The Best Steam Mop Reviews in 2020 – Keep Your Floors Pristine without Using Chemicals

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Cleaning floors with a simple mop and bucket can be messy and quite tiresome at times. The need to use cleaning chemical compounds the issue, and if you have small children or animals, it can even be dangerous. But, you might accept it because you think there is no other way, or at least no better way.

Well, using a steam mop might change your mind. With these bad boys, you can clean more quickly and efficiently and without the need for any chemicals whatsoever. It’s a simple yet effective solution that anyone can use in their home.

Here we’ll go over the benefits of the best steam mops, why you should get one and what to look out for. Let’s begin.

Why Buying a Steam Mop?

Some of you might still be quite skeptical about steam mops. It does sound like a fad, like a gimmicky product that doesn’t do a lot and just adds to the hassle that floor cleaning already is. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Steam mops work by using an incredibly simple system – they heat up stored water, turning it into steam that is expelled through the head of the mop and onto the floor that’s getting cleaned. This allows the mop to easily clean up most stains by dissolving them with heat while keeping your floors pristine – no need for any scrubbing or scraping. Best of all, the steam also kills most bacteria that various chemical solutions also kill, so it is safe and natural while also being efficient – the best of both worlds.

Using Steam Mop

Keep your floors pristine with the best steam mop

You might think this makes them harder to use, but again you would be wrong. They’re even easier to use than regular mops – the only thing you need to do is plug them into an outlet, fill them with water, wait a bit for them to heat up and get going. You will need to add more water at times, but that is far less of a hassle than constantly dipping the mop into a bucket of water you have to drag with you.

The way they operate also makes them quite versatile, and the steam won’t damage most surfaces. You can use them to clean hardwood floors, linoleum, vinyl, ceramic tiles, laminate and so on. They can also use a variety of attachments that allow them to be used on countertops or furniture or just to reach places they otherwise couldn’t.

Another great benefit they offer is that you won’t ever have to worry about waiting for your floors to dry. They will be dry before you even finish working, which is a great benefit if you have a busy household.

Maintenance is also quite easy, and most mopping pads that come with a steam mop are machine washable, so you just need to follow the instructions, and you’re set.

Overall, steam mops are simply a superior way to clean your floors, and you will never have to reach for a regular mop again.

Steam mops aren’t always as good as we make them out to be and there are bad products out there that are not worth your money. Recognizing these products can be a bit difficult at times though, as these are not regular mops and don’t adhere to the same standards.

That’s part of the reason for making this article – to help people get a grip on what they should look for in good steam mop. Here we will offer our opinions and reviews of the top three products that we picked by testing dozens of different steam mops and pair them up with a few user reviews for extra measure. So, here are the products.

Meet the Best Steam Mops

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop, Floor Steamer, Tile Cleaner, and Hard Wood Floor Cleaner, 1940, Blue Powerfresh

The Good: This is a great steam mop, and it has a large head, long cord, and low weight.

The Bad: Comes with a few niggling flaws, like being hard to fill up and the tank cap breaking easily.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this is an amazing steam mop that offers a lot of bang for your buck. It isn’t perfect, but it has no major, crippling flaws which makes it more than worth the money.

Shark Handheld Cleaners Steam Mop, regular, Purple

The Good: The real upsides of this mop are the double sided pad as well as the large water tank.

The Bad: On the other hand, this mop is rather shoddily made, leaves streaks when cleaning and has a bad pumping mechanism.

The Bottom Line: This is a mixed bag overall, as this steam mop has some great upsides, like the pad and equally bad downsides, like the pumping mechanism. It might still be worth it if you’re willing to put up with a bit of hassle.

LIGHT 'N' EASY floor Hardwood and Tile,Carpet Steamer Cleaners With Swivel Head Steam Mops for the Cleaning, S3101, White and Grey

The Good: Comes at low cost, heats up quickly and is quite easy to use.

The Bad: It is rather flimsy, the mop head is quite small, and the water tank’s capacity is underwhelming.

The Bottom Line: For a steam mop this cheap it is probably one of the best ones you can get. It still has quite a lot of flaws that are not easily overlooked so if you have the cash to buy something better, do it. Otherwise, it’s fine enough.

Just the most vital info is here – if you’re looking for more details, head on down below.

All of the Factors Considered

If you’re looking for a steam mop, you’re probably only used to cleaning with a regular mop or some other similar cleaning utensil. You might even be experienced at it. However, guiding yourself by what you know might lead you to get a bad steam mop, as they are quite different than regular mops and cleaning with them is an entirely different experience. To save you the trouble, we have compiled an exhaustive list of the most important things you should consider when purchasing a steam mop.

Head Size

The size of the head is important because it is one of the things that will most affect the cleaning efficiency of a mop like this. This is the one thing that is equally important to both regular mops and steam mops.

