The Best Paint Sprayer Reviews in 2020 – Save Your Time When Painting

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If you want to paint a wall, a fence or a piece of furniture, doing it with a brush or a roller might take a lot of time and leave a huge mess that will require a ton of cleaning – especially if painting a rough surface. This is where paint sprayers come in. They offer an easier and quicker way to do the job without leaving any mess. Yes, they aren’t tools used just by vandals and graffiti artists – you could also reap the benefits of the best paint sprayers out there. In this article, we’ll cover them all.

Why Buying a Paint Sprayer?

Paint sprayers are not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of spraying things like wooden surfaces or the side of their house. Brushes and paint rollers are the first things that people think of, of course, but they are mostly inferior to paint sprayers for a multitude of reasons. But to get to why that is the case, we must first explain how paint sprayers work.

These tools work in one of two different ways. Air powered paint sprayers use an air compressor (read our reviews to find the best air compressor) to push the paint out of the canister onto the surface, while airless variants utilize a motorized pump which pressurizes and pushes out the paint through the gun’s tip. In the case of airless sprayers, the paint is atomized in the process turning it into a fine mist ensuring equal coverage without wasting any paint.

Using Paint Sprayer

Save your time when painting with the best paint sprayer

Now, we can get on to some of the great benefits a tool like this can offer you.

The first and the most obvious reason to get a paint sprayer is that it will save you a lot of time when painting. We’re not talking about just minutes or hours here, but about whole days in some cases. It’s ludicrous how fast you can get the job done with a paint sprayer, and once you try it, brushes and rollers will be a thing of the past.

The second reason is how clean they are. Painting with even the best brushes and rollers can be incredibly messy. Because of that, cleanup can take almost as much time as the painting itself, which is what most people loathe about the whole process. However, with a best paint sprayer, you will barely have to worry about that. The paint most likely won’t get anywhere you don’t want it to, and the only thing you have to clean is the sprayer itself.

The portability of a paint sprayer is a great benefit as well since you won’t have to lug about cans of paint or carry them up ladders – you can just use the sprayer with its inbuilt container.

Some paint sprayers will also waste less paint than painting with a roller or a brush would, thus saving you money in the long run.

There’s more, but we don’t want to keep you here all day. It’s safe to say that paint sprayers are incredibly useful tools and you should at least try them out for yourself to experience all their benefits.

However, as is the case with any product, there are some bad eggs out there. If you’re not experienced, it might be easy to miss the obvious, telltale signs of a bad paint sprayer and buy a dud. That’s why we wrote this article though – to get people informed and help them to avoid such pitfalls. Here, we will cover some of the best products on the market right now and give you some useful tips on how to spot the best paint sprayers before you even try them.

Meet the Best Paint Sprayers

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

The Good: Incredibly powerful and durable, doesn’t need refills and comes with great extras.

The Bad: Costs quite a lot, tends to clog and the setup takes up a lot of time.

The Bottom Line: Even though it costs a lot, this is a great paint sprayer in almost every regard, with almost no downsides to it. We believe it is more than worth the price.

HomeRight C800766, C900076 Finish Max Paint Sprayer

The Good: This is a fairly durable, portable and quite adjustable little paint sprayer.

The Bad: It has problems with frequent leaks and cleaning it is a huge chore.

The Bottom Line: There are some decent upsides to this paint sprayer, but the leaks and the tedious cleaning process are what bring it down. It is not something we can readily recommend.

Hvlp Paint Sprayer 800ml/min, Electric Spray Gun with 3 Spray Patterns, 4 Nozzle Sizes, Adjustable Valve Knob, Quick Refill Lid and 900ml Detachable Container

The Good: It’s incredibly easy to use and clean and comes with quite a few extras.

The Bad: There are issues with durability, noise, leakage, and blotches.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this paint sprayer is a hard sell. Yes, it is easy to use and clean, unlike most others, but its lack of durability and the poor spraying job it does are huge problems. Think twice before buying it.

This is just the shortened version of our opinions – for the full deal, keep reading.

All of the Factors Considered

Picking out the best paint sprayer can be hard. They are quite complex, and if you don’t know enough about them, you could miss a key flaw that greatly affects its performance. But, we’re here to help. We tested dozens of different paint sprayers and compiled the most comprehensive list of the key aspects you should pay attention to when buying a paint sprayer.

Power Source

There are various power sources a paint sprayer can draw from to perform its function.

The most common power source is compressed air that pushes the paint of the nozzle with it in a fine mist – there are conventional, high-pressure sprayers and the newer HVLP (high volume low pressure) sprayers that offer more control. HVLP sprayers are an improvement in almost all regards, spraying more paint in a lower amount of time and with a more controlled stream. These sprayers also commonly use electricity for power in addition to compressed air.

