The Best Offset Smoker Reviews in 2020 – The Art of Smoking Meat

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Offset smokers, commonly known as barrel smokers, are one of the most important innovations in the world of traditional grilling, due to their simple, yet effective design. Sure, you could make smoked meats on your typical all-purpose charcoal grill. However, if you want to achieve that mouth-watering aroma, you’ll need the best offset smoker to get the job done right. Plus, they often allow you to do some grilling on them, too. That’s why today, we’re going to show you how to get the one that’s going to fit in your backyard perfectly – size, performance, and quality-wise.

Why Buying an Offset Smoker?

Let’s get one thing straight:

If you like your meat tender and juicy, packed with a rich, smoky taste, getting an offset smoker is the best move you could make.

For those of you not entirely familiar with the concept of offset smokers, the first thing you should know more about is their distinctive design. Rather than having everything jammed into one chamber – both the charcoal and the meat – offset smokers employ indirect heat and smoke exposure.

Best Offset Smoker

Make your meat tender and juicy with the best offset smoker

How? Their dual-chamber, barrel-like design is what makes them stand out – they have a separate firebox that’s located on the side and slightly under the level of the main smoking chamber. That way, you have a chamber that holds the heat source, with the smoke and heat traveling from it and into the one that holds your food.

Now, here’s the beauty of it:

Smoking meat is a long and slow process, and if often requires you to tend to the coals every few hours or so. With an offset smoker – and a separate firebox, in particular – you can do so without disrupting the temperature and losing significant amounts of smoke in the main cooking chamber. 

Besides, the best offset smoker comes with multi-purpose functionality, and serves as smoker and grill combo, rather than a stand-alone unit. So, if you’d like to get the best of both worlds, but don’t necessarily have the space needed to fit both a charcoal grill and a smoker in your backyard, an offset smoker might be the answer to all your prayers.

However, before you take the plunge, know that despite their relatively similar looks, not all offset smokers are created equal. For someone who’s never owned an offset smoker before, choosing the right one from the sea of options can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re in your corner! 

We’ve put the market’s leading products to the test, and compiled a detailed list of factors you should consider when buying an offset smoker. Follow our lead, and you’re bound to get the best bang for your buck – and take your grilling and smoking game to the next level!

Meet the Best Offset Smokers

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Wide Body Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

The Good: It’s a wide-bodied, vertical offset smoker with the largest cooking surface we came across – 1890 square inches total.

The Bad: It doesn’t come with wheels, and the thermometer seems a bit off – but those are all minor complaints.

The Bottom Line: Considering its performance, and durability, and many user-oriented features, we’re entirely comfortable with recommending this one to everyone – from novices to expert smokers. There’s something about it that makes it suitable for a wide range of users – and an equally wide range of uses.

Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Heavy-Duty Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill

The Good: It combines a relatively small footprint with a sizeable 1382-square-inch cooking surface.

The Bad: Problems with heat retention and parts warping all come down to the thin steel used in its construction.

The Bottom Line: We don’t have any reason to slam this product. It’s not the best – but it does what it’s supposed to do, and sometimes, that’s more than enough. Sure, the thin steel construction does have its drawbacks, but none of them are deal-breakers.

Royal Gourmet 30" BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker | 800 Square Inch cooking surface, Outdoor for Camping | Black, CC1830S model

The Good: It has a reasonably sized cooking surface and everything you’ll need to keep the temperature under control.

The Bad: The thin metal, the seals, and the fit and finish require some DIY touch-ups.

The Bottom Line: It’s not bad, but it’s not good, either. We struggled a bit with this one, because, despite having no serious performance issues, it still fell short of impressing us. It’s good for what it is – a budget-friendly offset smoker – but that’s it.

Char-Broil Offset Smoker, 40"

The Good: It’s designed to be an entry-level option with the straightforward, fool-proof operation that novices will appreciate.

The Bad: The metal body feels thin, and the paint-coated finish doesn’t last past the first use.

The Bottom Line: We can’t recommend this product to anyone but the most inexperienced meat smokers. Everything about it feels entry-level, from construction to performance. Get it, and you’ll probably have to buy a new smoker a few years down the line.

Char-Griller E1224 Smokin Pro 830 Square Inch Charcoal Grill with Side Fire Box, 50 Inch, Black

The Good: It’s reasonably priced and has sufficient cooking-grate capacity, but that’s it.

