The Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews in 2020 – Water Your Plants with Ease

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On a first glance, garden hoses are not very interesting tools, but, don’t let this seeming uniformity deceive you – there is no such thing as a perfect garden hose that will suit all tastes and needs. To make choosing easier, we made you this short rundown of the best rated units on the market.

Why Buying a Garden Hose?

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The first thing you have to ask yourself is do you really need a garden hose and how can owning one benefit your gardening efforts? The answer is rather simple. Although they all have their set of drawbacks (for instance, hoses can pour extensive amounts of water on the plant leaves and open the doors to sunburns and leaf-mold diseases) hoses are doing a great job at equally distributing water across the entire irrigation area and covering a lot of soil at the same time.

Distributing Water with Garden Hose

Water your plants with the best expandable garden hose

Also, it should be pointed out that gardening duties are only a part of hoses’ extensive skill set. They can be used as faucet extensions, for cleaning tools, washing your car and a number of other purposes as well. Add into the equation that they are lightweight, portable, and easy to store, and you will get a very versatile landscaping tool you would much rather have at your disposal.

And now, here’s a short comparison table of the reviewed products.

Meet the Best Expandable Garden Hoses

GrowGreen 2017 Garden Hose 25 Feet Expandable Hose with All Brass Connectors, High Pressure, Expanding Garden Hose

The Good: High-quality hose made out of durable latex. The package includes 8 adjustable patterns and all brass connectors.

The Bad: The plastic nozzle is not as sturdy as the rest of the package.

The Bottom Line: The hose performs great even when stretched to its maximum length. The package offers a lot of value for the money.

Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle, Lightweight Expandable Garden Hose, No-Kink Flexibility, 3/4 Inch Solid Brass Fittings and Double Latex Core

The Good: The woven wrap makes this product one of the most durable extending hoses on the market.

The Bad: The same can’t be said about brass fittings that will last considerably shorter.

The Bottom Line: A strong and durable hose that suffers from some minor, but noticeable issues.

VicTsing Expandable Garden Hose, 50ft Water Hose with On/Off Valve, 3/4" Solid Brass Connector and Double Latex Core for Watering Plants, Auto Wash, Cleaning Patio + Free Storage Bag

The Good: Flexible, lightweight and portable. The hose features a very neat built-in shut-off valve.

The Bad: Even when not fully expanded, the hose diameter is not that great. That results in an underwhelming flow.

The Bottom Line: A well-rounded hose with some drawbacks that will satisfy users that that aren’t bothered by lukewarm flow issues.

Of course, these are only the most important product highlights. They can be examined in much more detail.

All of the Factors Considered

To choose the best expandable garden hose, we looked into all the characteristic features that the proper hose possesses. Next, we valued them by usability and placed on the list by importance.


When considering garden hoses, longer doesn’t necessarily mean the better – the hose that extends to 100 feet is definitely an overkill. Ideally, a regular garden hose shouldn’t extend to more than 50 feet. A good hose should be able to provide the optimal performance even when extended to its fullest length.


As a landscaping tool (and the one which is exposed to extending and retracting on a daily basis) a regular garden hose lives a life of wear and tear. It should be obvious that you would want your hose to be able to survive this abuse for as long as possible. This quality should extend not only to the very hose, but to all of the parts in the package.

Best Expandable Garden Hose

A good hose provides the optimal performance


Traditionally, rubber and latex hoses are considered the strongest and of the best quality. However, these days, it is very hard to find a high-quality hose that is made out of single material. Most of the better-performing units are reinforced with a mesh lining that makes the hose even stronger.


Or in other words, the ability of the hose to extend, retract and bend, and all that without tearing. Since latex is a material that is used for thinner and more flexible films, reinforced latex hoses ought to have a slight nudge.


To put it simply, the more the better. Every add-on, fitting or spare part you get in the package, will extend the usability and the lifespan of your hose, so it’s easy to say that such inclusions are more than welcome.

It’s time for the roundup.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Expandable Garden Hoses

GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose

Coming in an attractive green color that fits all gardens, GrowGreen Garden Hose is an excellent landscaping tool capable of reaching the 50 feet length without compromising the strength of the flow. The build quality is great and the hose looks like it can take a lot of abuse.
What We Like
Generous and feature-rich package
Great value for the money
Very sturdy look
What We Don't Like
The low-quality plastic nozzle
The expensive package

Key Features

The Hose Lightweight Expanding Hose

The hose occupies only 17 feet, but as soon as you run water through it, it can expand up to 50. This makes the hose very portable and easy to store. Even if you are tight on space, you won’t have a problem finding the place to hang it.

