The Best Food Processor Reviews in 2020 – Make the Cooking Process Far Easier

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Food processors are incredibly useful kitchen appliances that can save you plenty of time, whether you’re a seasoned veteran chef or someone who’s just learning how to cook. They allow you to chop up food, slice it, or make it into paste without any need to put in extra effort or risk your fingers by using a knife. The best food processors can do almost anything you can ask of them and more, and can replace multiple other appliances with ease.

If you don’t already have one, here’s why you should buy one as well as what to look for when purchasing an appliance like this.

Why Buying a Food Processor?

Food processors are just immensely useful machines that can easily replace a lot of other appliances you use in the kitchen. They can also save you a lot of time and effort when preparing food, allowing you to relax a bit and make the cooking process far easier.

One of the main selling points of a food processor is the fact that they’re so versatile and can perform a variety of different functions. They can shred, grind, chop, slice, mix, and much more. They also usually have plenty of various attachments that can make them even more versatile. They can easily replace things like blenders, choppers, mixers, smoothie makers and so on. Some of them can even knead dough for you!

Using Food Processor

Make the cooking process far easier with the best food processor

They’re also easy to use and take all the effort out of chopping up large pieces of food. With a food processor you can just put in large blocks of cheese, pieces of zucchini or entire carrots in and get nice, small pieces in a matter of seconds. If you think you spend too much time in the kitchen, or you’re just past the age where you can put in a lot of effort while cooking, these machines will spare you from the hard work and save you time.

It’s also safer to use a food processor than cutting food with a knife. Most food processors have sharp spinning blades, but they can’t turn on until the lid is closed and after that, you can easily put more foodstuffs in through a chute at the top.

In short, they are great to have and are useful in a wide variety of situations. Possibly one of the best kitchen appliances you can get.

There are plenty of different food processors out there, though, and most of them are not good at all. With so many moving parts various things might be wrong with a food processor, and you might not be able to tell right away. Choosing one might be difficult, so we decided to help by testing an incredible amount of products and making this article. Here, we will review the top three products we chose as well as talk about what you should look for in a good food processor. So, let’s get it all started with the best three food processors.

Meet the Best Food Processors

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and Puree, 10 Cups - Bowl Scraper, Stainless Steel

The Good: Large capacity, ample power, and loads of good attachments.

The Bad: Flimsy parts, the scraper add-on is almost useless, and the chute is a bit small.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this is probably the best food processor you’ll find for a price this low and its flaws can easily be ignored in favor of its great performance.

Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup and Food Processor Attachment, Brushed Nickel - BLSTMB-CBF-000

The Good: Incredibly powerful and comes with a few decent add-ons.

The Bad: Flimsy and expensive, making it potentially unsafe. It’s also noisy.

The Bottom Line: When it comes down to it, this processor does excel in power, and it might be worth buying just for that. It has significant flaws though, so it’s difficult to recommend.

BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor, Black, FP1600B

The Good: The cheapest product out there with decent capacity and a few good accessories.

The Bad: It’s shoddily made and underpowered while being a possible safety hazard.

The Bottom Line: This is not a food processor that excels in any area, but it is the best you can get for a price this low. If you don’t have a lot of money, it is worth a look.

All of the Factors Considered

Deciding which food processor to buy can be difficult, even for experienced people. These are quite complex appliances, and there are plenty of things to consider when buying them, but it is difficult to find a machine that excels in all possible areas. So, you should focus on a few core things – but which ones? Well, after plenty of testing here’s what we came up with.


The power of a food processor is difficult to determine without using it, but you can look at some aspects of it to get a good idea. Larger units will be more powerful, usually, but you should also look at the wattage of the motor. The speed of the blades is also a good judge of overall power, and that is expressed in RPM – rotations per minute.

Getting a food processor that’s not strong enough to handle what you put in is a great problem, and it can make the machine almost useless, or require you to already chop the food into small pieces before putting it in. If you can, test the machine on the spot before buying it, preferably with something like a block of hard cheese. If it goes through that, it is usually good enough for most things.


Here we have to separate two different things – the size the food processor takes up on the kitchen counter and the capacity it has.

