The Best Lawn Sprinkler Reviews in 2020 – Water Your Yard Fully

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Keeping your lawn requires regular maintenance which includes weeding, fertilizing, regular cutting and, of course, watering. Especially during these hot, humid days where you can’t rely on Mother Nature to do the job for you, watering regularly is essential. However, even if you have a small yard, it might prove to be a very demanding task. That’s where having a couple of lawn sprinklers comes in handy, but a lot of people still don’t use them. That’s why we wrote this article – to show off the best lawn sprinklers and help you realize how to pick the best one for you.

Why Buying a Lawn Sprinkler?

Plenty of people water their lawn by using a hose, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, that usually tends to lead to some areas of the lawn being under-watered while others end up over-watered. After a while some of those areas might start dying off or just getting a different color, leading to bad patches on your lawn without any obvious reason.

Sprinklers, first and foremost, allow you to achieve a good, uniform spread of water across an area of your choice. It does so without you having to put in much effort, and you can choose a watering pattern that suits your lawn, as well as the duration of the watering. In most cases it doesn’t even require any effort or oversight from you – just set it and forget it! That’s what the best lawn sprinklers do for you – they allow you to water your yard fully with no hassle and no wasted water.

Automatic Sprinkler

Water your yard fully with the best lawn sprinkler

This doesn’t mean you get just to lay back and do nothing – regular maintenance is key, especially if the sprinkler clogs or gets stuck for some reason. Moreover, you will have to change their settings regularly and know when to use different watering patterns or use sprinklers for watering at all. All of that knowledge and skill comes with taking care of a lawn for years, and you shouldn’t expect that a lawn sprinkler will act as a substitute for that. It can only help you take care of your lawn if you already know something about it.

In the end, not all sprinklers are the same, and some do the job better than others. With so many different sprinklers on the market picking the best one for your needs might seem nearly impossible. This article should help though – we’ve gathered some of the best products currently on the market and compared them directly while pairing them with some real user feedback. This should help you make an informed decision when buying a lawn sprinkler. So, let’s have a look at how they compare.

Meet the Best Lawn Sprinklers

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler with Day & Night Detection Modes,Black

The Good: Greatly adjustable and durable with an awesome extra pest control feature.

The Bad: Might leak at the joints and could be pricey for some.

The Bottom Line: Overall, a great sprinkler with a host of amazing features that justify its price.

Nelson Traveling Sprinkler RainTrain 13,500 Square Feet Yellow (818653-1001)

The Good: Easily able to cover a huge area and quite adjustable.

The Bad: Can easily get stuck on uneven terrain.

The Bottom Line: It’s able to cover a huge area without any oversight but only under ideal conditions.

Melnor XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with TwinTouch Width Control & Flow Control, waters up to 4,500 sq.ft. - XT4200-IN

The Good: Offers unparalleled adjustability, making it fit for any yard.

The Bad: Made of flimsy materials and breaks easily.

The Bottom Line: While it is a great product at face value, it will break quickly.

While this summary can help you find out something about these products, more detailed information is in the article below.

All of the Factors Considered

Picking the best lawn sprinkler, even if you have a pretty good knowledge of what kind of maintenance your lawn requires, can be a hefty task. There are plenty of different products on the market, some touting seemingly amazing but useless features. This section should help you distinguish between aspects that are important and the fluff you don’t need to think about. Here are the factors we think are the most important when it comes to lawn sprinklers.


