Reviewing the Best Pruning Saws – Pruning Even the Thickest Branches

Have you ever needed to get a smaller or medium-sized branch out of the way, or cut a piece of firewood on a camping trip, and didn’t know which tool to reach for? Something like a chainsaw or a pole saw might be overkill, but loppers or pruning shears won’t quite do the job.

Hand pruning saws fit nicely in that space, as they are suitable both for cutting down tree branches or cutting pieces of firewood. They’re easy to use for anyone, they are portable and, best of all, require no fuel expect your muscle strength.

In this article, we’ll cover the ways a pruning saw could benefit and all that you could use it for, while presenting some of the best pruning saws on the market.

Why Buying a Pruning Saw?

Handheld pruning saws are simply great tools that have plenty of uses both around your yard and out in the field.

One of the best things about them is the fact that they are incredibly portable. They are usually light enough to carry and small enough to store while using nothing for fuel except your muscles. They prove themselves to be quite versatile tools as well, being able to cut things both small and large with ease.

Despite their name, you can use handheld pruning saws for a lot of things other than pruning. You can use them to cut some smaller logs into firewood, maybe cut some boards that you want to use for a woodwork project down to size, cut some saplings or vines which are growing in an undesirable place and so much more.

In short, they are incredibly useful tools that are supremely portable and relatively inexpensive to buy. If you have any need for a tool that can do smaller to medium cutting jobs on the regular, a pruning hand saw should be your tool of choice.

Using Pruning Saw

Farmer Pruning an Apple Tree with Pruning Saw

There are plenty of different pruning saws out there though, and pure logic dictates that some of them will be bad. We have come across more than a few horrid ones while testing – saws with poor blades that easily bend or break, with blades that fall off the handle, uncomfortable grips that make your hand hurt after ten minutes of use, and so on. But, because we did, that means you don’t have to. This article is based on our experiences and is intended to help you buy a good pruning saw while avoiding all the pitfalls you might encounter along the way. We will talk about what to look for in a good pruning saw, offer our opinions on what we think are the top three products today, and so on. So, let’s take a look at all of that.

Meet the Best Pruning Saws

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D

The Good: This is an affordable saw that has an incredibly sharp blade and is supremely comfortable and portable.

The Bad: The handle is flimsy, and the blade locking mechanism doesn’t work well.

The Bottom Line: It’s a good budget saw that has some flaws, but its upsides make it more than worth buying.

Samurai Ichiban 13" Curved Pruning Saw with Scabbard (GC-330-LH)

The Good: Durable, long and incredibly sharp blade made of Japanese steel resistant to corrosion.

The Bad: It is poorly balanced, the handle is not well-made, and neither is the sheath.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this saw has a great blade, but everything besides it is lacking, making it a difficult sell at its high price.

Heavy Duty Pruning Saw (RAZOR SHARP 14" CURVED BLADE) Comfort Handle with Saw Blade Enclosure - Japanese Style Hand Saw - Perfect for Trimming Trees, Plants, Shrubs, Wood, and More!

The Good: This saw easily stands out with its large blade and amazing cutting capacity.

The Bad: It turns out the blade is shoddy, just like the sheath, while the saw is expensive.

The Bottom Line: This saw might be worth the price if you want something with a huge cutting capacity, but otherwise, you should pass up on it.

After this, you should also check out some of the more detailed information in the rest of the article.

All of the Factors Considered

Pruning saws are mostly simple tools, but because of that plenty of different manufacturers keep trying to reinvent the wheel and make their products unique. This resulted in a variety of different products out there, a lot of which cover their inadequacies by appearing flashy and modern, while not being functional. It’s difficult to spot the bad eggs, but we are here to help by listing off the most important things you should consider when purchasing a pruning saw.


If you’re getting a pruning saw you want it to be a sturdy piece of kit that will be able to stand up to anything you might put in front of it. Sure, these aren’t expensive tools, but you still don’t want to be replacing your pruning saw every few weeks.

Look for saws whose blades are made of tougher materials like hardened carbon steel and that have a long tang, if at all possible. Corrosion resistance is also a big factor since you will most likely use your pruning saw in wet conditions on the regular. You should also look for products that have handles made of hardened plastic or hard wood, depending on what you’re looking for.