The width and length of the head affect the speed at which you clean in one obvious way – the larger it is, the larger the area it can cover in one run. Thus, you will finish faster.

But there is more to this. Larger mop heads are also less maneuverable and will have more trouble getting into tighter spaces, like behind the furniture and so on. In that sense a larger mop head might also hamper you, so be sure what size you need before you get a steam mop.

Water Tank Capacity

This is an important factor because having a larger tank simply speeds up your cleaning work. With a larger tank, you won’t have to stop all the time to fill it up with water again. Since, with most steam mops, this also means turning it off, it will take a while before you’re up and running again.

Best Steam Mop

The head will most affect the cleaning efficiency

Of course, having a larger tank also means that you’ll have more weight that you will have to move around, so you should make sure that you can handle that instead of getting a mop with a huge tank that only hampers you. You don’t need a large tank if you have a small house or only a few rooms that need constant cleaning.

Cord Length

Almost all steam mops use a cord to get their power since they require a lot of it to heat up the water inside them and a battery would make them too heavy for comfort. However, that cord can be quite limiting at times, not allowing you to stray too far from the power outlet and it might get tangled around obstacles.

Still, the longer it is, the better since then you can do more work without having to turn off the mop and switch to another outlet, then wait again for it to heat up and so on. You’ll also have less need to use extension cords and the like, which can complicate things further.


The weight of a steam mop is something that could be crucial because the weightier it is, the harder and more strenuous it is to use. The extra weight of the water tank and the steam-making mechanism is the thing that usually puts people off of using steam mops.

Still, there are plenty of lightweight products out there that are not much heavier than a regular mop and won’t strain your hands too much while you use them.

You should be careful though, as the fact that a steam mop is incredibly light might be a sign that it is not well-made and will fall apart within months of purchase. Incredibly low weight is often achieved by using flimsy materials in the construction, and you should be wary of that.

Additional Features

Various extra features can make a steam mop far more useful than it already is. A telescopic handle could help you reach places that you otherwise couldn’t. Something like a swiveling head could make it more efficient in tight and narrow spaces, allowing it to clean up various nooks and crannies. Various attachments could allow you to clean even rugs, drapes or furniture with it, turning it into an all-purpose cleaning tool.

There are many others but they are almost never a negative and the more versatile the steam mop is, the better.

This is what you need to consider when buying a steam mop. So, let’s see how our top three products measure up!

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Steam Mops

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh

This is a great steam mop that excels in almost everything that matters, having a large head, low weight, and quite a long cord. The tank size is around average though, and it has a whole host of niggling flaws that might inconvenience you while you work.
Head Size100
Head Size95
Cord Length100
Additional Features85
What We Like
Wide head
Incredibly long cord
Super lightweight and easy to use
What We Don't Like
The pad bunches up in the front on some surfaces
The water tank is difficult to fill
The cap of the water tank breaks easily

Key Features

Perfectly Sized Mop Head

The dimensions of the head of this steam mop are 13 inches of width by 7.5 inches in It’s not too large, so it can fit into some tight spaces, but it is also not too small, and you can do a lot of work with it. The head can also swivel, for extra maneuverability.

A Water Tank of Adequate Size

The tank is decent enough, and it can be filled up during use, it has a capacity of two cups. However, it is sometimes difficult to fill up due to its design, and the cap is low quality so it might break.

Long Cord

The cord is 23 inches long, which puts it well above average for this type of product. You still might need to plug it into a different outlet if you’re cleaning more than two or three rooms though.

Lightweight & Easy to Use

It weighs only around 3.8 pounds, making it one of the lightest steam mops on the market right now, but it is still quite sturdy despite the low Even with a full tank, it’s still quite easy to use.

A Decent Amount of Extras

It boasts and inbuilt scrubber, it has three steam setting that can be automated and a couple of fragrance disks. Not too much but still enough.

Customer Reviews

This is an absolutely amazing product. I’ve used it a few times, and I was incredibly impressed with how it cleaned. I just cleaned the floor of my bathroom which had a small moldy are that I could never get cleaned. However, this steam mop removed that residue with no problems whatsoever. It took a few passes, but it was completely gone by the time I finished; now the bathroom floor looks like it's new again. The first time I used this mop in the kitchen was surprised by how dirty it got, even though I scrubbed the floor recently. I would highly recommend this; it cleans like nothing else I ever used.
I used some money to have the floor in my kitchen professionally steamed, and it looked great. Since I don’t have enough cash for that on a regular basis, I decided to get the next best thing, a steam mop. I’m glad I did because I love this thing to bits, it cleans the floors so easily and makes than shiny and fresh. It’s much better than using a bucket and a normal mop.
I got this as a Christmas present, and I’m glad I have it. It made my life much easier, and it’s just what I needed. I used it on various floor types, from wood and laminate to vinyl and it works great on all of them. Cleaning the floors from all the dirt my dogs bring in has never been easier. Besides making the floors clean, it also leaves a nice fresh smell in the room after use. The water inside the chamber lasts for around 15 minutes before you need to refill it, which is enough to clean one average-sized room. It’s quite easy to use, and it doesn’t weigh a lot. The swivel head is also great for getting around corners and into tight spots. I would recommend it to anyone.