The size of the entire appliance is important because, if it’s too bulky, you will have trouble using it on a regular basis. If you have a small kitchen, or you want it to be portable so you can use it elsewhere, you should carefully consider the size and weight.

Then there’s the capacity of the bowl itself, signifying how much food can fit in the processor. You might think you always want a larger capacity, but that is not necessarily true since large processors might have trouble cutting up small amounts of food. So, if you don’t need a larger processor, you shouldn’t buy one, but if you think you will slice and chop lots of food on a regular basis, go for it.


Since food processors are machines that will go through a lot, you need them to be sufficiently durable, especially if you want to use them on some harder foodstuffs. The blades should be made of durable and rust-resistant metals, thick enough to withstand constant use and sturdy enough to retain their sharpness over a long period.

Best Food Processor

Look at the wattage of the motor and the speed of the blades

However, it’s also important for the other parts, like the lid, the bowl and the base of the appliance to be durable and preferably made of metal. If any of those parts breaks, the machine becomes quite useless. Moreover, it becomes a potential safety hazard. By getting a cheap food processor, you might be risking more than the food you put in it.

Accessories and Attachments

There are various add-ons that a food processor can come with and they are usually quite useful – but that depends on what you want as well. Most of them come with different bowls, smoothie cups or other containers. Some of them also come with a few different types of blades that can be exchanged and used for chopping, slicing or mixing and so on – whatever you may need.

Having a wide range of options when it comes to your food processor is almost never a bad thing.


With appliances like this, there are always some safety concerns to be had because they use a set of sharp, metal blades that spin at high speeds. Getting any part of your body even near them is something you never want to happen. To that end, most food processors have a safety feature that prevents them from spinning the blades if the lid isn’t on. They can have other safety features as well.

Another thing important for safety is not just how well those systems function, but also how well-made the entire thing is since the lid or the bowl breaking can be a large safety hazard as well. You should be careful when buying cheaper food processors because of this.

Now that you’re aware of all this let’s see how our top three products ranked in all these aspects.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Food Processors

Hamilton Beach 70730

Overall, this is an above-average food processor for a price that is quite below average. It has exceptional capacity and ample power while coming with a load of neat accessories. However, it does have some downsides, mainly the flimsiness of a few parts.
Accessories and Attachments95
What We Like
Large capacity
Quite strong with loads of accessories
What We Don't Like
The chute is small
Some parts of it are flimsy
The scraper attachment doesn’t function well

Key Features

Packs Quite a Punch

It has a 400-watt motor that has two different consistent speeds, plus a pulse feature allowing for short bursts of strong chopping power. It can go through almost anything with ease.

Large Capacity

This unit features a 10-cup capacity while not being much larger than similar products with a smaller capacity. It can prepare quite a lot of food on one go. However, the chute is smaller than you would expect.

Decently Durable Construction

Most parts of this machine are sturdy enough, and the blades are made of high-quality stainless steel. However, some parts, like the handle of the bowl, are not so well-made and tend to break easily.

Plenty of Good Add-ons

This food processor comes with a variety of attachments – chopping blade, slicing disc, shredding disc, and so on. It lacks a different bowl though. The scraper add-on also doesn’t work that well.

Safe & Sound

This is quite a safe machine, the bowl is made out of rather durable parts, and there’s not much risk involved. The safety trigger works well, and the blade won’t turn on until the lid is closed.

Customer Reviews

This works quite well for my needs. It’s a high-quality product that’s sturdily made and looks nice. In addition to that, it’s quite safe. I use it for plenty of grating and slicing because I can’t do it myself due to arthritis. However, it can be used for more than that. I tried using the scraper, but it doesn’t seem to work well, or I just used the wrong ingredients. Regardless, it’s not an essential part of this machine, and I still recommend it, mainly because it is a great quality product for a low price.
I love plenty of dishes like salsa or burritos, but I refuse to slice up all those vegetables by hand. I own a manual chopper, but it is quite small – so I bought this. It works perfectly, and all the pieces are quite durable, assembly was easy and using it is simple. The bowl scraper is quite a big help for me. I do think it’s a bit too big for my needs, but it’s still fine. Overall, I’m quite happy with it.
I don’t have any major complaints about this product, I use it a couple of times a week to make some cauliflower mash, and it does the job. The scraper is honestly a real time saver. It’s a bit noisy, but due to the nature of the machine that is expected. It’s quite large, so it doesn’t work well with small quantities of food, but otherwise, it’s great. It’s quite good value for the price, honestly, and I would recommend it.