Blade Length and TPI

The length of the blade is what determines some aspects of the cutting capacity of a pruning saw, but also its maneuverability. With a longer blade, you can cut pieces of a larger diameter, but they might be harder to fit into thigh spaces or use on smaller branches.

TPI, standing for “teeth per inch” is also an important factor for the performance of a saw. In short, more teeth on a saw give a smoother cut, but it also makes the cutting process slower. Saws with fewer teeth per inch offer rougher cuts, but they can get the job done faster. You usually want a saw with high TPI for smaller branches and live branches, while you should use low TPI saws for cutting huge pieces of dead wood.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of a pruning saw refers to the maximum diameter of the branches they can cut. This is connected to the length, TPI, thickness, and hardness of the blade and is usually listed in the product info.

In general, you’d think you’d always want a saw with a larger cutting capacity, but that is not necessarily true. In this case, bigger isn’t always better. If you only intend on cutting smaller branches, a large pruning saw with a huge cutting capacity might prove unwieldy and difficult to cut with. You should carefully consider what you’re going to use your pruning saw on, before deciding what to buy.

Comfort and Portability

Since you will probably be using this saw in all manner of situations, sometimes even while climbing a ladder or the tree itself, it’s important that it remains comfortable to use. And uncomfortable saw might be difficult to work with; it might be hard to get leverage for cutting if it doesn’t fit well in your hand. It could also be potentially unsafe.

To that end, portability is also something you should look for in your pruning saw. Some saws offer portability by being foldable and thus easier to carry around in a pocket or a backpack. Others have a holster that you can attach to your belt, making them easy to take out at the drop of a hat. What style you prefer is up to you, but foldable saws are also smaller on average, which also plays a factor in portability.

Now that we’ve gone over all this let’s look at our top three products and how we ranked them.

In-Depth Reviews of 3 Pruning Saws

Corona RS 7265D
For a rather cheap pruning saw this product delivers quite a bit of quality – it has decent cutting capacity a good and sharp blade, and it’s quite comfortable and easy to carry. The problem is that the cheapness shows in the flimsy materials and some design flaws.
Blade Length and TPI90
Cutting Capacity90
Comfort and Portability100
What We Like
The blade is incredibly sharp and rarely dulls
Comfortable to hold and carry
Lightweight and maneuverable
Easily affordable for anyone
What We Don't Like
The handle is made of flimsy plastic
The blade is slightly exposed while folded
The blade lock sometimes malfunctions

Key Features

Durable, but not Entirely

While the blade is quite good and doesn’t dull often, the handle is another story altogether. It is made of flimsy plastic and might break if you’re not careful. The blade lock also seems poor and sometimes doesn’t stay in place.

Long Curved Blade

The curved blade of this saw is 10 inches long and has six teeth per inch. It’s rather average for a saw like this, but it also makes the blade decently maneuverable, and the saw light. It’s good enough, though not exceptional.

Decent Cutting Capacity

This saw can easily cut branches of up to 5 or 6 inches in diameter – so, around average. It’s still good for the size of this saw, but it will struggle with some larger pieces.

Comfortable and Supremely Portable

Probably the best part about this saw is how comfortable it is to use and easy to carry. It’s lightweight, and the handle fits well in almost anyone’s hand. There are some issues with locking the blade in place and with some of the teeth protruding when it is locked, though.

Customer Reviews

This is the real deal. Wear gloves during use and keep it far away from your kids as it is extremely sharp. It easily cuts through even the thickest of branches. It’s comfortable to use as well. I have never had a pruning saw like this, and it is sure to save you plenty of time. I would highly recommend it.
I ordered this saw since I needed one for camping. It’s quite lightweight, and I can fit it in my backpack, but it is still sturdy enough for cutting some larger logs. This saw can rip right through the wood so effortlessly that it made me want to do it on a constant basis, even though I hated it before. It fits well in my hand, and it’s easy to use. It’s also rather durable despite the light weight. Overall, this is probably the best hand saw I ever used and I have been camping and using saws on the regular for more than twenty years.
It’s quite a well-made saw. I bought it because I needed a more portable saw than the one I carried around with me before. This one easily fits in my backpack and is incredibly safe since you can fold it up. It seems to be quite a quality blade, better than the previous one I used, sharp and not prone to bending, breaking or dulling. It’s ideal for my uses, and I’d recommend it.