The Bad: It’s pretty much useless out of the box, without additional sealing and modifications.

The Bottom Line: We’re not sure what to think here. It’s a budget-friendly option; we’ll give it that. However, it failed to impress us in other aspects of its performance. Plus, it required modifications to get it to work, in the first place.

That would be the short version – we’ve prepared detailed reviews and opinions about these products, so, stick around for that!

All of the Factors Considered

At first glance, there’s not much to an offset smoker besides its dual-chamber, barrel-like design. That’s where you’re mistaken. If you’re not careful enough with your choice, it’s those things, more than anything else, that could warrant you a low-quality, under-performing unit. We’re here to prevent you from making that mistake by ensuring that you have a well-researched, tried-and-true list of factors you should consider when buying an offset smoker!

Construction Quality

When it comes to construction quality – one of those factors that could quite literally make or break an offset smoker – you’ll have to pay attention to several critical elements. It comes down to the choice of materials, the quality behind the seals, and the overall structural strength.

Thick, heavy-gauge metal is the apparent choice material-wise, with ¼-inch steel being the golden standard. It’s less likely to warp, ensures consistent cooking temperatures, and holds up better in the long run.

Be sure to inspect the quality of the paint job, and all the latches and hinges, too. These seemingly unimportant details can tell you a lot about the smoker’s overall durability.

High-quality seals are another vital aspect of the offset smoker’s construction. When done right – consistent throughout, without any noticeable gaps – they minimize heat loss and improve smoke retention.

Cooking Area

Offset smokers are big, to begin with, but there are still two things you need to consider before you buy one – how much space it takes up and how much food you can cook on it. It seems like a straightforward deal – whenever you’re faced with a choice, go with the bigger one.

Our advice is to focus on finding a decently-sized cooking chamber that can comfortably fit an entire chicken – or a turkey, even. Also, be sure that the grilling surface can hold enough food to meet your cooking demands, whatever they may be. It’s a highly personalized choice, and no one can make it for you.

Don’t get carried away, and forget all about the outdoor space you have available for the offset smoker, though. “Bigger is better” – in most cases, anyway. However, if you cram it in a very tight space, you’ll not only experience issues with proper ventilation but risk setting something on fire by accident, too!


Smoking meat isn’t a race – it’s a marathon. In short, you’ll get the best results when it’s done low and slow. As with any other cooking method, maintaining the right temperature is vital. So, when you’re deciding on the best offset smoker, there are three temperature-related factors you need to consider:

First and foremost, it has to have the right temperature range to cover all your smoking and grilling requirements.

Next, you need to be able to control the smoker’s temperature. That’s where large, easy-to-adjust vents come into play. By controlling the airflow inside the unit, you’ll be able to control the temperature, as well.

Lastly, you should be able to get accurate readings of the cooking chamber’s internal temperature without opening the lid and letting all that smoke and heat escape in the process. That’s why we always recommend finding a model with an integrated, grate-level temperature gauge.

Ease of Use

The next essential – although relatively broad – aspect you should consider is the unit’s general ease of use. We say “broad” because, more often than not, it involves quite a few things – from the ease of starting a fire and tending to the coals to the ease of cleaning and maintenance. 

Another thing that plays into the unit’s user-friendly design is smoker’s portability. Of course, considering the dual-chamber design, you can’t expect them to have the same degree of portability as some much more compact units. However, a set of sturdy wheels on an offset smoker does make a ton of difference!

Additional Accessories

Although having other accessories isn’t as vital for your offset smoker’s performance, it can certainly make your experience a lot more pleasant. Some models will come with quite a few handy add-ons, and others will probably have them available as an additional, optional purchase. 

When it comes to essential smoker accessories, the selection is pretty much endless – from protective covers and extra racks to grill tools and hooks, and even charcoal chimneys. So, you need to sit down and decide which of these are must-haves for you and choose your offset smoker grill based on which perks are included in the offer, and which are sold separately. 

Those were the factors that should be considered when you’re choosing an offset smoker. And now, we’re going to show you how our top-rated products measure up using the same criteria.

