The Best Trimmer Line Reviews in 2020 – Make Brush Cutting Easier and Faster

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When using a weed trimmer or a similar machine that utilizes a line for cutting, you might think that just any line would do and it’s the quality of the machine that matters. However, the line is more important than you might think and using a bad line could make even the best of trimmers look like subpar products, while a good line can make bad trimmers more than passable. It’s often an underappreciated aspect of these machines and getting the right line for your trimmer could completely change your experience when using it.

With that in mind, here’s a list of the best trimmer lines on the market right now as well as a list of the most important things to consider when choosing which one to buy.

Why Buying a Trimmer Line?

Well, for starters, a string trimmer can’t work without it at all. That’s the first reason to get some trimmer line, but you shouldn’t just get any trimmer line and putting more thought into it is something you should do. Here are some of the benefits you could reap if you just adhere to a few basic ideas and pick a best trimmer line for yourself.

More than the trimmer itself, the line is what determines the type of materials you can cut reliably and how long your work time will be. That’s one of the most obvious benefits of a good trimmer line – saving you time. If it cuts better than others and breaks less often it will help you finish the job faster without needing to stop and bump, or exchange the whole line or even work so long that the battery runs out before you finish. Good trimmer lines also won’t get tangled, and you will have to spend less time on fixing them up and be able to spend more time cutting.

Best Trimmer Line Reviews

Make brush cutting easier and faster with the best trimmer line

Getting a best trimmer line can also extend the lifetime of your brush cutter or weed eater as it will not cause malfunctions that bad lines do. It will also indirectly help you get more use out of the machine by reducing the time necessary to finish the job you’re doing. It will also make clean cuts when you’re trimming and won’t harm the plants you’re trimming like bad lines might.

Another thing that a good trimmer line can provide is versatility. It can fit in almost every machine that uses a line for cutting, and it will be good for most jobs you could use that machine for.

Overall, your pick of trimmer line greatly affects the performance of your trimmer and the quality of your work.

There are various trimmer lines out there, and as surely as some will make your trimmer better, others will make it worse. Lines that easily break, lines that tangle or lines that just don’t cut well are among those. The issue is that picking a trimmer line is not something most people put a lot of thought into, so getting a good one can be difficult. In this article, we aim to give you as much info as possible on that. We will present and review what we believe to be the best three trimmer lines out there right now and discuss how to pick the right trimmer line for you. To start with, here are the products we picked out:

Meet the Best Trimmer Lines

BLACK+DECKER Trimmer Line Replacement Spool, Autofeed 30 ft, 0.065-Inch, 2-Pack (AF-100-2)

The Good: It’s a durable line that comes on spools and can be used with a wide variety of machines.

The Bad: The cost of it is quite high, and it is only suitable for lighter and medium jobs.

The Bottom Line: This is a more than decent trimmer line that comes pre-spooled. It might be costly, but we think the benefits outweigh the downsides and that it is worth the price.

DEWALT Trimmer Line, 225-Foot by 0.080-Inch (DWO1DT802)

The Good: This is an amazingly tough line that can cut well and comes at a low price.

The Bad: It doesn’t straighten when cutting and it can tangle up, ruining your trimmer.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this line would be our top pick if it didn’t have one fatal flaw – the fact that it can ruin the machine you’re using it with. That makes it quite a difficult sell despite how well it cuts.

Arnold .065-Inch Maxi-Edge Commercial Trimmer Line

The Good: Universal trimmer line that can be used with anything and comes at an extremely low price.

The Bad: Doesn’t cut well, breaks extremely easily and can only be used for light jobs.

The Bottom Line: The poor quality of this line is what dooms it. Despite the fact that it seems like it offers a lot of value for the money, it fails to deliver, making it unworthy of our recommendation.

After this summary, head on down below for our full reviews and impressions.

All of the Factors Considered

Trimmer lines are an underappreciated part of a string trimmer and most people just buy any line that seems decent without thinking too much about it – but that’s a mistake. It can seriously impact how effective your trimmer is, and it should be on your mind. To help you get a handle on how to pick a good trimmer line, here’s a list of the most important things you should consider.


The shape of a trimmer line is probably the most important thing to consider as it can affect everything about it – from cutting ability to durability. It’s far from just being a matter of esthetic preference; it is a matter of performance.

