The Best Fertilizer Spreader Reviews in 2020 – Spread the Fertilizer Properly

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When you have acres upon acres of lawn, working on all of it and maintaining it properly can be a real time-consuming chore. Probably the most time-consuming of all being spreading fertilizer or weed killers and similar things all over it. Even if you manage to do it in a reasonable time, you might over-fertilize some areas and under-fertilize others.

Fertilizer spreaders are ideal for you if you’ve ever had these problems. These tools will help you cover a huge amount of ground in almost no time and spread the fertilizer, or whatever else, evenly across the entire lawn or garden. We’ll show you just how invaluable these tools are in this article.

Why Buying a Fertilizer Spreader?

One of the main reasons to get a fertilizer spreader is to save time when working on your lawn. This is especially true when it comes to larger properties with lawns that spread across a few acres and are almost impossible to maintain and fertilize by hand.

Spreaders usually function by dropping whatever it is you’re spreading on a spinning disk below the container and spreading it around in a circular pattern. These are often called broadcast spreaders or simply broadcasters.

Drop spreaders also exist, and they work by simply allowing the material to fall straight on the lawn. They are more precise but less efficient than broadcast spreaders and are mostly handheld.

Seeding Grass

Save time when working on your lawn with the best fertilizer spreader

However, a fertilizer spreader can be used for more than just fertilizer. Spreading things like pesticides or herbicides is also an option. You can use it for seeding as well, as the opening are large enough for smaller seeds to easily get through and you can control the spread much better than if you do it by hand or with some other tool. Still, you should only use it for things like seeding grass, not anything that requires more finesse.

Some spreaders also have neat additional functions that allow them to accurately spread the material even if they’re broadcasters or settings that allow you to control at what rate the material gets spread. These can make the spreader even more useful than it already is.

As with any other product, not all fertilizer spreaders will work equally well – some will excel while others will be borderline-useless. Finding the best one for you, or even just a decent one, can be a difficult thing. That’s why we’re here to help, and we aim to provide you with as much info as we can, so you can make a good purchasing decision. Here we compare and contrast a few of the best products available at the moment, offer our thoughts and opinions on them as well as some user reviews.

With all of that, it should be easy to find the right fertilizer spreader for you. So, let’s have a look at the products we have lined up.

Meet the Best Fertilizer Spreaders

Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

The Good: It’s a durable tow-behind spreader with huge capacity, at a low price.

The Bad: Exceedingly difficult to assemble and is prone to tipping over.

The Bottom Line: This is a great spreader overall, and though it has problems, it’s hard not to recommend it when it’s such a quality product at a low price.

Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader - Spreads Grass Seed, Fertilizer and Salt - Holds up to 5,000 sq. ft. of Scotts Grass Seed or Fertilizer Products

The Good: For the price on offer, this is a decent spreader with some nice extra features.

The Bad: It’s made from cheap materials, flimsy and prone to breaking.

The Bottom Line: It is a fine spreader for people on a budget, but it doesn’t hold up well and is rather flimsy and poorly made.

Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

The Good: This spreader has great capacity and is incredibly adjustable and precise.

The Bad: Some parts of it are flimsy, and its design makes it difficult to use.

The Bottom Line: At face value, this seems like a great spreader but some problems with it, especially its awkward design, make it difficult to recommend.

We’re just getting started – the detailed reviews are below.

All of the Factors Considered

There are plenty of different fertilizer spreaders out there, and it might be difficult to distinguish a good from a bad one when you’re overwhelmed with choice. It’s also tough to know what to look for as plenty of models have some highly-touted extra features that don’t matter that much, while their core performance is lacking. Marketing is all about obfuscation, and it’s easy to fall for it. However, if you’re properly informed you should be able to avoid such pitfalls. That’s why we compiled a list of the most important things you should look for in a fertilizer spreader.


This is one of the most important aspects of a spreader as it determines how much ground you can cover in one run and how quickly you will get the job done. If you need to refill it constantly because your spreader has a limited capacity, something isn’t right.

Usually, capacity is expressed in pounds or gallons, but some manufacturers also chose to express it in square feet. How does that work? Well, they usually have a specific product in mind, and the amount of product that can fit in the spreader will cover that amount of square feet. That might be a bit confusing, but when you know what product they’re referring to, you can probably figure out the real capacity of the spreader.


There are a few different types of spreaders based on the way they’re used. The main three are tow-behind, push and carried spreaders.

Tow-behind spreaders are mostly used with tractors or the like and are attached to the back of the vehicle to be pulled behind it while spreading whatever is necessary. This is the fastest way to do the job, and they are fit for incredibly large areas – but only if you already have something that can tow them.

