10 Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Revamping a home is exciting, but challenging; the perfect interior design scheme requires careful planning to create the space of your dreams. As a result, there are important factors that need to be considered to evade any mishaps such as poor design or awkward furniture placements, so it can be confusing on where to start. Therefore, we compiled a list of the top ten common interior design mistakes people make to help you avoid unnecessary stress and frustration during the renovation process.

Misinterpreting Scale

Always measure the scale of an area and never assume its measurements. Not measuring scale will result in you most likely purchasing furniture that won’t fit into the space. Additionally, you should also refrain from buying furniture all-together until you know the measurements you’re working with.

Failing to Maintain a Budget

Creating and following a budget is crucial. Getting carried away with impulse purchases or jumping into a design plan that exceeds what you can afford will drain your wallet and probably leave you in some debt. If you’re unable to buy all the things you want simultaneously or pay upfront for an expensive remodeling project, set aside savings each month and be patient. The perfect home doesn’t materialize in a day – even though we all want that! Sometimes, everything needs to fall into place and come together over time.

Not Having a Coherent Theme or Aesthetic in Mind

If you lack a coherent theme or aesthetic for a room, expect to be enveloped in chaos each time you enter it. Make a plan for each space you wish to redesign with detail and determine an end goal for all of them. Will a room serve to be a place of relaxation, entertainment, or productivity? How will it affect your daily life and lifestyle? Furthermore, find elements in furniture, lighting, and decorations that wholeheartedly represent your vision. Never settle for anything less!

Not Having Proper Storage Systems or Methods

Your personal items can rapidly become clutter without proper storage systems and organization methods. In addition to mapping out an aesthetic and theme, also incorporate practical storage systems that keep everything in its designated place. The primary focus of a room should be its aesthetic appeal and not cords or wires haphazardly thrown into a corner.

Lacking Proper Lighting

Not every room in the house has the luxury of a large window that allows in endless sunlight. In some instances, a room has poor placement of light already or lacks a light source all-together. One situation that all homeowners must tackle is strategizing how to make the most out of their lighting situation to avoid any unwanted dimness. The kitchen is the number one victim of this mistake. Therefore, don’t forget to add kitchen window treatments to shed some light on the countertops. In regards to living rooms and bedrooms, select sheer curtains and blinds that complement and elevate the surroundings.

Choosing the Wrong Paint Sheen

Paint is either glossy, matte, eggshell, or satin. Each type serves a specific purpose. For example, bathrooms and kitchens should be painted with gloss rather than matte. A gloss sheen resists moisture residue, can be cleaned up easily, and is highly durable. Bedrooms should opt for matte finishes because it hides wall imperfections and is able to withstand deep cleaning just like its gloss counterpart. Living rooms, on the other hand, are better suited for satin finishes to bring a focal point to items on the wall or a specific area of the space.

Wasting Money on Unnecessary Items

Don’t buy artwork or pieces just to follow the crowd or impress guests. You’re making an investment in a piece that you won’t care about years or even months into the future. This house belongs to you, not someone else. Lastly, make sure not to buy items in excess, such as pillows or novelty pieces.

Blindly Following the Latest Home Trends

Don’t feel pressured to constantly renovate your home for the sake of a trend. Trends are meant to come and go. By investing in temporary aesthetics, you unnecessarily spend money. It is better to purchase items that you want to proudly showcase instead of having them gather dust in the garage. Prioritize ideas that are unique and personalized for your personality and lifestyle. While there is no harm in deriving inspiration from trends, your personal interests and tastes matter the most.

Not Investing in the Most important Furniture and Items

Biting the bullet with investments is a hard decision, but will save you a lot of money in the long run. While it may seem like a relief to spend the bare minimum on slightly lower-quality furniture or items in the moment, it’s guaranteed that they will wear out or break down faster than those that are higher-quality and reliable.

Trying to Do Everything on Your Own

Regardless if you have all the physical strength and organized plans in the world, getting a helping hand from friends, family, and professionals will make your life and renovation journey much easier and enjoyable. Friends and family can aide with lifting furniture and share the excitement of settling into a newly decorated home. A professional interior designer, on the other hand, can give you feedback and suggestions on your current design plan, and perhaps even enhance it.

In Conclusion

While renovating is inevitably stressful, you should never forget to have fun in the process. This new space is meant to be enjoyed whether it’s in solitude, with friends, or family. Your hard work will pay off in the end, and soon, you will be kicking back in a refreshing and dazzling new home.

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