There are many different shapes a line can have, but they can be boiled down to two broad categories – those without edges and those with edges. Thos with edges are usually sharper, but they also tend to break more often.

Round lines are the most basic ones and the most common and most durable, but they can tear the grass due to lacking edges for making cleaner cuts. Twisted lines are a better version of this design, and they are most commonly used for heavy-duty work, being some of the most durable lines out there. However, twisted lines are not well-suited for lighter jobs. Both are great for edging as they won’t break if they hit concrete or other hard materials

Multi-sided lines (usually with four, five or six edges) are another common design. They can produce cleaner cuts, but they are less durable on average. Serrated lines are a special sort, sharper than any other due to their design and they can be used for heavy jobs and cutting tough weeds.

What you pick comes down to what you need the most.


Right next to the shape, regarding the importance, is the diameter of the line. It’s another thing that greatly affects how the line will perform and the tasks you can use it for.

In essence, the larger the diameter of the liner, the tougher it is. Thicker lines can also cut better and handle tougher jobs with greater ease. However, not all trimmers can take lines of all sizes, and you should check that before you buy. Thicker lines also make messier cuts on average, so if you need nice, precise cuts, you could opt for something smaller.

Colorful Trimmer Line

Trimmer lines are an underappreciated part of a string trimmer

Lines of up to 0.085 inches in diameter are mostly used for lighter jobs, those that reach from that up to 0.110 are fit for medium jobs and lines even thicker than that are used for heavy-duty stuff. Consider what you need the line for and pick accordingly.


Another incredibly important thing is the durability of the line. Trimmer lines will break sooner or later, it’s just a fact of life, but how much abuse a line will take before it snaps is what separates the good products from the bad.

Having a line that breaks too often can cause a lot of problems. First off, it’s simply a less valuable product as you will run out of it much sooner and need to buy more. Secondly, there’s the fact that it will cause you to spend much more time doing the work you set out to do since you will have to bump it far more often than a line which doesn’t break easily. Lastly, there’s the fact that weaker lines will simply have less cutting power overall. So, it is in your best interest to get a durable line.

There are various materials that can be used for making trimmer lines. Most are made out of nylon, but that nylon can be reinforced by materials such as aluminum for extra strength. You should always choose reinforced lines over non-reinforced ones.

Lines made of different polymer materials also exist, and they can resist breakage even better than nylon lines in some cases. Some even have a metal string in the center to reinforce them further.

Recently titanium lines have also hit the market, and they are far durable than most others but are also outrageously expensive right now, so their value is questionable.


There are a few things to consider when it comes to how versatile a trimmer line is. First off, there’s the ability to fit many different types of trimmers – the more machines it can be used with, the better. Some manufacturers make lines that can only be used with their products, so be wary of that when purchasing.

Another thing to consider is how useful the line is for different tasks that the trimmer can perform. Many trimmers or weed eaters can also be used as edgers, for example, and a line that is good for simple brush cutting might not be useful for edging, or vice-versa. The best lines can be used for almost any task.

After all that, you should take a look at how our top products ranked.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Trimmer Lines


One of the main differences with this line compared to other products is that it comes pre-spooled, meaning that it saves you a lot of time and you get the spools with it. It is also quite a durable line, despite how thin it is. The main issue with it is the cost, which is quite high for this small amount line.
What We Like
Convenient comes spooled up
Durable and difficult to break
Supremely versatile
What We Don't Like
Only useful for light to medium duty work
Costs quite a bit
Can jam up at times

Key Features

Round Line

This is a round trimmer line, meaning that it will be quite durable and suitable for most tasks, but won’t make an exceptionally clean Still, due to how thin it is, it can make reasonably nice cuts despite its shape.

BLACK+DECKER AF-100 Trimmer Line

Light-duty Diameter

This is quite a thin line at only 0.065 inches in diameter. Because of that, it is most suitable for lighter jobs like cutting grass, thinner weeds and edging. Still, due to its durability, it can also fit some tougher tasks, but you shouldn’t push it.

Supremely Durable

For such a thin line it is rather durable and doesn’t break easily, even when doing some heavier work with it or edging near concrete surfaces. You will rarely need to bump it, and it will last for a long time.

Usable with Almost Anything

This trimmer line can be used in a variety of machines, and not just ones that come from Black and Decker themselves. It can also be used for a variety of different jobs, but nothing heavy duty.