Push spreaders are the most common of these, and they are simply a large bucket on wheels that you push to spread whatever is in it. Their size varies, and they can be both incredibly large and quite small.

Best Fertilizer Spreader

First figure out the real capacity of the spreader

Handheld spreaders are the smallest type, and they are made for spreading fertilizer or weed killers on small areas, where either of the other two types would just be overkill. They are mostly low quality and rather small.

Picking the right type for you depends on what you need and the equipment you have.


When getting a spreader you’re making an investment, and you want it to pay off. You want your spreader to stay operational and not to break in a month or two. Even worse, if it is shoddily constructed, you might get too much or too little fertilizer (or whatever you’re spreading) on your lawn. That just defeats the whole purpose of getting a spreader in the first place.

So, you should get a spreader that is made mostly from durable materials, preferably metal or at least some hardened plastic. You should probably get one made in the US or Europe as well since merchandise made in third-world countries is usually flimsy and not up to snuff.

The material the wheels are made of can also be important when it comes to durability and how easy the spreader is to use on uneven terrain. Inflatable rubber wheels usually perform better, but if you’re worried they might be punctured, plastic wheels are another possible option.

You shouldn’t be afraid to invest a little more cash for a durable, quality product as it will pay off in the long run.

Additional Features

Various additional features exist for fertilizer spreaders but not all are that useful. Some only sound good on paper but are in fact useless in practice. Still, there is a handful of genuinely useful add-ons that might help you when working.

Something like settings for spread rate or an edge guard can improve the effectiveness and usefulness of your spreader immensely, and it’s worth considering that when buying one. There are other possibly good extra features, but we can’t cover all of them here.

Now that you know what makes a good fertilizer spreader let’s see how we rated all the products we picked.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Fertilizer Spreaders

Agri-Fab 45-0463

This is a great tow-behind spreader that is made well and has a quality hopper and good wheels. It also has huge capacity allowing you to cover a lot of ground in one run. In addition to that, it comes at an affordable price. However, there are some issues with its design.
Additional Features90
What We Like
Huge capacity
Well-built and quite durable
Quite inexpensive compared to similar products
What We Don't Like
Difficult to assemble
Can tip over sometimes
The flow control arm is too short

Key Features

Large Capacity

The capacity of this unit is a massive 130 pounds, meaning that you can cover huge areas and disperse a large amount of material in only one go-around. This massively shortens the time needed to cover your entire lawn. When converted into coverage, it is roughly able to cover 25000 square feet or around half an acre.

Easy to Tow

It’s a pull-behind spreader meaning that you will need a tractor or other similar vehicle to use it. Its design should make it easy to tow, but that’s not always the case. You will often have to look behind you as it is prone to tipping over.

Rugged & Durable Construction

The hopper of this unit is made from durable hardened plastic connected with metal bars. The gear box is enclosed for less exposure to the elements. The tires are especially good; they are huge and quite stable even on rough terrains.

Highly Adjustable

The on-off control has precise settings, allowing you to control just how much material you want to spread at a time. It also has an optional hopper cover, hopper grate, and material deflector. However, even without the extra parts, it is difficult to assemble – despite the fact that the manufacturer claims otherwise.

Customer Reviews

This seems like a rather sturdy spreader to me. The assembly is mostly easy, and there are barely any issues, except the one with the spring, but that is resolved quickly. It’s an excellent product, far better than the previous one I used. I would recommend it to anybody, especially for the price offered here. Similar models aren’t much better but do cost far more. Check this fertilizer out at the very least; you might find it to be up to your standards. I find it incredibly useful and don’t know how I ever got by without it.
I used this spreader to put both a fertilizer and a weed killer across my two acres of land several times. When I got it, I was surprised, as it was larger than I expected. I can put a full forty-pound bag of pellets into it. It threw them out in a regular pattern and in a steady stream filling each grassy area. After a week or so the weeds all died off, and the grass got greener. It worked exactly as it was described and I have no regrets about buying it.
This was a great pickup even though I didn’t expect it to be good. My friends bought this spreader for our property in the woods, and this fits great behind my four-wheeler. It works great with fertilizer, seed, pelletized lime, whatever you want. I do wish the handle was extendable so you can close or open it easily, but that’s not a major flaw. I used it on a few acres, and it performed well, got through 300 pounds in less than 30 minutes. No issues whatsoever and it was incredibly stable never flipped over or leaked. Overall, it’s amazing.

