The Best Lawn Edger Reviews in 2019 – Take the Edge Off Your Lawn

When mowing your lawn and trying to get it into the perfect shape, you might come across spots where your lawn mower just won’t do the trick. Spots near a sidewalk, a wall or a fence are the most frustrating, as you don’t want your lawn spreading onto them.

This is where a lawn edger comes in handy. These tools help you make a clean cut between your lawn and your sidewalk or your garden or your driveway and so on. They help you protect your concrete or stone surfaces while keeping your lawn nicely trimmed and looking good. It does all that while eliminating the hassle such a job may have otherwise posted. It’s a win-win situation.

So, here are all the benefits of the best lawn edgers and the reason you should get one for yourself if you’re a lawn enthusiast.

Why Buying a Lawn Edger?

We’re not going to mince words here – not everyone needs a lawn edger, and it is a luxury purchase. However, it is also a mighty fine luxury purchase. If you have a large lawn and a lot of pathways and sidewalks that cross it, a lawn edger is an incredibly sound investment.

Getting your lawn to look picture-perfect and smooth is the main reason to get a lawn edger, but despite what people may think, it’s not the only one.

If you don’t edge properly, the grass from your lawn might start growing into your sidewalk. This might not seem important at first, just ugly, but over time it can lead to the concrete cracking, and you need to have it re-done. It gets even worse when you have a sidewalk or a pathway made of stone blocks or bricks, as it’s easier for the grass to get into it. Because of that, you want to keep your edges trimmer, and a lawn edger is the best way to do it.

Using Lawn Edger

Get Your Lawn to Look Picture-Perfect and Smooth

Not all lawn edgers are made equal, however, and some are just flat-out superior to others. There are even those that are simply useless junk and a waste of money. So, how to spot them before shelling out the cash? Well, be well-informed, for starters. To that end, we will present you with some of the best lawn edgers on the market right now, compare and review them, while also offering some useful feedback from real users. Everything you need to make a good, informed purchase. So, let’s look at all these edgers.

Meet the Best Lawn Edgers

BLACK+DECKER LST420 20V MAX Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger, 12"

The Good: It can be a trimmer as well and has good battery life and ample power for its small size.

The Bad: Can be uncomfortable to use due to its design.

The Bottom Line: Primarily a trimmer, this is also a great, affordable edger in disguise that has some flaws, but remains a great product.

BLACK+DECKER LE750 12 Amp 2-in-1 Landscape Edger and Trencher

The Good: Versatile and powerful for a low price, it can work as a trencher too.

The Bad: It doesn’t work well around obstacles or curves.

The Bottom Line: While the sheer power and affordability make it desirable, the fact that it doesn’t work under non-ideal conditions makes it difficult to recommend.

Troy-Bilt TB516 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Wheeled Edger with JumpStart Technology

The Good: An incredibly powerful machine that is easy to start and doesn’t require oil/gas mixing.

The Bad: Not versatile, can only be used as an edger, and it’s expensive and loud.

The Bottom Line: It is a powerful edger that eliminates some hassles that come with gas machines, but it is just an expensive edger and nothing more.

This is just a quick summary – for all the meaty details, head on down below.

All of the Factors Considered

Lawn edgers might seem like simple tools with a singular purpose, but they still come in a variety of forms and with plenty of different features. That makes it hard for the untrained eye to distinguish a good one from a bad one. So, you might end up buying a shoddy product and finding that out only when you unpack it and use it – but by then it’s too late. That’s why we’re going to tell you what to look for in a lawn edger above everything else.

Power Source

There are a couple of different options when it comes to the power source of your lawn edger, and we will go over each one as well as their benefits and downsides.

First up are gas-powered edgers. They are more powerful than other types while offering a fully cordless experience. However, they produce fumes, make a lot of noise and are difficult to maintain and refill, while also being bulky and expensive.

Corded electric edgers are less powerful than gas ones, but also don’t produce fumes, aren’t noisy and are easy to maintain. However, the need for a cord limits where they can be used.

