The Best LED Grow Lights Reviews in 2020 – Don’t Rely Only on Sunlight

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Relying only on sunlight when trying to grow anything can be a risky proposition. You leave yourself and your investment at the mercy of Mother Nature and its fickle whims. It is possible that the best prepared, best-fed plants will simply fail because it suddenly got cloudy for a couple of weeks.

If you live in areas that don’t get much sun, you’re probably familiar with this ordeal. That’s where artificial lighting comes in handy – there are many types of it, but in our experience, LED lights are the best choice out there. Why? Well, that’s why we wrote this article – to show off their benefits for use in your garden and pick the best LED grow lights out there for you.

Why Buying LED Grow Lights?

While you might need an artificial light, you might be wondering which one to get. There are various types on the market, from fluorescent ones to HID and HPS variants and so on. There’s a staggering amount of choice, so why pick LED grow lights out of all things? Well, here’s what LEDs offer over all the other different type of lights and why we think they are the best ones to get.

For starters, they use up far less power than most other types of lights, making them extremely energy efficient. However, this also impacts their longevity, making them last for thousands upon thousands of hours more than HID or HPS lights for example. They rarely ever stop working outright but usually decrease in brightness over time. If you need to use lights 24/7, LEDs are the right choice.

LED Light

With the best led grow lights, you don’t need to rely on sunlight

In addition to that, they can employ specific light spectrums that match the best absorption ranges for various plants, meaning they are even more efficient than HPS lights of equal brightness would be. They are also more versatile when it comes to placement, since they can be used as ceiling lights, floor lights, wall lights, whatever you may need, and they can even come in non-square-shaped units for placement in awkward spots.

Another reason they are far better than other types of lighting is the fact that they emit far less heat, meaning that you do not need to use them only in ventilated areas and you needn’t put in any extra effort into cooling your plants.

The initial cost of LED grow lights is higher though, but over time, it pays off immensely. They are still a new technology, so that will drop over time and they will become even better than HPS lights.

Not all LED lights are up to snuff, however, and some perform markedly better than others in some, or all areas. There are also plenty of trashy, poorly made products out there that won’t last for a long time. So, how to tell the bad from the good? Fear not, we are here to help.

In this article, we will present you with some of the best LED grow lights available for purchase, compare and contrast them, then offer our opinions as well as the views of different users. That should be more than enough to help you decide. So, let’s get down to it and see what those five top products are like.

Meet the Best LED Grow Lights

Roleadro Grow Light, 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Galaxyhydro Series Plant Light for Indoor Plants with IR for Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Seedlings, Veg and Flower

The Good: Affordable and incredibly adjustable light that is extremely bright.

The Bad: Might be too bright for some plants, thus hurting them.

The Bottom Line: This is a great LED light overall, though it can be a bit too much for some plants.

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 600W LED Grow Light,with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

The Good: It’s a great, strong and long lasting light for a low price.

The Bad: The coverage area is smaller than is indicated.

The Bottom Line: While it is still a great product, it’s not as great as it first seems due to the low coverage area.

MarsHydro LED Grow Light 300W Full Spectrum for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Growing Veg and Flower Daisy Chain ECO 300W

The Good: This is an amazingly cheap light that is still rather effective.

The Bad: It doesn’t stand up to the ravages of time and breaks down fast.

The Bottom Line: It’s a great cheap alternative to other lights, but it won’t last.

BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

The Good: Incredibly strong light at an affordable price.

The Bad: The light intensity drops off fast over the first few months.

The Bottom Line: It is a long-lasting light that is intense, but it fades quickly.

King Plus New Model 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower(SMD Chips with Spotlight)

The Good: Compact light that can be used anywhere but is still strong.

The Bad: It can’t work for periods of time longer than eight hours.

The Bottom Line: This decent unit has the benefit of being usable almost anywhere but can’t be used for too long.

This quick overview is not comprehensive – for a more detailed look at these products, keep reading.

All of the Factors Considered

While LED lights might seem simple on the surface, there’s more to them than meets the eye and plenty to consider before buying them. There are plenty of different specs that will be listed on the box, but not all of them are equally important – it might be hard to distinguish between the essentials and the fluff. So, here’s a helpful list of the most important aspects of an LED light that you should take into consideration when buying one.


