The Best Chainsaw Reviews in 2019 – Discover the Right Chainsaw for You

If you’ve ever needed to cut up a fallen branch or trim a tree in your yard, you know the value a good chainsaw brings to the table. There are things you just can’t do with your regular garden tools or a hand saw and that require that little bit of extra oomph that a chainsaw has be.

If you do not, the today’s article is designed to help you realize that chainsaws are not just for lumberjacks and can be useful in your yard or garden as well.

Why Buying a Chainsaw?

When you think of a chainsaw, what usually comes to mind are a bunch of lumberjacks working on huge trees in the forest all day, using tools that you can’t even lift unless your arms are the same size as the trunks you’re trying to cut.

That’s not necessarily true, but that’s the stereotype of course. Chainsaws aren’t only used for heavy duty work, nor are all of them such cumbersome machines. In fact, some are well suited for light garden work and some light trimming around the yard, even usable by weak or elderly people, almost soundless and not disturbing to the neighbors at all. Different types of chainsaws, intended for a variety of different tasks, are out there.

You might still think you don’t really need a chainsaw because it’s too heavy-duty of a tool for your yard or garden. Even if that seems to be the case, you might still want to have a chainsaw in your toolbox, just in case you might need it.

Chainsaws can be deceptively versatile tools, as they can be used not only for cutting down trees or cutting wood into smaller pieces, they can be used for trimming trees (without the need for climbing, if they’re mounted on a pole), taking care of your hedges, and a lot more. Not to mention that they come in handy when a sudden storm breaks out and knocks down some branches or entire trees.

Still, not all chainsaws are the same or fit for every type of tasks. Some might just be useless at one job while excelling at another, while some are good for almost everything and some for nothing at all.

Professional Chainsaw

Professional Chainsaw Blade Cutting Log of Wood

You should be careful when buying, so we’ve decided to help you by gathering some of the top products on the market right now and providing you with some quality chainsaw reviews. With all of this info, as well as some user impressions, you should be able to pick the best machine for your needs. So, here are our top picks.

Meet the Best Chainsaws

Worx 16-Inch 14.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling – WG303.1

The Good: Great in almost every regard and at a decent price. It has especially good safety features.

The Bad: Guzzles up a lot of oil, more than is necessary.

The Bottom Line: Powerful, compact chainsaw with good safety features that uses up more gas than you’d think, but comes at a great price.

BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 40-volt Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch

The Good: Extremely maneuverable and fairly powerful for its size.

The Bad: Some of the additional features tend to malfunction, and the saw is not suited for heavier work.

The Bottom Line: Great smaller saw for quick, light duty jobs around the yard, but can be potentially unsafe and isn’t good for much else. Still good, but limited.

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 4.0 AH Battery Included 20312

The Good: This is just a solidly built product with great vibration and noise reduction.

The Bad: The fact that the chain can just fly off makes it unsafe. Oil also leaks sometimes.

The Bottom Line: The vibration and noise are almost non-existent, but the big problems with the chain make it a difficult sell.

Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start

The Good: It’s extremely powerful for its size and has a great long cutting bar.

The Bad: Some of its extra features malfunction, and it’s especially hard to start up.

The Bottom Line: This is a great heavy duty product for an affordable price, as long as you manage to start it up. That keeps it from being great.

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14-Inch Lightweight Corded Electric Chainsaw

The Good: Incredibly lightweight but still with a decent amount of power.

The Bad: It is not fit for anything except lighter work and isn’t that durable.

The Bottom Line: It’s a great saw for some lighter work, but that’s all it’s good for, and it might not last for a long time.

This is just a quick, handy overview – for all the meaty details, keep on reading.

All of the Factors Considered

There are plenty of different chainsaw models on the market, offering a lot of different features. You might think the only important thing about a chainsaw is how well it cuts, but it’s not that simple – even that comes down to more than a few different factors, and it’s not easy to discern that with a simple look. So, we’ll help you by going over the most important aspects that you should consider when picking up a chainsaw for yourself.

Power Source

There are three main power sources that chainsaws commonly use, and those are either a tank filled with gas, an electric battery or a power cord. There are some pros and cons to each one, and we’ll go over them briefly here.

Gas powered chainsaw variants offer more power on average than electric ones, while still being portable. However, they are heavy, produce fumes and are harder to maintain. In addition to all that, they also cost significantly more.

Electric chainsaws might not offer the power that gas types do, but they are cleaner, quieter and lighter. They also require far less maintenance and are much easier to use, while also being less expensive. Being limited by a cord is, however, the main downside of these machines.

