The Best Leaf Blower – Vacuum Reviews in 2019 – A Handheld Storm to Blow the Leaves Away

When fall comes, cleaning your driveway, yard and lawn can turn into a tiresome chore that you don’t want to do. However, you can’t leave all those leaves out there, so you get to it, but even with a great rake, it will take you lots of time. Leaf blowers were made to take that stress off of you, allowing you to get rid of all the leaves easily, without tiring yourself. In this article, we’ll present you with some of the best leaf blowers that we were able to find so you could realize what a great help they can be in anyone’s yard.

Why Buying a Leaf Blower – Vacuum?

To explain this, we first have to get into what leaf blowers are. They are essentially gardening tools which use a motor, either electrical or gas-powered, to blow air out through a nozzle at high speed and thus blow away any debris – leaves, grass, small rocks, twigs, you name it. Unlike using a broom or a rake to clear that stuff out, leaf blowers don’t require you to put in much effort as the motor inside them does that for you. They can be rather heavy though, especially some gas-powered variants. Some of the bigger ones even need wheels and have to be pushed because of the size of their powerful motor. Handheld models made for a wider consumer base usually have smaller motors that are less powerful so that they can be carried around and used on a daily basis without a lot of hassle. Backpack variants also exist, which are a compromise between industrial-grade and handheld models.

Whatever their type and size, leaf blowers exist to make the job of cleaning up your yard much easier for you. If you find it tough to clean all the leaves that fall during autumn, you will love using a leaf blower. Some of these machines can also be very versatile and have other uses – whether around the house or as vacuums and shredders, there are plenty of different options out there.

Leaf Blower

The Handheld Storm to Blow the Leaves Away

But don’t choose a leaf blower just by looking at the additional features – their base performance is what’s most important, and some do fall short in that regard. Not all of them are equal, and some might not be fit for blowing away the amount of debris you want them to handle. Still, picking the right one for you might be a hefty task – so we decided to help you with that. Here, we gathered some of the best products we could find right now, offered our opinions and the opinions of some users on their performance and compared them. This should help you pick out a good product for your needs. So, let’s take a look at how they all measure up.

Meet the Best Leaf Blowers – Vacuums

Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum, Variable-Speed (up to 250 mph) with Metal Impeller, 12 amp

The Good: It offers great power and versatility at a low price.

The Bad: Requires a cord, might be heavy for some.

The Bottom Line: While it does require a cord, the power it offers just cannot be argued with.

BLACK+DECKER LSW221 20V MAX Lithium Cordless Sweeper

The Good: Decently powerful for its small size and versatile.

The Bad: Only good for light work.

The Bottom Line: Not a heavy duty machine at all, but good for lighter tasks.

Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Blower, 2.0 AH Battery Included 24252

The Good: Compact and decently powerful.

The Bad: Not suited for heavy duty work.

The Bottom Line: Good for lighter work around the house but only that.

Worx Turbine 56V Cordless Blower with Brushless Motor, 125 MPH and 465 CFM Output with Turbo Boost and Variable Speed – WG591

The Good: Great power with great portability.

The Bad: Very shoddy battery.

The Bottom Line: While powerful, it’s not great because of the low battery life.

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower, Handheld, Lightweight, 23.9cc 2 Cycle Engine, Class Leading 441 CFM, 170 MPH, Commercial Grade, 7 Year Warranty

The Good: Incredibly powerful while being portable.

The Bad: Noisy and offers no additional features.

The Bottom Line: It’s powerful and portable but not versatile at all while being loud.

This summary is only intended as a quick overview though – more detailed information can be found below, in the rest of this article.

All of the Factors Considered

As you no doubt know by now spotting a good leaf blower and distinguishing it from a bad one with just a glance can be more than difficult. Various features might be bandied about that don’t affect its performance, and that can’t sway you. That’s why we’ll be offering you a few pointers about what you should consider when shopping for a leaf blower.

Air Volume and Speed

When you’re getting a blower one of the most important features to consider is how good it is at blowing air. The quantity of air it can blow out, and the speed at which it can blow are stats that greatly affect the overall performance of any leaf blower.

The air speed is usually measured in miles per hour (MPH) while the volume of air is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Blowers with high values in both categories are overall the best ones, as blowing little air at high speed doesn’t do much, and neither does blowing a lot of air at negligible speed.