On the other hand, there are airless sprayers which use a different sort of technology. As their name implies, they use no compressed air and are instead powered by an electric or gas motor which pumps the paint and pushes it through the tip. They offer all the benefits that HVLP sprayers do, just to a higher degree. The trade-off is that they cost more, both up-front and in the long run.

Container Capacity

Most paint sprayers come with a container attached and they draw the paint from that container. The size of the container is important because it affects the work you do with your paint sprayer on every level. How is this so?

Well, for starters, the size of the container affects how often you will have to stop working and refill it. You will spend more time working if you have a small container, especially on larger projects.

However, you don’t always want a huge container, since that has its drawbacks as well. If you want to use your paint sprayer on a ladder or in tight spaces, having a huge container will be a hindrance. It limits your maneuverability and causes your arm to get tired faster.

Paint Sprayer

Picking out the best paint sprayer can be hard

There is another option though since some paint sprayers have no container. Instead, they draw paint straight from the bucket by using a hose. This grants them more portability and eliminates the need for refilling. The problem that might arise is maneuvering the hose properly over long distances or in awkward spots.

You should carefully consider what you need and pick according to that.


The horsepower of a tool like this directly translates into speed. The more hp a paint sprayer has, the more paint it can push out in a certain amount of time. If you have a stronger paint sprayer, you will finish the work faster and with fewer problems.

When it comes to air sprayers which use electricity and compressed air, the equivalent of this is the wattage. For comparison’s sake, 750 watts is equal to around one horsepower.


Paint sprayers can be incredibly expensive machines, and you will want them to last for a long time. With proper maintenance and cleaning, that is more than possible. However, some sprayers are built to last longer than others.

You should always look for sprayers that have more metal than plastic parts in their construction and are made in western countries. It’s especially important that the sprayer tip is durable since that’s the part which will take the brunt of the force during work.

Always check the experiences of other users before purchasing, since that can reveal flaws which are not immediately obvious, like leaking problems for example.


There are various extras that can come with a paint sprayer and make it more useful and versatile. Some of the usual extras include various nozzle tips which allow for different paint spreads. Other extras might include adapters which allow the sprayers to use different hoses or containers – which might come included with the sprayer. Some might include extra tools intended for more efficient cleaning of the insides, something you ought to do after every use.

There are various others, but you get the point. Having a little bit extra is almost never a bad thing.

Now it’s time to present to you the three best paint sprayers on the market right now.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Paint Sprayers

Graco Magnum Airless Paint Sprayer

The main upside of this paint sprayer is its sheer quality in almost every area. It is incredibly durable, doesn’t require refills, conserves paint, comes with great extras and is incredibly powerful and fast. You will have to pay a lot for it and deal with a lengthy setup process though.
Power Source100
Container Capacity100
What We Like
It has incredible power and speed
Incredibly sturdy construction
It feeds paint straight from the bucket and wastes less paint
It has some clogging issues
What We Don't Like
This is quite an expensive piece of kit
Requires a lot of setup before use
It has some clogging issues

Key Features

Powerful Airless Sprayer

This is an airless sprayer powered by a strong 5/8 hp motor that allows it to output a lot of paint incredibly quickly and at extreme pressures. It will easily paint a huge area in record time without any problems or blotches. You can also adjust the pressure to your liking.

Graco Magnum Paint Sprayer

No Need for Refills

With this paint sprayer, you won’t ever have to stop for a refill. It comes with a 100-foot hose that feeds the paint directly from the bucket. It is compatible with buckets from 1 up to 5 gallons. This ensures that you will always have a constant feed of paint.

Graco Magnum Sprayer Hose

Sturdy and Almost Unbreakable

This is one of the most durable paint sprayers out there, and you won’t have any problems with leaks or anything similar. It will probably last for years if you take proper care of it. Even the cart that comes with it is incredibly rugged.

Graco Magnum Sturdy Sprayer

Plenty of Extras

This paint sprayer comes with more than a few handy additions – the incredibly long hose, the cart that you can use to transport the paint and the sprayer itself and much more. You get everything you need to do the job properly.

Graco Magnum Sprayer Extras

Customer Reviews

This is one of the greatest products I have ever used. I live in an extremely old house, and it hasn’t been painted for nearly 30 years. Using a brush on the sides was horrible, it took a few hours just to cover a small section. So, I bought a sprayer, and I haven’t regretted it. I managed to paint the whole side in around three hours, while it would have taken me days otherwise. It was easy to get the hang of using this thing, and it worked wonders. It was easy to deal with clogs too - you just need to turn the nozzle. I did the other side of the house during the next weekend, and it performed equally well. I even used less paint than I thought I would need to. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this and would recommend it.
This sprayer proved to be great, and it greatly helped me with remodeling my house. It works perfectly almost every time and only clogged once. It’s easy to use and can be cleaned with no effort whatsoever. It is of great quality, and it will probably last you for years if you properly maintain it, which is not difficult. I would simply recommend this to anyone.
I just finished using this to paint my basement, and it took me around three hours to cover 2400 square feet of it. With a roller, that would have taken me the entire day, maybe even more. The sprayer worked perfectly straight out of the box, and it was easy to use and clean. I used a paint and primer combo which posed no problems, even though some of the reviews claimed otherwise. This is just a great product if you need to paint a huge area and I fully recommend it.

