The Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews in 2020 – Spray Your Plants with Ease

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If you’ve had a garden for some time, you’ve probably been plagued by weeds, vermin or disease at least once, if not regularly. When that happened, you’ve probably needed to apply some sort of liquid or spray to your plants – or you just had to get them some nutrient formula. In that case, you’re aware how limited handheld sprayers are in their volume and how limited the portability of larger models is.

Well, backpack sprayers provide a nice middle ground there, being portable but still able to carry lots. Still, there’s a lot of variety, and you might not know what to get – but that’s why we made this article, to help you find the best backpack sprayer.

Why Buying a Backpack Sprayer?

Backpack sprayers are versatile devices that offer a hassle-free, portable and efficient way to maintain your garden, yard or orchard. They can be used to spray your plants with nutrients or treat them with pesticides or fungicides, maybe apply some growth hormone, or whatever other product you might need for your plants to flourish.

But why get a backpack sprayer instead of a hand-held one or a more traditional variant that you carry around? Well, it holds more than a smaller hand-held sprayer while being almost equally easy to carry around and offering more reach and power.

Backpack Sprayer

Spray your plants with the best backpack sprayer

The benefit it provides to other sprayers is also that you don’t have to stop to pump it – you can do that while moving around, which saves you a considerable amount of time. Sure, they can’t hold an incredible amount of product as you can only fit so much in a backpack, but tractor-mounted sprayers are more suited for such heavy-duty use.

They can also be more hands-on and precise than those more heavy duty sprayers, allowing you to target specific branches in a tree, for example.

The way they work is much like other sprayers – when you squeeze a lever on the wand they use a pump to pull liquid out of a pressurized, plastic tank and force it through the hose and out the nozzle.

However, while the primary mechanism is rather simple, there are plenty of variations on it, attempting to improve on the basics. Because of that, some are clearly better than others, and you should make your pick with care. To assist you in that, here’s a roundup of some better backpack sprayers along with some user feedback. Take a look at our picks.

Meet the Best Backpack Sprayers

Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer, 4 Gallon,

The Good: Offers plenty of capacity and versatility backed up by amazing pressure.

The Bad: Has some safety issues if not assembled correctly

The Bottom Line: As far as manual sprayers go, this one offers some of the best quality for this price.

Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer, Wide Pressure Range up to 90 psi

The Good: Very durable and able to handle most chemicals.

The Bad: Doesn’t put out nearly enough pressure as it should.

The Bottom Line: Great for beginners and easy to use but falls short in some areas so not good for most people.

Of course, the summary is far from all-encompassing – check out some of the more significant details below.

All of the Factors Considered

As we mentioned, there’s plenty of variety in the backpack sprayer market, and everything that’s on offer might overwhelm you, especially the various features. However, most of them are not that important – even though manufacturers will try to present them as such. Here’s a list of some of the aspects we think you should value the most when picking a backpack sprayer.


The pressure range of a backpack sprayer is expressed in PSI (pounds per square inch) and is the maximum pressure a sprayer can achieve. This is important for a variety of reasons. First, the higher the pressure, the greater the range the liquid can spray at. Moreover, at higher pressures, the liquid comes out faster allowing you to control how much you spray at any one time. Some sprayers have pressure limiters or regulators built-in to help you with that.

Pump Type

Piston pumps and diaphragm pumps are the two most widely used pump types. They work similarly, but the main difference is that diaphragm pumps can handle more different products without being damaged than piston pumps can, but they are more expensive and less powerful.

Best Backpack Sprayer

The backpack sprayer saves you a ton of time

The Nozzle

The type of nozzle determines the pattern of the spray as well as the flow, and sprayers usually come with a few different nozzles in the package, able to be replaced at a moment’s notice. Some are used for wider sprays or more focused ones and so on.

Comfort and Safety

As you’re probably going to use dangerous chemicals, it’s vital that the tank does not leak, since that can cause serious harm.

Still, you can get injured just by carrying the backpack around too long, if it’s badly balanced, has a shape that hurts your back or just has bad straps/harness. Check that out before buying.


Lastly, there is the issue of how much a sprayer can hold. This choice mostly depends on what you need it for. Higher capacity ones are useful if you need to use a lot of product, but are heavy to carry and you’re better off getting a smaller sprayer if you don’t need such high volume.

Now that we’ve run down everything you need to consider, here’s how the products we picked measure up.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Backpack Sprayers

Field King 190328

This sprayer offers a high amount of pressure for a decent price while being easy and comfortable to wear. What makes it stand out is the unique pump fit for performing the jobs of both the piston and diaphragm types. However, some issues do keep it from being perfect.
Pump Type90
The Nozzle90
Comfort and Safety85
What We Like
High pressure
up to 150 PSI
Capacity of 4 gallons
What We Don't Like
Springs leaks from time to time
Difficult to store
Might be too heavy

Key Features

Durable Construction

With internal components made of brass and sturdy plastic, this sprayer is resistant to damage from most chemicals.