Who Should Buy this Product

This steam mop has almost everything you would want out of a product like this, and it seems well-suited for almost anyone. It has a wide head that’s still small enough to fit into corners and tight spots, it has a long cord, the water tank is of an adequate size, and it is lightweight and easy to use. Overall, it’s a great package.

What to Watch Out For

There are some minor design flaws in play with this steam mop. For example, the cap for the water tank is flimsy, easily breakable and difficult to replace. The water tank itself is difficult to fill since it can’t stand on its own and you always have to hold it. The cleaning pad also seems to bunch up in front of the mop at tougher spots, leading to it getting stuck. Nothing major, but those tiny annoyances might build up over time.

The Conclusion

In the end, there are a lot of upsides to this steam mop, as it has a large, maneuverable head, a good length of cord, decent attachments and an adequately-sized water tank. It does have some flaws but they are minor in comparison to the benefits it brings, so in the end, it is more than worth the cash.

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Shark S3501

The most standout feature this steam mop has is its double-sided pad which allows for longer work times. It also has quite a large water tank and heats up in literal seconds. However, it seems rather flimsy, leaves streaks while cleaning and has problems keeping up the steam flow.
Head Size90
Head Size95
Cord Length95
Additional Features75
What We Like
It has a double-sided pad
The water tank is large
It gets ready to use in no time at all
What We Don't Like
Leaves streaks while cleaning and you have to pump it constantly
The tank can leak at times
Not durable and breaks easily

Key Features

Decently Sized Swiveling Head

The head is 12 inches wide and 6 inches long, making it decently sized, though not great in this regard. It also swivels – maybe a little too much, since pushing it in a straight line can be hard at times.

Large Water Tank

The water tank is quite spacious, being able to hold around two and a half or three cups of water. That means you won’t have to refill it that often. Still, it has one big downside, and that’s the fact that it is shoddy and prone to springing leaks.

Adequate Length of Cord

The cord is around 20 feet long, making it around average in length but nothing more. You could clean a decent-sized room with it before needing to find a new outlet to plug it into.

A Bit too Heavy

It weighs in at 4.9 pounds and when you fill its large water tank that gets even heavier. It’s still not incredibly weighty, but it might get uncomfortable to use after a while.

Not a Lot of Extras

It doesn’t have many extra features to speak off, but one of them is exceptionally useful, and that is the double-sided cleaning pad. Unfortunately, the other extra feature stands out for the wrong reasons. It’s supposed to use your mopping motions for pumping power, but it doesn’t do that well which lengthens your cleaning times.

Customer Reviews

I adore this mop for various reasons. First off the head is on a swivel meaning that you can easily clean any floor in a jiffy. When one side gets dirty you can easily flip it over and clean twice the floor space you otherwise would have. Secondly, with the steam, I have no reason to worry about possibly harmful chemicals that might hurt my pets or kids. The floor is even cleaner than when I used to use chemicals. Lastly, it’s also quite comfortable to use, and it isn’t too heavy. If you want a durable steam mop that works great, this is what you should get.
I like it a lot so far it is better than any other steam mop I ever used. It doesn’t leak, the swivel pad is great, and you can do a lot of work without the need to change pads. It is a bit difficult to operate, and it can stick to some floors. Overall, it’s quite a useful cleaning tool, even though it can’t do any vertical cleaning.
I wish I could rate it with six stars, to be honest, that’s how much I love this product. I have vinyl floors with plenty of texture, and I used to scrub it with a brush to get it completely clean, but not anymore. With this, I can clean them easily, and I don’t even need to bend over. I have to go over some creases repeatedly, but it cleans it off better than the brush ever did. With some attachments, it cleans even better, almost good enough to eat off of. I love this mop a lot.

Who Should Buy this Product

This is well-suited for people that need a steam mop which will allow them to clean a large area without many interruptions. Both the head and the cord are of decent size. The water tank is quite large and double sided pad ensures that you won’t have to replace the pad during cleaning – just turn it over and you can keep going.

What to Watch Out For

Probably the worst downside this mop has is something touted as a feature – the fact that it uses your mopping motions to pump steam. This should make your work easier, but because the pump is weak, this means that you will have to stand in one spot and mop five or six times just to pump it whenever it loses steam. It is rather flimsy as well, especially the water tank which can leak at times.

