Top 4 Best Kukri Knives Reviews for Your Gardening Needs

Gardening is a relaxing and therapeutic activity. It can be a pastime or a livelihood that usually involves considerable effort and just plain hard work in preparing an area for a garden, and what it can produce. Besides the usual everyday gardening necessities, such as trowels, rakes, hoes, clippers, water hoses, wheelbarrows and gloves, there are other specialized tools to use that are helpful in the initial stages of preparing a spot or acreage for planting.

One gardening tool that helps in the gardening process is a kukri knife, which is considered both a tool and a weapon. As a kukri is usually doubled-bladed and extremely sharp, gardeners may not have given it a thought as a useful tool, but it is valuable. There are some different kukri knives that would be helpful for gardeners.

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Choosing a Kukri for Gardening Purposes

In choosing the best kukri knives for gardening, first determine how it will be used. Will it be for clearing brush, weeds or other vegetation from a small area of ground, or will it be used for larger acreage, or will it be for puttering around in an already established garden? Different uses will require various sizes and weights of kukri knives. Thinner and longer kukris would be utilized as more of a thrashing tool while smaller kukris would apply to less cumbersome tasks.

Before making a kukri selection, the following features should be taken into consideration:


A kukri’s blade is valuable for gardening use because of its sharp, durable high carbon steel cutting edge. Farmers in other parts of the world have used kukris for ages to cut overgrowth, work with wood and chop food. Their compact design, size, weight and handling ability have allowed them to become essential tools for not only farmers, gardeners and outdoorsmen but those who want to defend themselves. With a kukri knife, the blade switches its weight in the handle area for a user to maintain better control, which is what a gardener or anyone else would want in a cutting tool.

If you are going to use a kukri blade for gardening, you will want one that is not prone to dullness or rust and is easy to maintain. You will also want to be aware of the blade’s thickness and the type of plant materials being cultivated or removed. Eastern (Sirupate kukri) are thinner while Western (Budhuna) are broader. Despite the different thicknesses, the blades still maintain their durability and flexibility as utility knives.


The handle of a kukri knife can be made of wood, ivory, plastic, or polymer materials. The grip of the handle is the most important aspect with a kukri as it is what helps maintain control of the knife. The best kukri knife handles are curved to help maintain a steady hand.


Most kukri blades have either a little or no tang. Tang is considered the dull part of the knife blade that goes into the handle. If there is longer tang with the blade, it provides considerable durability that is useful when chopping harder substances.


A sheath is a protective covering or case for the blade of a kukri knife. It protects the blade and the user. It should be a well-made covering to prevent accidents or injuries when it is not in use.


A real kukri blade will have a cut-out, which is a notch in the blade that works as a shock absorber on impact and allows the steel of the blade to flex on any impact.

Top 4 Best Kukri Knives for Gardening

SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete MC11-N - Hardcased Black 12" Blade w/ Saw Back, Rubber Handle, Nylon Sheath
  • Clear trails and brush
  • 12-inch high carbon steel blade with saw back
  • Kraton rubber handle
  • Includes Nylon Sheath
  • Overall length: 18.0-inches, Weight: 15.0 ounces, Lifetime Warranty

A Sogfari Kukri Machete is not only for clearing brush and trails, but it is useful for chopping wood, harvesting crops, gardening, hunting and for protecting oneself and others. It is an affordable, all around, award-winning, ergonomically designed tool with a 12-inch high carbon steel blade with a saw back. The teeth on the back of the blade cut deeply, and the spiked tang that extends out of the back of the handle is excellent for pounding and scraping.

The knife has an overall length of 18 inches, weighs 15 ounces and has an ultra-comfortable Kraton rubberized, slip-free handle. This affordable and carefully crafted hard cased black finish kukri knife has just the right weight and balance for extended handling, and the handle includes holes for lanyards. A nylon sheath is also included and a lifetime warranty assures users that SOG stands behind its products and guarantees their performance under the most difficult of circumstances.

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri
  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Ka-Bar
  • Ka-Bar kukri machete
  • Black Kukri-style machete with carbon-steel blade
  • Ideal for chopping weeds, clearing campsite, and more

The Ka-Bar is a kukri type mid-priced machete with a high-carbon, multi-purpose carbon-steel blade, which has a full tang for good chopping use. It is lightweight and has a non-reflective black coated blade of hollow grind with an edge angle of 20 degrees that provides maximum sharpness. It measures 11-1/2 inches in length with an overall length of 17 inches and a weight of 1.7 pounds, all of which allows for easy handling and transport.

Its cutting edge is safe for clearing weeds, chopping wood or keeping animals at bay. Gardeners will respect its ability to clear out overgrowth and other vegetation to make way for a garden plot of almost any size. The durability with the Ka-Bar is second to none as it is a good replacement for an axe or small hatchet and easily does the work of both.