Who Should Buy This Product

If you’re on a tight budget and want to buy a pruning saw this one is more than a good choice. It has adequate cutting capacity and an extremely sharp blade that rarely dulls. It’s also quite comfortable to use and is easy to transport due to its light weight and the ability to fold to half its size.

What to Watch Out For

The cheapness of this saw shows the most in the way the handle is constructed since it is made of a flimsy plastic and it doesn’t seem like it will hold up. Another significant issue is the locking mechanism which sometimes won’t work and leaves a piece of the blade outside of the handle – it’s just poorly designed.

The Conclusion

This is a great budget pruning saw that will prove to be reliable and has some decent specs and a high-quality blade that stays sharp for a long time. However, the handle seems flimsy, and the locking mechanism is not up to snuff. For the price, it is still more than worth buying.

Samurai Ichiban GC-330-LH
Overall, this seems like a high-quality saw, with its durable, Japanese-steel blade that is huge and incredibly sharp. However, it is difficult to use and for the price on offer that just won’t do.
Blade Length and TPI90
Cutting Capacity80
Comfort and Portability80
What We Like
The blade is thick and durable
It has a useful plastic sheath
It rarely requires sharpening
What We Don't Like
The sheath can break easily - rendering it useless
The handle can easily slip out of your hand
The cutting capacity is sub-par

Key Features

Durable Japanese Construction

This is a thick blade with a good finish made from durable steel and is completely corrosion resistant. The handle is also quite sturdy and feels like it will last for a long time. The same can’t be said for the plastic sheath, as it breaks easily.

Low Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of this unit is not incredible. Despite the long blade, it can only cut branches of around 4 inches in diameter, and it has trouble cutting anything even slightly larger than that.

Incredibly Long Blade

The blade is a full 13 inches long with around 6.25 teeth per inch, placing it well above the average. It also makes rather smooth cuts and is thick, so it won’t bend or break.

Not that Comfortable or Portable

While this saw isn’t heavy it seems poorly balanced, and you will get tired when using it for a longer period. The sheath that’s supposed to make it easy to carry around is flimsy and will be useless before long. The handle, while padded with rubber, is surprisingly slippery.

Customer Reviews

This is a lovely saw and an absolute beast. It feels incredibly secure, and the handle is supremely comfortable. The blade cuts branches like they were paper and you don’t even have to put a lot of strength into it. It’s a high quality saw that’s well-worth the price.
This is a supremely sharp saw; it cuts like nothing else I have ever seen. I have been in the pruning business for a while, and I tried out plenty of different saws, but none were quite like this one. It’s easy to use, it cuts like a charm, and it’s comfortable to hold. The sheath is great as well since you can climb trees without any risk of the blade cutting you and your clothes or getting stuck on branches. It’s a great product that’s worth every penny.
I bought this saw to replace my old pruning saw, which served me well for years. The curved blade on this one makes cutting incredibly easy and allows me to get more leverage. The teeth are incredibly sharp, as you would expect from a Japanese saw. The reason I gave it four stars is because the fastex prongs on the scabbard broke, making it useless. I tried to glue them back to it, but it was useless. It’s a great saw in every other regard though and more than worth the price.

Who Should Buy This Product

People looking for a quality-made saw with a large and durable cutting blade are in for a treat with this one. It is made of high-quality Japanese steel that is sure to last for a long time, and it won’t dishonor your family. It can cut through even the toughest of wood and makes nice, smooth cuts.

What to Watch Out For

This saw has a couple of problems, but most of them come down to usability – it’s difficult to hold, the sheath is flimsy, so it quickly becomes useless, and the saw is less portable, and it can easily slip out of your hands. In addition to that, it also has a surprisingly low cutting capacity despite its size.