In-depth Reviews of 5 Best Offset Smokers 

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Offset Charcoal Smoker

The Dyna-Glo’s wide-body, vertical charcoal offset smoker is one of the few relatively low-cost vertical models on the market that offers quality, performance, and durability. That’s combined with a total cooking surface of 1890 square inches. If that in itself doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what will. It does lack some additional features, such as wheels, but those are all minor complaints that we’re willing to overlook for its exceptional performance.
Construction Quality95
Cooking Area100
Ease of Use95
Additional Accessories90
What We Like
Six height-adjustable
large-capacity cooking grates
Convenient features for temperature control
Easy to use and clean the grill
What We Don't Like
Doesn’t have wheels
The thermometer is a bit inaccurate
Relatively thin metal construction

Key Features

Vertical & wide-body design

A unique benefit of a vertical smoker is that it addresses two primary concerns – the space-consuming footprint, and the natural tendency of heat to move up, and not sideways. With a cooking surface of 1890 square inches and a space-efficient vertical design, this one manages to address both.

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Offset Smoker

Find the ideal temperature

Besides the optimized heat flow, this model packs quite a few features that improve temperature control, as well. These features include the stainless steel temperature gauge with a conveniently marked “Smoke Zone” indicator and the steel smoke stack with an adjustable flue.

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Temperature

The lack of wheels might affect portability

One thing we’ve noticed instantly, right out of the box, is that it doesn’t come with wheels, which, as you know, can impact the unit’s portability. However, at 80 pounds, it weighs significantly less than its competitors, so we’re willing to accept this trade-off.

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Wheels

It’s thin but it’s not flimsy

Considering its size and capacity, we were surprised to see how light it felt compared to some other units. Of course, that raised some concerns about its thin metal construction. However, after detailed inspection, we didn’t find a single spot that felt flimsy or cheaply made.

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Head

Customer Reviews

It’s a great smoker with lots of room, and it works great. Get a cover, though. If you leave the grill outside in the rain, certain parts will get rusty. Also, you’ll probably have to seal the door and a few other spots additionally, to prevent smoke from leaking. It’s no big deal, and I don’t think it’s a huge flaw. All in all, I haven’t fired up my charcoal grill since I bought this offset smoker, and that tells you a lot about how much I love it.
Assembly took around 45 minutes, but I did find some instructions to be hard to follow due to the angle of the pictures. That’s on me, though. First impressions are that it’s excellent, effortless to use, and clean-up is a breeze, as well. I have two minor complaints, though. First off, the smokestack doesn’t explicitly tell you which position is closed, and which one is open. You have to figure it out for yourself. Also, it needs some additional sealing around the doors, and where the firebox meets the smoking chamber. At 70 pounds, it feels solid and sturdy. I’m delighted with my purchase, and I’m looking forward to all the future barbecue parties and cookouts!
It’s the best one I could’ve gotten for the money. It offers a ton of space, and the stainless steel grates make clean up a breeze. Assembly was a piece of cake, too. It’s an efficient smoker, even with the thin metal construction, with reasonable fuel consumption. It would be untouchable if the insulation were better handled. Granted, I don’t it would last as long as my previous one – 24 years – but, it cooks ten times better, and that’s why it gets five stars.

Who Should Buy this Product

Okay, this one’s easy. Anyone – and we do mean anyone – who’s considering giving offset smokers a try should give this one a shot. With an unmatched cooking surface of 1890 square inches, a vertical, wide-body design, and outstanding temperature control features, it offers everything you could want in an offset smoker.

What to Watch Out For

Let’s get one thing straight; there’s nothing about this product that feels sub-par or inferior in any way. Even with the thin metal construction, the lack of wheels, and the inaccurate thermometer it comes with, it still blows the competition away. It outperformed every other unit we’ve tested, even those coming from the same manufacturer! Overall, it comes down to knowing this smoker’s drawbacks and making peace with them before you buy it.

The Conclusion

Out of all the offset smokers we’ve tested, this one performed the best. And that’s out of the box – without any additional modifications. It’s not perfect, and you’ll undoubtedly notice a few not-so-stellar things about it. Looking at the whole picture, though, it’s easily the best offset smoker we came across in our search. And, considering that we’ve tested dozens of products, that says a lot about its quality!

