The Best Backpack Blower Reviews in 2019 – Blow the Leaves Away in a Flash!

Cleaning your yard or driveway in the fall can be a real chore, and no one wants to do it. All those leaves can be hard to get even with the best garden tools. That’s why leaf blowers were invented, to take care of the leaves easily and without the need for you to exert yourself.  However, some blowers, especially hand-held ones, still can’t do the job properly, and lugging around a heavy machine that can is usually not something most people want to do. That’s where backpack blowers come in, combining both power and portability, making sure you get the job done without getting exhausted. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best backpack blowers we could find, to help you realize the benefits of these machines.

Why Buying a Backpack Blower?

In essence, it’s simple – they offer the power of an industrial grade blower and the portability of a hand-held blower in one machine. What’s not to love?

Well, to go into more detail here for people who are less informed – what is a leaf blower anyway? In essence, it’s a gardening tool that uses a motor of some kind to propel air out of a nozzle at high speeds which is used to blow away leaves, grass cutting and other debris you might have laying around your yard. They are way more efficient than just raking or using a broom to clear out the leaves, saving you a lot of time when cleaning up your yard.

Most use either a gas powered motor or an electric one to achieve this, which can make them rather heavy to carry around. Some of the stronger, industrial-grade models even need to be pushed on wheels because of how big the motor is. Because of this, handheld consumer models usually have smaller, less powerful engines, so you don’t strain your back or shoulders while lugging it around.

Backpack blowers, however, use a bigger motor that you can carry on your back while blowing the air out of a handheld wand. They are ergonomically designed for extended use and are usually as easy to carry around and operate as a handheld variant is while offering significantly more power. Most of them use gas for fuel which also means they can work for a long time while not being restrained with a long electrical cord.

Overall, if you want to get rid of leaves and other debris clogging up your yard and making your lawn or driveway a mess – a leaf blower is the best way to do it, especially a backpack variant. If you’re still not completely sure, you might want to check out this article as it goes into more detail than I can here.

a Leaf Blower

Clear out the Leaves with Backpack Blower

While backpack blowers are some of the best machines out there for cleaning your yard, not all of them have the same performance, and some might even be flat-out bad or useless. Learning how to distinguish a good leaf blower from a shoddy one is not an easy task, but we’re here to help. In this roundup, we’ve directly compared some of the best backpack blowers on the market today, paired with feedback from their users, to help you make a decision. Here’s how they roughly compare to each other:

Meet the Best Backpack Blowers

Poulan Pro PR48BT, 48cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 CFM 200 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower

The Good: Good in pretty much every area, offering decent power and some nifty extra features.

The Bad: It can be noisy, far more than similar models.

The Bottom Line: The noise might cause problems for some, but for this price and performance, it’s worth putting up with it.

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology

The Good: Very gas efficient, comfortable and easy to use.

The Bad: Doesn’t offer enough air flow speed for the asking price.

The Bottom Line: It’s a fine, comfortable machine that might not be for everyone since it’s a little underpowered.

Surely, you have some idea of their performances now, but that’s not all – we have some more detailed info that you might want to check out right below.

All of the Factors Considered

As we’ve mentioned, picking out a good backpack blower from a bad one with a glance can be difficult. Manufacturers and salespeople alike might try to impress you by listing features that the product has, but which are unimportant to its performance. That’s why we’ll be giving you a couple of pointers here about what to look at when picking out a backpack blower.

Air Speed and Volume

Since you’re buying a blower one of the most important features is, naturally, how good it blows. The amount of air it can blow out and at what speed is something that greatly affects the performance of a leaf blower.

This is usually measured in MPH (miles per hour) when it comes to speed, and CFM (cubic feet per minute) when it comes to volume. You want both to be high to get a powerful blower – blowing a small amount of air at high speeds does nothing, and the same goes for a huge amount of air at low speeds.


To get the most out of your leaf blower, you want it to have a strong, efficient engine behind it. You want an engine with a larger cc measure which gives it more strength.

The big debate about engines, however, lies in the difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. The first type is more powerful, lighter and cheaper on average, but the downside is that you have to use a gas and oil mixture for it which makes it very noisy and pollutes the air. Four-stroke engines, on the other hand, work more like car engines, and you put gas and oil in the separately – they are less powerful on average, yes, but they also use fuel more efficiently and pollute the air less.

Which one fits you more is something you will have to choose before getting a leaf blower.


Since backpack blowers are machines that are intended to be used for longer periods of times, usually a few hours, and are not exactly light, comfort is a big concern. If a backpack blower strains your back or shoulders or the straps bite into your skin after only half an hour, you won’t get much use out of it.

Additional Features

In addition to the basics, many backpack blowers can have various special features that others do not. Some of these features may be borderline useless or useful in very specific situations, while others might be incredibly helpful – you have to look at them for yourself and decide. Do you really need a blow with a segmented air tube? Or one with variable pressure settings? Only you can answer that.

