The Best Flooring Options to Match Your Personal Style

When it comes to looking at flooring options, you need to know what perfectly suits you own personality. For example, someone who is trying to set up a household that matches their own personality will be very specific. If you are someone who is cold, calculated and extremely precise with your thinking, why would you want a house that shows a passionate, happy-go-lucky attitude?

By the same token, if you are an optimistic person why would you want a home that is quite understated and lacking in personality? This is quite an important distinction to make as it can play a major role in deciding what kind of property you actually want to live in!

So, let’s take a look at the best flooring options to match your personal style.

Choosing the Best Flooring Options

  • If you are looking for lasting style in the house, and you have a more open-ended and open-plan style household, then go for hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is easy to pull off and it looks good in just about any room. It helps to make sure you are left with a house that feels truly your own. So, when it comes to choosing flooring for a more open-minded, open-plan house, go for hardwood; it’s the ‘fail-free’ option for most people.
  • Do you do a dirty job for a living? Say, for example, are you in a trade or do you spend your time coming home covered in your days’ work? Then avoid all manner of light flooring. Make sure that the flooring you go for is nice and durable, and that it can be easily cleaned. For example, a well-sealed concrete flooring might lack a little in charm and visual appeal, but it makes an exceptional choice for those who are looking to help make navigating around their home a little easier without ruining expensive flooring.
  • Your personal taste matters, but your personal circumstances are just as important. For example, are you a smoker? If so, stay away from carpets. Carpets tend to lock in that awful smoke smell, and even if your nostrils are smoke-free you might find it hard to get that smell out of the room for the benefit of other people. Instead, something more sustainable like cork flooring can make sense in the ‘smoking room’ as it does not collect dust and pollen like other flooring styles.
  • Do you want to help make rooms feel more hospitable? Do you have a personally open and warm personality? Then carpet is the only way to go, in truth. Carpet is the perfect personification of the optimistic dreamer and therefore you should definitely look into using carpet to help portray that optimism. Just be prepared to put in the work to look after your carpet!

Of course, you could always make life a little easier by simply using a rug on most floor styles. It can help you have a nice carpeted effect in rooms where you don’t want the full room enveloped with carpet. Rugs for laminate floors, for example, tend to make life very easy for designers who want to help add a nice blend of comfort, charm and class to the room.

Overall, you should find it a lot easier to look after yourself if you use this kind of solution. While it’s not perfect for everyone, it should help you work out what kind of flooring would be a good choice based on personality, profession and a few other factors. As ever, be aware of things like the visual suitability for a room and the safety factor if you have young children or elderly guests/inhabitants.

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