Best Smelling Flowers: Add a Hint of Fragrance in Your Garden

For a more beautiful and colorful landscape, flowers are essential. They add life to any space, especially in the garden. More than their aesthetic appeal, they are also popular for one thing – their unique fragrance. This provides the flower with a unique character. With this, if you are curious about the best smelling flowers, keep on reading and we’ll make it easier for you to decide which ones should you plant.

Below is a quick look at some of the garden flowers that are popular for their scent:


A perennial favorite and perhaps the most popular flower in the garden, it has more than 100 species. This is a flower that is commonly used as an ingredient in perfumes, which is already a proof of its fragrance. More than their smell, they are also insect and disease-resistant, making it quite effortless to grow. Remember, however, that there are some roses that are unscented, so be sure to look at the tag before planting.

Roses in Pot


This waxy flower is a native to South Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is popularly used in wedding ceremonies, especially in bouquets. With its milky white blooms, this is without a doubt a beautiful flower. It can grow almost anywhere and has a fragrance that perfectly blends with its surroundings.

Gardenia Flower


If you are looking for a plant that produces blooms in clusters, Lilac should be on the top of your list. Aside from having showy petals, it also has a strong scent that is easy to recognize. It is a common shrub, but there are also hybrid varieties that you can plant in a container.

Purple Lilac Bush


A vigorous and showy vine, you need to provide trellis to support the extensive growth of this flower. It grows best in an area that has a full sun. While there are many types, the newer ones are better because they are less invasive. The smell of the flower is fruity, reminiscent of honey and vanilla.

Honeysuckle Flower


The most common colors of this flower are red, blue, and white. They are beautiful, but more than such, they are also known for their distinct smell. The fragrance is similar to honeysuckle and strawberry, which is sure to be soothing.

Hyacinth Flower

Sweet Alyssum

This flower exudes a sweet and subtle fragrance. As a mat-forming plant, it can form a thick cluster of flowers, making it look great in a landscape. The plant grows low on the ground, but despite this, the scent will be easy to notice.

Sweet Alyssum


Most of the blooms of this flower are pure white, although there are also some that are deep pink. While it is fragrant, however, take note that its smell is not as long-lasting as the others included in this list.

Magnolia Flower


This decorative hanging flower is also known for its fragrant smell, especially Chinese and Japanese wisteria. The fragrance of Wisteria becomes more intense because they bloom in thick clusters.

Blooming Wisteria Flowers


Its flower might be small, but Jasmine is one of the best smelling flowers in the world. A flower that is native to tropical regions, it is a common ingredient in cosmetics and perfumes. It has an intense fragrance and is also commonly used in teas.

White Jasmine Flowers

Sweet Pea

A native to the Mediterranean region, Sweet Pea is an annual flowering plant. It has an intense fragrance that will add more character to the garden. Be sure to look take a look at the variety that you will plant as there are types that are not fragrant.

Sweet Pea Flower


If you have ever been to Hawaii, you must have seen this flower. A popular lei flower that grows in the tropics, it has a tropical scent that becomes more pronounced at night. Nonetheless, you have to be careful as it excretes a poisonous sap that can cause skin irritation.

White Frangipani

Chocolate Cosmos

This may not be as popular as other flowers, but it is equally beautiful, especially with its reddish-brown blooms. It has a scent that is comparable to light vanilla, making it perfect if you love chocolate.

Chocolate Cosmos

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