Now that we’ve listed all of these important factors, here’s how we graded the three backpack blowers presented here on each of them.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Backpack Blowers

Poulan Pro 967087101
With an incredibly powerful, yet inexpensive two-stroke engine and a host of great additional features, this backpack blower is a steal for the price. However, the two-stroke engine that gives it the great power and speed that it has might be a problem for you.
Air Flow Speed and Volume95
Additional Features95
What We Like
The motor starts easily
Gas efficient
Variable speed and cruise control features
What We Don't Like
Heavy and cumbersome
Confusing assembly instructions

Key Features

Powerful 2-stroke Engine

With a capacity of 48cc this powerful 2-stroke engine ensures smooth and strong

Speed and Power

With a speed of an amazing 200 mph paired with a 475 cfm air flow, this backpack blower packs a mean punch comparable to professional variants.

Comfortable Design

Padded shoulder straps and a great balanced design ensure that it’s easy to wear and won’t strain your back.

Variable Speed and Cruise Control

These great additional features allow for a higher degree of control, making this blower one of the most versatile ones on the market.

Customer Reviews

What an extraordinary leaf blower! I bought it just a couple of weeks ago because I needed to clear some debris and leaves in the horse pastures so the grass could grow. I found that this blower doesn’t only do a great job when it comes to leaves, it also does well with things like manure piles, hickory nuts and various other trash that’s lying around, decomposing.

This is not my first backpack blower by the way – before this, I had another one made by the same company, and it served me well for years. It’s rather light so it’s not difficult to use it for a few hours and there were never any problems when starting it up. There’s just one problem, and those were the instructions - they were just not clear enough, and it took me a while to figure out how to assemble it.

Assembling the pipe of this blower was really difficult, and the vague instructions didn’t help at all. However, once that was behind, and I started using this machine in my yard, I was pleasantly surprised. It handled very smoothly and performed above my expectations, blowing away all leaves, debris and everything else in a flash. This is something I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for a great backpack blower.
The package arrived as scheduled and in pristine condition. I never owned a backpack blower before this one, but now I have no idea how I ever managed without one. During my first run through of the yard with it, I used the oil and fuel mixture recommended in the user manual, and it worked without a problem. Used it for an hour and a half with no problems and it ran smoothly, blowing away pretty much everything I came across in that time.I used it multiple times, to clean a yard at my summer home and to clean my driveway and it performed great on all occasions.

The only thing that bothered me is that it was a bit cumbersome and difficult to put on your shoulders, but once it was on there were no further issues. As a first time user, I’d say I’m greatly satisfied with it and would recommend it.

Who Should Buy This Product

With the power this blower packs for the affordable price that it has, it’s pretty much suited for anybody. The great additional features just sweeten the deal and add a great amount of versatility to the machine.

What to Watch Out For

All the downsides of a two-stroke engine are present in this product, but most of all the noise. It’s one of the nosiest blowers we have ever used, and it might prove to be too loud for you to handle.

Another thing that can cause problems is the confusing assembly instruction, but that’s just a one-time thing.

The Conclusion

Overall, this backpack blower is an amazing deal for the price and packs a lot of power and speed. The additional features it has only make it better and more versatile, adding to the value it offers. The only thing that brings is it down is the downsides that all two-stroke engines come with, especially the noise. But considering how good it is, it’s more than worth it.

Husqvarna 150BT
Two things make this blower stand out above the rest – amazing power and astounding speed. However, the great comfort that it offers should also be mentioned, as well as the handy additional features. Even so, it might be a little pricey for some, especially considering the one big flaw that it has.
Air Flow Speed and Volume90
Additional Features85
What We Like
Very comfortable to use
Powerful and easy to use
Fast to start
What We Don't Like
The trigger can get stuck
Stalls at half or full throttle
Instructions are not clear enough

Key Features

Strong Engine

Packing a powerful two-stroke 50cc engine, this backpack blower offers more power than other similar models.

Speedy and Powerful

Pushing out air at a speed of 250 mph and a volume of 690 cfm, this blower is like a small storm in your hands.

Designed for Comfort

The ergonomically designed handles, the padded harness and hip belt and even the LowVib dampeners that reduce vibration – everything about this machine is intended to make using a comfortable experience.

Variable Speed Throttle

Making it versatile and suited for anybody, with this feature you can set the speed at exactly what you need.