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Dyna-Glo Signature DGSS1382VCS-D Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill

Yes, it’s another offset smoker from Dyna-Glo, and no, we don’t think that including two models from the same brand is overkill. They’re unique in what they offer, and this one, in particular, deserved a spot on our list because it gives you the best of both worlds. It’s not the best one out there, but with a large cooking surface, the included wheels for portability, and multi-functional design, it’s certainly worth considering.
Construction Quality90
Cooking Area100
Ease of Use95
Additional Accessories90
What We Like
Large capacity and multi-functional design
Doesn’t leak smoke
Accessories for more convenient use
What We Don't Like
Thin steel construction
The firebox tray warped during first use
Hard to maintain a steady temperature

Key Features

Chrome-plated and 1382-square-inch cooking area

Slightly smaller than the previously reviewed Dyna-Glo offset smoker, this one still offers a substantial amount of cooking space, conveniently distributed across five chrome-plated grates. It’s already spacious and versatile, but the pre-installed sausage hooks take this flexibility to the next level.

Dyna-Glo Signature Offset Smoker

Not-so-heavy-gauge steel

Don’t get us wrong; it’s far from feeling cheap or flimsy. Both the main chamber and the firebox are constructed out of steel, and both do seem well-made and durable. However, certain parts, like the firebox tray, were a bit thinner than expected, which resulted in heat-induced warps.

Dyna-Glo Signature Steel

Massive but mobile

It weighs a little over 124 pounds, which is, by no means, the definition of an easily portable grill. However, it does come with oversized, heavy-duty steel wheels, so, if you do end up having to move the smoker, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Dyna-Glo Signature Mobile

Babysitting the temperature

It comes with everything you’ll need for temperature control, including side and top air vents and an integrated thermometer. Moreover, due to quality seals, it doesn’t leak smoke, either. However, maintaining a steady internal temperature is still a struggle, and we think that the thin metal might be to blame here.

Dyna-Glo Signature Temperature

Customer Reviews

The assembly instructions were great; I put it together in a little over an hour. The steel is a bit thinner than on my older Oklahoma Joe, but it’s sealed nicely. I used lava lock to fix a few leaks, but I’m generally pleased with it. I’m impressed with the cooking surface, too. That said, I had to cut the ribs in half to fit on the racks. My old, horizontal smoker had a capacity that was nowhere near this one, and I always had to move stuff around and finish cooking in the oven to fit everything. Airflow adjustment makes temperature control easy, too. I love it, and it deserved five stars from me.
It’s a great smoker, made from heavy-gauge metal, but it has two design flaws. The firebox is somewhat tricky to attach due to the placement of the bottom screws, and I would’ve liked rubber tires, rather than metal wheels on it. Other than that, it feels solid and sturdy, and the price is more than fair. I’d recommend it.
My friends paid a lot more for inferior quality smokers, so, I’m happy with this deal. The cooking area is massive. I smoked ten racks of baby back ribs – cut in half, though – and it still had room to spare. Also, surprisingly enough, it still has a much smaller footprint than my horizontal smoker.

The assembly was straightforward, too. I did find one bolt that didn’t line up perfectly, but all I had to do was put a bit of muscle into it, and it fit. I came across reviews that said that it wasn’t sealed properly, but in my experience, the amount of smoke escaping is relatively small. So, I didn’t even bother with any additional sealing.

Who Should Buy this Product

Considering its vertical design with a relatively compact footprint and a sizeable 1382-square-inch cooking surface, we think this one’s best suited for those of you who tend to cook for larger groups of people, but don’t necessarily have the space needed for a horizontal smoker in their backyards.

What to Watch Out For

All of the drawbacks we’ve experienced come down to one thing – its construction. While we admire the overall design and are pretty satisfied with the quality of the welding on it, the steel is too thin. As a result, not only is it prone to warping – certain parts are, anyway – but struggles with maintaining a steady temperature, as well. It can be done, though, but you’ll have to keep a close eye on it.

The Conclusion

We’re far from being unhappy with its overall performance. It does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it very well, for that matter. There’s nothing about it that feels flimsy or cheaply made – and that’s something a lot of the models in the same price range struggle with achieving. However, it’s not the best one we’ve tested – and that’s why it landed second on our round-up.

