flimsy and badly designed it is. Some parts are out of alignment or don’t fit well, and the plastic used for it seems like it will break at any moment. During our testing, some of it did break or chip. Even for the price, that isn’t quite acceptable.

The Conclusion

For a budget-priced product, this is quite fine, and it does the job, while also having the incredibly good capacity, better than most other comparable fryers. However, its cheapness shines through in how badly made it is and how shoddy the different parts are, making it difficult to recommend.

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Avalon Bay Air Fryer

This is a good air fryer whose standout feature is the fact that it can cook and fry food incredibly quickly. It also offers decent capacity and temperature range, while coming with a few neat accessories. Its strength is also its biggest problem, as it tends to dry out food too much, which is just not acceptable for the hefty price.
Temperature Range95
Additional Features90
What We Like
Comes with great accessories
Good capacity
Cooks food quickly
What We Don't Like
Quite large and heavy
Too expensive
Dries up food too much

Key Features

Reasonably Powerful

Running at 1400 watts, this unit is rather powerful and can cook food quickly. The unfortunate tradeoff is that it dries out the food as well, which might be a huge problem with some dishes.

Decent Temperature Range

The temperatures this fryer achieves range from 180 to 400 degrees, rather standard, and it is reasonably adjustable. Though it has no digital adjustment, just an analog one, making it a bit fiddlier than is necessary.

Nice Capacity

With 3.7 quarts of capacity this air fryer is above average and can cook quite a lot of food, usually a meal for two or three people. Just make sure to fill it up Otherwise, the food might fly all over the place too much.

Useful Accessories

This air fryer comes with quite a few useful additions, including a cookbook and a frying pan add-on. Both are nothing exceptional but are quite handy when starting out.

Customer Reviews

This has quickly become one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I use it every day for making an afternoon snack. I’ve used it to make jalapeno poppers, chicken wings, pizza rolls and more. Everything is prepared quite quickly, and it’s perfectly fried each time. It’s simple to use, and you barely need to do anything except setting the time, the temperature and turning the food halfway through the process. It’s also simple to clean after using it. For two old people like us, this is the perfect kitchen appliance.
I just adore my new air fryer! I used it to cook some frozen chicken, breaded butterfly shrimp, mozzarella sticks and corn dogs by now and it all came out great. The sticks fell apart before they could properly crisp up, don’t know what was up with that. Other than that it was amazing and I love being able to eat crunchy food without using fat or oil. It gets a glowing recommendation from me.
I love the fact that I can now fry foods with little to no oil. Some foods come out better when you use the pan spray on them. Others, like tater tots, French fries or onion rings are crispy and crunchy without any need to do that. Most frozen stuff also comes out great when fried in this. I’ve tried a few recipes with the pan accessory, and some of those weren’t successful, but I’ll keep experimenting and see how it all goes. Once I get the hang of it, I’m sure I’ll be able to perform wonders with it, I just need to get the settings right.

This is big as well, and you can make a lot of food with it. It’s also quite easy to clean and comes with a good set of accessories and a neat cookbook. I can see a lot of potential here, and I’ll keep fiddling with it. I’m glad I bought it.

Who Should Buy this Product

If you’re looking for power in your air fryer, step right up as this is probably one of the most powerful ones out there. It can cook food in almost no time at all, and it has a decent capacity to boot. It also comes with a couple of neat extras that just spice up the already good deal.

What to Watch Out For

There are a few issues with this unit, like the fact that it is expensive and overly bulky, but there is one that stands above the rest. The air flow is too strong, and it dries up most of the food you put in it, which can ruin a lot of your dishes. With practice, you might get used to this and learn to compensate, but that makes it too difficult to use properly.

The Conclusion

This is quite a powerful air fryer, far more than others, but it comes at quite a high price, and it has other problems too. The fact that it dries out most foods is a large issue and can greatly affect your enjoyment of the dishes you prepare with it. It’s still worth considering if you can deal with that, as it is a quality product otherwise.