Customer Reviews

When I first got it, I thought it was going to be a disposable piece of junk, but boy was I wrong! It’s rather powerful while being easy to use. It’s also really comfortable – I have some serious back problems, by the way, and I still had no problems wearing this blower. It worked through my driveway significantly faster than the hand blower I used previously – it used to take me almost an entire afternoon, but now I get it done in an hour. Great product.
This machine is a true beast, it starts up on the first pull, and it’s crazy powerful! I previously used a tiny hand blower with only 150 mph, and I considered it to be an okay machine, but that was before I got my hands on this! It’s lightweight and simple to use while being able to blow away everything like a hurricane! It’s like a professional grade machine, but at a consumer price – yes, it costs little more than other consumer-grade blowers, but it’s really worth it for all the time it saves you.
The power this blower has is unprecedented. I usually have plenty of leaves I need to clear, and this blower has helped me handle deep piles of them without an issue in a much shorter time than a hand-held blower would. Beware though, the extra weight on your back might get you off-balance if you’re not used to it or are just in your sixties or something. This machine saved me tons of time when cleaning up leaves and for that, I’m glad I have it. It gets a full recommendation from me.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is a backpack blower for people who really need a huge amount of power and speed, even if they have to pay a little bit extra for it. It is one of the more powerful backpack blowers out there which makes it worth it.

What to Watch Out For

The biggest problem with this one is the fact that the trigger can get stuck, making the blower stall at either half or full throttle. This happens constantly, and there is no reliable fix for it, unfortunately.

The Conclusion

This is a pretty great product, offering almost unparalleled speed and power while also being light and comfortable to use on every level. Even for the slightly higher price, it is a great deal. The problems it has, however, might put you off of it, as it constantly gets stuck and stalls. If you can somehow work around that though, it’s a great machine.

Troy-Bilt TB4BP
This blower proves to be incredibly comfortable for use, and its 4-stroke engine ensures that it’s efficient and eco-friendly as well. The motor is also rather powerful, but the airflow might not be powerful or fast enough for everyone.
Air Flow Speed and Volume90
Additional Features85
What We Like
Very fuel efficient
Quiet operation
Easy to use and comfortable
What We Don't Like
Air speed is small for this price
The engine starter is bought separately
Not for left-handed use
Doesn’t last for long

Key Features

32cc 4-cycle Engine

Using an eco-friendly, powerful 4-cycle engine, this blower ensures enough power without the unhealthy fumes.

Power with Speed

Featuring an incredible airflow of 500 cfm while also being able to achieve a speed of an impressive 150 mph, this blower is sure to clean your yard in a flash.

Comfortable for Everyone

With padded straps and CoolFlex design, ensuring that you back won’t get sweaty, and this blower is great even for a hot day. Comfortable for anyone and everyone!

Flex Tube

The segmented flex tube ensures that you’ll be able to maneuver around easily and never get stuck, making this blower simple to use.

Customer Reviews

For this price, it’s a terrific product for sure. Great power and incredibly easy to start, doesn’t require any effort whatsoever. This backpack blower helped me cut down the time needed to clean my yard and was much better than my hand-held blower. Honestly an amazing deal.
Owning a four-cycle blower like this one proved to be incredibly more convenient when compared to the two-cycle model I had before. This one starts easily, has some pretty good blowing force behind it while also being light and producing much less noise. I don’t use blowers very much, I have a small yard, a decent sized driveway, and a patio and that’s it. However, for my needs, this blower performed above and beyond what I expected, and I would recommend it without a doubt.
The thing I like that most about this backpack blower - there’s not need to mix oil with gas that you put in it, so it’s much easier to use. It has more than adequate air flow, 150 mph, and the 32cc engine does a really good job. I’d say it works as well as an 180 mph model would, while costing almost 200 dollars less - a bargain.

The only real problem I had with it is that the air tube comes in sections that twist together, so there’s possibility of air leaking at some point, but that hasn’t happened to me yet. It’s also easy to start and runs smoothly while producing little noise. Overall, I’d recommend this blower.

Who Should Buy This Product

This product is best suited for people who want a more fuel efficient machine that doesn’t pollute a lot but still packs a decent amount of power. It could also be fit for people who have back issues and need a comfortable blower.

What to Watch Out For

The speed is really low for the price, even compared to other blowers with 4-stroke engines. Because of that it just might not be powerful enough for your needs, and you should take that into consideration when purchasing.

The Conclusion

Overall it’s a decent product for the price, offering some extremely useful comfort features, while also being rather efficient and having adequate power. Still, it might not be powerful enough for some people and in that case you should look for a different product. Otherwise, this backpack blower is perfectly fine for the price.

The Best Pick – Poulan Pro 967087101

As you can see, there’s plenty of variety on the market when it comes to backpack blowers or leaf blowers in general. Deciding on the right one for use in your yard might be a difficult prospect, and you should look at a few different models before making the final decision.

The best backpack blower for us, however, is the Poulan Pro 967087101. It just offers an amazing deal for the price, not only having more than adequate power and speed but also providing a host of different comfort features that make this blower suited for pretty much any user and any yard. The others don’t even come close.

Video Review

The Conclusion

In the end, we hope this article helped inform you about the benefits of backpack blowers and allowed you to make an informed decision when purchasing one. We think all the products we listed here are good in their own way, and even though we think our winning product is the best, some of the others might be more suited for you. Dig through the different models a little bit, and we’re sure you’ll come to a satisfactory conclusion. Thank you for reading and have a good day!


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