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Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill & Offset Smoker

If you’re okay with settling for average performance in hopes of not maxing out your credit card, this Royal Gourmet offset smoker might be what you’re after here. There’s nothing exceptional about it, but it gets the job done. And if you think about it, at the end of the day, that’s the only thing that matters. Be sure to stick around for our detailed opinions, too.
Construction Quality90
Cooking Area85
Ease of Use90
Additional Accessories90
What We Like
An 800-square-inch cooking surface
Excellent temperature control
Easy to use and portable
What We Don't Like
The seals could be better
Thin metal is prone to warping
Initial seasoning is a must

Key Features

A two-in-one deal

Since it works as a combination of a smoker and a charcoal grill, with a total combined cooking surface of 800 square inches, you get the best of both worlds. The primary chamber features 438-square-inch porcelain-coated, rust-resistant grates, with the addition of the side firebox, and a 179-square-inch swing-away rack.

Royal Gourmet Offset Smoker

All about temperature control

Besides the lid-mounted thermometer, which allows you to monitor internal temperatures, this offset smoker is equipped with two more features that make temperature control easy. It has adjustable dampers that let you control airflow and an adjustable charcoal pan that can be set to two different heights.

Royal Gourmet Temperature

Thin and warping-prone metal

Although the overall construction feels relatively sturdy, especially considering the price, the steel is on the lighter side. It’s not uncommon for it to warp, even during the first use. The parts that come into direct contact with heat, such as the charcoal tray, will be the first to go.

Royal Gourmet Design

Season it or else

The initial seasoning will be a very smelly, but essential step you have to take once you assemble your grill. If you fail to do this, chances are you’ll experience paint melting and flaking off, leaving certain areas of the grill exposed to rust.

Royal Gourmet Accessories

Customer Reviews

It’s an excellent grill for the price. However, the assembly instructions were difficult to follow. Once I finally managed to put it together, season it, and take it for a test run, here’s my impression: It’s certainly not a high-end option for the self-proclaimed grill masters. The fit and finish need some improvement, and it leaks smoke at the seams – but a quick DIY project could fix that. Overall, it offers a decent value to price ratio, and it’s more than acceptable for the occasional backyard cookout.
I’ll have to make minor adjustments to get both lids to close tight, but it’s very nice for the price. I wish it had a second vent on the opposite side for better temperature control, though. I do like it. It works as you’d expect, and has plenty of options for the price. It will serve its purpose, but it calls for putting in some elbow grease first before you’re perfectly happy with the grill’s performance. However, it’s worth your time and effort.
It’s pretty darn nice – considering the price. My main issue with it is the thin charcoal tray – it warped after only one use. It still works, but it looks all beat up now. Also, I haven’t had issues with paint flaking off, although it does smell awful when you season the grill. I can’t believe some people skipped this step and went straight to grilling.

Is it the best out there? It is not. However, considering the price, it’s a steal. You can’t expect it to work as a $400 grill. If you want that, be ready to spend that much money. It works well and looks cool. Get a cover, and rust won’t be an issue, either.

Who Should Buy this Product

Although it’s somewhat smaller than the two models you’ve seen previously, at 800 square inches, it’s still far from being considered small. As such, we feel that it’s best suited for large families – and an occasional backyard cookout or two. If that’s what you’re after, the Royal Gourmet is the way to go.

What to Watch Out For

There were quite a few things that bothered us about it right out of the box. That includes the fit and finish, the not-so-tight seals, and the thin metal that tends to warp when in direct contact with heat. That said, we don’t think that any of these are deal-breakers – it still offers decent smoking and grilling experience, but with a few additional touch-ups on your part.

The Conclusion

There’s not much to say about this one. It’s an average-performing, average-sized, average-quality offset smoker. In any way, that’s our general impression. There was nothing inherently wrong with this smoker – except maybe for the thin metal construction – so, we still believe it’s worth considering. However, keep all of its drawbacks in mind, and don’t expect it to perform as a high-end model would. You’ll be happier with its performance that way.

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Char-Broil Offset Smoker

While there are certainly a lot of entry-level options on the market, none of them offer the beginner-friendly, fool-proof functionality of the Char-Broil Offset Smoker. And that’s paired with the solid cooking surface that can fit more than 30 burgers at a time. While we don’t think an experienced smoker would find it particularly interesting – or useful – a novice most certainly will. If you’re looking for a money-saving deal, this one should be one of your top choices.
Construction Quality90
Cooking Area85
Ease of Use85
Additional Accessories90
What We Like
Large-capacity and porcelain-coated cooking grates
Beginner-friendly design and ease of cleaning
Includes eight-inch wheels for portability
What We Don't Like
Doesn’t maintain temperature during more extended periods
Poor quality control
The paint coating melts and peels

Key Features

Extra-large cooking chambers

The 739-square-inch primary cooking surface and the added 275 square inches of space in the firebox provide a massive combined cooking area that’s tough to beat for the price. If we did the math right, the porcelain-coated cooking grates should easily fit over 30 burgers at a time.