Who Should Buy this Product

If you want a high-power sprayer that can work for days without stopping, this is probably the best thing you can get. It is airless, providing you with incredible speed and control, it feeds paint straight from the bucket so you don’t have to refill and its nozzle can be turned if it clogs so you can continue working.

What to Watch Out For

The largest downside to this paint sprayer is obvious – it costs a ton of money. If you intend to get a sprayer for serious work, this is not a problem, but it’s not a cheap light-duty tool. Because it’s a heavy-duty tool, it also requires a long setup, more than other sprayers. It also has some clogging issues, but the nozzle tip is designed to circumvent that.

The Conclusion

Overall, this is an incredibly powerful and durable airless paint sprayer that will fit the needs of most people. You can spray directly from the bucket, and it has an extremely long hose, so you almost never need to stop working. It is expensive though and not easy to use, but that’s a nice trade-off for the quality you get here. If you want to do some serious painting work, this is the tool to get.

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HomeRight HVLP Spray Gun

This is quite a nice little portable paint sprayer that is sure to last for a long time. The best part about it is how adjustable it is, offering many different pressure levels and spray patterns.
Power Source90
Container Capacity90
What We Like
Quite a durable piece of kit
It is highly adjustable
Lightweight and easy to use
What We Don't Like
Can leak a bit around the cup gasket
You need to heavily dilute the paint for it to work
Cleaning it can take a long time

Key Features

Strong Enough for a Portable Machine

This is an electric paint sprayer, and it has around 400 watts of strength – around 5 horsepower. Nothing exceptional, but good for a portable tool that doesn’t need an air compressor to work, though it still uses air. You can get quite a smooth finish with it, and it spreads the paint evenly. However, it needs to be heavily diluted to avoid clogging.

HomeRight Portable Paint Sprayer

Decent Container Size

The capacity of this paint sprayer is around 27 ounces, which is decent but nothing too special. You will need to stop to clean it quite often, though, and that will take up a ton of time.

HomeRight Sprayer Container

Durable but Prone to Leaks

Overall, this is a rather sturdy paint sprayer, especially the brass spray tip which can take a lot of punishment. However, some parts of it are prone to springing leaks, and you will have to deal with that on a regular basis.

HomeRight Durable Paint Sprayer

No Significant Extras

There are no extra nozzles here or anything of the sort, but all the different settings make up for it. You can get a lot of different spray widths and patterns and customize it all to your liking.

HomeRight Fast Paint Sprayer

Customer Reviews

I simply adore this sprayer! I used it to paint over the cabinet doors in my kitchen, and everything went off without a hitch, it was so smooth. I probably would have taken days painting them with a brush, but I did it within hours with this. The cleanup was incredibly easy, and the sprayer is quite durable. It is quite noisy, which bothered me a little bit, but now I know so I can take precautions for next time. I recommend it to anyone who wants to paint their kitchen or any other room. It’s so much better than doing it by hand, and I don’t regret buying this.
I just loathe having to paint anything, and I was always looking for a way to make it easier. This helped a lot, and it works fine with any type of paint. The cleanup is incredibly easy, and it cut down on time needed to finish everything by a lot. You do need to tinker with it a bit to get a good consistency, but once you figure it out, it’s not a problem. It’s far better than using a brush or a roller.
I bought this for spraying the doors of my kitchen cabinets with polyurethane. It worked great with polyurethane, and the doors were looking like they just came out of the factory when I was finished with them. This does need to be cleaned after every use, and it leaked near the cup gasket a couple of times – I had to clean that area multiple times. It’s a great gun for the price despite that issue, though.

Who Should Buy this Product

In case you need a highly portable, decently strong and adjustable paint sprayer, this is a product you will like. The main selling point is that it can utilize many different spraying patterns and pressure levels. It also doesn’t require a compressor, so it can be used at any place where you can find an electrical cord.

What to Watch Out For

There are a few significant problems with this sprayer, the first of which are the frequent leaks that you will invariably have to deal with. It also takes a while to clean, and you have to do it after every use. With a 27-ounce canister, that will be quite often, and you will need to wait half an hour before using it again.

The Conclusion

When all is said and done, this is not a bad paint sprayer by any means, but it’s not an exceptional one either. It has some upsides, like the great adjustability as well as how portable it is, but the tedious cleaning will limit its use, as well the constant leaking. If you can handle those issues, it might be worth a buy, but it’s difficult to recommend.

