How to Disinfect Carpet Effectively?

Despite the fact that nowadays there are a lot of new modern floor coverings, rugs don’t lose their popularity. There are myriads of carpets that you can buy: Persian, Turkish, Chinese, made of wool or just standard mats.

A rug can make a room not only cozier but also warmer. It is much more pleasant to walk barefooted, where under feet there is a thick fluffy rug. However, to enjoy all great benefits of having a tapestry or a shag carpet, you should take care of it. How to do this in a proper way?

Those who want to preserve the rug in a perfect condition as long as possible should know how to clean and sanitize it. Take into account that it is necessary to clean your mat not only because it will lose its great look, but also due to the possible concentration of harmful substances.

A mat will please your eyes if you take care of it on a regular basis. For this, you may use the best vacuum for high carpet. If you think that you’ll need to pay sky high prices, it’s not so. There are a lot of cheap and efficient methods how to get rid of a bad stain using natural disinfectants.

What Do We Mean by Rug Disinfection?

Well, disinfection is the term that became controversial due to the fact that some laundries offer to disinfect carpets as a separate service to pay for. Disinfection can be understood either as a medical service or a cleaning service. In fact, these two concepts differ from one another radically.

The medical aspect of the disinfection service in a laundry provides a much more complex procedure. In this case, it is necessary to immerse the mat and wash it at 60 degrees for at least 15 minutes with the use of special means.

Some dry cleaners offer a full-scale disinfection. You may wonder what it is before you may want to disinfect your favorite carpet in such a way. Bear in mind that the chemical means used in the coherent technological process are enough to kill microbes and remove a stain, however, each housewife has natural sanitizers in the kitchen as well, which can do the same not worse than those used by experts. Only the total disinfection with the adherence to the technological process is able to provide you with a chance to achieve good results.

How to Sanitize a Carpet with Natural Products?

The use of the vinegar, cloth, towels, and soda for sanitizing provides many pros as first of all, these means can be successfully used as disinfectants whenever there is a need to clean carpet fibers as they are always at hand. One more disinfectant benefit is that the application of natural carpet cleaning agents can save much money. The only exception is a silk carpet that can’t be cleaned with the mentioned products. Check out a full list of benefits that you can get from using natural clean carpeting means:

  • They help you get rid of old stains together with a detergent successfully;
  • Completely safe for people and pets;
  • No harmful substances are left in the fibers after cleaning;
  • Affordable for everyone;
  • No unpleasant smell after you sanitize a rug.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Follow the instructions to sanitize and prepare an effective sanitizer on your own using either a usual vinegar or white vinegar that will sanitize your carpet not worse than means that can be bought in the supermarket.

Method #1: Dry Carpet Cleaning with Soda

First, it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner to collect all small pieces of garbage. Then create a sanitizer. For this, you’ll need one glass of soda and ten liters of water. Remember that the water should be warm to disinfect successfully.

It is recommended to check how the fabric reacts to the cleaner by using a small piece of cloth or a towel and a small quantity on a stain. Wait till the carpet becomes dry and use a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Method #2: Vinegar Cleaning

Take one tablespoon of vinegar and one liter of water. Pour it on the stains or the whole carpet and wait for half an hour. After this period of time, clean with a vacuum. If there is an old stain, it is possible to use a combination of the previous method and the vinegar.

In this case, it is necessary to take one tablespoon of vinegar and four spoons of warm water. Using a towel, wipe the carpeting and then sprinkle soda on it. Leave it for about twenty minutes. Afterwards it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner, which is going to remove all small parts and kill microbes, which can be found in the fibers.

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