The Best Jigsaw Reviews in 2019 – Cut Curves Properly with Ease

There are various power saws out there, each made for a different purpose, and some are more versatile than others. You don’t want to spend money on a throng of various tools, most of which you will only use once or twice, so you look for the one that can do the most work.

Well, jigsaws are something you should look into then, as an essential machine for your toolbox. The main benefit they offer is the ability to cut curves easily, but they can offer you so much more, and this article is about that – the benefits of jigsaws and why you should get one.

Why Buying a Jig Saw?

The largest benefit a jigsaw offers over other similar tools is the ability to cut in curves. Using them, you can cut intricate patterns in almost any kind of material. No other tool can offer you such maneuverability a jigsaw can. With it, you can do almost anything you can imagine, which is why a lot of artists use them on their projects, as well as plenty of interior decorators.

If that were all a jigsaw could offer you, they would still be well worth their price. However, they don’t slouch in other areas either and can do other jobs as well. You can use a jigsaw in much the same way you can use other power saws, for cutting straight lines in wood or ceramic or whatever else comes to mind. They can also make holes for things like electrical sockets or sinks and so on. Heavy duty work is not a problem for a jigsaw.

In addition to that, they are far more portable than something like a circular saw and way more maneuverable. This is because a jigsaw uses a small vertical blade that moves up and down at high speed to do the cutting, instead of a bulky circular blade. Even though they are smaller and lighter, that doesn’t mean they are any less durable, and you will be able to use them for years on various construction jobs.

All in all, it’s a great alternative to more traditional power saws that offers almost everything they do, but also a lot more that they cannot.


The Main Benefit Jigsaws Offer is the Ability to Cut Curves Easily

Still, while jigsaws are great, you should be careful when buying one. There are a ton of different jigsaws out there and not all perform well. Some might be useless trash while others could be amazing, and there’s no easy way to tell that at first glance, not even by price. Most people find it hard to distinguish the good ones from the bad before buying. That’s why we’re here to help. In this article, we gathered some of the best products on the market and offered our opinions on what makes them good or bad, while also adding in some user reviews. We’ll also outline what to look for in the best jig saw. With all that info, you should be able to buy a good one for yourself without a problem. So, let’s see what our picks for the three best products are!

Meet the Best Jig Saws

DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw (Tool Only), Yellow

The Good: It’s a powerful and highly adjustable jigsaw that is incredibly comfortable to use.

The Bad: It costs a lot and doesn’t come with a battery or with any blades.

The Bottom Line: While this is a great jigsaw, it’s a bit expensive and doesn’t come with everything you need to get it running.

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw, 5.0-Amp

The Good: This model offers plenty of power for a poultry price. It’s also easy to use.

The Bad: Heavier than most corded models, quite loud and potentially unsafe.

The Bottom Line: It is a rather decent jigsaw at a great price, but it isn’t incredibly comfortable to use.

SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

The Good: Incredibly powerful corded saw for its size and rather easy to use.

The Bad: It’s poorly made and it will break sooner rather than later.

The Bottom Line: This is a supremely powerful unit, but you probably won’t get much use out of it as it is rather flimsy.

This table is just a short overview. More detailed info is in the text that follows, so keep reading.

All of the Factors Considered

Picking out a good jig saw might seem deceptively easy. There is a large variety of products out there, and not all of them are good – but those that aren’t will try to hide their flaws. You might think a product is great at first glance but find out it’s useless after you’ve spent your money and you’re already home. Because of that, we’ve made this guide, and we’ll list the most important things you should consider when buying a jig saw for yourself.

Engine Strength

Most jigsaws run on electric motors, some with and some without a cord. Cordless models are usually preferred due to the increased portability, something that is incredibly important for a jigsaw as you want it to have maximum maneuverability, something difficult to achieve while dragging a cord behind you.

The best measure of an electric motor’s power is amperage, and that’s not different when it comes to electric jigsaws. The stronger the motor is, the better the saw will do its job, the more strength it will have to cut through tough materials. Three to four amps of power is strong enough, but for some tougher materials you might want a saw with around five amps of power.

However, the stronger the engine, the bigger and heavier it is, and you don’t want a jigsaw that is too large to be maneuverable. You should look for a tool with a strong engine that also isn’t too big for its own good.


