Fall Gardening: The 3 Best Vegetables To Plant In The Fall Months

Even though fall is right around the corner, your gardening days don’t have to be over just yet. Believe it or not, there are actually vegetables that thrive from being planted during the colder fall season. Below, you will find three of the top vegetables to plant during the fall months.

Peas Garlic Onions

Best Vegetables to Plant in the Fall Months


Peas are one of the hardiest vegetables when it comes to cold temperatures. Not only do peas survive well during cold temperatures, many believe that it actually improves their flavor. Peas are best grown in compost-rich soil. Plant them about one inch deep into the soil and keep them one inch apart. This will ensure a large yield regardless of how many of them don’t grow. You want the rows of peas to be thick, so plant them in sections of three rows clustered together with a foot of space between each cluster of three rows. If you want to boost the germination of your peas, you can grow the seeds on a wet paper towel. Once they begin to sprout, sow them an inch deep into your garden soil by following the guidelines above.


Garlic requires a long growing season. A full, healthy bulb of garlic can take almost a full year to mature. Garlic is best planted during October. The garlic cloves will grow their roots during the fall and winter so that they are strong enough to support leaf and bulb growth during the spring. Plant your garlic cloves about two inches deep in the soil and about two to four inches apart. Garlic grows best in clay loam soil in a sunny spot. Plant your garlic cloves six to eight weeks before the first frost is scheduled to ensure the soil won’t freeze during a crucial stage of germination.


Onions are a beloved vegetable of many a chef and food enthusiast. They are savory, flavorful and, luckily, relatively easy to grow if you’re looking to add fresh onions to your home garden. The best time to plant certain types of onions is in the fall. They require fertile soil that receives plenty of water and sunshine. Onions can either be grown from seed or by planting a ‘set’. An onion set is, essentially, a set of immature onion sprouts that were uprooted and dried to pause their growth to be sold to farmers and gardeners for a quick and easy planting. After being planted, the germination can continue as normal. The best fall onion types to plant are Electric, Senshyu Yellow, Shakespeare, and Radar.

Although fall is the season where bugs and other pests begin to die or go dormant, planting a fall garden will still attract a fair share of garden pests such as insects. You can protect your fall garden and your future harvest by hiring a professional pest control company to control mosquitoes by spraying along the outside of your yard to form a protective barrier around your garden and save your plants from being eaten.

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