How to Create a Cosy Home

We may still have a few sunny days left but the cold days of winter are fast approaching. That means we are going to be spending more time indoors in the next few months. Create a cosy home by following these tips.

Make the Couch or Bed a Cosy Haven

Curling up on your couch during the winter months is a pretty sure thing, so make sure that it is super snug. A leather couch can be covered with a throw to make the room look inviting and take away the chill factor. If you are serious about snuggling this winter, you also need to make sure you have a few extra warm throws close by. For the bedroom, a faux-fur throw can be perfect. Arrange one across the bottom of the bed during the night and incorporate it into your bedding at night.

Cosy Home

Create a Cosy Home

Comfort Food and Winter Go Hand in Hand

No one feels like a salad on a cold winter’s evening. Slow-cooked meals and soups are the ideal choices for easy and tasty comfort food.

A Nice Fire

A nice fire can really up the cosy factor of a space significantly.

Make Sure It’s Cosy Underfoot

Hardwood floors are great during the summer months, however, a thick, warm rug makes a great addition for the winter. It’s also a good idea to leave your slippers at the door so you can slip into them the moment you arrive home, that will soon have you feeling relaxed. Bathrooms should always be kitted out with bath mats so that you don’t need to worry about stepping out of the shower onto a cold floor.

Create a Green Haven

When it’s miserable outside, plants can make a room feel warm, colorful and in tune with nature. Magnolias with their bright and cheerful blooms, or blossom branches that boast pink or white bulbs are certainly hard to resist.

In fact, while you are in the mood for creating winter decor, you could always make a knot cushion to match.

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