Power Source

Leaf blowers are usually powered by either electricity or gas, which offers different benefits and downsides.

Gas-powered blowers are often more powerful but are also less eco-friendly, and some of them may require a precise mix of gas and oil to function properly. They can also be significantly heavier.

Electric blowers are less powerful most of the time, but they are clean and require less maintenance. The problem with electric blowers can be two-fold – there are corded and battery variants. The corded variants can work for longer periods of time but are far less portable than battery-powered ones – however, the latter need to recharge often as batteries usually don’t last for longer than an hour.

The choice, in the end, is up to you.

Noise Rating

By their nature, blowers are noisy machines, and that cannot be avoided – even if you find a soundless blower by some chance, it is likely that it will not be powerful at all. Still, steps can be made to lower the amount of noise for the comfort of the user as well as those around them, usually with mufflers. So, you should consider the noise rating of a blower, expressed in decibels (dB) when buying a blower. For reference, a normal conversation is around 60 dB, while a loud lawn mower is around 90 dB.


Blowers most often offer different features that increase their versatility. The most common of such features is speed control – this allows you to run the blower at lower speeds, which makes it useful for tasks it would otherwise be too strong for. Other blowers might be able to function as leaf vacuums, leaf shredders or different machines. Consider what you need and pick accordingly.


This is important when it comes to any blower, but most import for handheld ones. If a blower is too heavy, meaning you can’t carry it around for long periods of time, it limits the amount of work you can do with it. This is especially true if you are a physically weak person – whether due to injury or age. So, this is a thing you should look at when picking the right leaf blower for you.

Now that we have outlined the important factors to consider when picking a leaf blower, let’s see how all our picks measure up.

In-depth Reviews of 5 Leaf Blowers – Vacuums

Toro 51621
This blower easily stands out above all the others in multiple categories. First off, while being rather compact, it is also very strong for its size, offering great air speed and volume. Secondly, there’s the incredible host of features that it offers, making it highly versatile and usable for many different tasks. However, it is heftier than it seems and requires the use of a cord.
Air Volume and Speed95
Power Source95
Noise Rating90
What We Like
Powerful for the size
Multiple uses
What We Don't Like
Requires an extension cord
The bag can drag while vacuuming

Key Features

Great Power

With a maximum air speed of 250 mph and a volume of a whopping 410 cfm, this machine is a real beast. All of that with a weight of only 9 pounds makes it an excellent weight-to-power proposition for those who need a highly portable heavy-duty product.

Strong Electric Motor

What stands behind the power of this leaf blower is a powerful electric motor with 12 amps and 120 volts. It doesn’t produce any emission, doesn’t require any messy maintenance and needs no stops to refill when out and about.

Quiet Operation

Even though it is extremely strong, the noise rating of this blower is only 68 dB – much less than comparable models. For this much power, that much noise is more than tolerable.

Three in One

With different attachments, this machine can perform the functions of a blower as well as a leaf vacuum and a leaf mulcher. It also has different attachments for wet and dry leaves and various other functions, including speed control. This makes it suitable for a ton of different tasks, even some you might not the thought of.

Customer Reviews

I purchased one of these almost ten years ago when it was first released. My wife was in love with it, and so was I. Sadly, after we dropped it a bunch of times it finally stopped working this spring. Ten years of good work is still great as far as I’m concerned, and it probably could have been fixed, but I figured it was the right time to simply buy a new one. It works just as well as the old one if not better, blowing and vacuuming up all the debris in my yard without issue. Stones, sticks, grass and leaves, it just gobbles everything up in a flash. I’m going to make sure I get at least another ten years of use out of this one, and it seems like it will easily last for that long. It can even be used to dust up a bit around the house on low settings, which makes it even handier than most blowers.
When I was looking through my purchase history, I noticed this product listed there and I had to come back to write a brief review on it – I bought it way back in 2009 and now, in 2016, it’s still working great. It wasn’t even affected by that time I accidentally left it outside in the rain for a few days – when I finally noticed and thought it was ruined I dried it and found out it still worked perfectly fine. It’s loud, sure, but that’s not a problem, it isn’t louder than any other blow I owned in the past. I also love that it’s electric as I’m never able to start-up gas blowers. Overall, a good and dependable blower which is sure to last for years and years – might even get through a whole decade, I’ll know that in a few years.
I don’t write a lot of five-star reviews, but I had to make an exception for this one. For starters, I always preferred two-cycle engines in my lawn and outdoor equipment. When I purchased a new gas leaf blower last years, and it broke after one use, the company wasn’t willing to replace it – apparently, it was somehow my fault. I was loyal to them before that, but that made me decide not to buy anything from them ever again. So, I risked it and bought an electric blower instead, from a different company.