Battery powered saws solve possibly the biggest issue electric saws have, and that is portability – they require no cord so that you can take them anywhere. They also retain all the other benefits that electrical products have. The problem here is the limited runtime – usually somewhere from half an hour to an hour and a half at most. Most batteries won’t last for longer than that.

In the end, you should consider what you need and pick the right machine for you.

Engine Strength

The power a chainsaw engine packs will significantly impact its cutting performance. For gas powered chainsaws you need to look at the horsepower and cc’s of the engine, while for electric ones, the amperage is the thing you have to consider. Gas-powered engines are usually more powerful, but power by itself is not everything. You should also consider the power of the engine compared to the size and weight of it, as well as the size of the bar. A lower powered saw can still cut as good as a higher powered one if it has a smaller bar.

Bar Size

Along with how powerful the engine is, this is what will determine how useful your chainsaw is at cutting things.

The obvious benefit of a larger bar is that it allows you to cut logs or trunks of a larger diameter, but that is not always the case. If the engine is too weak, a large bar can be a downside, as the motor simply can’t move the larger chain fast enough. You should always compare the bar size with the engine strength when looking at chainsaws and make your pick based on that.

Bar length can range from around 10 and up to 42 inches. The ideal size for light duty use is usually somewhere between 14 and 18 inches.


Chainsaws are supposed to be, at least to some degree, expensive heavy-duty machines that are supposed to last for a long time. They should be able to endure a lot of wear-and-tear while still being able to function.

Some people might be tempted to skimp when buying a chainsaw and go for something cheaper that isn’t quality built. They usually end up with a useless piece of junk that falls apart after three uses and can’t be fixed up.

To this end, you should be looking to buy a chainsaw that is made of quality materials, mostly metal ones that are also rust resistant. It’s also best if it doesn’t have too many screws or bolts that can come loose due to the unavoidable vibrations from the motor.

Safety and Comfort

Chainsaws can be dangerous machines, and most people have heard of some terrible chainsaw mishap. They can also be uncomfortable to use over longer periods of time which can lead to those mishaps. So, both aspects are important and somewhat dependent on each other.

The weight of a chainsaw is greatly important for safety when using a chainsaw for a long time, and you should consider your strength and compare it to the weight. Vibration dampening also helps you stay comfortable and safe even with weighty, powerful chainsaws. Having a chain brake to stop the chain when it hits a knot or something similar can keep you from getting hurt. Spring-assisted starting can also reduce the effort needed to start a gas saw. There are even ‘exotic’ features like heated handles, to keep your hands warm while using a chainsaw in winter and so on.

Consider all of this when buying a saw.

Now that we listed all of these factors, here’s how the five chainsaws we picked rank in those areas.

In-depth Reviews of 5 Chainsaws

WORX WG303.1
What makes this chainsaw special is how powerful it is for a corded electric saw. In addition to that, it also has plenty of safety and comfort features and is almost unparalleled in that regard. However, it’s not flawless, and there are a couple of problems with it – mainly that it guzzles plenty of oil.
Power Source90
Engine Strength90
Bar Size90
Comfort and Safety100
What We Like
Long extension cord
Strong for its size
Plenty of great comfort features
What We Don't Like
Uses a lot of oil
Sometimes leaks oil
The chain doesn’t always fit properly

Key Features

Strong Electric Motor

The powerful electric 14.5 amp motor (equal to 3.5 hp) of this unit ensures a chain speed of 12 meters per second. With that power, it can cut even though tougher wood with no issues at all.

Long, Durable Bar

The 16-inch long bar made of solid metal with all-metal dogs at the base of it ensures stability while cutting. The solid construction of the whole unit ensures that it will stay safe and last for a long time while staying light in weight.

Lightweight, Safe Design

This chainsaw weighs in at only 11 pounds and has a wide variety of safety features. The low kickback bar allows you to stay safe even when tackling gnarly wood, while the built in chain brake ensures that the chain doesn’t get stuck or flies off. Moreover, the auto-tension chain system prevents the chain from being over tightened, making it even safer for use.

Automatic Oil Lubrication

The auto chain lubrication means you won’t have to stop working to fiddle with this saw and it will still have constant lubrication. In addition to that, it has a built in oil level indicator for its 6.75-ounce reservoir, meaning you don’t even have to stop the chainsaw to check it.