This is probably the most important aspect to consider, as the type of sprinkler you choose affects pretty much everything else about it. There are a few popular types to consider:

  • Stationary: these sprinklers remain stationary until you move them. Just attach them to a hose and leave them there, sprinkling water. They are good for smaller yards and distribute a lot of water quickly, but require plenty of supervision.
  • Impact: what you get from these sprinklers are short bursts of water fired in a line at regular intervals, while the head slowly rotates achieving a circular distribution of water. While great for larger lawns, the water jets they fire might prove damaging to some of the more tender plants.
  • Oscillating: these sprinklers have a row of openings on the top through which they spray water in a rectangular pattern, and the head moves from side to side for better coverage. They offer good coverage, but their gentle sprays of water might dissipate too much on windy or hot days.
  • Revolving: usually utilizing two or three nozzles, these sprinklers use the pressure of the water they fire to rotate the head, allowing for a wide, circular spread. They offer a fast, gentle spread of water, but might not be well suited for more rectangular lawns.
  • Traveling: utilizing the basic design of a revolving sprinkler, only larger and placed on a tractor-like moving base, these sprinklers are great for covering a huge amount of ground. They follow a set path and can shut off automatically, meaning they need no supervision. However, they are almost useless on bumpy or hilly lawn areas.

Other types do exist, but these are some of the types you’re most likely to encounter when looking for a sprinkler.

The Materials

You want a durable sprinkler and not one that will break or corrode within a few months. Because of that, it’s important to consider the materials a sprinkler is made of. Most will contain some plastic parts, but the less of them there are the better, and the metal parts should be corrosion resistant.

Best Lawn Sprinkler

Type of sprinkler you choose affects everything

Area Coverage & Spray Distance

Knowing how large your yard is and what kind of coverage you need is important. This is usually expressed in square feet. The range of the water spray is also important as you don’t want to get water into places where it shouldn’t be – like your neighbor’s yard or a wall and so on – but you want it to reach the far corners of your lawn.


Being able to adjust the area which your sprinkler covers, the distance, the intervals at which it sprays water and other similar things make the sprinkler far more efficient at watering your lawn while saving you a lot of time. Such options are always useful and you should look for a product that has them.

Additional Features

There are many additional features a sprinkler can have, and not all of them are useful. Some sprinklers can double as pest deterrents, detecting them and spraying them, others can detect how dry the ground is at any time and activate accordingly, some allow you to set a timer and so on. Choosing the sprinkler with additional functions that will be useful to you is key to keeping good care of your lawn.

Since you now know about the essential aspects of a lawn sprinkler, let’s see how we graded our chosen products in those areas.

In-depth Reviews of 3 Best Lawn Sprinklers

Orbit 62100

With a strong build and great coverage and range, this sprinkler is easy to recognize as a quality product at first glance. However, it also boasts a host of additional features, the best of which is the ability to function as an effective pest deterrent.
The Materials95
Area Coverage and Spray Distance85
Additional Features95
What We Like
Made from sturdy materials
Day/Night sensors
Extremely versatile
What We Don't Like
Can leak at times

Key Features

Heavy Duty Construction

Made from sturdy materials with a metal spike and brass hose connection, ensuring stability and durability.

Adjustable Impact Sprinkler

With an adjustable range of 35 feet and a strong water stream it can be used both as a sprinkler and pest deterrent

1600 Square Feet Coverage

The huge coverage area of this sprinkler ensures that nothing stays dry and anything that comes close gets sprayed instantly.

Three Detection Modes

Using a sophisticated motion detector with settings for day, night, or all times, this sprinkler is guaranteed to protect your yard. The adjustable line of sight only makes the job easier.

Customer Reviews

I was tasked with keeping a precious persimmon tree safe from a nasty horde of raccoons – yes, for real. Every time the persimmons would get ripe, we’d hear noises during the evening and night only to find a whole squad of raccoons picking them up while a few were on the tree knocking them down.

Anyway, I got one of these sprinklers and installed them just as the fruits were starting to ripen. During the first night it was on, I heard it go off a few times and it seems it executed its duty flawlessly. For a while anyway – after some time, we found the tree bare and the Orbit down on the ground. It seems the raccoons figured out that attacking it from behind meant it couldn't attack back – so they knocked it over and took all the fruit. Foiled again.

Never mind, I’ll be smarter next year and get another one of these so I can place them in such a way that there are no more blind spots that the raccoons can exploit. Then I’ll finally be rid of the buggers once and for all!