Once you buy a tool like this you want it to last; you want it to be a real heavy duty machine that you can use in almost any situation. So, it should be made of good, sturdy materials and have quality construction. You don’t want a plastic Chinese Frankenstein that’s barely held together by a few loose bolts and screws.

You should look for jig saws mostly made out of metal with maybe a little rubber for the handle. Products made in Europe or the US are also more likely to be well-made than those manufactured in Asia, but that is debatable.

User reviews from people who have been using the product for years would also be helpful in finding out whether a jigsaw is durable or not.


The speed at which the blade moves is usually expressed in strokes per minute, or SPM. This is what determines how fast you can get the job done, as well as how good the blade is at cutting in general.

However, if you want precision while finely cutting some finer, softer materials, you want to have the blade at a faster speed. If you’re looking for strength while cutting tougher materials, you want to set the blade at a lower speed, if that’s an option.


You want a jigsaw that is highly adjustable so you can be able to do many different jobs with it instead of just one.

First up, you probably want to get a jigsaw that has an adjustable speed option, instead of one with a constant speed. That way you can use it to cut either softer or harder material with no issues.

Having an adjustable pivot or bevel is also incredibly useful as it can allow you to make different cutting angles, up to 45 degrees if necessary. This makes the jigsaw even more versatile than usual.

Look at all the different options out there and choose something that fits you – or don’t just choose something you can adjust to whatever fits the job the most.

Ease of Use

For some, jigsaws might seem like incredibly complicated tools, but that is not exactly true. They can be used by most people, and not a lot of practice is required to get good at using it. However, as is usual, some jigsaws are far easier to use than others and more comfortable

Changing blades can be a hiccup for a lot of people, especially if it requires using tools that they might not have. So, a tool-less blade changing system can go a long way towards making the jigsaw and item anyone can use without issues.

Other comfort features like a dust blower, laser guide or simply a well-designed handle can also make the jigsaw more amicable to people who wouldn’t have considered using it otherwise.

Now that we informed you about the most important aspects of a jig saw, here’s how the products we picked rank in those areas.

In-Depth Reviews of 3 Jig Saws

This is a rather strong unit that can take care of almost anything you put in front of it. It has some amazing power as well as speed and is rather adjustable. The problem is that it costs a lot even when you don’t consider the fact that you’ll have to buy the battery and blades separately.
Engine Strength95
Ease of Use90
What We Like
Easy to change the blades
Incredibly maneuverable and powerful
Comfortable to use
What We Don't Like
Expensive and doesn’t come with a battery or with blades
Takes a bit of practice to learn how to use
Some parts of it can come loose

Key Features

Admirable Strength

The motor inside this unit features a strength of 5 amps, which allows this jigsaw to take on almost anything you might put in front of it without any hitches.

Durable Construction

This jigsaw is made mostly from metal parts, coated and resistant to corrosion. Those will last for a long time, but the way they’re bolted to the plastic parts is a bit suspicious, and the vibrations from longer usage can loosen some of the parts significantly.

Variable Speed

The top speed at which the blade of this machine can run is a great 3000 SPM. It also features variable speed control, allowing you to adjust the speed at exactly what you need. The bevel can also be adjusted at 0, 15, 30 or even 45 degrees, for added versatility.

Comfortable to Use

This jigsaw features a comfortable, ergonomically designed rubber handle that is slip-resistant. It also has a great adjustable dust blower that keeps all the wood chips away from the cut, so you can see what the blade is cutting. Switching blades is also simple and tool-less.

Customer Reviews

This jig saw has the best features ever. I especially love the optional rotating blade as it helps reduce splintering of the boards and the quick change blade release is amazing for different projects or regular carpentry. When all is said and done, it’s just an amazing tool the likes of which I have never seen before.
The saw is just as good as advertised and has almost everything I could ever ask for. I was surprised by how well-built it was, the quality of the construction was incredible for this price. When I started it and used it for the first time, I found it to be as strong as a corded saw would be, and it feels so much stronger than it seems at first glance. It’s incredible, and I’m glad I got it.
This is a marked difference over cheaper tools. It’s incredibly smooth and powerful while being loaded with amazing and useful features. The bevel adjusting mechanism is something I especially adore, and you will like the easy setup. Tool-less blade changing is also incredibly convenient since I need to change blades often. It runs great even on smaller batteries. I haven’t used it for long, but so far I’ve had no issues with it, and it has proved to be amazingly durable. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I would recommend it.