Char-Broil Offset Smoker

Performs well despite its flaws

The metal construction seems to be a thinner, lighter gauge, especially when compared to some of their other models. Despite the issues with construction quality, the three-piece smoking chamber still does a decent job at achieving the desired temperature.

Char-Broil Construction

Don’t expect the paint job to last

The paint on the bottom side of the chamber started bubbling and peeling off almost immediately. When we say “immediately,” we mean during first use. We’re willing to overlook the aesthetic aspect of it, but the issue of exposed, rust-prone metal is too big to ignore.

Char-Broil Building

User-friendly for the most part

It’s designed as a beginner’s smoker, and as such, it makes sense that it’s easy to use. Plus, it comes with lots of beginner-friendly features, like the attached temperature gauge. However, certain aspects of it, like assembly and maintaining temperature, might be tricky for the inexperienced.

Char-Broil Parts

Customer Reviews

I bought this smoker as a Father’s Day gift for my dad. He’s big on grilling, and since we live in California, we can use it all year long. It’s his first smoker, and he already tried smoking two whole chickens in it with mouth-watering results. He loves it, and he enjoys the versatility of the grill, too. We seasoned it very quickly; it didn’t take much more effort than seasoning my cast iron skillets. Putting it together was relatively easy. It didn’t require any professional assembly. It seems well-made, as well. The one I bought him previously was an expensive, name-brand model, and it lost its wheels almost instantly. The Char-Broil, however, holds up nicely, feels sturdy, and doesn’t seem to have any cheap parts.
My overall experience with this smoker is that it performs great. Also, it went together pretty smoothly, without too much hassle with assembly. The main disappointment was that it doesn’t have an ashtray that would make ash removal and cleaning the grill faster and more convenient. As much as I like to keep my grill clean, I don’t always have enough time to bother with cleaning the smoker chamber. The ashtray would’ve easily fixed that for me. Otherwise, I’d call this a very nice grill.
I would’ve given it a five-star rating if the metal wasn’t so thin. It’s a shame. It went together fine, but I did have to seal it and season it additionally. Don’t listen to people complaining about the stack not matching up – they probably never turned a screw in their life. The paint does burn off and peel; I agree on that. Then again, all of my previous wood-burning, barrel-style grills and smokers did that, too, so I won’t count this as a downside.

Who Should Buy this Product

With a price tag that lands just under the $100 mark, it falls into the entry-level category of smokers – and an easy-to-use one, as well. The design is straightforward, and the operation is pretty much fool-proof, which makes it a highly recommended option for offset smoking novices. 

What to Watch Out For

As we pointed out previously, the number one issue you’ll experience with this grill is the poorly done paint job. When you fire the smoker up for the first time, you can expect the paint on the bottom side of the chamber to start melting and peeling off almost instantly. The problem isn’t that it will look all beat up – it’s that it will leave the metal exposed to rust.

The Conclusion

If you don’t have a lot of practice with smoking, you might find this product useful. It certainly offers a lot more compared to other entry-level options. You can practice the basics of smoking your meat and move on to a more high-end option later down the road. However, if you’re quite an experienced smoker, chances are you’ll find this Char-Broil disappointing – and you should probably look elsewhere.

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Char-Griller Smokin’ Pro Charcoal Grill

For a wide-eyed, inexperienced smoker, buying a starter model for learning what meat smoking is all about, makes perfect sense. That’s about as far as we’d go in our recommendations of this product. It under-performed in a few key areas and required more modifications than we could count. If this still doesn’t put you off, then, by all means, give it a try.
Construction Quality90
Cooking Area85
Ease of Use85
Additional Accessories90
What We Like
Solid steel construction with cast-iron grates
Total cooking area of 830 square inches
Adjustable fire grate for temperature control
What We Don't Like
Quite a bit of smoke leakage
Doesn’t hold heat in cold weather
Requires some initial modifications

Key Features

Solid steel construction

Both the main smoking chamber and the firebox are made of powder-coated steel. It’s not the thickest gauge you’ll come across, but the powder coating does lend it some much-needed durability, and resistance to chips and fading. The cast-iron grates are a nice touch, too.