What you need to consider here, first and foremost, are the wattage and voltage of the unit you’re getting. This affects how much power the light uses which can influence how bright it can shine. If you pick a light with extremely low voltage, it can turn out to be almost useless.

However, light with high voltage or wattage can be energy inefficient and use up far more energy than it needs to, wasting your money and inflating your electricity bill. This is especially true if you happen to be using a lot of LED units at the same time, 24/7.

Somewhere around 32 watts of power per one square foot is a good rule of thumb when it comes to plants that require a lot of light. Somewhere between 10 and 18 watts per square foot is good for plants that don’t require that much light. You should probably look up how much light your plants need before buying your LED grow lights.


This one is simple – the area a light like this can cover effectively, usually expressed in square feet, or simply an area of X feet by Y feet. Some LED lights will also specify a couple of different effective coverage areas based on how high up from the plants they are.

Best LED Grow Lights

Measure the area you want to light up

Usually, this is not adjustable at all and depending on how large your planting area is, you will have to get multiple LED units to cover it all effectively. So, consider this before buying and measure the area you intend to light up with the LEDs you’re getting.

Brightness and Spectrum

The intensity of light like this is measured in lumens. A lumen is a unit that tells you how much visible light is emitted from the LED. However, while that is important, it doesn’t always reflect how useful particular light is at giving the plants what they need. You should also consider which light spectrums the LED covers and if it is adjustable since different plants react better to some types of light. In that sense, while one LED light might have more lumen than another, it might, in fact, give less useful light to the plants. Take this into careful consideration when buying.

Heat and Noise

This, more than anything, is a matter of finding the right balance for you. You don’t want your lights to overheat the space in which your plants reside because cooling it separately can cost a lot and be a real hassle. However, you also don’t want your lights to be incredibly loud and cumbersome due to their massive cooling fans. So, picking a light that produces negligible heat while still having a fan that is quiet enough for what you need is paramount.

You also need to consider the space in which your LED lights will be used – if it’s a well-ventilated area for example, you can afford them producing more heat. At the same time, if it’s a shed in the back yard, you can afford to have them be a little more noisy than usual.

Consider what you need and pick accordingly.


When you purchase LED lights for your plants, you want them to last for a long time – preferably for a couple of years or even half a decade. Most will last through nearly their entire indicated lifespan, which is usually somewhere in the tens of thousands of hours.

That is not always the case however, and cheaper products might break down faster than expected. Whether due to faulty construction or just cheap materials, they won’t last for their entire lifespan and they might give out entirely before it is up, or individual LEDs may fail sooner.

You should, preferably, always pick a light with a longer lifespan, but also check some user reviews. See if people have been using it for years on end, and what their experiences are. Then, make your pick.

Now that you know what to look for, here’s how the products we picked fare in those areas.

In-depth Reviews of 5 Best LED Grow Lights

Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light

The real strength of this light is its versatility since it can do anything, work for any plant with its adjustable spectrum, while also offering excellent brightness at a good cost and with minimal energy usage. The problem is that it might be TOO bright at times…
Brightness and Spectrum100
Heat and Noise90
What We Like
Efficient use of electricity
Covers a large area
Offers health benefits for plants
killing bacteria
What We Don't Like
Incredibly bright
might be dangerous
Needs better shielding
Prone to water damage

Key Features

Powerful & Energy Efficient

This light boasts a power of 300 watts and utilizes high-quality epileds chips, ensuring top efficiency. It’s comparable to 250-watt HPS lights while using up only 135 watts of energy, and boasting a voltage of 85-265.

Bright Light with Optimal Spectrum

This searing light can be adjusted to work in multiple light spectrums that are optimal for plant growth and boasts 7000 lumens at max. It is suitable for plants in any stage of development, from mere seedlings up to fully grown specimens.

Good Coverage

This unit can fully cover areas of up to 5 feet by 5 feet, which is a massive amount for this price and even professionals will find good use out of this product.

Great Heat Solution

With two great cooling fans in addition to a sunflower radiator system, this unit has excellent heat dissipation, requiring no additional cooling. In addition to that, it doesn’t produce a lot of noise, clocking in at only 55 dB. The cooling system also helps increase the lifespan of the unit, even at an 18/6 regime of operation.