I can honestly say this is a great defender for my yard. Cat problems were constant in my yard – they were using it as a bathroom and completely ruining the landscaping. So, I bought this to keep them out.

It came in good condition, was easy to assemble and set up and it stayed upright when I stuck it into the ground . Hooking up the hose to it was also straightforward. Since it had the option to adjust the motion sensor to detect either higher or lower, I set it to lower.

It went off each time a cat even thought of getting near it. Since it was set-up to detect the entire yard, the cats stopped coming by soon enough. It did its job, and for me, that’s worth five stars and a recommendation.

I have been extremely pleased with this product and would pretty much recommend it to anybody that has critter problems in their yard. I had an issue with cranes chewing on my lawn and ruining it. These sprinklers have driven them off almost completely, and it’s entertaining to see how they scurry when they trip the sensor and get sprinkled with water. The only real issue I had with these sprinkles is that sunlight can trigger their heat sensor on really hot days.

Who Should Buy this Product

This sprinkler is a very versatile one and is great for people who have yards of medium size, and especially for those who have a huge problem with pests and other animals running into their garden and ruining it. Probably the best additional feature this sprinkler offers is dealing with them, while also being a great sprinkler.

What to Watch Out For

The most significant problem this sprinkler has is that the joints are not that well made, so they can leak water at times without any warning.

Another problem for some might be the price, but we think it is more than worth it.

The Conclusion

Here we have an incredible sprinkler with a wide range of different features able to be adjusted in various ways – which easily justifies the price point. Even while being a great sprinkler it’s also an amazing pest deterrent and combined with the quality build it makes it one of the best products on the market right now. It’s just an awesome product overall.

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Nelson 1865T

This traveling sprinkler stands out above the others with one simple thing – it can effectively water a huge property with only one unit, as opposed to multiple ones you would need with other sprinklers. In addition to that, you can just set it and forget it – or at least that should be the case.
The Materials85
Area Coverage and Spray Distance95
Additional Features80
What We Like
Made from quality materials
Different speed settings
Can cover a huge area
What We Don't Like
Can get stuck on uneven terrain
Low water pressure

Key Features

Moves up to 200 Feet

This traveling sprinkler can move along a custom path set by the hose up to a distance of 200 feet.

Made in the USA

This sprinkler is made from quality materials, not from cheap Chinese plastic – and you can be sure that it will last.

Huge Coverage

With coverage of up to 13,500 square feet, this sprinkler is the best choice for large properties.

Two-speed Settings

Can be set to travel at a slow or a faster speed along your yard, depending on what you need.

Customer Reviews

I have been using it occasionally for a few years. When I got it, I also bought around 100 feet of heavy duty hose and a hose cart, so I could use them with it, but it didn’t work out. The hose bogged down the sprinkler, and it would just sit and flood one area when the hose got too heavy to drag. What did the trick was just replacing it with a regular garden hose - then it worked fine, for the most part. Still, I couldn’t trust it enough to operate on its own and just switch off, so I kept an eye on it. I was right, as I occasionally had to help it along a bit. Even so, I’m still mostly satisfied with it as it does a decent job of watering my yard.
The innovative design of this sprinkler is just an awesome solution for watering larger yards. It will go along the path you set and water the entire property. There are two speeds, and the slower one will ensure that your yard will get around half an inch of water.

The thing that can be a bit frustrating is that it’s difficult to see if it’s moving because it’s slow. I solved that with a mark on the back wheel, and now I know if it’s stuck or not. Not that I had any issues with that as it never got stuck, probably due to how it’s made, but it’s nice to be sure.

Decent enough for a tractor sprinkler; can handle almost two hundred feet of hose before it gets too heavy. Not a great choice for uneven lawns or those with thick grass, as it can get stuck in those situations. If your lawn is nice and even, it’s a good choice. It throws water in a circle of around 40 feet in diameter. That can be adjusted easily as well. It takes about eight hours to cover180 feet in the slow mode, while in high gear it covers that in around 5 hours. Not a great product, but still useful.