Who Should Buy this Product

Are you looking for a spacious food processor at a decent price? Well, look no further, this is the product you should get. It’s quite a large one with a 10-cup capacity, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s also fairly powerful and can handle large and hard pieces of food without a hitch.

What to Watch Out For

The main problem with this unit is the fact that it has some parts which are suspiciously flimsy, probably owing to its low price. The handle of the bowl is especially prone to breaking because it is mostly made of thin plastic. There are other issues, like the scraper attachment being bad, but none that significant.

The Conclusion

All in all, this is a more than decent product for the price, offering a large capacity and plenty of power to handle even the toughest of kitchen tasks. However, it does have issues with shoddy parts, which is probably why it’s so inexpensive. Still, it offers more than good bang for your buck and is worth buying and recommending.

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Oster Pro 1200 Blender 3-in-1

If you want power, you got it! This food processor boasts an incredibly strong motor, and it shows in practice. Ít’s also quite easy to use and is highly adjustable. The problem is that it’s expensive and not incredibly durable, while also being terribly loud.
Accessories and Attachments95
What We Like
Incredibly powerful
Easy to use with the one touch feature
Great settings
What We Don't Like
Louder than similar models
Cleaning the blades by hand is difficult
It’s made of flimsy plastic

Key Features

Amazingly Powerful

The power of this unit is undeniable, and it can work through just about anything incredibly quickly. It boasts 1200 power watts, and in practice, it lives up to that. It’s highly adjustable as well, so it can deliver a soft touch as well.

Sub-standard Capacity

The capacity of this food processors is only 5 cups, meaning that it falls short compared to most other models of similar price. It might still be fine for you, considering the various bowls it has, but it is not that great. It’s also quite large when you consider the low

Durable in Some Places but not in Others

It does have a completely metal drive and good, quality blades, but that’s about it. The bowl is quite flimsy as is the base, and it is just not acceptable for such a high price.

Good Add-ons

It comes with a few add-ons, a good alternate bowl as well as a smoothie cup so you can just make one to It doesn’t have any additional blades though, which can be a problem at times.

Safe but Loud

This unit is safe in the sense that it is fairly durable and the safety features work. However, some parts of it are flimsy, which is a safety hazard and it is quite loud and not that safe for your ears.

Customer Reviews

I bought this to replace an older food processor that I got a couple of years ago. I hate almost everything about it, and the buttons were nonresponsive, but this one is so much better. The difference was noticeable immediately, and it is perfect for making smoothies, just what I wanted. It’s easy to use as well, no hassle at all and it prepares it quickly. I’m thrilled with this product.
This replaced an older blender I had, and it’s a big upgrade. It saves me a lot of space and is far more powerful than the old appliance I had. I like hot it surges the blade to help dislodge parts that haven’t reached the bottom. For the price, this is more than a good machine and makes everything from blender breads to smoothies to salsas. I love how easy it is to clean as well since you can remove the bottom blade. It’s just a great product no matter how you look at it.
I bought this for making protein shakes and not much else, so I like the smoothie feature immensely; it helps me make the best shakes I ever did. Admittedly it is quite loud, and it scares my cats a lot, but I can handle that. It’s quite a decent blender, and it helps me a lot each day before the gym, so I would recommend it.

Who Should Buy this Product

This food processor seems tailor-made for people who want an incredibly powerful machine that can chop anything down to size. It’s got quite a strong motor, and the big stainless steel blades are incredibly sharp. The different bowls also make things easier to handle, and it is great for making smoothies.

What to Watch Out For

First of all, this is an expensive food processor. That wouldn’t be such a major problem if it weren’t as flimsy as it is. The bowls especially seem to be poorly made and like they can break apart at any point. Because of that, cutting larger, harder things with this processor is risky. It also produces a lot of noise to boot.

The Conclusion

The big selling point of this food processor is just how powerful it is, and that is no lie. It can cut almost anything into pieces, and the blades will stay in good shape. However, the rest of it might not, as it is rather flimsy, something that’s not acceptable when it is this expensive. Overall, it’s a mixed bag – it might be worth buying for the sheer power, but you should still think twice before spending your cash.

