Cannabis Grow Tents: Using Them to Produce Great Weed

The cannabis market is fast-evolving into a very profitable industry. Many growers have since jumped onto the trend to become legal growers of this loved commodity and have started to grow and sell their own.

If you’re thinking about exploring the industry, there are a few things you’ll need like a grow tent (read our reviews to pick the best grow tent). They are very convenient and ideal for those who want to grow weed. If this sounds like you, then read on to find out more.

Hydroponic Grow Tent

Use Grow Tent to Produce Great Weed

Advantages of Growing Cannabis in Grow Tents

Cost Effective

Cannabis grow tents provide an ideal environment with brilliant reflectivity for growing marijuana plants – all without costing too much. The average tent costs between $75 and $150.

Creating a growing space that will have all the same characteristics as a grow tent, including air-tight vents, reflective walls, waterproofing, and light proofing, can become quite costly very fast. It is also quite tricky to find a space to do it yourself which will function better than a grow tent.

Quick and Easy to Set Up

Assembling the grow tent and setting it up to begin the growing process only takes a few hours and can be done quickly by following the instructions. It is easy enough that anyone can do it and you don’t need to have any construction experience to assemble it.


Using a grow tent allows you to keep the light and smells inside the tent if it is set up correctly. This means you can place it in the corner of your room or your closet without drawing too much attention to it. Of course, you can’t expect that someone who is in your room for any length of time won’t notice a light emitting, noise making, heat generating box in the corner. But it is stealthy enough that someone passing by for a minute or two won’t immediately see it.

Constant Harvest

Grow tents are great for keeping two separate growing spaces, for example, a different vegetative and flowering compartment that allows you to have a continuous harvest all year round. The completely self-enclosed space created by a grow tent allows you to manage the spaces separately.

Why Use a Grow Tent for Cannabis

When you use a grow tent correctly, you are recreating nature in its most perfect conditions. The hardest part of growing cannabis in a grow tent is getting the conditions to be ideal. But, once everything is sorted out, it is simply a matter of planting the seeds, watering them, and waiting for them to be ready for harvest. If you are trying to make a new growing environment, you may need to do some DIY. However, using a grow tent ticks most of the environmental factors boxes in one go.

Although there are variations in the design of different grow tents, they are all portable and are made with the durable reflective material. You can set it up and take it down as needed, which allows you to construct it in an existing place or relocate it easily.

If you are a beginner, using one is very effective as it allows you to have complete control of the environment. If you have been growing for a while, additional grow tents can be added to your setup with minimal effort. A grow tent also means you can easily change lamps and other elements quickly and without disturbing your plants.

Other reasons to consider using one include:

  • Fresh air circulation: A grow tent allows you to give your plants clean, fresh, carbon-dioxide-rich air, which is essential to their development and growth.
  • Energy Efficiency: There are a lot of options with regards to power-saving that you can incorporate in your setup, including ventilation fans, LED lights, and times. These power savers can also save money.
  • Optimal Lighting: Other than customizing your lighting setup, the grow tent’s material usually is very reflective, so it bounces the light as needed, so your plants will be bathed in light.
  • Control Pests: Various pests can harm your cannabis plants. Grow tents protect against infestations. This also means you can use organic pest control methods, keeping your plants safe. This is also vital if you plan to get green certifications for your cannabis.


Grow tents can help you produce great weed when appropriately used. If you are considering growing cannabis, but aren’t sure where to start, a grow tent may be just what you are looking for. And for a comparatively low cost, you can be up and running in no time.

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