Customer Reviews

I purchased this during January of this year after a massive storm blew plenty of trees and different debris down. So, I open it up and put the oil that was in the box into it, plug it in, turn the brake off and let it rip. It runs rather well and has plenty of power.

Keep in mind that I’m a 65-year-old gal and quite small at that. I’m not athletic at all, but this machine is great for me. I sawed up some rather thick branches, 5 or 6 inches, and it went through them like a hot knife through butter. In addition to that, it’s astoundingly quiet. Overall, I’m genuinely pleased and surprised.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with this nifty machine. I had to cut down a massive magnolia trunk that was next to the house and was doing damage to the roof. It was there for a long time, reached around 70 feet and it was next to several power lines, so precise cuts were needed. Having a pro cut it down was expensive, so I just paid for this saw instead and got the help of a nimble friend who could climb the tree with no fear. We had it cut down and removed in a little over seven hours total. My friend praised the saw and said it did a great job and he’d like to get the same one. It cut down even larger pieces of the trunk with no issues. I’m glad I bought it.
This is the best saw I used during all of my days. My old 14-inch saw died after a good decade of use so I wondered if a 16-inch one would be appropriate for me since I’m small and almost 60 right now. However, after a few months of use, I can say I’m happy that I got it. It does use up plenty of oil, and you should always make sure to fill it before use, but other than that I have no complaints. It’s incredibly easy to use and fix if it happens to get stuck; it’s not loud at all and has an immense amount of power. It’s not what I expected but in a good way.

Who Should Buy This Product

This chainsaw is ideal for people who want a strong, safe electric machine that will perform even medium duty tasks with satisfactory results. It even has a long cord, so most people won’t have to worry about it limiting them unless they have a positively massive property.

What to Watch Out For

While this is an electric machine, meaning that you don’t have to put a lot of money into buying gas all the time, it still guzzles a surprising amount of oil. The cost of this can add up over time. Moreover, it means you need to stop for refills more often. The oil indicator helps with this, but it does not remedy the problem.

The Conclusion

This is just an all-around solid machine that is great for the price. While it is a corded electric saw, it has an immensely long cord that makes it feel almost like it’s cordless, and it offers strength comparable to some gas saws. It even has a ton of great safety features while being lightweight, making it perfect for most people. However, it has some flaws; it takes up a lot of oil and can leak at times. Still, that is a small price to pay for such an awesome product.

This is a relatively small saw that still packs quite a bit of power, making it ideal for people who need a tiny powerhouse to do some lightweight work around the yard. The problem is that it can’t do heavy duty work and some of the additional features are not so great.
Power Source85
Engine Strength85
Bar Size75
Comfort and Safety80
What We Like
Great chain tightener
Good battery life
What We Don't Like
Kickback problems
The auto oiler might malfunction
Short bar

Key Features

Powerful Battery-Powered Engine

This engine is strong and powered by a 40-volt battery that ensures a high runtime and over 60 cuts per charge. So much battery life ensures that you will be able to work for a long time without any need to stop.

Strong, Maneuverable Bar

The size of this 12-inch bar offers excellent maneuverability in yard work, allowing it to cut smaller branches with ease and get into tree tops with no problems. It’s made from metal just like most of the saw, ensuring that it won’t break easily.

Safety First

This one comes with plenty of handy safety features, like the tool-free chain tensioning that ensures the chain is always properly tightened. The automatic oiling prolongs your work time, while the low kickback bar makes sure that you stay safe if the saw hits anything.

Durable and Light Build

This saw weighs in at only 10 pounds total, making it extremely light and easy to carry around with you or maneuver at larger heights or in treetops. It’s also made mostly from metal, making sure to withstand a long time of use.

Customer Reviews

This is an astounding product, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazed I am by it. It’s as powerful as a much bigger saw while being lightweight and easy to carry on my bike. The battery lasts for quite a while; I was able to cut multiple trunks on only one charge. The chain is slower than it would be with a gas saw, but I see that as a benefit since it doesn’t lose much power while being able to last for a longer time. I have been cutting with it for over a month now, and I’ve cut a cord of wood by now. I can’t praise it enough; it’s just so impressive.
I wanted this to have some more power, considering it uses a 40-volt battery, but it works great for smaller jobs anyway. While you can cut some bigger logs with it, that drains the battery incredibly fast. That’s the largest con to it, the battery life – it lasts barely close to an hour, sometimes even less. I expected to get more runtime out of it, especially since similar batteries on my other tools do last longer. I considered getting a second battery to amend this, but it’s just too expensive.