My yard is fairly big – five acres with a lot of trees. This year it was especially bad - I could barely even see my lawn from all the leaves; it was a disaster. So, I plug this blower in and go at it – all I can honestly say is YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!! It had far more power than I expected and it blew everything away from my lawn – not just leaves but twigs, acorns, pine needles, the whole lot. Even when using it at half power it was more than enough to clear everything out. The best part is, I never had to stop to fill up the tank with gas so cleaning the lawn took me only half the time it previously did.

Who Should Buy This Product

This product is useful for almost anyone who would require a leaf blower of this size. It is not expensive at all, meaning most people can afford it and the variety of functions it offers make it suitable for plenty of jobs around the yard. The fact that it has a cord allows it to be used for long periods of time and for heavy duty work.

What to Watch Out For

While it is powerful for its size, it is also heavier than it looks which might pose a problem to some people. The fact that it requires an extension cord might be useful to some but pose a hindrance to others, especially people with larger properties. Consider that when buying this product.

The Conclusion

Overall, this is a great product for the price. It’s incredibly powerful for a blower of this size and the variable speed setting, as well as all the extra functions, make it just the best bang for your buck. Some people might find it to be too heavy, or the cord too limiting, but other than that it has pretty much no downsides and will probably last you for years. No doubt – this is an awesome product.

While not an actual blower, this machine still offers quite a bit of power for its size, making it perfect for lighter work around the house and yard. However, it can’t handle tougher tasks and the battery it is powered by runs out very quickly.
Air Volume and Speed70
Power Source75
Noise Rating95
What We Like
Easy to use
What We Don't Like
Not suited for heavier work
Short battery lifetime
It’s a sweeper
not a blower

Key Features

Powerful Electric Motor

This blower boasts a small, strong motor of 1.5 amps and 20 volts, battery powered. No mess and no need for refills with this one, and it is completely eco-friendly. There are no worries about fumes or anything of the sort.

Strong but Small

While being extremely lightweight at only 4.8 pounds, this blower can output air at up to 130 mph and 100 cfm. The ratio of power to weight is just great, making it a really handy tool that is comfortable to carry around.

Almost Noiseless

With a noise rating of only 61 dB, you will barely hear this blower even while operating it. It’s more silent than a vacuum cleaner or a lawn mower – you will have no complaints from the neighbors.

Suited for Different Tasks

Whether you want to work around your house, in it, the driveway or garage, this sweeper can do it all. It works on almost any surface and can get rid of dust, leaves, sand, twigs, anything you can think of.

Customer Reviews

I simply wanted a portable cordless blower for cleaning my garage of cobwebs, dirt and whatever else gets dragged in over the year. I also intended to use it to clear my patio, driveway and other surfaces in or around the house. This fits that purpose perfectly, and it was more than adequate for the job. It is a bit of a power monger so you should charge it regularly. It isn’t strong enough to be used for yard work or cleaning heavier debris, but for lighter tasks like blowing out sand, grit or dirt, it works great. Incredibly portable too, so you could use it almost anywhere and bring it with you on trips if you need it at a cabin or something.
This tiny, lightweight sweeper and blower are exactly what I required to get rid of the leaves that pile up near my front door almost every single day. This little machine is perfect for that job since its small size allows me to get the leaves around every plant or bush while keeping the mulch in place and leaving the small plants intact. This is also great for blowing out the dirt, dust, and leaves that get into my garage and it is far easier than using a broom. The battery lasts for around fifteen to twenty minutes. I also love how lightweight this unit is since I have back problems – I’m 71 after all. As others have already stated, it’s best used on dry leaves.
People think this is a blower but it’s not, it’s a SWEEPER. It shouldn’t be mistaken for a blower as it cannot do the heavy work– but if you need to blow off some dust or grass clippings or other smaller waste from your lawn, driveway, walkways, patio, deck, or anything else, it should do the job just fine. If you want to clear a large lawn of leaves, then get something else, probably a rake or a big corded blower.