Durable & Long-lasting

The casing of this light is made of solid metal, ensuring that it won’t crack or break easily. The lifespan of the lights is somewhere around 50 thousand hours – that’s almost six years of 24/7 operation, and more than a decade at a 12/12 regime.

Customer Reviews

For starters, this will work on pretty much any plant you could think of. I use it to light up my garden before I transplant everything to the outside, and I have used it to cultivate a lemon tree and an apple tree. It’s not exactly as good as pure sunlight, but it’s a close second. I used to use a bunch of bulb LED’s, but it took too many plugs so I got this and I have been happy so far. It is extremely bright, so eye protection is a must if you’re around it for longer time periods.
You’ll get plenty of bang for your buck with this one. They were recommended to me by a friend, and I’m glad I took his advice – my garden is more productive than ever, and it’s grown seriously big in the past few weeks. When I got it, I turned it on, to check if it worked and I got instantly blinded by how bright it was. Protective eyewear is a necessity with this one; I can’t be around it for long without some protection. It’s not as hot as CFL’s, and even though LED’s are costlier, this one has made a significant improvement to my garden. I can’t recommend it enough, the sheer wattage that this light has makes it stand out from the others.
I’ve worked on my indoor gardens for more than a few years now, and I only ever used 400 HPS for my flowers. That was until I tried this light – sure, it doesn’t have the power of a 400 HPS, but it is far better in all other areas. They are quality made, they have no heat issues like the HPS did (especially in the summer months), and they are incredibly cool. Overall, I’m extremely happy that I replaced my 400 HPS with two galaxy hydros as they have proven themselves to be far superior, and I have expanded my garden because of it. Now I don’t need to worry about the heat and about blowing the hot air out. It’s honestly a marvelous product.

Who Should Buy this Product

This is a light suitable for almost anybody because you can change up the light spectrum. Because of that you can use this light on almost any type of plant and get optimal efficiency out of it, especially considering how bright it is and how little power it uses.

What to Watch Out For

The problem is that the light might be TOO bright at times, and that’s something that cannot be adjusted properly. Because of that, it might hurt some plants instead of helping them, or hurt the user. It’s difficult to judge just how harmful it can be, but if you have sensitive plants, you might want to reconsider.

The Conclusion

The sheer brightness of this light paired with its adjustability make it a good fit for almost anybody. When you also consider how efficient and affordable it is, it makes it an easy recommendation. However, what you need to consider before getting it is that it might be too bright for some plants. It’s still a great product, but not in some situations.

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What is immediately noticeable about this light is the sheer brightness and power it possesses while also being incredibly optimal for your plants. Combined with how soundless it is, it seems like a great pickup. However, it might not be as great as it looks.
Brightness and Spectrum90
Heat and Noise90
What We Like
Produces almost no heat or noise
Extremely bright
Lasts for a long time
What We Don't Like
The coverage is smaller than indicated
Cooling fans might malfunction
Can overheat if used without pause

Key Features

Strong 600W Light

With a power of 600 watts behind it and a balanced output and coverage, this light is a real powerhouse while not expending a lot of energy. It consumes only 276 watts which is nothing compared to traditional lighting. The voltage range is 100 to 240 volts.

Optimal Full Spectrum

This light uses the optimal spectrums of light for plant growth, allowing you to get the most out of it. It gives the plants everything they might need at all stages of development while outputting light of up to 20 thousand lumen

Great Heat Dissipation

With huge, 4.7-inch fans and an upgraded aluminum heat sink, this light produces almost no heat at all, meaning you won’t have to air out your room regularly. The fans are almost soundless as well.

Lasts for Ages

This light can last for an estimated 100 thousand hours, which is practically 11 years of constant operation. You will never have to get another light ever again.

Amazing Coverage

The max coverage of this light at the height of 24 inches is an astounding four by 4 feet, meaning you can cover a huge area with only a few of these. It’s a bargain.

Customer Reviews

To be honest, I bought this on impulse and fully expected it to be a piece of trash. You know how Chinese products usually are. However, I was surprised – it works extremely well. When I opened it up to check if everything was properly connected and so on I found that everything was in order and built properly. I haven’t found a single issue in there.