Other than that, I’ve had no problems with it. What I appreciate the most about it is the chain tightener – it’s simple and can be used without tools, which is a great benefit. Overall, considering the price, it’s a rather good product, and I can’t complain that much.

It’s an extremely lightweight chainsaw that is easy to handle and packs quite a punch. I managed to cut a six-inch log with it on one charge and even had some energy left over for a bit of trimming. There were no kick back problems so far, but it did require a lot of oil to get going and keep running. Cleaning it is simple, and the auto-oiler seems to do its job consistently. I would recommend it as a light tool for jobs around the yard and so on.

Who Should Buy This Product

For people who need a smaller chainsaw for quick, light duty jobs around the yard, this is a perfect fit. Its small size and light build are what make it ideal for maneuvering around smaller spaces and cutting branches high up on the tree, ideal for trimming. There’s a lot of use you can get out of it.

What to Watch Out For

The most important thing here is that the additional features this product has tended to malfunction. The auto oiler sometimes doesn’t work at all, or works too well and outputs too much oil, wasting it and making the chain messy. The worst problem is that the safety feature supposed to reduce kickback barely functions, leading to safety concerns.

The Conclusion

Whatever you might think about battery powered machines, you can’t deny that this is a good product with plenty of power for its small size and how comfortable it is to use and maneuver. However, it does have a small cutting size, but the bigger problem is the fact that its additional features tend to malfunction. Still, for people who need a lightweight chainsaw, this is a great deal.

GreenWorks 20312
The most prominent feature of this saw, besides its power, is the fact that it has extremely low noise and vibration levels, making it a breeze to use. The fact that it can be unsafe, however, is what brings it down and makes it difficult to recommend.
Power Source85
Engine Strength90
Bar Size90
Comfort and Safety75
What We Like
Easy to use
Not a lot of vibration or noise
Long bar
What We Don't Like
Leaks chain oil a little
The on switch malfunctions sometimes
The chain can come loose

Key Features

DigiPro Brushless Motor Technology

Up to 100 cuts on a single charge of this incredibly powerful 40V battery that gives power to this strong electric engine. It provides up to 30% more torque while having up to 70% vibration than gas powered saws.

Strong Bar

In combination with the strong engine, the sturdy 16-inch bar of this machine ensures good cutting speed and power, being able to go through even tougher trees like they’re butter. It’s made out of durable materials just like the rest of this saw, keeping it safe from breaking.

Less Noise and Vibration

This chainsaw features a design that reduces the noise and vibration it produces even when compared to other electrical products, let alone gas ones. This makes it far easier and safer to use for everybody. In addition to that, it also features a chain brake as well as metal bucking spikes.

Customer Reviews

I’ve owned this saw for more than a week now, and I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I cut a bunch of firewood and did a few clean-up jobs in the yard as well. That took me around three battery charges and the same amount of oil refills. I had to sharpen the chain, but now I’m ready to go out for more. I adore the fact that this chainsaw is so quiet so I don’t have to wear thick ear protection with it. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry as well. Overall, it’s a great product.
I’ve owned several cordless products made by this company and have been incredibly pleased with how they performed. My husband and I lived on a farm for a long time and needed a heavy duty machine for work around the yard. Now that we have a smaller yard, we barely needed, so we got a smaller one. This does the job more than adequately and lasts for a long time while having a decent amount of strength. It had some troubles taking down a palm tree, but with some adequate cleaning midway through, it did the job eventually. It easily handled trimming and cutting other trees we had in our yard.

It doesn’t work as a full replacement for a heavy duty chainsaw, but for smaller jobs, it works just fine. We’re satisfied with our purchase.

It’s about as powerful as I expected it to be, but just having a large sixteen-inch bar doesn’t guarantee it will be able to cut through large logs. It works well for branches of around five to six inches in diameter, but anything above that can be a problem. It produces almost no vibrations or noise when compared to a gas powered saw, which makes it a good product for urban yards. I’m happy with it in the end, but I’m disappointed that I can’t use it for some of the heavier work and still need to get a gas saw for that.

Who Should Buy This Product

For people who need a saw that doesn’t cause a lot of fuss and is low in both noise and vibration, this is your pick. It works incredibly smoothly, and you will not pine for the days of using a gas powered saw. No neighbors will complain about the noise, and you will be able to use it anywhere.

