Best Zero Turn Lawnmower Reviews in 2020 – Choosing the Best Machine for Your Lawn 

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If you own a large property with a huge lawn, you know what a pain it is to mow it regularly, but you have to do it since it will be even more of a problem if you neglect it. The worst part about it how much of your time it can take up – mowing a three or four-acre property can take up an entire afternoon. It’s even more troublesome if you have a lot of trees or other obstacles around the place. Well, zero turn lawn mowers were made to solve that problem and save your time. Unlike lawn tractors, they can cut tight contours without the need to go in reverse, and at the same time, they also offer better visibility, allowing you to know exactly where you’re going and what you’re cutting. Their usefulness is incredible, and here’s why you should get one.

Why Buying a Zero Turn Lawnmower?

You might wonder what’s so special about zero turn lawnmowers, what makes them stand out. Well, there are multiple benefits that they offer over other similar lawn maintenance equipment.

For starters, their maneuverability is unparalleled for a riding mower, allowing you to cut down on time needed to maintain your lawn. With a lawnmower like this, you will have to spend significantly less time fixing up remote corners and edges with a push mower or a trimmer. This is achieved by the mower being steered through the front wheels, pivoting around the back wheels and thus turning smoothly.

Cutting Grass

Buy the best zero turn lawn mower if you own a huge lawn

They are also far easier to use than other riding lawnmowers. The zero turn mowers have highly responsive control levers that you simply push in the direction you want the mower to go. No more fiddling with steering wheels or foot pedals. It takes a short while to get used to, but it proves to be a much better and smoother control method. You can even spin completely in place if you use the levers properly.

Another thing they offer is the wide variety of additional features and attachments they can have, allowing them to ease your burden even more. You can choose what fits you and make your mowing job even easier and faster.

There’s plenty more to talk about, like how comfortable they are and so on, but we don’t want to keep you here all day. We believe this was enough to help anyone realize how useful a zero turn lawn mower can be.

However, not all zero turn lawn mowers are equal in performance or quality, and some might just be a waste of your money rather than a good investment. Spotting a good one in the sea of mowers on offer can be a daunting task, but we wrote this article to help you with that. We will compare and contrast some of the best products out on the market right now, and offer you our sincere opinions on them as well as the reviews of multiple users. With that, you should be able to pick the right mower for you with no problems. So, let’s take a look at the products we picked!

Meet the Best Zero Turn Lawnmowers

Husqvarna Z254 54 in. 26 HP Kohler Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Good: It’s a great machine overall with good specs in almost every area. It’s also especially quiet.

The Bad: It has some minor faults like the lack of a fuel gauge or heat shielding on the back.

The Bottom Line: This machine is great overall and has only some minor flaws that don’t impact it too much but should still be considered.

Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Good: It has great specs, especially its massive cutting width and great horsepower.

The Bad: The shoddy construction and flimsy parts are not acceptable, especially since it’s expensive.

The Bottom Line: This is a solid unit with some great specs but it is too costly and badly constructed, making it a hard sell.

This is just a quick summary – for complete info about these products, keep reading.

All of the Factors Considered

Lawnmowers like these are complex machines with a lot of different moving parts and plenty of various features that might or might not be necessary. Picking a good one can be a difficult task, considering all the things that can break down in a zero turn mower – one might seem great at first, but something inside it that you didn’t even consider might go bad and you’re left with a piece of junk. To help you avoid such a scenario, we will list the most important things to consider when picking a zero turn lawnmower.

Cutting Width

Probably the most important aspect when it comes to mowers like these is the cutting width or the width of the deck more accurately. Having a mower that can cut a wider swath in one go is obviously beneficial, especially if you have a large property since you can finish the job much faster.

However, having a wider mower is not always that great, especially when it comes to zero turn lawnmowers. You see, maneuverability is a big selling point of zero turn lawn mowers and the wider it is, the less maneuverable it becomes. If you can’t use it to cut around trees, edges, and corners, then there’s no point to it, and it doesn’t do you much good.

So, you should look at your yard, consider what you need, and find a lawnmower that has the width you need, while remaining maneuverable enough to cut the grass in every part of your property.

Engine Power

The strength of the engine (or engines) determines how efficient your zero turn lawn mower will be and influences almost every other aspect of it. It mostly affects the speed at which the blades can turn, how fast they reach maximum rotation, how good the mower will be at moving over obstacles and up inclines as well as the top speed.

The strength of a motor is usually measured in horsepower since almost all zero turn lawn mowers use gas engines. The engine displacement is also important, however, as the larger the ‘cc,’ the larger and more powerful the engine is.

Best Zero Turn Mower

Choose the best machine for your lawn

In essence, it’s important to have a stronger engine most of the time. Still, if you want a smaller mower that is more maneuverable, you could compromise and get one with a slightly smaller engine. Smaller engines also produce fewer vibrations and less noise, so that might be something to consider. It all comes down to what you need.