The LSW221 is exceptionally lightweight and easy to use. It’s small when compared to our corded blower and dishes out about 25% less air volume at a much-reduced speed. There are some tradeoffs when it comes to every garden tool. You get something very portable and easy to use with this sweeper while losing the ability to blow large junk off your lawn and into your neighbor’s property. The only issue is the weak battery, honestly.

Who Should Buy This Product

This product is best suited for people who need a small, lightweight, portable machine for doing some light work around the house and yard. Mostly for sweeping concrete surfaces and the like – for that, it’s ideal. If you have any need to blow out things below your furniture or in the cracks in your room, it’s good for that as well.

What to Watch Out For

The problem is that this is sweeper – it’s not meant for any heavy-duty work or long use. The battery runs out pretty quickly no matter what you do, so it is best used for some light work around the house that doesn’t take a lot of time to perform. If you try to use it for anything else you’ll have no luck as the power won’t be enough, and the battery will run out quickly.

The Conclusion

Overall a decent product for the price and the size, but only for lightweight work – that’s the thing it excels at. Anything else is just a no-go with its size, power, and short battery life. If you need a heavy-duty machine, look elsewhere – for light work, this is what you want though.

GreenWorks 24252
Here we have a very compact, comfortable and durable blower with various speed settings that offer it great versatility in work in and around the house. However, it’s not very strong, and you can’t use it for heavy-duty work at all.
Air Volume and Speed75
Power Source80
Noise Rating95
What We Like
Lightweight and comfortable
What We Don't Like
Not very powerful
Only works with GreenWorks batteries
Not great on grassy surfaces

Key Features

Strong Wind

Delivers air at speeds of up to 150 mph and a volume of 135 cfm – while weighing only 3.3 pounds. That’s just a ridiculous amount of power for its size, making it a great value proposition and a portable machine that can do a lot of work for you.

Compact but Strong Electric Motor

Boasting an amperage of 2.0 and a voltage of 40, this motor is small but packs a punch. It also doesn’t require any refills, meaning you don’t have to stop working and there are no fumes to bother you or those around you so that you can use it inside the house too.

Barely any Noise

With a noise rating of only 62 dB, your neighbors won’t complain about the sound. It is barely noticeable, and you also won’t suffer any ear damage while using which might happen with some larger blowers or gas-powered variants.

Speed Control

Can be used at various speeds, allowing for great versatility and use in and around the house. Use low speeds to clean your drapes or blow out some dirt from under the bed, while using higher speeds to clear your garage or driveway and blow all the dirt away.


Customer Reviews

This functioned much better than I ever expected. I especially like the fact that it has adjustable speed and has no cord. I was able to use it to blow debris off the front driveway, two porches, all my walkways, the back patio and the back sidewalk in around ten minutes. That used to take me over an hour to do because the extension cord of my old blower would always get tangled. I used a speed setting of 1 to do the job. My old corded blower always blew too hard and just made things worse, but here I can just adjust the speed, and there are no problems. This blower lasts for around 25 minutes while on full speed or up to an hour otherwise.
I have a corded leaf blower for use in the yard. I bought this cordless blower for use inside the house. I have a couple of dogs, and their fur gets everywhere. My vacuum cleaner just can't get all of it, and that’s why I got this blower. It's relatively lightweight and extremely quiet. I'm shocked at how much fur I dislodged with it and still needed to vacuum once all the fur and cobwebs were blown out of their hiding spots. I also used it to blow stuff off my front and back porch, all in one charge. The speed control it has is also awesome, so I was able to use it even to blow the dust out of my computer and behind the furniture. It makes the cleaning much easier for me.
I realized when purchasing this that it is not made for heavy duty jobs like blowing away big wet leaf piles. But out of all the battery powered blowers I tested, this one is the only one that boasted air speeds of up to 150 mph. I used it to clean the debris on my patio, and it was far easier to use than a broom. It doesn’t feel like it weighs more than five or six pounds, at most. The only big downside to this one is that the batteries are rather expensive and don’t last long.