4 Nozzle System

Includes an adjustable brass nozzle, two flat fans nozzles and a patented foaming nozzle, while also being able to work with other nozzles, making it fit for any job.

No Leak Pump

Supposedly, this pump does the work of a diaphragm pump with the power of a piston pump. The best of both worlds!

Pressure Reaches 150 PSI

Capable of spraying at up to 150 PSI, this sprayer packs a good punch and allows you to get to those hard-to-reach areas, spraying up to 20 feet in the air.


Ensures comfort with adjustable padded straps and waist belt.

Customer Reviews

This pump sprayer is just EXCELLENT. It is simple to use, comfortable, looks good, has no leaks, easy to check how much spray you have remaining, and it sprays well. Six or seven quick pumps and you have full power, after which a pump every 10 seconds or so keeps the pressure topped. It can spray continuously if you set it that way.

One issue is that the handle doesn’t fold upward like in the product pictures. That's why I left a bad review at first since the sprayer is much larger with the hand in that position and I wanted to put it in the back of my pickup. The company quickly replied to the review and helped me get another handle. I intended on paying for it, but they sent me the $15 part for free. Besides the handle problem, I believe it would be difficult to make this sprayer any better. It's simply that good.

Made the order on Monday got it on Wednesday, tested it on Thursday and used it to cover .87 acres on Friday. I am almost 75, so I only filled it to the 2.5-gallon mark each time it had to be refilled. I put it on by just backing into the shoulder straps, like with a combat pack. The straps are sturdy, padded and made well, just like the waist strap.

This is a magnificent product, no leaks and built to be durable. When I store it in the box I take the handle off; takes me under a minute. Cleaning it is simple; use plenty of fresh water to flush out the wand/hose, tank, and nozzle; leave it open for a while to dry. It's easy to fill without spilling anything because the cap on the top is huge.

I was thinking of getting a sprayer at the local Home Depot, but I decided to buy this instead. I believe I made the correct choice buying this sprayer, as it has multiple tips and pumping mixes the tank contents. Backpack harness is easily adjustable for different people and is nicely padded.

It only needs about 6 to 7 pumps to achieve good pressure for spraying pretty much anything. If you fill it up to the capacity of four gallons, it can be rather heavy – especially if you are not accustomed to carrying a tank on your back, so take care.

Who Should Buy this Product

With how versatile it is, combined with the high pressure and comfort, this backpack sprayer is a good fit for pretty much anyone that needs it. Even people with larger properties will make good use of it as its 4-gallon capacity makes it great for extended work without the need to refill.

What to Watch Out For

The only significant issue is that some parts of the sprayer might leak from time to time. It is easy to assemble, but if not put together correctly leaks break out easily. Even when put together correctly, parts might come loose and spring leaks anyway. Always double-check the hose, wand, and nozzle before spraying with it.

The Conclusion

Quite powerful and spacious for its price, this sprayer offers a lot of versatility making it great for a wide variety of users. While there are some niggling issues with it, they are not enough to stop this from being one of the better products on the market right now.

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Chapin 61900

With a large 4-gallon tank, inbuilt pressure regulation and a few different nozzles, this sprayer proves to be efficient for most tasks. The 3-stage filtration system also ensures that it’s perfectly safe and doesn’t get damaged easily. What might bring it down is just the fact that the pressure can’t go up very far.
Pump Type80
The Nozzle70
Comfort and Safety85
What We Like
Large capacity
Good filtration system
High reach
What We Don't Like
Fails to put out enough pressure
Not very durable
Short handle

Key Features

4-gallon Translucent Tank

Spacious tank with a 4-inch mouth for easy filling as well as cleaning, while also allowing you to check the contents at a glance.

3-stage Filtration System

This unique system stops debris from getting in and also has a removable in-tank filter for easy cleaning.

Three Different Nozzles

Comes with three different nozzles and is able to work with other nozzles for extra versatility.

Up to 60 PSI of Pressure

Able to reach up to 60 PSI of pressure with an added pressure regulator for extra control.

Customer Reviews

This thing is amazing. I sprayed pesticide with it four times a year and applied pre-emergent twice per year. I'm really grateful that it can be carried on the back and can hold 4 gallons - now, I don't have to stop working to make a new batch every gallon, like with my hand sprayer. It sits comfortably on my back, and I barely feel the weight. The main point is that it saves me a lot of time, exactly what I wanted out of it. I recommend this product highly!
I usually put this on my back, fill it with some vinegar, add salt, and some dishwashing liquid then blast the weeds away without spraying dangerous chemicals all over my property. Working the entire afternoon with this sprayer is rather easy, while I got so worn out with the usual cylinder style types because I needed to stop and pump so often.

This lets me pump on the move using the handle coming out of the side of the tank - highly recommended for anybody who has a need for a sprayer for something more than just spot treatment.

This sprayer is incredible. Take care when pumping, so you don't get air into the tank when the spray runs out – you’d have to completely take it apart to remove it from the pressure chamber. The handle has a pressure gauge that is really helpful when trying to spray consistently.

