Which Are The Best Herbs To Grow In Summer?

Are you fond of gardening? Are you looking for various plants which you can grow? Well, summer is on the way, and you might be worrying which plants you can grow in this season. Do not bother too much because there are plenty of options available.

In summer, the soil absorbs heat, and there are several herbs which find this atmosphere best to grow. Now, are you wondering about those herbs which are the best to grow in your garden in this upcoming summer?

Here, this blog presents all time popular herbs, which will certainly help you to fill your garden which appealing plants. The advantage of these herbs is not only limited to their daily cooking usage. Some of the herbs are known for their uses in medicine.

Go through the detailed information mentioned below about various summer herbs very carefully and then list out some of the best herbs which you can grow in your garden this summer.


It is one of the most popular herbs. There are numerous advantages of it. You can use it for cooking, or to create a soothing ambiance in the home. Mostly, it is being used as medicine, anti-arthritic, deodorizer and good insect repellent. Basil is a very good antioxidant, and moreover, it is anti-inflammatory.

When you grow basil, you have to keep one thing in mind that always removes the flower stalks from mature plants whenever they appear. You can grow basil from the seed, or you can always grow it from clippings.

Why should you grow Basil? It contains a healthy amount of different vitamins such as A, C, and K. It also contains iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium.


This herb can be seen in almost all the kitchen. There isn’t any other which can be used for seasoning. You can use it to add warm flavor in your various dishes such as Caribbean dishes or meats. Moreover, every salad is incomplete without the seasoning of cilantro.

So, are you wondering how does it help you?

Cilantro is loaded with ample amount of antioxidant vitamin C. Additionally; there are various minerals and vitamins as well. It is a herb which helps to improve indigestion and gastric issues. It also helps to improve the production of insulin in liver.

You can harvest cilantro leaves as they are available. You can keep harvesting throughout the summer by re-sowing coriander seeds. Just one tip keeps handy. Look out for parasites which enjoy by munching cilantro leaves. Prevent fungal infections and keep your young and tidy cilantro healthy.


You can grow oregano in your backyard by sowing seeds. Sowing seeds indoor during the spring is good advice. When summer arrives, you can transplant it into your garden. When you harvest oregano, remember to harvest both leaves and seeds as both of them contain the same flavor, and both of the parts are edible.

It is an insect repellant and treats various problems such as digestive issues, joint pain, muscle aches, and fungal infections. You can always use this tasty herb for seasoning your eggs and bread dishes. There are many other dishes where you can add this for special flavor.


This herb also grows from seeds. By sowing it indoors and then you are ready to move it in your outside garden whenever you want. If you are not willing to grow in inside, then you can always grow it outside. Just cover the seeds with soil or use wet seeds. As they require more light to grow, it will work better.

This herb is very easy to grow. However, if it is not maintained carefully then it quickly becomes invasive. To avoid this issue, many people grow this herb in the container. There is no other herb which can replace the refreshing flavor of it. You can always add it in different beverages, fruits, desserts, coffee or baked dishes. This minty flavor isn’t just good for taste; it is also healthy. It undoubtedly helps you to relax after a hectic day and soothes a headache.


Are you looking for a natural deterrent? This is the best herb for it. The aroma of this herb keeps all the mosquitoes and other different insects. It also helps to get rid of dandruff issues and skin irritation. It increases the growth of hair. A stressful day can be easily ended with the aroma of rosemary.

It compliments different beans, fish, chicken and sautéed mushrooms. You should grow rosemary from clippings for the faster growth. However, you can also grow from seeds but just remember one thing that germination rate of these seeds is less, so it will take a longer while to grow.


Are you familiar with this herb? It is content with sufficient amount of vitamin A. You might be well aware of the fact that it helps to improve the health of your eye, hair, skin and nails. Antibiotic and antiseptic are extra benefits of it.

Now, the real question is which are the ingredients can be used with thyme. The answer is ginger, garlic, parsley, and onion. This is being used in recipes to add flavor in different soups, stocks, and sauces. Thyme does not only taste good, but it also makes your garden attractive. It covers the garden in a very beautiful way. It attracts honey bees with its beautiful blossoms. Make a habit of pinching off the tips of it because it will help to grow it even faster.


To summarize, there are several other herbs such as parsley, lemon balm, lavender, chives, and etc., Just keep one thing in mind that herbs are very delicate. They are very easy to grow. However, you have to be very careful while growing them and during harvesting time.

There are numerous advantages of different herbs which you can grow in your garden in summer as mentioned in this blog. I hope that above-mentioned information will help you to narrow down a list of herbs you want to grow in your garden this summer. Consider all the merits and usage of various herbs in cooking and enjoy gardening!

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