Who Should Buy this Product

For people who have access to a tractor and a large property with a lot of grass, this is just a godsend. With its huge capacity as well as how durable it is and how good the wheels are on uneven terrain, this spreader can do plenty of work without a problem, and it will save you a lot of time.

What to Watch Out For

There are a couple of different problems here, but all come down to the design of this spreader. First off, it’s made from a ton of different parts, 82 to be exact, and you’re expected to assemble it with only basic instructions. If you get through that, you still have to deal with the fact that it has a low center of gravity so it might tip over, as well as the fact that you can’t comfortably reach the flow control handle from the tractor seat.

The Conclusion

Overall, we would say this is a great spreader as it does its job admirably and has some great specs as well as a few nifty additional features to boot. The problem with its design and that it can tip over is something you can’t resolve easily. It is also difficult to assemble, but that is a one-time thing. Still, for this price, it’s hard to pass up.

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Scotts Turf

This is a decent spreader that comes at a poultry price, meaning that almost anyone can afford it easily, and it will do the job, especially if you have a smaller or a medium-sized yard. The problem is that it's cheaply made and most likely won’t last for a long time.
Additional Features85
What We Like
Able to fold for easy storage
Incredibly affordable
No assembly required
What We Don't Like
The small wheelbase makes it difficult to use on rough terrain
Not fit for heavy duty use - flimsy and cheap
The plastic wheels sometimes collect what you’re spreading

Key Features

Holds Lots of Materials

This spreader can hold up to 5000 square feet of Scotts lawn products. That doesn’t tell you a lot, but it comes up to around 40 pounds of capacity if that. Not a whole lot, but enough for smaller lawns and properties.

Walk-behind Broadcaster

This is a walk-behind model that is relatively easy to push. It’s also rather maneuverable, making it good for smaller, tighter areas and tiny

Not Suited for Heavy Use

This is the largest black mark on this spreader, and that’s the fact that the materials are not up to snuff and it’s all rather flimsy. The wheels are especially bad, and it all just makes this spreader highly unsuited for heavy duty use.

Precise Settings

With the control panel on the side of this spreader you can adjust the exact amount of materials that it will spread, ensuring accurate coverage. The edge guard that can block off one side of the spreader also makes this spreader good in smaller areas.

Customer Reviews

This here is an amazing little spreader. One of the features I like a lot is the edge guard – it lets me walk next to the sidewalk while spreading. For spreading weed killers, pesticides or whatever else is necessary, this spreader will do more than an adequate job, and it is efficient and quick.
It just works great and with almost no issues. The only problem I had is the same one that others had. Whatever you’re spreading piles up in the inside of the wheel and there’s a possibility that it will spill out somewhere in larger amounts than you want it to. A two-sided wheel would be better and wouldn’t have this problem. Still, it’s a minor thing, and the product overall is just amazing, better than any previous spreader I had so it gets my vote.
It’s a neat little spreader for the money and works well for a small yard. The top handle is a little short for me, since I’m six feet tall, but it didn’t stop me from using it. I used it to spread some fertilizer and a bit of weed killer over around six thousand square feet of ground, and it took me around 20 minutes for each. The only real complaint I have is the fact that the stand, which helps it stay upright, is low to the ground so it causes some problems on uneven terrain or when going up a hill. Still, it got the job done for me, and it seems like I could get years of use out of it, so I recommend it.

Who Should Buy this Product

For people who need an affordable spreader that can still do the job reasonably well, this is the product for you. If you’re on a budget, this is probably the best product you can get right now, and it will function well, for a while at least. It has decent capacity as well as some nifty extra features.

What to Watch Out For

It’s cheap for a reason, and that’s obvious. Most parts of it are poorly made and are rather flimsy, especially the wheels, so it’s not fit for heavy duty use or usage on rough terrain. When it comes to the wheels, there’s also the problem of poor design, as the material you’re spreading might get caught in them over time and then dropped in bulk along the way. It’s just not a thing you want to happen.

The Conclusion

Overall, this is a fairly decent product for the price with enough capacity to be useful for medium-sized properties at most and some useful extra features, like the edge guard it has. However, the reason it’s cheap is the flimsy construction, and it simply may not last for long, nor can it be used for real heavy duty work. If you need a budget option, it’s still good, but it’s far from great.