Who Should Buy This Product

This jigsaw is probably ideal for people looking for a strong, yet a portable machine that can do a variety of different jobs. It is great for both professionals and beginners as it is comfortable to use, though it takes a little practice to get a hold of how to cut properly with it.

What to Watch Out For

While the unit itself has only a few minor problems, like some parts coming a little bit loose, the issue of its price might be the largest concern for most. It’s more expensive than some comparable, though slightly worse units, and it doesn’t come with either a battery pack or a set of blades. This means that you will have to shell out additional cash for those and that might be a deal-breaker for some.

The Conclusion

This is a strong unit with good specs all around, quite adjustable in almost every regard and supremely comfortable to use. It seems ideal, but that comes with a hefty price – not to mention the additional cost of a battery and a set of blades because neither one of those comes with the jigsaw. It’s a quality machine, but a difficult proposition when it comes to the price.

This is a more than decent corded model that offers a lot of power while being rather easy to use, as well as highly adjustable. However, it isn’t that comfortable due to having a cord and being heavier and louder than similar models.
Engine Strength95
Ease of Use80
What We Like
Comfortable to use
Incredibly powerful - can do most tasks
The blades can be changed easily on the fly
Comes at a great price
What We Don't Like
Heavier than similar models
Louder than most
No trigger guard might be unsafe

Key Features

Strong Electric Motor

This is a corded unit with a cord of six feet and a motor that has 5 amps of power. That makes it fairly strong and able to do most tasks, though the cord limits its movements and you can find battery powered units that are just as powerful, though more expensive. It’s a tough choice.

Sturdy and Steady

While this saw doesn’t make any bold claims about its durability and has a mostly plastic construction, it is surprisingly sturdy and able to withstand a lot of punishment. That’s commendable, to say the least.

Fast and Adjustable

This saw can reach up to 3000 SPM, and the speed is highly adjustable, as is the bevel position that can cut at angles up to 45 degrees. The beveling shoe also makes it incredibly stable.

Full of Comfort Features

This unit has plenty of comfort features, from the ergonomic handle to the wire guard. What makes it a little less comfortable is the weight, 5.2 pounds, which is a lot for an already limited corded unit. It’s also possibly unsafe, as it can be started with a light touch and nothing else.

Customer Reviews

This is a terrific price for this amazing little saw that has more than enough power. No tools required to change the blade and you can use multiple blade styles which is not something I had with my other saws. I love that you can see straight down during cutting. I doubt you will find a better saw at this price point and I highly recommend it.
This is an amazing too. The thing that stands out is the adjustment that allows it to make tight turns easily. I cut multiple pieces of plywood with some hardwood as well, and there were zero problems with this saw. The only issue I have with it comes from me being left-handed. Because of that, the cooling fins are blowing right in my face. I wish there were a good solution for that, but sadly there isn’t. In the end, this tool still works better than I expected and I recommend it.
I bought this after considering a few different options in different shops, and I’m satisfied with my choice. For such a compact machine it’s rather powerful. I cut a few two-by-fours, and it had no issues. It only comes with the blade for cutting wood, so you will need to buy other blades separately. It’s also louder than I anticipated, but it does the job. It also comes at quite an affordable price. Overall, I like it a lot, and I think most people will get some good use out of it, so I recommend it even though it has some issues.

Who Should Buy This Product

The best part about this product is how powerful and adjustable it is while being rather cheap. As such, it is most suitable for people on a budget looking for a great, sturdy jigsaw that will perform its job admirably while not being hard on their wallet. As a cheaper option, this product is more than great for its price.

What to Watch Out For

It can be rather uncomfortable to use due to a variety of factors. For starters, it requires a cord which might limit you in many different ways, depending on the job you’re trying to do. In addition to that, it’s rather heavy for a corded model and makes too much noise. For some, all of this might sour the deal.

The Conclusion

This is a great tool for the asking price – decently durable, quite powerful and easy to use for the most part. It seems great until you start using it for a while. It can be rather uncomfortable due to its cord, the weight and the noise it makes. For people who can put up with all of that, it will be a great addition to the toolbox, but those that can’t stand it should look for something different.