The top speed at which a lawnmower like this can move influences greatly how quickly you can get the job done. But, that is just the most obvious benefit of having a faster mower.

The other benefit is that fact that it can more easily go up inclines and hills, something that might be sorely required if you have a large, uneven property.

In essence, the larger your property, the faster the speed you need your zero turn mower to move at, for maximum efficiency. If your yard isn’t that large, you can get one that isn’t that fast since they are usually not that expensive and you won’t need the speed that much.


Another important feature when it comes to lawn mowers like this is how sturdy they are. These mowers are a serious money investment, and picking one that will give you years upon years of use without breaking is crucial. You should carefully consider the materials the mower is made of and how it’s put together. Flimsy materials like a lot of plastic parts or weak aluminum just won’t do for a heavy duty machine.

Shoddy construction is also something you should try to avoid, and you should look for products made in countries known for quality, rather than cheap Chinese tat. You should also check the bolts and screws and how they fit since one of those falling out can spell disaster for a machine such as this.

In short, you should do everything you can to ensure that you get a reliable product that will last for at least a few years, if not for decades.

Additional Features

Plenty of zero turn lawn mowers offer a lot of additional benefits – some can be rather useful, while others are just fluff. Some of the best additional features are usually those related to the comfort of the user, as these machines are meant to be used for a long time. Yes, you’re sitting in them, but they can still prove to be uncomfortable after a few hours of work. Vibration and noise dampeners can come a long way in improving comfort, for example.

Another important thing when it comes to additional features is how adjustable the mower is. Adjusting the cutting height of the mower to exactly what you need is something a lot of people value and is an important extra feature to consider. Adjustable speed modes that give you more control with the levers can also be a great boon.

Then, there are also the various attachments and modes that allow a zero turn mower to mulch the grass or collect it in a bag for use as compost and so on.

Picking the right extra features that will make the work easier and faster for you is something you should consider carefully.

Now that you know what you should consider when buying a mower like this, here’s how our products of choice rank in those areas.

In-depth Reviews of Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Husqvarna Z254

Here we have a zero turn lawn mower that offers almost everything one might want from a product like this. It’s strong, fast, durable, adjustable and has great cutting width. There are some minor problems with it, though, and they can’t be ignored.
Cutting Width90
Engine Power90
Additional Features90
What We Like
Extremely powerful
It’s quiet and free of vibration
Good quality wheels and tires
What We Don't Like
No fuel gauge
No arm rests
Sometimes burns grass under the engine due to lack of heat shielding

Key Features

Fantastic Cutting Width

The cutting deck of this mower is 54 inches wide, allowing it to cut your lawn in almost no time at all while still being able to maneuver around trees and other obstacles and get into tight spaces.

Husqvarna Z254

Strong Gas Engine

The gas engine of this unit has 24 hp and 724 ccs, and is also equipped with a dual hydro-gear transmission. It features great air filtration as well as chrome plated valves with huge cooling fans for optimum performance.

Husqvarna Motor

Incredibly Fast

The top speed of this machine is 6.5 miles per hour, allowing to easily get up slight inclines and finish mowing your lawn in record time.

Reinforced Construction

The cutting deck of this unit is reinforced with flat-stock steel that grants additional durability and strength. It has a robust frame, and sturdy casters are ensuring durability and reduced pressure upon the chassis, making this unit last for years with no issues.

Husqvarna Design

A Host of Comfort Features

The control panel is ergonomically designed and easy to reach at any time, while the chassis contains a removable foot pan that allows easy access to the top part of the cutting deck. The foot area is reinforced and slip-resistant, and the automatic parking brake, as well as the rear engine guard, will keep you safe.

Customer Reviews

I simply adore this machine to bits! I own a property that has around two and a half acres of grass that need constant mowing, and this unit helped me with that immensely. It cut down the time needed to mow everything to less than half and it works without a hitch. It’s incredibly easy to use as well, putting the batter in is simple, then just turn off the safety, get into the seat and start rolling! If something bad happens, I will update this review, but so far I couldn’t be happier that I bought it.
This was an easy buy for me since it has a great price for an obviously quality product that you would pay much more for at a dealer. The minor assembly you need to do is negligible, and it can get done rather fast as the instructions are good. It runs smoothly, and so far I haven’t seen any flaws that it might have. It’s an amazing product, and I haven’t used a better mower than this.
It’s a great, quality mower and it came in great shape. It took around half an hour to assemble, it was rather easy, and the battery set up was simple. Oil was in it already, so I just added a bit of gas, and it started up without a hitch. It is incredibly fast and turns quick, so you have to be careful, but I have nothing to complain about. It’s just a surprisingly solid machine, especially for this price.

Who Should Buy this Product

This product would be well suited for most users as it offers a nicely balanced host of features while not having any incredible downsides. It has great power and cutting width while remaining maneuverable, it can go rather fast, and it’s quality-made. It also provides excellent comfort and is almost free of noise and vibrations. It’s great all-around.