Who Should Buy this Product

People with larger yards who don’t want to buy multiple sprinklers are the first ones who come to mind. With this one sprinkler, you’ll be able to cover your whole property with ease.

What to Watch Out For

The above only applies if your yard is also rather flat, with no large hills or holes or just uneven ground. If it’s not, this sprinkler can easily get stuck, and you will have to fiddle around with it to get it working again.

The Conclusion

Overall, the coverage this unit provides is its greatest boon, and it can be just great for people who need to water a large area efficiently – however, if that large property is not flat, though luck, pick something else. That makes it a difficult proposition, especially for the price, but if the conditions are ideal, it’s more than worth it.

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Melnor XT

The great adjustability of this sprinkler makes it suitable for a yard of pretty much any size, allowing it to sprinkle a relatively small area up to a huge one, equally effectively. However, don’t expect it to do so for long, as it’s not exactly made from quality materials.
The Materials75
Area Coverage and Spray Distance90
Additional Features85
What We Like
Easily adjustable
Clog resistant
Integrated flow control
What We Don't Like
Not good for wide areas
Made of flimsy materials
Tends to tip over

Key Features

Quality Build

Infinity turbo motor ensures smooth operation while having transmission gears that ensure it will last for a long time.

Great Range & Coverage

With a watering pattern up to 53 feet wide and range of up to 70 feet, it can cover up to 4000 feet.

Adjustable Range

The width and length of the watering pattern can be adjusted from 10 feet, up to 53 and 70 feet respectively, ensuring that this sprinkler works for any yard.

Oscillating Sprinkler

The design of this sprinkler ensures that it will evenly cover whatever area you need it to water.

Customer Reviews

It’s an amazing sprinkler that I highly recommend to anyone. It is very adjustable and flexible enough to water your entire lawn or a smaller area. Even though it was too large for my yard, I was able to adjust it to fit perfectly and do its job. The only problem was that it easily tips over, but I solved that with two small rocks.
When I first got this sprinkler I just loved it. All of the settings I could ask for were there; everything was adjustable to my needs. My only problem was that one of the handles for adjusting the width got broken rather fast. The other handles are also stiff, and I’m afraid they will break soon as well, which will make the sprinkler useless. If only that were fixed, it would be great.
I’ve owned this sprinkler for a couple of weeks, so I don’t know how durable it will be – but it doesn’t appear as it will last for a long time, so I think I’ll maybe get a year or maybe two years of use out of it.

I do like that I can adjust the length and width of the spray, but one problem I found with it is that it doesn’t stay upright since it is made of light, cheap plastic. I think I’ll have to use something to hold it in places, which can get awkward and unreliable but what can you do. For the cost, I am satisfied so far.

Who Should Buy this Product

It’s well suited for pretty much anyone that doesn’t need a sprinkler with high pressure. It will be able to cover a yard of pretty much any size with ease, which is its greatest strength.

What to Watch Out For

The materials this sprinkler is made of are mostly low-quality plastic and rubber, meaning that it won’t last for a long time. It will most likely break within the year if you use it a lot, so keep that in mind when buying.

The Conclusion

It’s a highly versatile product, able to fit pretty much any yard, which makes it a good choice for the price. However, the fact that it’s made from flimsy materials means it’s a risky purchase. Overall, a decent product, but not a great one by any means.

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The Best Lawn Sprinkler – Orbit 62100

As you can see, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to lawn sprinkler, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your yard, especially when you consider all the handy extra features some have over others.

For us, the best choice is the Orbit 62100 – it’s not only a decent sprinkler, but it also offers a great extra feature that pretty much anyone with a yard has needed. Keeping the pests away from your lawn while keeping it well watered – what more would you need? It easily justifies its price point in our eyes.

The Conclusion

While that is our top pick, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other great sprinklers on the market, and the other ones we listed in this roundup might fit your needs more. In the end, it’s up to you to make the final decision; we just hope we helped you do that. If you like this article and know someone who would find it useful – please, don’t hesitate to share it around. Have a nice day and a beautiful lawn!


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