Battery powered edgers are usually the least powerful, but they make up for that by being extremely light and portable, having all the benefits of an electric edger while not requiring a cord. The biggest downside is that they have a limited run time before they need to be recharged.

What you choose here is up to you and what you need.

Engine Strength

The strength of the engine determines how effective a lawn edger will be and how fast you’ll get the job done. But determining the exact strength of an engine might be tricky.

When it comes to gas engine, CC’s and horsepower tell you how strong an engine is. In electric engines, the amperage is a rough equivalent – unless they are battery powered, in which case you should look at the voltage. Sometimes horsepower will be listed for an electric motor alongside the amperage, further confusing the issue.

Comparing all those different values might seem difficult, but here’s a handy article that might help you with that.

In the end, you should check out how powerful a motor is to make sure that your lawn edger has enough strength to cut the grass you want it to cut.


When you get a lawn edger, you want it to last for years of constant use and abuse, not to break down in less than a month or so. To that end, you should look for edgers made out of good, durable materials and that means mostly metals like iron and steel and not plastic. However, that also makes them heavier and harder to use, so you should try and strike a balance here.

Cutting Mechanism

There are two different ways an edger can cut grass – by using string, like a weed eater might, or by using a blade, more akin to a lawnmower. The upside to cutting with a blade is that it simply offers more cutting power, but blades are trickier to use, heavier and more dangerous. Strings don’t cut as well and need to be fiddled with often, but offer a lighter and safer experience.

We’d recommend you pick a bladed edger if you’re more used to lawn mowers, but if you prefer weed eaters, you should pick a stringed one instead.


Here the choice comes down to handheld or walk-behind edgers.

Handheld lawn edgers are lighter, more portable and easier to store. They also offer better control and maneuverability. However, carrying them around can require more effort.

Walk-behind variants can be either manual or powered, but regardless of that, they require less effort to use. Still, because they are on wheels they can’t be maneuvered that easily, and they are usually heavier and less portable.

Now that you know what to look for let’s see how the best lawn edgers out there rank in these areas.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Lawn Edgers

While primarily intended as a weed eater, that function pales in comparison to the edging capabilities this machine has. It’s powered by a strong motor for the size, being light, easy to use and with a long-lasting battery – hard to find faults with it. But there are some, and the fact that it’s not that comfortable to use might be the biggest.
Power Source90
Engine Strength90
Cutting Mechanism90
What We Like
Can be used as an edger or a trimmer
Good battery life
What We Don't Like
Not fit for heavy duty use
Uncomfortable switch positioning
Awkward to hold

Key Features

Battery Powered Engine

This edgers 2-amp engine is powered by a long-lasting 20-volt battery that can be used in other tools made by Black and Decker. The PowerDrive Transmission system also ensures that the maximum power is delivered from the motor to the cutting string and the job gets done faster.

Automatic Feed Spool

The automatic feed ensures that you can continue working without needing to bump to extend the cutting string this machine uses from shredding grass.

Sturdy Construction

Made from durable materials, corrosion resistant metals and reinforced, recycled plastic, ensuring that it will tolerate tons of abuse without breaking or bending.

Handheld Trimmer and Edger

This machine is operated by hand and can be used in multiple ways, both as a trimmer for cutting weeds and grass or as an edger for cutting a fine edge between your lawn and sidewalk.

Customer Reviews

I own an eight-acre property, and I do the maintenance and landscaping on most of it. When I wanted to get one of these, everyone I knew was skeptical and claimed battery-powered machines were just terrible. It turns out they were wrong. With this, I’m able to get through almost my entire property on just two batteries with no hassle. It’s much better than a gas machine, and it has just enough power for me. I have never been more surprised by how effective a product was.
It’s a great trimmer and probably the best edger I ever had. I own a property of five acres with a large yard that I have to keep trimmed. This thing is capable of going through everything, even tall weeds and I never have to deal with the string breaking. The battery runs for around an hour of heavy use, which is more than enough to get my trimming and edging done.
I’ve never put much stock into cordless gardening equipment since it usually lacked the power I needed and couldn’t run for long enough. I opted to give this machine a shot and picked it up at the local store. I was wowed by how well it did – it’s powerful, handy, and the battery seems to last for ages. It’s everything I wanted from a tool like this.