What to Watch Out For

There are a couple of problems with this one, like the fact that it leaks oil from time to time. The biggest one by far is the fact that this saw has no automatic chain tightening, meaning that the chain easily comes loose and flies off the bar. It happens way too often to ignore, and there is no easy fix for it.

The Conclusion

What you can’t deny is that this is a quality product, durable, simple to use and quite strong overall, at a decent price. However, the problems with it are undeniable and make it difficult to recommend, especially the fact that the chain can just fly off. Consider that when making your purchase.

Husqvarna 450
Here we have an extremely powerful gas saw that has a long cutting bar able to take care of some large trees and logs without even breaking a sweat. In addition to that, it has plenty of nice comfort and safety features that make it easy to use. The problem is, not all of those features work properly…
Power Source90
Engine Strength95
Bar Size95
Comfort and Safety80
What We Like
Strong - efficient motor
Good comfort features
Huge cutting bar
What We Don't Like
The chain tends to stop when hitting the wood
The chain doesn’t tighten properly
Difficult to start

Key Features

Strong Gas Powered Motor

Inside this saw is an incredibly powerful gas motor, featuring an astounding 3.2 HP, 50.2 cc, and X-Torq technology, with reduced harmful emission due to a centrifugal air cleaning system, excellent fuel efficiency, lowering gas costs.

Massive Cutting Bar

The cutting bar of this chainsaw measures at a whopping 18 inches, making it able to perform some heavy-duty work with no issues whatsoever. It can cut even the largest of trunks and not even show a sign of wear-and-tear.

Comfortable and Safe

This saw has plenty of nifty features that ensure comfort as well as safety. The vibration dampening makes it rather comfortable for a gas saw, the smart-start feature that makes pulling the cord ten times a thing of the past, inertia activated brake ensuring the user’s safety and so on.

Made to Last

The engine of this machine is made to withstand years and years of continuous use without breaking down. It utilizes a three-piece crankshaft forged for superior durability, while the centrifugal air cleaning system ensures no debris get stuck inside it.

Customer Reviews

I’ve owned five different chainsaws, all from different manufacturers and with different specs. They all broke down in less than two years, but I did get some good use out of them. This chainsaw is probably the best I have used so far, as it has plenty of torque, feels light in your hand, starts easily and is comfortable to use while being amazingly powerful and fast. Will it last for longer than two years? Well, that remains to be seen, but in these few months it has proved to be a great machine and worked without a hitch, so I hope it will last for a long time.
I got this relatively quickly and used it to cut a few oaks right away – so here are my thoughts after that experience. The handle made to hold the saw to the ground when starting is fit for a child, not an adult person – I can’t get my toe in there, just forget it. Maybe if I took off my boots, I could, but that’s not happening. Starting it is pretty easy though, I had no significant problems with that. However, cutting with it is not so simple as the vibration dampening makes me unable to feel when the chain hits the wood. The chain also tends to stop when hitting the wood and I have to rev it up again, even on soft wood. It’s an irritating and tiring problem, to say the least.

Other than that, it works fine, but it could do with some improvements.

It’s simply a fantastic product, and it feels more like a commercial saw than a simple consumer machine. It cut straight through a hundred-year-old oak with ease and got through other trunks with even less effort. The feature I love the most is the decompression valve, which makes it incredibly simple to start the saw – just press the button, and it will get going in a few pulls. I’ve used plenty of saws in my life, but this one is pretty much the best one I ever used.

Who Should Buy This Product

If you want a strong chainsaw that can do heavy duty work and that you want to use regularly, this is the one you should get. It has some great power behind it, a large cutting bar and is powered by gas, making it portable. If you have a large property and regularly need to use a chainsaw, this is a godsend.

What to Watch Out For

The largest problem this saw has is that some of the safety and comfort features do not work that well. The chain fails to tighten properly at times, and it can lead to some safety issues. The touted smart start feature that is supposed to make it easy to start just turns out to be a dud and this saw is harder to start than most, and so on.

The Conclusion

It’s a great heavy duty tool, that’s for sure, and it has some great cutting capacity that makes it great for people who own large properties and need to do a lot of work. It’s durable to boot! Still, the problems with this saw are numerous, the biggest of which is how hard it is to start, and that might waste a lot of your time. It’s still a great product, but you should keep that in mind when purchasing it.