I use this sprayer for my entire turf area, spraying for crossbow and prodiamine. There is a removable filter on the inlet of the pressure chamber, so the nozzle isn’t clogged by any debris left in the tank. This feature is also great when using prodiamine as it tends to clog the nozzle by gumming up the filters inside the wand.

Who Should Buy this Product

With the features it offers and the price point, this sprayer seems to be specifically tailored for beginners, as it is relatively easy to use and simple to maintain. Beginner gardeners with a small yard will get the most use out of this one.

What to Watch Out For

The biggest downside of this unit is that it just can’t put out a lot of pressure and might not suit your needs if you do some more heavy duty work on your property. Even more so, it might just fall apart if you use it too much, as it doesn’t seem to be made with regular use in mind.

The Conclusion

With a large tank and some pretty good safety and comfort features, this is easy-to-use sprayer that offers a lot for the price, especially for beginners. While it might not be well-suited for more heavy duty work, it is still a great product in its own right.

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Solo 425

This is a versatile product from Solo that is rather easy to use and comes to full pressure rather fast, without wasting your time. In addition to that, it works with most chemicals do to its durable construction. While the tank and pump are rather sturdy, the same can't be really said about the straps though, which really holds it back.
Pump Type80
The Nozzle85
Comfort and Safety70
What We Like
Comes to full pressure very fast
The nozzles make it versatile
Durable tank and pump
What We Don't Like
Straps come undone sometimes
The handle gets stuck in the ‘on’ position
Clogs at times

Key Features

90 PSI Pressure Range

The high-performance piston pump inside the unit can put out up to 90 PSI of pressure and is easy to control.

Four-nozzle Assortment

Comes with four different nozzles – adjustable, fan spray, hollow cone and jet stream nozzle types, allowing for extreme versatility.

Constructed from Durable Materials

The sprayer is made from tough plastic, able to resist corrosion and damage from most chemicals

Comfort Features

With some tough, padded straps, this sprayer feels effortless to wear.

4-gallon Tank

The large tank ensures that you don’t have to interrupt your work to refill all the time.

Customer Reviews

During last year's summer, I used this for spraying fish and seaweed-based fertilizer across my two acres of gardens and orchards. I purchased a longer tube for the wand to reach the higher branches of my trees. The pack is usually comfortable to wear, even while full since it is well balanced and it’s easy to access the handle for the pressure pump while walking.

The greatest problem that I noticed is that the soft plastic tube sometimes comes loose from the main tank while the trigger occasionally refuses to work correctly while locked in the ON position for a longer amount of time. It was simple enough to fix and only required adjusting the tension that held the clamp in place. The trigger problem is something I solve by occasionally releasing the lock while walking around with it.

Even with the few niggling problems that I lined out I still adore this unit and am glad I got it.

The main reason I got this sprayer is that it was recommended to me by my son – he got one just like it a couple of years ago and is very pleased with it. When I got home from the store, I found no pump handle in the box. I tried to replace it, but couldn’t so I just got my money back and made an order with Amazon for the same product.

I used it to go over my one and a half acre yard twice now, and it performed well, no problems with leaking or getting it on my shoulders. You might wish to put it up on a bench or tailgate while putting it on. Pumping is actually very easy, and it gets to top pressure with only 3 or 4 pumps.

I purchased this sprayer since my regular two-gallon sprayer started getting cumbersome to lug around and refill so often.

The pump is easy to work and provides high pressure and an even spread of product.

The wand can be locked open so that holding down the trigger for extended periods of time isn’t necessary.

The nozzle provides many different options when it comes to the size of the spraying area you want.

However the straps aren’t as comfortable as they might seem in the picture but usually feel fine during the first hour of wearing them – they might start to irritate you after that.

Who Should Buy this Product

People looking for a sturdy sprayer that will last them for a long time might want to have a look at this one, despite some issues it might have. If kept well maintained it won’t break and is able to work with most chemical products.

What to Watch Out For

The biggest problems are the straps, as they’re rather flimsy and prone to coming undone or just snapping altogether. If you can, replace them with better quality ones, and you have a pretty great sprayer on your hands here.

The Conclusion

While this is a rather decent product that most people will get at least some use out of and will last for a long time, it’s not without issues. The straps are the biggest problem as they are a big safety concern so you might want to get them replaced. Otherwise, this is a pretty great product.

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The Best Backpack Sprayer – Field King 190328

There are a lot of backpack sprayers out there, made for different purposes and with different specs – some better than others. You should look carefully when choosing the best product for you, and consider what you need before finally dropping the cash to get one. It might still be a tough choice for you.

For us, it is not – the Field King 190328 seems to have everything we could ever want in a backpack sprayer. It has a price comparable to the others in this roundup as well as a similar capacity while offering far more pressure and versatility, making it easily stand out amongst the competition.

The Conclusion

You shouldn’t take our pick as gospel, and you should always consider all your options before making a purchase. The other products listed here might actually be what you need. Still, we believe that the Field King product is the best out of them by far.


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