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The Best Air Fryer – GoWISE USA GW22621

Even though it took us some time to pick the best three products we would showcase in this article; we had the top product in mind almost from the start of our testing process. In the end, no other proved to be quite equal to it. The GoWISE USA GW22621 is the air fryer we consider to be the best one you can get right now, for a few different reasons.

First off, it’s far more reliable than most other fryers and will make food well on a consistent basis. Second of all, it has better extras and adjustment options, allowing you to do some more precise cooking. Lastly, it comes at an affordable price and doesn’t have any glaring flaws to come with that. Sure, it does have some, but they are easily overlooked due to the quality of the overall product. Because of that, it is our best pick for this article.

The Conclusion

That is our pick for the best air fryer out there, and we stand by it. We truly believe there is no better air fryer you could get right now. However, that still doesn’t mean you should get it, or that it would fit you perfectly. You should simply use all the info here to make a good, informed purchase and get the air fryer you consider to be the best. Our intention was just to help you with that, and we hope we did a good job of that. If we managed to help you, please, feel free to share this article around so others can read it as well. We hope we were of some help, and have a good day!


1. What is an Air Fryer?
It is latest invention in the field of kitchen appliances. This electronic device is best used to cook delicious food circulating hot air without the need of oil or very less oil via convection mechanism.
2. Mention few recipes prepared by this amazing product?
The user can enjoy cooking vegetables such as beans, sweet potatoes, French fries and non-veg like fish, chicken, beef that are frozen all greased at the top with little oil or just adding few sprays of canola spray. The hot air which circulates inside the equipment cooks your dish crispy from outside and soft from inside. Serve hot and enjoy with your family at anytime of the day.
3. What to look for when buying this kitchen appliance?
Always check for the warranty and guarantee period of this appliance so that if your face any problem while using it or received a damage piece while getting delivered your product you should contact immediately their customer service team who is available 24/7 for free consultation and fix the problem by getting it replaced with new one or avail their 100% money guarantee policy. Also read the customer reviews and rating of product before buying it online else you can direct walk in to your nearest showroom as well.
4. What makes it best than traditional frying?
There is a difference between traditional frying pan and air frying. In a traditional frying pan the food is dipped deep inside the oil to get cooked where as in an air fryer the food is just greased at the top with less oil to make it tasty and healthy.
5. Is Air frying a healthy choice?
It is an ideal choice for those people who are looking to lose weight as it helps them to have their favorite food with very less oil than deep frying. In that way they both cut down their calories and fat. You can prepare tasty and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner in very less time.
6. How to use this kitchen appliance?
As we all know the functionality of any kitchen appliance differs slightly with respect from model to model. Before you get started using this ergonomically designed product read carefully the instructions given in the user manual and save it for your future reference. Follow the instructions to prepare your favorite food or snack instantly as it is proven to be one of the best and easy to use quality-made appliances that suits with anyone’s kitchen.
7. How much does it cost?
The top leading air fryers manufacturers include GoWISE USA, Simple Chef, Avalon Bay, Prestige, Phillips, Wonderchef, Shefffield Classic, Inalsa Fry Light, Kenstar, Bajaj, HomePro etc. The price of this kitchen appliance depending on the company you choose to buy.
8. What makes it unique from other kitchen appliances?
One of the most unique thing about this appliance is it is portable and ergonomically designed to benefit the user access it’s amazing features that help him cook food with less oil rather than deep frying in fry pan. It is both cost effective and time saving.
9. Which company appliance is best to buy?
In our opinion, the leading air fryer in the market is GoWISE USA and then comes the Phillips, Simple Chef and Avalon Bay. Get the one that fits true to your budget to meet your kitchen needs.
10. Would you recommend this product to your friends and family?
For a better lifestyle, it is highly recommended to use this product as it consumes very less oil and prepares your dish within record time to serve them hot. Keep your BP in control to get rid of heart diseases and diabetes which are more dangerous when you reach your mid forties.


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