Best Girls Bedroom Wallpaper Design Ideas

Girls tend to have a variety of themes which may range from polka dots to floral. The following are 10 of the best ideas for a girl’s bedroom. These themes are implemented through removable wallpaper or removable beautiful printed mural that will ensure easy transition when the girls grow older or out of it. These ideas include:

Bold floral

Most girls love everything bold. Therefore, most of them are drawn to bold and vibrant florals for their wallpaper. The parent can pair the bright and bold colors with subtle or neutral colors such as a white rug or carpet or furniture to provide a perfect blend. One may also opt to use a subtle color in the wallpaper which provides calm throughout the room.


For girls who are fashion-forward and love to look pretty and trendy, a chic wallpaper is their go-to option as it can amplify their personality or interest in girly aspects such as lipstick and heels. These wallpapers can easily be installed in the whole room or one side of the room depending on the preference of the customer. The color of the room also indicates their chic personality with most opting for pink.


For those girls that are not the typical girly, Murale Design has got you covered since it allows one to pick out any pattern. If you want a theme that is less girly-themed, the girl may choose something that is more on the wild side with a touch of spunk in it. One can also research their design or pattern and email them who then print it on wallpaper or mural.

Girl Bedroom Wallpaper

Girls Want to Have a Variety of Themes


A woodland creature wallpaper or mural gives a sweet design which are also immediate go-to designs for most girls. This mural is perfect for girls at a young age as it offers neutral colors which can last for many years. This because one can easily transition with it as the girl can easily remove it when the parents decide to move houses or rooms. They can easily be removed and reused up to three times.

Starry Nights

This idea is ideal for girls as it gives them a fantasy slumber land. With its dark background, the girl is able to fall asleep easily. Its neutral color gives it the ability to pair with your girl’s favorite color to bring a pop of fun in it.


Teenagers or older daughters will always go for classically themed wallpapers. It is important that you choose a color that will bring brightness into her room that will enable her to incorporate other shades that she loves.


Retro colors last for years and can incorporate different changes. The parent should choose designs like poppies since they come in different colors to enable your daughter to choose.


This wallpaper is perfect for the daughter with a wild side. A fun-jungled theme mural can turn a girl room into a room that is both fun to be in and also to study.

Subtle ideas

Installing a mural in a closet is one way of decorating your daughter’s room more subtly. If one has their bathroom, they can opt to install a beautiful printed mural instead of the room. This approach is more fun and sweet way to start a day when you wake up.

Bright shapes

This design enables the parent to incorporate other accessories or ideas without changing the wallpaper.

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