SKIL 4495-02
It’s an amazingly powerful unit that offers a lot of different nifty features that make it easy to use and comfortable. The laser guide can be especially useful and makes aiming simple even for newcomers. However, like everything else about this saw, it’s poorly constructed and can easily fail.
Engine Strength100
Ease of Use95
What We Like
Inbuilt laser guide for easy cuts
Incredibly powerful motor for the size
The blade guard prevents unnecessary damage
What We Don't Like
The blade is not stiff enough
The base can become loosened
The laser guide can malfunction

Key Features

Amazingly Strong Motor

It has amazing power, even for a corded unit, with its 6 amp motor. Even though it is that strong, it’s still lighter than less powerful corded units. With so much power, it can handle almost anything, even things other jigsaws can’t.

Made to Last

The claim is that this is a durable product, but that is far from true. Various parts of it are prone to failing due to poor, cheap construction and that is evident to anyone who picks it up. It is light for its power, but the flimsiness of the construction is the reason why.

Speedy and Adjustable

he speed of this unit isn’t listed anywhere but based on using it and comparing it to others we would say it can reach around 3000 SPM at most. It is highly adjustable as well, and you can adjust the speed or the cutting angle (up to 45 degrees).

Easy to Work With

hat makes this tool so easy to use is a variety of features designed to make it more comfortable for the average user. The molded tool rest prevents the blade from doing damage to the materials, the laser guide makes getting the cuts you want simple, and it has increased stability. It’s great in this regard.

Customer Reviews

This is an amazing saw for the price, which I didn’t expect. I bought it for my husband this Christmas, and he started using it straight away. The last saw he used was not up to snuff, and he likes this one better. It seems nice, the grip on the handle is good, and it has a laser for accuracy. The power is comparable to more expensive tools. I was a bit suspicious of it at first, but I have no regrets now.
In the end, I returned this because it didn’t do the job I wanted it to do. Getting a close cut on both sides of the blade is impossible because it extends past the guard on one of the sides. If you want to use it close to a straight guide to get a proper cut, you can only do it one direction. I had to a cut a door in a closet floor, and it just wouldn’t fit. It seems like a great tool though, so I gave it a good rating, but for some purposes, it just doesn’t fit at all.
It’s just a great jig saw. I never used this kind of power saw previously, and I was doing a laminate flooring job that needed a tool like this for cutting the boards to the proper size. It’s incredibly easy to use, and the laser guide makes it simple to cut properly. I even used it for some other jobs, and it worked great. So far, I’m satisfied, five stars.

Who Should Buy This Product

This is an incredibly strong unit, even for a corded one, and if you want something with a lot of power in the tank, this is your pick. Of course, you need to willing to compromise a bit, due to the cord limiting the movement, but if you want sheer power above all, this is the machine to get.

What to Watch Out For

It has plenty of smaller flaws, but they all have the same source – shoddy construction with poor materials. It’s not a durable saw, that’s for sure, and it most likely won’t last for a long time, and parts of it will fail sooner than later. Be wary of that and make sure you’re willing to accept that before you buy it.

The Conclusion

This is a supremely powerful corded model that will be able to cut almost anything you might put in front of it without a problem. Too bad then, that you probably won’t get much use out of it as it is prone to failing and falling apart before long. It doesn’t cost that much, and it is good otherwise, but get it only if you’re willing to accept the fact that it might break in a matter of months.

The Best Pick – DEWALT DCS331B

The huge amount of different jig saws on the market makes it hard to pick just one as the best. Different people will look for different things in their jig saws, so a product that is great for one person might be simply useless for another. However, when it comes to picking the best jig saw out of the three presented here, we can do that. The best product for us is surely the DEWALT DCS331B. It’s great in almost every regard and doesn’t have any major flaws to speak of – for a battery-powered jig saw it is almost perfect. Of course, you have to be willing to pay its steep price and buy the battery and blades separately, but in the end, we believe it is worth the cost. That’s what makes it our best pick for this roundup.

Video Review

The Conclusion

Our best pick is good, but that doesn’t have to mean it will be the best jig saw for you. You should use all the info we presented here to make a smart decision and pick the best product for you. It might be one of these presented here, or it might not be. In the end, we just hope we were able to help you with that. If this article has helped you, feel free to share it with others who might find it helpful. Until next time, have a good day!


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