The Durable Reinforced Latex Build

The hose is designed to avoid tangling, kinking and twisting. Even if you put it to a lot of regular garden abuse, you will still be able to squeeze a lot of mileage out of it.

Bonus Add-ons

The hose come packed with a spray nozzle, 8 adjustable patterns and all bras connectors. All of the included add-ons are of corrosion-resistant. That makes the whole package very versatile and a great purchase for all gardening newcomers who are still building their tool sets.

High-pressure Resistant

The hose is capable of achieving the maximum pressure of 145PSI/10Bar. Using stronger flow won’t affect the hose’s performance, which is great.

Good Warranty

All claims can be easily resolved. That should take care of all early malfunctions that, although annoying, are common with the products of this type.

Customer Reviews

The hose is great. When not in use it’s very easy to loop over a lightweight holder. Metal fittings seem strong and the valve switch allows you to shut off the flow even without the nozzle. The original nozzle is not of great quality, and it broke because it couldn’t handle being dropped on the grass when pressurized. Still, I continued to use the house in spite of the hose issue.
A perfect choice. The hose is strong but very lightweight. I would recommend it to people who need a light tool that is easy to use.
The best hose I ever bought. The other hoses would always kink, but this one is flexible, lightweight and extremely well-made. You can see that as soon as you open the box. The best part about the hose is it’s so flexible you can easily move it around. So pleased with the investment, I bought another one.

Who Should Buy this Product

We have to observe that, this one has the high price. However, its price tag doesn’t stray too far out of the regular boundaries, and the package offers a lot of value. That makes it a perfect fit for all the households who want to make a long-term investment and buy the tool that will offer a lot of variety and a decent set of features.

What to Watch Out For

The lukewarm quality of the nozzle and reported tearing issues should raise some concerns, but the manufacturer’s warranty should make sure that any unpleasant surprises are addressed, and your product is replaced. The additional investment in the form of the nozzle would immensely extend the value and the lifespan of this otherwise excellent package.

Also, the product’s increased flexibility sometimes makes keeping the product extended to its maximum length harder than it was supposed to be.

The Conclusion

It seems that GrowGreen has managed to put out a product that scores the points in all the major categories and makes very few mistakes along the way. What’s most important is that the issues that product does have can be easily addressed. A very versatile, sturdy and tempting package.

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Flexi Hose Expandable Garden Hose

A tool of great look and extraordinary durability, Flexi Hose is a no-nonsense product made with performance in mind. The package may be lacking some important additions, but the main star of the evening – the very hose – will do its job more than well.
What We Like
A rock-solid woven build
The hose looks and feels great
8 Function Nozzle
What We Don't Like
The copper fittings are of very poor quality
The hose doesn’t retract enough when not in use
Durability comes at the price of the overall ease of use

Key Features

Durable Body

The woven wrap that makes the hose extremely durable and ensures it will stay in shape in many years to come. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best built hoses on the market.

Flexi Garden Hose

The Cooper Fittings & Steel Assembly Clamps

They will keep your hose firmly attached to whatever add-on that can cross your mind. According to manufacturer they are significantly stronger than what competition has to offer.

Flexible Design

The product offers kink-free watering experience. Although the overall flexibility is somewhat reduced by the product’s durability, is seems that the hose still finds a perfect middle ground and excels in both categories.

Flexi Hose Design

Lightweight Build

The hose weighs only about 2.78 lbs. Even if you use it for a prolonged period of time, you won’t feel tired.

Good Warranty

It should cover all of the early malfunctions and product deficiencies. Keeping in mind the minor issues with the fittings, this comes off as great news. Twelve months are a very long period. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have more than enough time to notice it.

Customer Reviews

After 4 previous expanding hoses deteriorated and developed leaks. So far, LawnPRO Garden Hose turned out great. So far there are no seepage at any of the connecting joints. The price is more than reasonable for the superior quality you get in the package.
I had to put as much as two washers in the female end and the sprayer I attached to the hose in order to stop leaking. Machining appears to be top notch but the fitting simply isn’t very good. The hose works good, but it asks for too much money for the fixes you have to do yourself.
I already own four dead hoses in my backyard (all of them exploded). This one proved to be much more durable. However, the hose needs a lot of pampering, and you constantly have to un-pinch it and un-tangle it. It often gets tied up on itself and cuts off the water supply. Also, the water often leaks down the hose to my arm and down my sleeve. I think it doesn’t worth the extra price.

Who Should Buy this Product

So, there you have it – a perfectly capable product plagued by some not so minor issues. Since the devil this time hides in the fittings instead of the nozzle (which is infinite times easier to replace) it’s easiest to recommend this product to professionals who have already stockpiled enough of the additional goods and know how to properly handle the assembly.