Who Should Buy This Product

This machine proves to be a good edger that could be fit for anybody. People who want more bang for their buck will be most delighted by this edger though, as it can also be used as a trimmer, meaning you can do a go-around of your lawn without the need to switch tools.

What to Watch Out For

The design of this edger might make it more uncomfortable to use than it initially appears. While the handle is adjustable, its shape can easily prove to be a hindrance over longer time periods, and the switch on it is difficult to reach even at the best of times. It’s a flaw that’s difficult to ignore but might not affect everybody.

The Conclusion

Here we have a rather interesting piece of kit that can work as both a trimmer and an edger, though it is better as the latter. It has a decent amount of power for its size and good battery life. The problem is that it might be difficult to use for some due to the handle and shaft design. However, it’s still a value product, especially for the current asking price.

What makes this edger noticeable at first glance is how adjustable and versatile it is. That combined with its great power and the affordable price almost makes it a winner. The problem with it, however, is that it just won’t do any work if you don’t have a straight, obstacle-free lawn.
Power Source90
Engine Strength95
Cutting Mechanism90
What We Like
Versatile and highly adjustable
Cord retention keeps the cord from bothering you
Almost soundless
What We Don't Like
Not maneuverable enough
Gets stuck in wet soil
The handle is not incredibly sturdy

Key Features

Strong Electric Motor

The powerful motor of this unit features a strength of 11 amps, or 2 ¼ horsepower and allows this edger to achieve 150 pounds of torque and 4700 RPM. It’s lightweight but extremely efficient nonetheless. The cord used to power it doesn’t pose a problem due to the built-in cord

Created to Last

Made from durable, corrosion resistant metals and hardened plastic, this edger is made to withstand some heavy duty operation and last for years on end.

Long Adjustable Blades

This edger uses 7½-inch metal blades to do its dirty work, and they can be adjusted into three different positions for cutting at various depths.

Handheld Edger and Trencher

It’s operated by hand, and with one simple adjustment it can go from an edger to a landscape trencher that will help you do a lot of work without having to switch tools. The handle can also be adjusted for use by right-handed or left-handed people.

Customer Reviews

Quite strong and was able to work on my lawn that hasn’t been edged for nearly two years. The grass grew tall, but it didn’t matter, this cut right through it. I had to make some slight modifications to the shield, but other than that it was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a strong and efficient lawn edger.
This tiny machine is unbelievably powerful! I used it for some heavy work straight out of the gate by edging a large overgrown sidewalk. It did more than adequately, giving me nice, wide and rounded edges – just what I wanted. Since it’s so light, I had no issues balancing it when edging the curb side and running it on just one wheel.
Even though it’s great it’s not that expensive, and that’s part of the reason I was so surprised – I expected a poorer quality machine and got a great one instead.
It’s a decent tool for getting a sharp edge on your lawn and keeping it separated from your sidewalk. It may take several passes with this to take care of it, depending on how overgrown the grass is. The tool is nicely balanced, and you can use it with one hand. The only real complaint I have is that you need to move it back and forth if you want a clean edge. I don’t know if it’s due to me doing something wrong, or due to the tool itself, but I’d bet on the latter. I haven’t used the trencher feature yet, so I can’t comment on it, but I will update the review as soon as I do.

Who Should Buy This Product

People who need a highly versatile edger will find this one to their liking, as the cutting depth can easily be adjusted and it can even be used as a decent trencher. It packs a mean punch while being lightweight and the cord poses almost no problems due to one other great extra feature.

What to Watch Out For

The main problem with this edger is that it won’t do you much good unless you have a perfectly square lawn. It struggles to work around obstacles, doesn’t do well at all with any sharp curve and so on. The fact that the wheels are on one side and the blade on the other is what causes this problem, so it’s not fixable at all.

The Conclusion

This highly versatile product is great for people who need an edger they can adjust to their liking in almost every way they want and even use it as a trencher. It’s also fairly powerful for its size and is hassle free despite needing a cord. However, the problem with it is that it’s not good around obstacles and curves so consider the shape of your lawn when picking this one up.