I’ve been using it for around two weeks now, and my plants seem to love it. It also runs rather cool, making it ideal for the summer. I have plans to get around 5 or 6 more, considering how well this one turned out.

As far as performance goes, this item is top-notch, but I can’t give it five stars. The hanging attachments turned out to be extremely awkward, and it seems like it was built to be used with another light or some other specific equipment. It hangs too low inside my tent, so I needed to get a couple of zip ties to fix it up. It’s challenging to hang up, especially if you don’t have any help.

Now, as I have said, the performance is great, it covers my 4x6 tent with ease even though it is recommended for use in a 3x3 space at most. It helps that my plants are a bit spaced out, but it’s still impressive. It also heats the space up less than other lights I’ve used, which is the reason I like it so much. I would recommend it to almost anybody.

My plants love this lamp quite a bit, and I have replaced my previous 400HPS lights with these, as they seem to be both more powerful and far cooler. I’m curious to see how they will perform over longer periods of time and especially in the winter when it does get a little bit cooler. Still, so far I’m satisfied – after two weeks under one of these lamps, my flowers are showing nice development, and I’m extremely impressed.

Who Should Buy this Product

For people who want a high-performance LED grow light, this is your product. It has incredible specs for a decent price and is just superbly efficient and long-lasting, meaning that you will get a ton of great use out of it. It’s great bang for your buck, honestly.

What to Watch Out For

The main problem with this light is the fact that the coverage area, indicated as 4 by 4 feet, is smaller than that. It might even be as low as 2 by 2 feet if you want to go for the most effectiveness. You should keep that in mind when buying it as it is good, but you might need more than one.

The Conclusion

It’s a great powerful light for a decent price, but the only large problem with it is the fact that it cannot cover the area it claims it can cover. When you have that in mind, it might not be the value proposition that it seems at first. However, it’s still an extremely good product and easy to recommend, just be sure to disregard the coverage on the box.

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MarsHydro LED Grow Light

Probably the cheapest LED grow light in this lineup, it is surprisingly effective for the price, offering decent coverage and a strong, efficient light. The problem is that it's made of equally cheap materials, so it might not last for long.
Brightness and Spectrum85
Heat and Noise85
What We Like
Pretty cheap
Almost never overheats
Light and compact
What We Don't Like
Loud fans
Doesn’t last for a long time
Lights start outputting too much white after a while

Key Features

Great Power Efficiency

This 300 W light is incredibly power efficient, and it consumes only 132 watts of energy while being a great replacement for HPS grow light of up to 150W.

Incredible Spectrum

This light offers a full range of the plants favorite purple light allowing it to be fully absorbed by them for maximum efficiency. It fits all plants in all stages of development, good for both vegetables and flowers.

Superb Coverage

With one of these lights a growing area of 2 by 2 feet can be easily covered fully, while four of these are ideal for a 4×4 area. Keep it up to 12 to 30 inches from the plants, according to the growing stage.

Efficient Cooling

Uses a silent-forced air intake and exhaust fans and huge pin-cushion heat sinks to run much cooler and quieter than HID lights, making sure the heat never harms any of your plants. It also improves the lifespan of the unit.

Customer Reviews

I don’t notice much difference between using these lights instead of fluorescent lamps to grow seedlings, but it is great that the fixture doesn’t have to be so close to the plants so that they can grow freely. The lights are rather cool, but the fans on them are far from quiet, though the additional air circulation is great for the plants.

The only real reason I’m withholding a higher rating here is that I’m curious to find out how these lights perform over a longer period. If it manages to go four or five years without losing lumen and with all of the LED still working, I’d say they’re better than fluorescents.

I never used LED lights before so I was more than a little skeptical about how it would perform compared to all the other lights I used. It turned out there was no reason to worry, and I’m thoroughly impressed by this product. I always used HPS lights, and I thought they were the best, but I guess I was wrong. This is an incredibly bright light and significantly cooler than the lamps I used previously, which is a huge plus. I would recommend it to pretty much anyone who is on the fence about buying it - it will not disappoint you.
These are the first LEDs I ever used, and I decided to buy mars hydro after doing some research on the internet. I’m not a professional gardener, so I was looking for something cheaper, not an 800 dollar setup. It seemed like the best deal I could get based on all the reviews and videos, so I got one and used it for around a month. So far I liked it a lot, and I ordered another one that should be delivered to me soon. My plants are doing incredibly well under this, and they seem to have tripled in size in less than three weeks.