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Scotts Pro

This is a spreader that comes out of the gate swinging with its great capacity and good wheels as well as great adjustability. Its wheels are also great, making it good even on rough terrains. The problems kick in fast though, and you soon find out how limited it is in practice.
Additional Features90
What We Like
Strong pneumatic wheels make it good on uneven surfaces
Great adjustability allowing for precision spreading
Has good capacity
What We Don't Like
It’s not easy to push
Only works well with granular fertilizer
It’s not incredibly durable

Key Features

Large Capacity

The hopper of this spreader can hold a lot of materials, up to 18000 square feet of Scotts products. That comes up to around 120 pounds or so when all is said and done, but the hopper seems flimsy and unable to hold that much weight.

Might be Difficult to Push

It’s a pushing spreader, and as such you have to use your own strength to propel it. The issue is that, due to its design, it’s a bit difficult to push. It’s even more difficult to maneuver because it’s wide and poorly balanced, so there’s a high chance of it tipping over and spilling everything in it.

Not That Durable

Its pneumatic wheels are strong and well-made, we’ll give it that, they hold up well. The rest of this spreader is not so good though – the hopper and the handle seem flimsy and prone to breaking or bending easily.

Incredibly Adjustable

The control panel on this unit allows for incredibly precise adjustments to the spread rate of whatever material you’re using. It also has an edge guard, allowing you to work close to areas you don’t want the materials to spread to.

Customer Reviews

I have been using it for around three years now, and during that time it helped me spread anything and everything. I’m talking seeds, feed, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, you name it. I use it plenty over the course of a year, and it has been better than any other spreader I used. It is expensive, but I think it is well worth the price since it will last for a long time. One of the things I like the most about it are the tires, so much better than wheels made out of cheap plastic. The adjustable settings are great as well and they all for so much versatility since you can spread anything in any amount you want. Just a great product in almost every regard.
This is my second season of using this spreader, and I’m rather happy with it. I own a property of seven thousand square feet, and it’s all rather bumpy. I bought this because it had rubber, inflatable tires and a more durable construction, which helped a lot. It’s so much easier to push with these wheels, even when the ground is uneven. I’ve used it with loads of 45 pounds, and it handles them quite well, though it was heavy and difficult to push. It spreads everything evenly and has a rather wide swatch. I also love the edge guard feature as I can spread right to the edge of my flower beds with it.

It’s durable, all the controls work well, and it’s reliable. The only reason I gave it four stars is because it was just what I expected for a price this high, nothing more than that. It’s a great product, and you should consider getting it if you need a spreader like this.

I bought this a couple of years ago, and so far it has held up fine. The edge guard works well; nothing got bent or broken so far. The application hand is somewhat flimsy, but it works okay. The only real issue I have is the fact that it gets clogged up from time to time, in which case the spreader will open, and the fertilizer will go into places where you don’t want it to go. Besides that it works well, spreads everything evenly across the entire yard and the big wheels make it easier to push. Due to all that, it gets my recommendation.

Who Should Buy this Product

For people who want a relatively inexpensive product that can be used in medium-sized to large properties, this is what you should get. With its huge capacity for a relatively decent price, it is bound to save you plenty of time you would have otherwise wasted doing it by hand.

What to Watch Out For

The main problem of this spreader is its design – it is incredibly wide, meaning that it offers better coverage, but it is difficult to push without it tipping over and even more difficult to turn. In addition to that, the hopper and the handle are not incredibly well-made, and they seem prone to bending or breaking under heavy pressure.

The Conclusion

On the surface, this looks like a great fertilizer spreader with the large capacity and great adjustability, as well as the quality inflatable wheels. The problem is that its design makes it awkward to use, especially in tighter spaces and when turning and its flimsy construction puts its durability into question. It’s still a decent product, especially at this price point, but you should take care.

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The Best Fertilizer Spreader – Agri-Fab 45-0463

Picking the best fertilizer spreader when there is such a huge variety of them on the market seems like an impossible task. The spreader that is perfect for one person might be a regrettable buy for the next guy. It’s all a matter of perspective, and what you want out of your fertilizer spreader, that’s what matters the most.

However, when it comes to picking the best product out of these three, we find that task easy. For us, the best one is the Agri-Fab 45-0463. The reason we picked it as the best product here is the fact that it offers great quality, far greater than the other two. While it may be more expensive, it makes up for that with incredible durability and great capacity. All of that and more makes it easily stand above the rest as the best.

The Conclusion

There you go, that’s our best pick. But you should remember, it doesn’t have to be the best one for you. Some of the other products here are worth looking at and might fit you better, or you can look for something else entirely. It is all up to you, and we just hope you use the info in this article wisely and make a good purchase. In case we helped you do that, please do share this article with other people who are having a similar dilemma over their purchases. We hope you have a good day, and we’ll see you next time!


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