So far, I give this item four out of five stars, but I might update my rating after I have been using it for a longer time.

Who Should Buy This Product

People looking for a compact and versatile blower to use around the house and inside it should buy this machine. It can do various jobs with the variable speed settings, like cleaning your furniture or areas in your house that are hard to reach, since it can fit in there due to its small size, while the variable speed allows it to be gentle enough not to spread dirt all over the place.

What to Watch Out For

This is not a heavy-duty blower at all, not even suited for blowing leaves off a lawn. If you need that, look elsewhere. Also, it’s pretty scummy of the company to make the blower work only with their batteries – which are expensive, by the way. That makes it a difficult value proposition.

The Conclusion

Decent machine for the price, good for light work, especially at lower speeds, which allows it to do a lot of different things – but there are better blowers you could get, for a similar price. It’s an okay product if you need something like it, but quite far from anything great.

On the surface, this looks like the ideal portable blower, offering a great amount of power while being relatively light and cordless. What’s not to love? Well, the short operational time is the sticking point here for many, including us.
Air Volume and Speed80
Power Source80
Noise Rating90
What We Like
Powerful and light
Highly adjustable
Well-balanced and comfortable to use
What We Don't Like
Low battery life
The battery dies after a few months

Key Features

TURBINE Fan Technology

The patented design of this blower allows for speeds of up to 125 mph at an air volume of an incredible 465 cfm. Considering its size, this amount of power is more than impressive, and it can rival even some of the gas-powered or corded blowers out there.

56 V of Cordless Power

The strong, battery-powered electric motor stands behind the amazing power of this blower while making it weigh only 9 pounds. It rivals even corded blowers in that regard, which have motors as powerful as this one, but at a heftier weight.

Noise is No Problem

With a noise rating of only 75 dB, this blower offers the power of bigger blowers with only a fraction of the noise. Gas-powered blowers of this size and strength usually produce far more noise than this.

Variable Speeds

The variable speed settings allow this blower to perform a variety of different jobs with ease, making it useful for various tasks. You can even clean around your garden on lower settings without fear of damaging your plants while turning it up to a higher setting for some real heavy duty work.

Customer Reviews

This blower is ideal for the job we have to do - blowing leaves off our automatic pool cover and the patio. I can quickly whip it out and make everything look completely clean in no more than a couple minutes. It has great power for its size and a great design, while the low power setting is enough to move dry leaves and turbo can even work on wet piles of leaves.

What I don’t like about it is that the battery lasts for ten minutes, but that is usually enough time to finish the job. On low power, it lasts longer, up to half an hour. The battery pack also recharges rather quickly.

I picked this up for some quick jobs where using a large machine would just be a waste of time. It’s easy to use and has plenty of air power even at lower speeds so that I can clean the back of my house or my wood deck with it. I even used it to blow out leaves from my pool filter – all of that in one charge. It runs for around 20 minutes, but I think it would be less than that on full blast – still, I never needed more than ¾, and I got most of the work done at ½ speed. Not really for lawn maintenance, but for smaller clean-up work in and around the house it’s great.
I thought it would be heavier than it is after using a corded electric blower for so many years. It's also finely balanced and comfortable to use. As others have already said, there is a bit of a delay between turning it on and when it starts working, so you know that’s not a malfunction. The variable speed feature is really handy, and even at the lowest speeds, it's still quite powerful and ideal for blowing stuff out of my garage without creating huge dust clouds. It's not fit for moving a mountain of leaves, but it’s still capable of moving a lot. It's perfectly fit for some smaller jobs.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is a great product for people who need a portable but powerful blower that doesn’t require a cord of any kind and doesn’t produce any fumes. For its size, this is a very strong machine; rarely will you ever find something with this kind of power that doesn’t weigh at least ten pounds or even more.

What to Watch Out For

The battery is just not up to snuff – it runs out fast, offering only around 10 to 15 minutes of operation – not enough for heavy duty tasks at all. Moreover, after a few months of constant use, it will die and not be rechargeable anymore, which means you will need to buy a new one and that can drain your wallet extremely quickly.

The Conclusion

While this blower offers great power for a decent price and with amazing portability, it is hindered by its battery, which doesn’t allow it to be used for the heavy-duty tasks it is meant for. That’s a shame, as this is a quality product in all other respects – it’s just that one critical flaw that brings it down.