Char-Griller Offset Smoker

Plenty of cooking space

Featuring the main cooking surface of 580 square inches, and a side firebox with an additional 250 square inches of space, this offset smoker provides a total of 830 square inches of cooking space. That should be more than enough to meet all your smoking and grilling demands.

Char-Griller Space

Doesn’t hold up in windy conditions

Maintaining any temperature control is pretty much impossible in windy conditions and cold weather. We first thought that the thermometer was the biggest issue, but as it turns out, the thin metal construction and questionable sealing don’t retain heat that well.

Char-Griller Charcoal Grill

Initial modifications are a must

It’s nowhere near close to being airtight, so, it’s pretty much useless as a smoker right out of the box, without considerable modifications. You can do the additional sealing yourself, but the point is that you shouldn’t have to do this with a brand new grill.

Char-Griller Modification

Customer Reviews

So far, I love it. Also, it took me an hour and a half or so to put it together, and I’m not the most mechanically-inclined type. Tools and such aren’t my thing, so I stuck to the instructions and followed them to the letter. All I needed were a screwdriver and a wrench. My point is, it wasn’t difficult, and if I could do it, so do you. It didn’t come with a warming rack, even though it was shown in the product’s pictures, so that was a let-down for me.

The smoker/grill is excellent, though – even without the warming rack. It’s easy to use, versatile, and the results are mouth-watering, too. It works both as a smoker and a grill at the same time and does both things equally well, so I don’t have to have two separate units on my porch.

It’s a great smoker for the price. I wish that it was made from slightly thicker metal, but I know that would affect the price. So, my only other complaint is that the temperature is easily affected by wind – even a slight breeze. Again, thicker metal and better sealing would’ve made heat retention better.
My husband is pleased with it, especially considering the price. It’s our first offset smoker, and we didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. We’ve used it for smoking ribs, pork shoulders, beef briskets, and more!

However, the main downside is that the temperature gauge seems to be affected by cold weather. It gave inaccurate readings, causing us to pump too much heat inside the smoker. That was an easy fix, though. We invested in a new thermometer that works like a charm and measures the temperature of the meat, too.

Who Should Buy this Product

If you’re a backyard grilling enthusiast looking to get a two-in-one grill that can take on the role of a charcoal grill or an offset smoker depending on what you need it to do, the Char-Griller fits the bill. And, it saves you a few bucks along the way, too. 

What to Watch Out For

Our main gripe with this model is that you think you’re getting a money-saving deal. And then, you have to spend both time and money in the effort to make it something it’s not – a reliable offset smoker. It leaks smoke everywhere, and even the slightest wind can mess with its internal temperature. It goes against everything we’ve told you the best offset smoker should be. 

The Conclusion

It’s called the “Smokin’ Pro”, but it failed to convince us that it’s deserving of such a name. Does it allow you to cook quite a bit of food at a time? Yes. But, does it do so efficiently right out of the box? No. We’re willing to give it pass because of its budget-friendly price tag. However, considering the follow-up investments it requires, we’re still not sure it’s entirely worth it.

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The Best Offset Smoker – Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D

We love it when highlighting a specific product as the best out of the bunch comes naturally – and that’s what happened with this particular offset smoker. We knew straight away that it’s not your typical entry-level model. And once we had the fire going, we were convinced – the Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D is the best offset smoker on the market.

No other unit came even close to beating its price to value ratio. What you’re getting is a well-made, wide-bodied, vertical offset smoker with an unmatched cooking surface and performance. After everything you’ve learned about smokers, you can’t tell us that you don’t see how it ended up being our top pick for today. 

The Conclusion

Simple, but effective – that’s how we’d describe any of the models you’ve seen today. And while we have to have our winner announced, we’d understand if you don’t quite agree with our choice. What worked for us may not necessarily be the best fit for you, and that’s fine. We’re not here to push you into buying an offset smoker you don’t need – we’re here to help you with your final decision. If we managed to do that, you’re more than welcome to share our guide with others who might find it just as helpful! Have fun mastering the art of smoking meat, and see you next time!

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