The Conclusion

Overall, this is a quality product with some nice specs and a few standout features like the double sided cleaning pad and the large water tank. The issue is that it seems flimsy and one of its extra features doesn’t help at all but does quite the opposite. It is still a decent product, but due to the various flaws it has, you might want to think twice before getting it.

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LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop

This is budget steam mop that has a few upsides to it - it is quite easy to put it together and use, it heats up quickly and does the job. It has plenty of issues though, owing to its low cost and it has no extra features to speak of.
Head Size85
Head Size85
Cord Length90
Additional Features70
What We Like
Heats up quickly
Doesn’t cost a lot
Rather easy to use
What We Don't Like
Seems flimsy
It has a small head
The tank is quite small

Key Features

Small Head

The mop head of this product is rather small, only 10 inches wide and 6 inches long, making it sub-standard. It can fit into some rather tiny spaces tough, but when you’re just cleaning floors it is a hindrance, and it prolongs your work time.

Tiny Water Tank

The water tank can hold only around a cup of water, which is a meager amount compared to other similar products. With only that much water inside it, you will most likely need to stop and refill multiple times during cleaning.

Decent Cord Length

The cord measures 19.6 feet in length, more than plenty enough to clean out a single room. After that, you will need to find a different outlet to plug it in, but it starts up quickly, so that’s not a major issue.

Quite Weighty

This “light” and easy mop is advertised as weighing “less than 4 pounds, ” but that is blatantly untrue. Even empty, it weighs around 4.7 pounds, and it weighs even more than full. That is not incredibly heavy, but it gets a black mark for blatant false advertising.

Practically no Extra Features

It has almost no setting or extras of any sort which is what you get for a price this low.

Customer Reviews

I bought this as a replacement for my old steam mop that just broke in half one day. I read a lot of reviews about this product and thought it would be quite a good replacement. It turns out it’s even better than the previous mop I used. It was easy to assemble, and it seems quite sturdy. I did some cleaning on the porcelain tile floor in the bathroom and cleaned off spots my old mop couldn’t even touch. If you want an alternate cleaning method without any chemicals, this is the steam mop to get.
This is the mop I got to replace my old one, and so far it has shown itself to be a fine product. It is quite light but still sturdy and easy to use. I don’t know if it will hold up in the long run though. The water reservoir is quite small, so I kept having to refill it while cleaning my house. However, it does heat up fast, and you can get to work almost straight away instead of waiting for ten minutes. Overall, I’m more than happy that I got it.
This steam mop lives up to its name as it is quite light and easy. It’s probably the lightest mop I ever tried, and it is quick to heat up so you can start using it straight away. I have quite a large kitchen, but the cord was more than long enough so I could go over the whole floor with no troubles. I did need to go over some spots multiple times though. Still, it works quite well, and it will certainly keep my floors clean for the foreseeable future.

Who Should Buy this Product

For people on a budget, this steam mop is the ideal product to get. It has quite a low cost, and it offers plenty of bang for your buck. It heats up rather quickly meaning you can get to work straight away and it has a decently long cord, so you don’t have to stop that often.

What to Watch Out For

This steam mop has quite a few different problems which compound upon each other. It has a small head, meaning that it will take longer to clean larger areas. It also has a small water tank, meaning that you will need to refill it often and both issues prolong your work time by a lot. It’s also flimsy, so various malfunctions might prolong it even further. It also has almost no extra features.

The Conclusion

Well, for the price it is a fine enough steam mop, it does the job, and it heats up quite quickly. It also has a relatively long cord. It has a lot of issues though, both with how flimsy it is and how much it underperforms in various areas. It has a small head, a low-capacity water tank, and practically no additional features. For the price, it is probably the best you can get but if you have more cash, steer clear of it.

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The Best Steam Mop – Bissell 1940 PowerFresh

There’s a lot to consider when buying a steam mop, and every product has at least a flaw or two, so it is understandably difficult to pick one as the best. Not all steam mops are made for the same surfaces and the same use, so experiences with using them differ greatly. However, after a lot of deliberation and testing, we have decided that the best one on the market right now must be the Bissell 1940 PowerFresh.

It impressed us with how good it is in almost every area, and it doesn’t have any crippling downsides or major flaws to speak off. Sure it does have a few minor annoyances, but other than that it is great and we recommend it wholeheartedly.

The Conclusion

While we do honestly believe that the Bissell product is the best steam mop out there right now, it doesn’t mean it will be the perfect product for you. The other two products we present here are good in their own ways, and there are some others out there that might fit you better than any of these. Only you can decide that, in the end. We only hope we were able to inform you and help you make a good purchasing decision. If this article was of any help to you, share it around and help out others who might have the same conundrum. Until the next article, have a good day and stay well.


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