Customer Reviews

You can’t beat a deal as good as this – the price is just right, and you don’t have to re-string the spools. It’s quite an annoyance to do that, but these are factory wound and works flawlessly. Six of them at this price is great, and it’s more than enough to get me through a season of weed-eating. You also get a few spools when you use them up, if that’s something you want. They can be re-used.
It might be cheaper just to buy string and wind it by yourself, but I needed some extra spools as well so I got these. They are a real timesaver for people who have no time or don’t want to put in the effort of winding the string onto the spools themselves. They’re easy to just put onto a weed eater, and it’s good to have a ready extra when working, so you never run out.
These spools are great and last for a long time. I need to do plenty of edging in some small areas, and I managed to go over my yard three times without needing to change the spool. Exchanging them is quite easy though, and I had no problem with it. The line is also great and tough enough to do the job. I like it a lot.

Who Should Buy this Product

This is the line you should buy if you’re tired of dealing with the hassle of spooling up your line – it comes ready to use, already on a spool. That saves a lot of time during work and gets you a free spool as a bonus. The line is also great, being durable and suitable for most machines.

What to Watch Out For

It’s expensive, and you don’t get a huge amount of line for the price. You will get plenty of use out of it, and you do get the spools as well, but the value is questionable. The other problem is that this line can only be used for lighter jobs and is unsuitable for anything heavy duty.

The Conclusion

Overall, this is quite a convenient and durable line that can be used for light to medium work and will perform well. It will also function with almost any product. The issue is that it costs quite a bit and it is difficult to unspool if needed. You should think twice before getting it, even though we think it’s worth the price.

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This is some supremely durable line that cuts quite well due to its licorice-like shape. It can even be used for tougher jobs since it’s fairly thick. It doesn’t cost a lot to boot. However, it has plenty of issues that might even potentially ruin your machine, and its use is limited.
What We Like
Cuts well
Extraordinarily tough
You get a lot of line for the money
What We Don't Like
Doesn’t straighten out when spinning
Only usable with this manufacturers tools
Tangles up easily

Key Features

Twisted Line

This is a twisted trimmer line, ensuring durability but not making precise cuts. It works fine for the most part, but it seems to stay bent while spinning, reducing its effectiveness. This might be an issue with its design. It also tangles up easily, which can potentially ruin a trimmer.

DEWALT DWO1DT802 Trimmer Line

Medium-duty Diameter

The diameter of this line is 0.080, making it suitable for medium-duty jobs and even some tougher ones if you want to use it for that. It will be up to the task.

Good Durability

This is quite a durable line, and it can be used for edging without issues, it will hold up. You will rarely need to replace it, and it can handle even tougher jobs without breaking.

DEWALT Trimmer Line Durability

Only Usable with DeWalt Tools

You can use this line for most jobs without issue, it can even take on some heavy-duty ones. However, it is only usable with tools from the same manufacturer, which limits its use. If you don’t have a DeWalt tool, don’t buy it.

Customer Reviews

This is some quality-made trimmer line that works excellently. I have owned plenty of different trimmers during my lifetime and used lines from various manufacturers, but this is the most durable line I ever had the pleasure of using. I managed to level the grass on my lot without having to bump the feed even once. It simply refuses to break. This package will probably outlast my trimmer at this rate!
This line is far stronger than I expected at first. It can tear through tough brush and weeds without any issues. I did have to re-spool the trimmer more than once, but I think this is my fault and not a problem with the string. Overall, I’m satisfied, and I cut three full trash cans of ivy with it already.
This is a great sturdy line from a proven manufacturer. It works well with their string trimmers, it’s easy to install, and I rarely have to bump it or change it. I’m not too keen on the design, but it works so whatever. I like it and would recommend that you get it.

Who Should Buy this Product

If you want a line that can be used for heavy-duty tasks and that can withstand a lot of punishment, this is for you. It cuts well and can handle a ton of punishment without breaking, meaning that you will get a lot of use out of it. It offers a load of bang for your buck.

What to Watch Out For

There are some huge issues with this line that probably come to how it’s designed. It doesn’t straighten up properly when spinning, making it less effective at cutting. That’s serious by itself, but it gets worse – it is prone to tangling up, which can potentially ruin your trimmer.