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Tacklife HVLP Paint Sprayer

Compared to many other paint sprayers similar to it, this one is incredibly easy to use due to being built well, and it is a breeze to clean. However, it has a host of issues, including the noise it makes while working, the blotches and the overall lack of durability that leads to leakage.
Power Source90
Container Capacity95
What We Like
It’s exceptionally well-balanced and easy to use
Quite easy to clean
Comes with plenty of extras
What We Don't Like
It is quite loud when working
Does not apply paint evenly
Not durable enough and prone to leaks

Key Features

Decently Strong Electrical Sprayer

With 400 watts of strength – around 0.5 horsepower – this sprayer boasts a decent amount of power and speed. Despite that, it doesn’t spray well, and it tends to create blotches that you will need to fix with a brush or a roller. In addition to that, the motor also makes a lot of noise, more than is usual.

Tacklife Paint Sprayer

Has Enough Capacity

This sprayers container measures at around 30 ounces – more than enough for most jobs. Even if it runs out and you have to clean the sprayer, it’s not much of a hassle so you can get to work rather quickly.

Hvlp Paint Sprayer Capacity

Incredibly Flimsy

This is not a durable tool, and it will fall apart sooner rather than later. It is quite prone to springing leaks at many different places, and it seems like it can fail at almost any moment. It is mostly made out of plastic, so that is not much of a surprise.

Tacklife Flimsy Sprayer

Plenty of Decent Extras

This sprayer comes with a cleaning brush and a cleaning needle which help a lot. It also comes with three different nozzles that all offer a different painting experience – 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm. Overall, it’s quite a good deal for the price.

Tacklife Hvlp Sprayer Extras

Customer Reviews

I painted my entire house siding with it, and it performed incredibly well. It’s quite ergonomic and well-balanced, so I had no problem with using it as I did with other paint guns. Yes, I spend more paint when using this then I would with a brush or a roller, but that’s an acceptable compromise for me. It’s quite easy to clean, and you can easily reach everything with the brush that comes with it. I’m glad I picked this product above others since I had almost no problems with it. It fits me perfectly, and I readily recommend it to anyone.
I just bought my house a few months ago, and it’s quite old. The deck was in poor condition, and I tried to paint it a few times. The cheap sprayer I bought didn’t work well, and neither did the brush I had. I decided to try a better sprayer next and got this. It worked incredibly well, better than a roller or a brush and I could easily cover anything I wanted. The gaps in the boards weren’t a problem at all. It’s also quite easy to clean up after work, so I’m quite pleased with it.
This was my first time using a spray gun like this one, and I was careful when reading the instructions. They were quite vague, unfortunately, but I managed to find some good instructions online, and that helped me quite a bit. I also found a few tips on avoiding leaks and keeping the motor in good condition. The best part about this were all the different nozzles as well as the various fan settings. Locking the trigger to get a steady flow was also quite helpful. Overall, I like it a lot, and it made most of my projects far easier to do.

Who Should Buy this Product

If you’re just starting to use paint sprayers or are just tired of the tedious cleaning process, this is the product you should get. Unlike with other sprayers, the cleanup process is a breeze with this one. It is also easy to use and won’t put a lot of strain on your hands since it’s well balanced.

What to Watch Out For

There are a lot of different problems with this tool, the worst of which is probably just how fragile it is. It is prone to breaking and springing leaks. It also doesn’t apply the paint evenly, so you might have to use a brush or a roller after it, defeating the entire purpose of a sprayer. To top it all off, it also makes quite a lot of noise while working.

The Conclusion

This sprayer has some great upsides, starting with the fact that it’s so easy to clean, something a lot of sprayers can’t say. That is partially due to the great extra tools that come with it. However, it has a lot of issues as well, the worst of which is how easily it falls apart at the seams. It also makes blotches while working and produces a ton of noise. Because of all that it is quite a difficult sell.

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The Best Paint Sprayer – Graco Magnum Airless Paint Sprayer

Choosing the best paint sprayer was difficult here since they all have their benefits and downsides. These can impact consumers in different ways and, depending on what you need, you might value certain flaws and benefits differently. However, we still chose one above all others in the end – we think the Graco Magnum Airless Paint Sprayer is the best paint sprayer out there. The reason for this is obvious – it’s the full package. It has everything you might need and excels in every area. Yes, it costs a lot, but if you want to do some serious painting work, that is the product to get, and no other can match it.

The Conclusion

And there you have it! That’s our choice, and we stick by it regardless of whether you agree or not. If you don’t, the other products we featured here are not bad at all, they all have some great qualities to them, and you might find that one of them fits your needs better. In the end, we just hope we were able to help you somewhat. If we did, share this article around so others might read it. Have a good day and good luck painting!


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