How to Decorate Your Living Room? 2019 Top Tips

Your living room is the heart of the house. This is the first room that guests enter whenever they come to visit. You should design your room and ensure that it suits all your needs and it is as comfortable as possible. However, you have to decorate your room to make it more appealing. This is not an easy task as it may sound. Here are some of the tips that you can use to decorate your room to make it more appealing.

Mix Light and Dark

Most of the time we tend to shy away from rooms that have been decorated with a white color because they are associated with excess cleanliness and not approachable. On the other hand, rooms that have been decorated with a dark color are associated with boredom, depressing and sometimes one may feel as if the room is small. You can, however, create a unique touch by mixing both white and dark colors to bring some depth and balance in the entire room.

Play with texture

One way of bringing dimension to your living room is by mixing materials. It is used to bring balance to the room as well as appeal to both visual and tactile sense. One way of adding texture to your living room is through the introduction of art or pattern design on the wall. Décor items have also proven to be trick that can be used such as flowers, shadow boxes and use of textiles such as slipcovers. The texture is used to introduce a form of balance, ambiance as well as ooziness. However, be careful not to use too much textile as it may clutter the living room and lose touch with the overall idea.

Make use of wood

Using wood in your interior design is often associated with elegance. It is also used to introduce warmth and texture. The main advantage of wood is that it can fit in the living room without clashing with other ideas in the room. One of the ways of introducing wood to your room is through wall paneling, wooden ceilings, and wooden parquet flooring. You can also incorporate it through the use of photo frames or even tea light holders. If you are looking into building a house, Royal Covers can help you introduce wood architectural elements to allow you to incorporate designs that have elements of wood without any problems.

Mix up your upholstery

Combining different upholstery fabrics is a unique way of creating an eclectic style in your living as it adds personality. It makes your living room more comfortable and welcoming for guests — one of the way of executing this idea by using a fabric sofa together with leather chairs. You can also use fabrics with colors that are similar.

Add a dash of color

If you are looking to make your room vibrant and energizing, you can use colors such as ass orange or yellow. If you want to have a calming effect, you can use blue or green. Whatever color you choose, ensure it matches your personality and that you’ll enjoy seeing every day.



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