Remington RM1425
This is an extremely small, lightweight saw that still has more power in it than you would think, and it can be used with a pole for extra versatility. The problem is that it’s only fit for light duty work and isn’t as durable as it first might appear.
Power Source90
Engine Strength70
Bar Size80
Comfort and Safety80
What We Like
Can be used with a pole
Extremely lightweight
Surprising amount of strength for the size
What We Don't Like
Only fit for incredibly light tasks
The chain dulls quickly
Doesn’t last for a long time

Key Features

Efficient 8-amp Motor

The small motor of this chainsaw packs a surprising punch while not being messy or producing any harmful fumes at all. It’s also almost vibration-free and relatively noiseless.

Great Low-kickback Bar

This bar, measuring up at 14 inches, has low kickback making it able to perform smooth cuts through almost any type of wood, while ensuring your safety.

Easy and Safe to Use

Features plenty of incredible features that make it super easy to use for anybody. The foremost of those is the push-button oiler, allowing you to oil up the chain with the press of a button, at any time. The external chain tension adjuster also makes tensioning effortless. It’s great to use.

Durable, Lightweight Design

This incredible saw is made from durable materials, mostly from metal, making it able to last for a long time. Despite that, it weighs in at only 6.2 pounds making it simple to use for anyone.

Customer Reviews

I have never been a fan of electric yard tools as I never felt my electric blowers or trimmers had enough power to do the job. Recently, however, I found myself in a pinch – a storm broke down a few trees in my yard just a few days after my gas saw broke. So, my neighbors offered to borrow me their chainsaw so I could clear out all the branches that were lying around. It was an electric saw, but it did the job much better than I thought and with no hassle that is inherent to gas saws – I got it all done much faster than I would have with my old saw. Because of that, I ordered the same model for myself, and it just blew me away. The sheer power combined with the ease of use was astounding.

Of course, the extension cord is a problem, especially since I’m not used to tools that have it, but over time I might learn to work with it. Regardless of that, I give this five stars, easily.

I had to cut down and chop up three trees in my yard, and this saw did that job marvelously. It had just enough power, I didn’t have to force it, and there were no issues. However, I’m not completely satisfied with it. I wish it had an oil level window so I wouldn’t have to unexpectedly stop to change it when it inevitably runs out but could check in advance.

What I do like is how quiet it is compared to a gas powered product while still having plenty of power. It’s also light, so you don’t have to be a buffed-up lumberjack to lift it. Adjusting and exchanging the chain is also easy when you need to do that.

I can’t tell you how long it will last since I just got it, but it seems rather sturdy. I’m satisfied with it so far, though it could be a bit better.

This is a more than adequate chainsaw with plenty of cutting power for some smaller jobs you might want to do around the yard. The cord is limiting, of course, especially if you have a larger property, so it’s not exactly fit for that. It’s still much better than dealing with finicky gas saws, and I always prefer using one of these. For most uses, this will be a nice, practical product that will do whatever is necessary.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is a tiny powerhouse that can be used by almost anybody and it works great for smaller tasks around the yard. In that sense, weaker or older people can get it and will find plenty of use out of it in their garden. It can be even used to trim hedges with no issues.

What to Watch Out For

It’s not incredibly strong at all and can only be used for lighter work so don’t expect much more out of it. In addition to that, it doesn’t seem to be that sturdy at all, as the chain dulls rather easily and others parts of it are prone to failing as well. Just don’t expect to get too much use out of it.

The Conclusion

This is a nifty little machine that can be used for plenty of different cleanup or trimming jobs around the yard or garden. However, that’s the only thing you can use it for – if you want something for heavier work, even just cutting branches larger than 3 inches in diameter, forget it. Get something larger if that’s what you need.

The Best Pick – WORX WG303.1

Because there are so many different chainsaws on the market, and the customers all have different needs, the “best” chainsaw doesn’t exist and picking it is impossible.

However, it’s possible to determine which of these five chainsaws is markedly better than the others and that is, without a doubt, the WORX WG303.1. It just excels in almost every area, having a great, lengthy cutting bar, a strong motor that can compete with the gas powered machines and a long cord that doesn’t pose that many problems.

In addition to that, it only has a few minor downsides instead of the glaring flaws that the other products have. It stands head and shoulders above them with ease.

Video Review

The Conclusion

And, there you have it ladies and gentlemen – that’s what we picked as the best chainsaw there is. That doesn’t mean it’s the best for you though, and you should look carefully at all the information we presented here and make a smart decision about buying one for yourself.

After all, the one who knows your needs best is you – we just hope this article was helpful in some way. If it is, please, do not hesitate to share it around so others who need similar help can see it. In the meantime, stay safe and have a good day!


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