The Conclusion

There are some great upsides to this saw and most of them come down to the high-quality blade made of Japanese steel. It’s durable, thick, sharp and makes smooth cuts. However, this saw is poorly balanced and difficult to use, while the plastic sheath is almost useless as it breaks quickly. It also has a surprisingly low cutting capacity. In short, it’s a mixed bag, but it might be worth the high price for some.

Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw
The best part about this saw, what immediately stands out, is its long blade and amazing cutting capacity, both far above the average. It’s also rather comfortable to use. However, its high price combined with how shoddy it is, make it difficult to recommend.
Blade Length and TPI95
Cutting Capacity95
Comfort and Portability80
What We Like
Well balanced and easy to hold
It cuts quickly without a lot of effort
It can cut incredibly large branches
What We Don't Like
Difficult to remove from the sheath
The sheath is flimsy and quickly breaks
The blade dulls easily and isn’t incredibly thick

Key Features

Questionable Durability

While this pruning saw might seem sturdy at first, after a bit of work you will find that the teeth might break apart or bend easily and that it will dull quickly. The sheath is also quite shoddy and easy to break, making it almost useless.

Incredible Cutting Capacity

This saw can cut branches up to 8 inches thick, which is well above average and difficult to find. It can even handle cutting the trunks of some smaller trees if you want to do that.

Curved 7-TPI Blade

This blade is an amazing 14 inches long and features 7 teeth per inch. It’s better than most other saws on the market in this regard, and it can make some incredibly smooth cuts. The length makes it difficult to maneuver, though.

Ergonomic, Well-balanced Design

While this is among the heavier pruning saws, it is surprisingly easy to hold since it’s well-balanced. The handle is also nicely designed, and most people will find it comfortable. The plastic sheath should make it portable, but sadly it is flimsy and removing the blade from it is a chore.

Customer Reviews

It’s an incredibly lightweight and sharp saw that can get the job done. I like the sheath and that you can attach it to your belt. It’s easy to take out of the sheath, and it’s simple to use. Overall, it’s just a great item that I would recommend to anybody who needs a light duty saw for work in their yard.
This saw works extremely well; the holster makes it easy and safe to carry around, which is important since it’s incredibly sharp. The clasped holds broke after a few uses, unfortunately, which is why I’m giving it four stars. Other than that it seems great, but now it’s not as convenient as it once was.
This is an amazing saw for the price. The blade is a little flimsier than what I’m used to, and the belt loop straps that are on the sheath broke after a day of use. Those are my only major complaints though since it’s great otherwise. It’s sharp it can cut through almost anything, and it’s comfortable to hold and use. It gets four stars from me.

Who Should Buy This Product

If you’re looking for a pruning saw that can handle some incredibly large pieces of wood and has an extremely long blade, this is the product for you. It can cut even larger branches or smaller trees with ease if you need to do that. It excels in this regard more than any other blade out there.

What to Watch Out For

The large blade makes it difficult to maneuver if you want to make smaller cuts, but the larger concern is how flimsy the blade actually is. The sheath that comes with it is also quite shoddy and breaks easily. That is simply not acceptable when you take the high price into account.

The Conclusion

This saw’s blade is probably its most prominent feature. It easily stands above the rest with its huge length and cutting capacity, making this saw able to cut almost anything you want. However, that makes it less maneuverable, and the blade also turns out to be rather shoddy. Considering the high price, this saw is a hard sell.

The Best Pick – Corona RS 7265D

It took quite a while for us to pick these three products as the best ones out of the bunch that we tested. There were plenty of worthy contenders, but these three edged them out. So, you could think it would be even harder for us to pick just one, but the truth is that we had our favorite product in mind from the start. It’s the Corona RS 7265D, simply because it is the most reliable out of all the products listed here. It is the least likely to fail you, and it offers the best bang for the buck, making it our best pick with ease.

The Conclusion

So, there you go, that’s the best pruning saw we could find right now. We truly do consider it to be the best of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean it will be the right one for you. You could have different needs that this saw just can’t satisfy and in that case, you should simply use everything we taught you here to pick the best product for you. We only wanted to help you, and we hope we achieved that with this article. If we did, we would appreciate it if you shared it around for us. We’ll see you next time and, in the meantime, stay well.


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