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This is hands-down one of the most affordable food processors on the market. It also has quite a large capacity and is easy to use and clean up after use. However, it lacks in almost every other area – it is underpowered, flimsy and can be a safety hazard.
Accessories and Attachments90
What We Like
Incredibly cheap
Large capacity and compact size
Easy to use and clean
What We Don't Like
The safety mechanism is faulty
It’s shoddily made and prone to breaking

Key Features

Not Enough Power

This food processor has a 450-watt motor, but in practice, it seems a bit underpowered. It doesn’t perform as well as other, comparable units, in particular with some of the add-ons.

Fairly Good Capacity & Size

It has an 8-cup capacity, which is commendable since comparable units don’t have that much. It is also quite compact and can fit almost anywhere. It’s good as a portable unit.

Not Durable at All

This is just a shoddily made product, and every part of it seems flimsy, even the blades. They are quite thin and have plastic at their core, making them rather suspect. Overall, it’s not something that will last.

A Couple of Decent Accessories

It comes with two different bowls and a set of blades and discs for different tasks. It’s nothing amazing, but they get the job done well enough.

Not Safe Enough

The safety mechanism doesn’t function properly at times, and the blade turns on even when the lid isn’t shut. It’s also not a durable piece of kit and the possibility of it breaking makes it slightly unsafe.

Customer Reviews

This is quite a good work horse. I managed to shred zucchini with it for some summer cooking, and after multiple pounds of zucchini it didn’t let up one bit. There was no overheating either. It shreds quite consistently, and I was able to make two bags of shredded veggies to save for the winter.

The only problem with it is the small slit between the outer wall and the feed tube since you need to scrape things out of there with a knife to clean it. Still, it’s a great addition to my kitchen.

All-around, this is quite a good food processor. The suctions cups on the bottom are great and keep it from sliding around the counter. It’s quite easy to use and cleaning it is simple. It’s also small, but quite well-made for a plastic appliance. It does an incredibly good job, especially when you consider how cheap it is. I’ve had it for a couple of years now, and it is holding up well.
I have owned this food processor for a little less than two months, and I love how powerful it is. I never had a food processor before I got this one, but I decided to buy it when my mini chopper just broke. I wanted to try a few recipes that require a food processor, so I got one. It’s noisy for sure, but it’s got plenty of power, and it seems quite well-made, especially when considering the price. I love it so far, and I’m glad I bought it.

Who Should Buy this Product

There are people out there who don’t have a ton of money to spend but still want a good food processor. This is, in all honesty, the best product they could get at a price this low. It does have decent capacity and a few good add-ons, like different bowls and a few blades.

What to Watch Out For

There’s a good reason this food processor is cheap, and that is how flimsy it is. It seems prone to breaking apart, and it certainly won’t last for a long time. It also seems rather underpowered in practice, which might be due to the blades that are also quite low in quality.

The Conclusion

This is a cheap food processor, and it shows in how it’s constructed. If you want something that will last for a long time or have a lot of power, this is not for you. However, it’s still the best product you will get at this price, and if you don’t have a lot of cash to work with, it is still worth it.

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The Best Food Processor – Hamilton Beach 70730

After much deliberation, we have decided on what our best pick was. It was hard, as we had some differences on the matter, because the perfect food processor, or the perfect anything, doesn’t exist. Because of that, different people value different aspects more or less. Still, we decided that the food processor which will be the best for the largest number of people is the Hamilton Beach 70730.

The reason is its overall reliability – while it does have a couple of flaws, they are not the glaring flaws that other products have. It has decent specs in most areas, and it will last for quite a while, which is more than you could ask for, considering the price. Because of that, it is our best food processor for today.

The Conclusion

So, that’s our best pick, and it was a difficult decision. We tested a lot of different products, and a lot of them were good, even exceptional in some regard, but this is the one we consider to be better than any other. Of course, this is not to say that you can’t buy something else – as we said, you may see things differently. Our goal was just to inform you well enough that you can make a smart purchasing decision, and we hope we managed to do that. If this article did help you, share it around, others might find it useful as well. Until next time, have a good day.


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