This model comes with a Cordura leather sheath and a Kraton G non-slip handle with grooves that provides a safe and secure grip in its ergonomic design. There are few drawbacks with this high-quality kukri machete as it has survived rigid field testing, though it does lack lanyard accessibility for wrist attachment, and the blade may need attention over time, but its compact design, shorter length, light weight, full tang and handle make it an aggressive little tool for multi-tasking.

1064206 Ontario Knife Co OKC Kukri Knife
  • Overall knife length: 17-Inch
  • Blade length: 11.5-Inch; Blade thickness: 0.25-Inch; Blade width: 0.1875-Inch
  • Made of 1095 Carbon Steel
  • Weighs 18 ounces

The Ontario 1064206 is a mid-range priced kukri that is a combination of a more classic kukri and a machete. This American-made quarter-inch sharp blade of durable non-reflective 1095 carbon steel and full flat grind is protected from wear and rust with a black epoxy powder, and it measures 17 inches in length with 11-1/2 inches devoted to the blade itself and weighs 18 ounces. The spine of the blade is a bit wider, which allows for many uses, whether for everyday tasks or cutting through vegetation, and it provides chopping power that is equal to or better than that of a hatchet. The blade’s distinctive curve makes clearing brush and other vegetation easier but is also useful for splitting wood, removing the bark and other related tasks.

A rubber Kraton handle helps sustain a secure and comfortable grip, and there is a lanyard hole for a wrist strap or other attachment. There is some loss of comfort in the handle with several hand guards, but any fault with this kukri is its nylon sheath, which offers little protection. In the long run, the Ontario is affordable, lightweight, durable, reliable and capable of steady performance. Ontario manufacturing, a worldwide leader in cutlery manufacturing, assures that the craftsmanship that has gone into this tough kukri will provide what you need to complete most any task, including garden work.

Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete Fixed Blade Safe-T-Grip Handle
  • Black Powder Coated 3Cr13 Stainless Steel Blade
  • Safe-T-Grip Handle with Lanyard Hole, Polyester Shoulder Belt Sheath
  • Removable Storage Pouch
  • Blade Length: 13.3 inch (33.8 cm) Handle Length: 6.4 inch (16.2 cm)
  • Overall Length: 19.7 inch (50.0 cm) Weight: 1.44 pounds

The Schrade SCHKM1 is an easy-to-maneuver, budget friendly, and -versatile kukri machete with a tough black powder coated rust-resistant 1/8-inch stainless steel blade that has a thick spine and is 13.3 inches in length with a safe-t-grip handle length of 6.4 inches, an overall length of 19.7 inches and a weight of 1.44 pounds. There is a full tang for superior chopping ability and a larger curvature to the knife with soft enough steel that can endure intense force.

The handle has a lanyard hole for easy wrist transport and is made of rubberized plastic with lines within it to provide a sure grip, and its ergonometric design allows an extra 1-1/2 inches of unsharpened steel near the grip, which is fashioned to prevent injury should there be any slippage. The machete comes with a polyester shoulder belt sheath that provides further safety, and there is also a removable storage pouch that can be attached to a belt, strapped to the leg or carried in a sling.

Taylor brands, in the market since 1975, has been designing and distributing stainless steel knives from the beginning and this kukri machete fix blade is no exception.

Choosing the Best Kukri for Your Gardening Needs

The kukris reviewed provide advantages for gardeners and depending on what kind of gardening is going to occur. Whether it’s a full-scale operation or just minimal upkeep of a small area, the kukris here would be suitable for most small and large gardening ventures, particularly with the Ontario and the Schrade that are multi-tasking type knives with the ability to do both heavy-duty and lighter work.

Investigate Features with Safety in Mind

Making a kukri choice is not easy with all the selections and varying price ranges available in the market, so research the choices here and others and determine which ones best meet your gardening needs. Whatever you decide, always investigate the blade, handle, tang, the overall balance of the kukri and make sure the kukri has the right protective sheath for your own safety and the safety of others. You want the best protection possible, and if one is not provided with the kukri, consider purchasing one separately. Removing the kukri properly from the sheath or scabbard needs to be practiced as well.

Proper Hand Grips

Using a kukri, even for gardening, takes preparation and the most important thing to remember is how to hold it properly. Two types of grips should be mastered, which are the basic (normal) and the improvised grip that used for chopping and going through various levels of vegetation.

The basic or normal grip is clear-cut. Kukri knives usually have rounded, ergonomic handles that are easy to grip. The hand is situated in a fist grip where the thumb is held in a vertical straight up position on top of the index finger rather than in a more diagonal manner as in a regular fist position.

The improvised grip is used with medium or small kukri knives and is more for individualized tasks like cutting, slicing and peeling. The grip is, again, a closed fist with the thumb bent slightly with the last joint level with the edge of kukri handle or spine (top) of the knife.

Final Verdict

Before you make a final decision concerning costs, safety, upkeep and additional materials, do more research as to the tools that will meet your gardening needs. A kukri is perfect for gardening, but you want the right one for your gardening plans. Take some time and the right kukri choice will help you accomplish many tasks in your patch of green.

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