Which Is The Best Season To Grow Asparagus?

AsparagusAsparagus is one of the most preferred vegetables enjoyed in several continents of the world. Being a perennial herb, it can last over two years, much longer than other herbs. However, to grow it, you need to know when asparagus is in season and what would be the best time.

Growing asparagus is not an easy task as it requires a lot of effort as well as time and patience. It takes as much as two to three years to get it ready. The plant itself lasts for almost two decades. Taking the wrong step or by growing it in the wrong season could send all your time and efforts down the drain.

The Best Season – Getting Ready

There is no season to grow asparagus if you have not prepared well for the soil and crowns. Crowns of usually one year old are used in growing asparagus. To grow it well, you would require preparing the soil by removing weed and adding compost.

Even though it is regarded as a perennial plant, Asparagus can’t be grown at any time of the year. Here, perennially refers to its all-weather quality. As it remains unaffected by changing weather, it is classified as a perennial herb. However, there is a specific time to grow and obtain it.

Grow Asparagus

Spring is the best time to grow asparagus. Because of the season, if its growth and its short-lived peak, people also say that asparagus is tasted sweeter in the spring. Well of course it does. After all, it is a result of your three full years of efforts and patience.

This is the reason why any parts of the world, asparagus are celebrated as a sign of spring. People take spring as an opportunity to add asparagus to some amazing recipes. It is the joy of anticipation that governs its sales all over spring. Growing in spring, however, requires specific prerequisites.

All over the world, the growing period of asparagus begins in the late February.  This period might extend up to early May. After its time in two seasons is done, it is then harvested starting in early February. The last appropriate days to harvest asparagus are in June.

If you have planned to grow asparagus from seeds, it is better to let them sprout to crowns for at least a period of one year. After the crowns are ready, they should be planted well into the prepared soil bed. For the best results, this should be done in or around the spring time for harvest after year.

Why Spring?

Now the question you might be asking is why spring and not another season? Well, this can be understood by knowing the weather requirements of a well-grown asparagus. The herb needs a full season for energy to be stored. This is what makes the fat spears taste good.

Next, it also needs cold temperature and weather to go into dormancy. To get the warm conditions work over and winter to compliment later, spring makes the best time of the year to start the growing process of asparagus. After two years, the plant should be ready to be harvested in limited amounts.

Following this procedure will get you relishing asparagus to be enjoyed later. It also makes sure that your herbs grow right, producing for decades to come. However if you’re not ready to plant it in the spring, don’t let the crowns go to waste.

If Not Spring, then which is the Best Season?

The roots of the crown dry up if they are not planted in the spring. So you cannot just keep it without proper storage measures. The best way to store the year old crowns would be to refrigerate them under appropriate conditions. This will allow the crown to survive and roots to remain moist for use.

Word of Advice

Asparagus has both varieties- the male and the female. The female gives several seedlings and a thin stalk. The male, however, gives thick stalk and fewer leaves or seedlings. Male stalks are, therefore, more preferred in the market for their excellent taste. For best-tasting asparagus, grow male variety in the springs.


Even though it is called all weather plant, Asparagus gives the best taste when cultivated and harvested in spring. Just growing in spring would not guarantee the best tasting asparagus. Asparagus is grown in early summers with the best possible care also develop the same taste. If you’d like your asparagus to be perfect, you need to take care of it.

Do not forget that spring provides the ample wind and cool temperature. Hence, it would not be wise to put a lot of water in the beginning. It would be enough to put in some mulch and wet compost at first, followed by regular watering later. Start in the spring and end the cycle after the next two springs. After that, you can enjoy the perfect asparagus produce.

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