The Conclusion

This line should be a winner, especially at this price – it is thick, able to withstand almost anything and it cuts well most of the time. However, it could cut better, but it refuses to straighten up. To make matters worse, it can tangle up and ruin the trimmer you are using it with. Because of that, it is difficult to recommend despite the benefits it offers.

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Arnold Maxi-Edge

Probably the best part about this line is that you get 220 feet of it for quite a low price. You also get a cutting tool with it. The issue is that the line is just not that good. It breaks easily, doesn’t cut well and it can only be used reliably for incredibly light duty work.
What We Like
Great value for the price
Comes with a cutting tool
Universal and usable with any trimmer
What We Don't Like
More brittle than similar lines
Only able to handle lighter work
Doesn’t cut well

Key Features

Star-shaped Line

The cross-section of this line is shaped like a star with five points. In theory that should enable it to make good, clean cuts but it doesn’t. This line has trouble cutting anything and can’t be used for much, and it breaks easily too.

Arnold Trimmer Line

Small Diameter

The diameter of this line is 0.065 inches, but that is a bit deceptive due to its shape. Because of that it looks and performs like a line that is much thinner than that, making it suitable only for some light jobs and nothing beyond that.

Breaks Easily

While you do get a huge amount of line for a low cost with this one, it won’t last for long since it breaks incredibly easily. Even when used on soft grass it will break in minutes if not seconds. Using it for anything more than that is just not an option.

Fits Any Machine but not Any Job

This is a universal line meaning that it can work with almost any trimmer from any manufacturer. The problem is that this line won’t do most jobs well, except extremely light duty ones. It is nearly useless for edging for example.

Customer Reviews

The line works well on every machine I have used and does the job. However, the design makes it a little difficult to get it out without it tangling and curling up. It is doable, but it is more difficult than it should be. The cost is great though, hard to beat that.
I never knew that swapping lines could make such a difference when it comes to trimmers. The previous line I used was constantly tangling and breaking off, but that doesn’t happen with this one, and it cuts even better. Now I can handle the thick brush with no problems at all. Before using this line, I would spend around an hour trimming the perimeter near my home, having to swap batteries and so on. With this, I can do it in less than half an hour, without having to swap batteries. It works great for me, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.
I never knew that swapping lines could make such a difference when it comes to trimmers. The previous line I used was constantly tangling and breaking off, but that doesn’t happen with this one, and it cuts even better. Now I can handle the thick brush with no problems at all. Before using this line, I would spend around an hour trimming the perimeter near my home, having to swap batteries and so on. With this, I can do it in less than half an hour, without having to swap batteries. It works great for me, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Who Should Buy this Product

If you want a ton of line for a small amount of cash, this is the thing to get. For less than 10 dollars you get 220 feet of line, enough for 11 refills in total. In addition to that, you also get a cutting tool that you can shorten it with. It’s great value for the price, and it can also fit into almost any trimmer you might have.

What to Watch Out For

We’re sad to say that this line is just poor in quality in almost every aspect imaginable. It doesn’t cut well, breaks incredibly quickly and can only be used for the lightest of work. Despite the huge amount that you get for the price it still might not be worth the cost.

The Conclusion

Overall, this is just a poor quality line that only the most desperate of people should buy. Sure, it is one of the cheapest on the market, and it can fit almost any tool out there, but the fact that it just performs so badly is what makes it all fall flat. Even at such a low price, it is a hard sell.

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The Best Trimmer Line – BLACK+DECKER AF-100

There is a surprising amount of things you need to consider when getting a best trimmer line and a huge amount of different products out there. It might be difficult, if not outright impossible, to determine which one is the best. However, we still tried, and after a ton of testing, we have to the conclusion that the BLACK+DECKER AF-100 Trimmer Line is the best one out there right now.

That’s because it is the most reliable line out there and it offers a lot of benefits that others don’t. The fact that it comes in spools and can be used with most tools is probably the best part and saves you a lot of time. It does have its downsides for sure, and it costs quite a bit, but we believe that it is more than worth the price, which is why we consider it to be the best.

The Conclusion

Well, that’s our best pick. You might agree or disagree, but either way, we hope we managed to help you pick out a good trimmer line for your string trimmer. We don’t think you should just follow our best pick blindly; you should use all that we presented to pick out a good product from the huge variety of them out there. If we managed to help you out and if you liked our article, share it around and help us out as well. Until next time, have a good day.



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