Troy-Bilt TB516
This might be a gas powered edger, but it manages to get rid of most downsides that come with it while retaining most of the strength of such a machine. Still, it can’t get rid of all the downsides, and it is an expensive piece of kit that can only be used for edging.
Power Source80
Engine Strength95
Cutting Mechanism95
What We Like
No gas and oil mixing
JumpStart technology eliminates hassle
Extremely durable
What We Don't Like
Not versatile and performs only one function

Key Features

4-cycle Premium Engine

This strong, 29cc gas engine requires no mixing of oil and gasoline. It also comes equipped with Spring Assist Starting Technology capable of being used with JumpStart for and easy start-up with just one light pull of the cord.

Strong Steel Frame

Mounted on a strong steel frame that is sure to last and with three adjustable wheels made from hard plastic, this model is both highly durable and versatile.

Dual Tip Blade

The nine-inch long dual tip blades made of steel can efficiently cut up to 2.5-inches deep while edging, making a nice clean separation between your lawn and sidewalk in no time at all.

Easy to Push

Featuring a walk-behind design, this edger also has a fully-molded ergonomic handle that can be folded for easy storage. The throttle is mounted on the handle and allows for smooth operation.

Customer Reviews

For people who can’t handle using a starter rope or don’t want to carry around a battery powered edger, this machine, and its JumpStart feature will be a godsend. It’s so easy to start, just follow the instructions, prime it properly, and it runs like a dream. I’m so glad I got it, and I’ll be using it over my old pull-cord edger.
It does the job fairly well, but it’s a bit temperamental and gets stuck when there’s some resistance, which is probably to be expected for this price. I edged my driveway and walkways with it, and I found it doesn’t work as well as my weed eater with an edging attachment did. Still, it did a decent job, and I will keep using it until I manage to get a hold of something better.
It’s easy to start up and run. Inside of it is a rather strong motor, and it has various handy adjustments. It doesn’t do well at creating a thicker edge though – it works best with about one to two inches of depth, but nothing beyond that. If you run it backward and forwards for a while it makes the cut eventually, but not sure if you’re supposed to that. It’s still decent, but it might not be for you if you need something that cuts two to three inches deep.


Who Should Buy This Product

Someone looking for a more heavy duty machine that gets rid of most problems that gas powered machines have is the person who should buy this edger. It is a gas machine, but the easy start system means there’s no repeated cord-pulling, while the 4-cycle engine ensures you don’t need to deal with mixing oil and gas.

What to Watch Out For

It still has some other downsides that gas powered machines have – it’s obnoxiously loud and products fumes. It also costs quite a bit. In addition to that, it’s just an edger and has no additional functions to speak of. If that’s all you need, it’s fine, but for some, it might not justify the price.

The Conclusion

What is this, a gas powered machine that is easy to start? That’s surprising in a good way, and it also requires no mixing of gas and oil, while still being a powerful tool that can do some heavy duty work. It doesn’t get rid of the terrible noisiness, though, and it can only be used as an edger which just might not cut it for some, especially for this price. It’s still a quality piece of kit regardless.

The Best Pick – BLACK+DECKER LST420

There are various lawn edgers out there, some good, some bad, and some just different than others. One that doesn’t fit you might be great for another person and vice-versa. That’s why it’s difficult to single out one product and proclaim it as the best one. However, when you narrow down the selection it’s much easier to pick a winner – and out of these three products, it’s the BLACK+DECKER LST420. This amazing piece of kit offers a lot for the price – you can use it both as an edger and as a trimmer, and it’s powerful for its size while being light and easy to use. It might not be that comfortable to use for some, but it easily makes up for that by excelling in every other area. Because of that, it is our best pick of this roundup.

Video Review

The Conclusion

As we said – different lawn edgers will fit different people, and our best pick might not be the best for you. You should apply all the information we presented in this article and use it to pick a lawn edger that will be the best one for you and fit your needs the best. We just hope we were able to help you with that, and if you think this article might help anyone else, please feel free to share it with them. Have a good day.


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