What to Watch Out For

Obliviously, the copper fittings. Although manufacture advertises them as top quality they are not on the same level of quality as steel clamps and the very hose. Also, increased durability makes handling a bit harder than it should be. As for the rest, the hose should perform well – especially if you don’t mind a little bit of struggling when using the full flow. The very hose still offers enough qualities for these issues to be overlooked.

The Conclusion

LawnPRO Expanding Garden Hose is a product of numerous qualities and a couple of intriguing drawbacks that don’t decrease its overall value as much as they limit its target audience. The hose is suitable for every household, but it will be the best appreciated amongst the experienced gardeners who already own the additional equipment and just want an ok and durable hose.

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VicTsing Expanding Garden Hose

This product scores the points in all the right categories. It looks the part, it is made out of very durable double layer latex core, and it does have a built-in shutoff valve that will save you a lot of footwork when you’re doing landscaping.
What We Like
A flexible and easy to use garden hose
All the small parts are of excellent quality
The built-in shut-off valve is more than convenient
What We Don't Like
The bare-bones package
The hose’s diameter is not that impressive
Occasional wear and tear issues

Key Features

Premium-quality Brass Fittings

Corrosion-resistant solid brass fittings can withstand temperatures ranging between 23 °F and 208°F. That allows you to sue the hose in a vast variety of different situations and does a great job at compensating for the lackluster package.

Maximum Length of 50 Feet

When not in use, the hose loses ¾ of its length. With the base length of only 12 feet, the hose is one of the most portable products in this class.

Double-layered Latex Core

The material is capable of withstanding all kinds of twisting and bending as well as pressure resistance up to Bar/130 PSI/900 kPa. Coupled with the great temperature resistance, strong latex core makes the hose usable in virtually any kind of situation.

Built-in Shutoff Valve

A nice addition that will save you a lot of endless trips to the faucet. Not only you’ll feel less tired, you will also be able to cut the time you lose walking there.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The manufacturer also offers the option to return the product during a money-back trial period. A truly great option that will give you the opportunity to get to know the hose in great detail before making the final decision on the purchase.

Customer Reviews

I waited for this product to break, but now when it didn’t I am not hesitant to give it five stars. It’s beautifully made and very imaginative. I just hook it up, and turn it on and off, without ever having to open the tap. The fittings are of high quality and the hose expands three times its dry size. It’s definitely worth the money.
The construction quality seems very good. But, the hose diameter is very narrow. That results in a greatly reduced flow rate, at least when compared to other garden hoses I have used. The hose and the connection materials, on the other hand, all look first-rate and sturdy.
I simply can’t say enough good things about the hose. It’s very light and it have a shut-off valve so you don’t have to use attachments. The hose stays just in size you are currently use it. I highly recommend the product.

Who Should Buy this Product

That makes VicTsing Expanding Hose an ideal products product for all casual gardeners who expect a decent performance and great portability but don’t care too much about the strength of the flow or some of the advanced features. The inclusion of built-in shut-off valve that will save its future owners a lot of patience, trouble and footwork fits into this casual picture perfectly.

What to Watch Out For

This product features the similar price as LawnPRO Expanding Garden Hose which turned out to be a much more consistent and durable product. Will you be willing to sacrifice that slight nudge in durability for the improved convenience offered by the shut-off valve is entirely up to you and your landscaping priorities. Also, you should take into consideration the strength of the flow as one of the qualities that ought to raise some eyebrows.

The Conclusion

VicTsing Expanding Hose is a very appealing and easy to use product that is bogged down by the issues like inconsistent durability and underwhelming flow. These issues will certainly turn down some of the more demanding users, but won’t pose too much problem to casual gardeners who will appreciate the convenience offered by the hose and the built-in valve.

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The Best Expandable Garden Hose – GrowGreen Garden Hose

As we can see, all these products offer very similar performance. If not for some of the minor issues all of them have, choosing the best one would be considerably harder. This way, we can easily observe that the subpar nozzle we can find in GrowGreen Garden Hose’s package is, by far, the least concerning issue. First, the nozzle is far easier to replace than fittings, or the very hose. Second, the other two products don’t even offer a nozzle in their packages.

But, that’s not the GrowGreen Garden Hose’s main appeal. A rich package and great look ought to put a smile on the faces of a huge number of buyers, landscaping newcomers, and experienced gardeners alike. Give this hose a chance and you won’t regret it.

The Conclusion

So, there you have it, the GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose wins this short roundup. Sure, the package features a slightly higher price than the competition, but, at least, it’s a package. The consistent performance and a lot of add-ons you get to play with make this product a very interesting long-term investment.


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