The lights also seem to be quality made, they are cool, quiet and you can barely tell they are there. I’m happy with these and am thinking of buying even more as I start to expand my growing operation. Not sure about the longevity of them, but they seem to hold up well so far. Even if they fail in a year or two, due to the price point, it won’t be hard to replace them.

Who Should Buy this Product

For people who want a cheap option for their LED grow lights – this is what you’re looking for. This light is far more affordable than most of the others on offer, and it can still output a great amount of light and has some neat features to boot, especially the cooling system.

What to Watch Out For

There’s a reason this one is so cheap and the lifetime of the unit isn’t listed on any product page – it’s shoddily made. It will fail at some point, and sooner rather than later. Most people have reported either most of the LED lights failing, one or both fans breaking down and so on.

The Conclusion

This is a great, practical option if you want a rather cheap LED grow light for yourself. It outputs a high amount of light and has decent coverage for the price. However, it’s cheap because it breaks down easily and it won’t last long – probably not even a full year, think a few months. Despite that, it can be effective while it works, so you might still want to get it.

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This is an amazingly powerful LED light that offers incredibly bright light while being superbly energy efficient due to the dual-chip LEDs that it has. The problem is that such brightness might not last.
Brightness and Spectrum90
Heat and Noise90
What We Like
Extremely strong light
Large coverage
Incredibly cool
What We Don't Like
The lumen intensity drops rapidly
The casing is poorly constructed
Lacks shielding

Key Features

Dual-chip LEDs

This light consumes only 185 watts while providing a light output equal to that of an HPS light at 600 watts. This is due to the newest technology of dual-chip LEDs, each 10 watts and far more efficient than 3 or 5-watt

Full Spectrum Lights

The full spectrum lights cover the 380-780nm, being incredibly beneficial to vegetables and flowers alike, and plants at all stages of growth, giving them everything that natural sunlight does.

Amazing Coverage

At its best, this light can fully cover a 5.1′ x 4.7′ growing area while placed at the height of 24 inches.

Super-long Lifespan

The lifetime of this unit measures up at a full 100.000 hours, meaning that it will last you for years. The sturdy design of the case ensures that as well.

Designed to Stay Cool

With a great design, featuring holes on the aluminum panels as well as the glass make this light a full 50 to 60 degrees lower than other lights. In addition to that, a strong and quiet fan system keeps this light from overheating.

Customer Reviews

These lights are incredibly well built and exceedingly bright. I’m using them in a two-by-six grow close, and two units cover the whole area easily. The plants in there are growing rather fast, and that gave me a good head start, I should be able to transplant them outside soon. I’d recommend that every grower get one of these as they have been incredible so far, in the first few weeks. I’ll update the review if something bad happens.
For this price, I can’t complain too much so far. I do think the info on the product page should specify that the unit should be switched off every eight hours or so, for around 30 minutes. If you don’t want it to overheat and break, you should do that, but it’s not immediately obvious. Plenty of people want these units to run almost non-stop so that’s something you should know. Otherwise, this seems like a quality product so far.
These are incredibly useful for a lot of things, but I want to use them for growing my flowers and vegetables. It seems to work well, and the plants respond well to the light and grow quickly under it. It’s pink in color and not too bright so using them inside your house should not be a problem. It covers a large area as well, so you can get plenty of value out of just one unit, especially if you move it around.

Who Should Buy this Product

The best part about this light is simply how powerful it is, so if you need plenty of brightness and intensity, this is your pick. It also has a great coverage area to boot so that you will get plenty of use out of it, and it will be effective without you needing to buy multiple units.

What to Watch Out For

The worst thing about this light is that it starts dropping off fast. The light intensity it has is great, but you will get that for maybe a few months at best. It will last for a long time, in the sense that it will work, but it won’t work as well as when it was new, so you should take that into consideration.

