Different Types of Squash Plants Available in the USA

Are you fond of fruits and vegetables? Are you aware of that one vegetable, which has the highest number of varieties available? It is known as the squash. All the different types of squash plants are different among them also. It produces different sizes of squash, which looks different and tastes different too.

Winter Squash

Now, as we are getting talking about the squash, then it is well expected to know basic types. There are mainly two types of squashes are available in a market all the year:

  • Winter squash
  • Summer squash

The funny thing about them is that both the types are available in a market throughout the year. It is not like that winter squash is available only in winter and summer squash is available only in summer. The terms are illusory. Though they are vague in the terms, they have categorized in these two due to the importance of man’s survival in past years. The different types of squash plants are enlisted below:


This type is small and shaped like its name. It is dark green and orange on the outside and yellowish orange on the inside which is enriched with fiber.

This squash is difficult to pill. Therefore, it is better to cut it in half and then roast. It is also used for the fillings.


It is one of the most popular winter squash which looks like a bell. It is mostly a foot long and thin skin. Just as the name says, it is butterscotch colored skin. The flesh is nutty and sweet.

If you want ample amount of flesh, then look out for a long and thick neck. The best part of this kind is that it can pair up with any flavor such as cinnamon or balsamic vinegar. Moreover, it is loaded with vitamin A and C.


One of a kind which is also known as West Indian pumpkin is popular in the Caribbean. This type of squash has sweet and juicy flesh which is golden orange colored.

It has a very tough rind and therefore, to reach into flesh is very difficult. You can store it for six weeks and cut out pieces can also last for a week if they are stored in dry and cool place. If you are looking for a squash for baking, then calabaza will not disappoint you.


Delicata squash

Delicata and cucumber look alike. It tastes like sweet potatoes because of its sweet and creamy flesh. The skin which is pale yellow with dark green stripes is eatable. You can use it for stuffing because of its soft and creamy flesh, and you can even roast it.


It is one of the largest size winter squash. The interesting fact is it comes in various colors such as orange and grayish blue. Its flesh is yellow which tastes sweet and sometimes savory.

It contains high amount sugar and its best for the pie filling, purees, and mashes. It can last up to 6 months if it is stored in chilled place.


It is originated in Japan and recently introduced in US markets. People have embraced it quickly because of its sweet and smooth texture. It is fibreless, unlike other squash types.

The outer side is jade green with light green stripes, and the inner part is pale orange. It is dry and dense than other squashes. Therefore, it can be roasted and backed and most of the times, it is used in soup to add a buttery flavor.


Out of all the types of squash, this is the most famous in the USA. It has bright orange skin and light orange meat. If you are looking for autumn backing, then its mellow sweetness and dense flesh is a perfect choice.

They are best for risottos, pies, pancakes, and quick bread. You can roast, steam or puree and add to any recipe to enhance the flavor of your dish.


Spaghetti Squash

As the name suggest, it is a box of surprise. When this yellow colored and oval shaped squash is cooked then, the stringy flesh separates into mild tasting spaghetti-like strands.

You can dress this squash with tomato sauce or butter or with herbs. They are available in a market from 4 to 8 pounds but do remember one thing while picking up one. The larger the size, the thicker and best flavored the spaghetti strands are.


It is filled with yellow flesh inside. The exterior happens to be various colors which range from green to orange to white. The eye-catching fact is its appearance which is the reason behind the name given to it.

It looks like a turban. If you remove this cap-shaped part, then it can also be used as a pot to hold a soup or something like that.

Gold Nugget

It is also known as Oriental pumpkin. You can consider gold nugget as a smaller version of pumpkin. These kinds of squashes weigh between 1 to 3 pounds. You can cook this by cutting it into pieces or as a whole. You can even bake it.


It just looks like butternut squash and sweet potatoes. You can eat it after extracting pill. The outer part is green colored with white and orange spots on it. It is used in soups, and you can have it after steaming or baking too.

Amber Cup

Even this type of squash is known as little pumpkin due to its shape and color. It is available in dark orange color. Moreover, its flesh is the same color, and it tastes sweet. It can be roasted after cutting in cubical shape. It is a winter squash and therefore it can be stored for a longer time.


This squash belongs to the Cucurbita maxima species. As we have seen earlier, Hubbard and buttercup fall into the same category. These squashes range from pink, orange to light blue exterior. The flesh is peculiar orange color, and it is consumed in soups and even in pies.

Sweet dumpling

Carnival Squash

Sweet dumplings are small in size. Its skin is covered with cream color and stripes are dark green. When you press the pumpkin on the top, which is the exact shape sweet dumplings look?

The inner part varies from green to orange. The flesh tastes sweet, and it is soft. The benefit of the small size is that it can be cooked as a whole. It is baked.

Eight Balls

Eight balls are very tiny. It is a form of the zucchini squash. Mostly, people eat it young. At its matured state, it is used for holding dips and other food. Before using it as a pot, seeds must be taken out gracefully.

Gold rush

It has golden yellow colored skin which looks beautifully velvety. It has an elongated form. It is one of the summer squash types. Its skin, flesh, and even seeds are soft. The flesh is white and green colored. This type is one of the great looking squash.


The numerous different types of squash plants brighten the US market. I hope that above mentioned details about various types of squash will help you to add some amazing facts in your knowledge. I suppose now you have enough information to prepare yourself to pick a perfect squash according to the need of your recipe.

This blog also distinguishes squash into summer and winter squash. I hope it helps you to pick a best according to the season so that you can enjoy squash at its best taste. Do you have some suggestions? Mention them below in comment box and let us know your reviews. We would be more than happy to assist you. Subscribe to our blog for more information on planting a garden, vegetables, and fruits.

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