What to Watch Out For

There are a few minor issues with this one, but they are not negligible. The lack of armrests might be inconvenient for some people, and there’s no reason not to have them. The same goes for the fuel gauge on the control board – having one would be incredibly helpful, but it’s not there. A heat shield on the back would also reduce the possibility of the engine burning the grass when operating in top form.

The Conclusion

This is an amazing product all-around, having great power, good speed, and nice cutting width. It’s also extremely durable and has a host of nice comfort features, all at a decent price. However, there are problems with it, including the lack of some comfort features, like a fuel gauge, but other than that it’s amazing. It’s easy to recommend to almost anyone.

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Husqvarna MZ61

This machine is easily noticeable at first because it has such great specs, especially the cutting width and engine power, while not slouching anywhere else. The issue that is not immediately obvious is its poor construction which just doesn’t cut it for a machine with a price tag this high.
Cutting Width95
Engine Power95
Additional Features80
What We Like
Incredibly big cutting width
Supremely comfortable
Reaches great speed
What We Don't Like
The tires aren’t big enough
Various parts of it aren’t that durable
Horrible on rough terrain

Key Features

Massive Cutting Deck

The cutting width this unit has – a full 61 inches – is almost unparalleled on the market right now. With that much width, it can get through a lawn in no time, though it might not be as maneuverable as smaller mowers.

Incredible Motor Strength

It measures up at 27 HP which is simply massive for a unit of this size. It also features hydrostatic gear transmission, making it even more efficient. With that much power, it is easily able to cut anything using its three blades.

Incredible Top Speed

This unit is easily able to reach the incredible speed of 8.5 mph, making it faster than almost any other lawn mower out there. Combined with the huge cutting width this mower can work over a lawn faster than anything.

Constructed to Last

It’s mostly made out of sturdy, reinforced steel, ensuring that it will last for a long time without any issues.

Made for Comfort

What makes this mower supremely comfortable is its back seat with great armrests as well as the adjustable and ergonomic steering levers. The speed, as well as the cutting height, is completely adjustable, making it simple and easy to use.

Customer Reviews

It’s a decently built mower made for heavy duty work and comes at a reasonable price. I’ve used it to mow around three acres of my property and only had to replace the belt after a few years. The only other problem is that the deck wasn’t adjusted properly, but that was a simple fix. I would most certainly recommend this mower to most people.
I haven’t been able to find a finer zero turn mower than this one, especially for such a low price. It’s obviously made to be durable, and it will probably outlive most of your other machines. I use it to mow five acres of lawn, once every week and so far I have had zero problems with it. It even goes uphill easily, starts up in a flash and almost never gets stuck. It just works like a dream.
This mower works well for what we need it to do. We own a property that has eleven acres which need mowing every week during summer months and plenty of trees to mow around. This mower cuts down the time needed to work through all of that by more than a few hours per week. I wouldn’t give it five stars only because of the tires – they simply aren’t big enough for a machine like this. I wish we got a version with bigger tiers since these just don’t get traction in most areas and mowing near the creek is extremely difficult. We also have plenty of hilly areas, and this mower doesn’t work well on an incline. Still, it’s a good machine, especially if you own a mostly flat property that’s mostly dry. If you are concerned about traction, just upgrade to the commercial version with better tires.

Who Should Buy this Product

This one is great for people who have incredibly huge properties as it can get through an enormous terrain in short time due to its incredible cutting width and the huge speeds it can reach. It’s just a great boon for that and massively lowers the time needed to mow all that grass.

What to Watch Out For

The problems with this machine come to its construction. For example, it is incredibly bad on any rougher terrain and might stall even on flat terrain because its tires are far smaller than they need to be for a machine this massive. The blades are also flimsy, and there’s a high chance they will break. For a machine this expensive, that is just unacceptable.

The Conclusion

What sets this machine apart from its peers is just how incredible its specs are. The engine is astoundingly powerful, and its cutting width is almost unrivaled. However, the problem is the flimsy construction that leads to it not being that worth the high price point at which it is sold. It’s still a decent machine, but it’s tough to recommend.

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The Best Zero Turn Lawnmower – Husqvarna Z254

There are plenty of different products out there right now, and it’s hard to say with certainty which one is the best, overall. Different people have different needs – the ideal mower for a person with a small, flat lawn might be the worst product imaginable for someone who has a large property full of hills and trees.

However, when you narrow down the choice to just the mowers from this roundup, picking the best one is much easier. For us, that is with no questions the Husqvarna Z254. The reason is that it offers balanced stats in almost every possible area while not having any glaring flaws. Sure, it does have issues, but they aren’t major like with other products here, and that makes it our top pick.

The Conclusion

As you can see, that is the best zero turn lawn mower for us – but it doesn’t have to be the best one for you. Depending on what you need, some of the other products presented here could be the right ones for you, and you shouldn’t discount them just because we picked this one as the best. Consider everything you learned here and pick carefully. If you found this article helpful, and we hope you did, share it around so other people could find it. Have a nice day and good luck mowing your lawn!


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