Hitachi RB24EAP
The best thing about this blower is simply how strong it is, especially when you compare that to how much it costs and how lightweight it is, making it comfortable to use. However, it exhibits some of the usual downsides of gas blowers, while being very one-dimensional.
Air Volume and Speed85
Power Source85
Noise Rating75
What We Like
Low-emission engine
Comfortable to use
Strong air flow
What We Don't Like
Extremely noisy
Requires mixing gas with oil
Lacks additional features

Key Features

Fast and Powerful

The air speed of 170 mph combined with the air volume of 441 cfm make this machine a real powerhouse. For a small gas-powered blower it outputs an amazing amount of power – you can also take it anywhere with you.

Strong Gas Motor

A powerful two-stroke, 1.13 hp, 23.9 cc motor is the base of this blower, giving it the strength to do anything. The motor is also compact and lightweight, surprisingly so, as motors of this size usually have around 0.5 hp at best.

Dampened Noise

Compared to other gas-powered blowers, the noise rating of 107 dB is pretty quiet, since similar machines can output over 150 dB, making them a big sound hazard for the user and those in the vicinity, not allowing you to use them for a long time.

Lightweight Design

Weighing in at only 8.6 pounds this blower is designed for comfortable use. Its ergonomic handle and a switch that allows it to always stay on without needing to keep your thumb on it make it easy to use.

Customer Reviews

The Hitachi RB24EAP has been, with no competition, the best blower I have ever used. I never leave the gas tank empty, except at the beginning of winter. Despite this, I had zero problems with deteriorating fuel lines, as some others did. This blower always starts on the first or seconds pull for me.

The only real problem I had while using this machine was that some gas would leak when using the priming bulb. I pushed the primer’s fuel line back into the rubber grommet of the fuel tank, and that was solved.

I adore this blower, and I would recommend it to anybody.

I was wary of electric blowers and took a chance on this one – and I’m really glad I did! It’s easy to assemble and use, but also has an incredible amount of power for its size. I was expecting it to be less powerful than this, honestly.

I've used plenty of different blowers, but for the price, this is most likely the best blower I ever bought!

Thus far, this blower runs very well and has great air flow, while being easy to start and simple to use – so I like it a lot already. I moved to the country recently, and I found all my corded tools much harder to use than in the city. With this tool, I had no such problems. The only thing I would change about it is the muffler – it produces far more noise than I thought. Still less noisy than my other gas-powered machines, but they are also larger and more powerful, so it’s not a fair comparison. Other than that, I think it’s great.

Who Should Buy This Product

For people who require a portable heavy-duty machine that can operate for a long time, this blower is what you want to purchase, no doubt. If you have a large property with a lot of trees, this blower will be a great help when fall comes, and tons of leaves pile up all over the place. This blower will take care of that, no problem.

What to Watch Out For

It has all the downsides of a gas blower – very noisy, requires messy mixing of oil with gas and so on. In addition to that, it offers practically no additional features, meaning that it can only be used for blowing and nothing else. Now, you might need it only for blowing, in which case this is fine, it works great for that, but if you want something else, look elsewhere.

The Conclusion

While this blower offers a lot of strength at a very low weight and is comfortable to use, it is also very one-dimensional. It has almost no extra features to speak of and is very noisy and messy to maintain, like almost all gas blowers. Still, it is a good machine for people who need something that’s heavy-duty, yet very portable.

The Best Pick – Toro 51621

There are plenty of good leaf blowers on the market, and you can’t say there’s a ‘best’ one. It all depends on your needs and a leaf blower that fits one person might be just useless for another.

For us, however, the best one out there is surely Toro 51621. The reason for this is simply because it is superior to all the other products in our roundup in almost every regard. It’s incredibly strong, not very noisy, rather lightweight and extremely versatile while having practically no downsides – sure, it requires a cord, but that is a small price to pay for what it offers. As is the actual dollar price – rarely will you find a machine this strong for such a low price.

Video Review

The Conclusion

While that is our pick for the ‘best’ leaf blower, we must stress that it might not be the best one for you and you should read this article carefully and use the information we provided to make an informed choice about what is the best leaf blower for you. We just hope we helped you – and if we did, feel free to share this article with anyone else who might find it useful. Have a good day.


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