The Conclusion

The thing that makes this LED light stand out is how intense it is and how energy efficient it is so it’s great for people who need that. The problem is that the lumen it outputs drop off incredibly fast after a few months of use so it won’t be that strong for long. It will remain an effective grow light, but not as effective as it once was.

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King Plus LED Grow Light

These LED grow lights offer an amazing amount of light intensity and sheer power while remaining a rather compact unit that can be used anywhere. The problem is, it can’t be used for long periods of time.
Brightness and Spectrum90
Heat and Noise80
What We Like
Compact and powerful
Can be used in almost any space
Durable and well made
What We Don't Like
Extremely loud fans
Can’t be used for periods longer than 8 hours
It doesn’t have the wattage it claims it does

Key Features

10W Double-chips

The double chips, much better than the traditional 3 and 5-watt LEDs are made to keep the lumen output high and allow this unit to have a power output of 1000 watts while only consuming around 185 watts of power.

Complete Spectrum

The light these LEDs output covers a full spectrum of red, yellow, blue, white, IR and even UV lighting, similar to sunlight and perfect for almost all types of plants. It’s also able to nurture plants at any stages of development.

Fantastic Coverage

The coverage this unit can have is about 3.4 x 3.8 feet, meaning that it’s able to suit most of the gardening setups you’ll develop.

Superb Cooling

The cooling system of this unit is incredibly efficient, as it utilizes the holes on the board and the glass, forming convection in combination with the fans. Also, every LED can work separately, so even if the unit overheats they don’t all fail at once.

Lasts for Years

This unit is made to be sturdy, and the LEDs themselves can last for upwards of 50 thousand hours, meaning that you get a decade of use on 12/12 operation.

Customer Reviews

These come highly recommended for use with indoor growing. They are incredibly simple to set up, just attach all the wires as well as the cord and just plug it in. The plants respond to the light almost immediately, and you can see results within 24 hours. They’re quite cool too and have no extra heat that will burn the plants or heat the room up too much during the summer. I ordered just one to try it out, but after that, I ordered five more since I was that satisfied.
It appears like a well-made and sturdy light. The stated wattage is higher than the actual one, as is the case with most Chinese LED lights, but it’s more than enough. The light is still rather efficient as it provides a limited spectrum that the plants require. The wattage you should trust is the one it draws from the wall, and not what’s stated on the package, so be aware that information about that might not be correct. Buy one, try it out, and then shell out for more if you’re satisfied – as I’m about to do.
It seems to be fairly powerful and is rather compact. I took a reading of it and got the specs at 1.93 amps, 118 volts a/c as well as 228 watts ea. I’m getting a couple of more of these to compare them to a 600-watt HPS that I previously used. If they perform as well as that, I will consider using even more of them. So far, the real saving is in the heat as these produce far less.

These LEDs do fall off incredibly fast though; the lux falls off rapidly when you get past the box edge. I bought three in total and placed them around 10 inches apart. That covered a bathtub of around 4 by 2 feet. I’m waiting to see how much it heats up the entire space. The fans on it are incredibly loud, but I don’t hear them outside of the room, so I guess it is fine.

Who Should Buy this Product

Due to how compact this unit is, it is best suited for people who have problems with space and placing their grow lights. With this one, you mostly won’t have to worry about that – it can be placed anywhere. The best part is that it doesn’t sacrifice sheer light intensity or coverage to achieve that.

What to Watch Out For

The most contentious issue this light has is the fact that it can’t be used for more than eight hours without 30-minute pauses. This is an issue since some setups or plants require the lights to be on for 12 or 18 hours at a time, and this light is simply not able to do that. Another issue is that the fans are way louder than they should be.

The Conclusion

Here we have a decent unit that outputs a lot of power and is decent for the price. The main problem it encounters is that it simply can’t provide the runtime necessary for some. Otherwise, it also encounters issues with noise levels. It’s still worth a look and maybe a buy, but you should carefully consider the downsides.

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The Best LED Grow Light – Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light

There is a wide variety of LED grow lights out there, each of them with different specs that can fit different plants and different uses. The best LED light for an amateur grower will not be the same as the best one for a professional. However, out of the five we presented here, we are confident that Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light is the best. It just excels in most areas while having no major downsides to speak of. That’s not something the other products here can boast about, so it stands above them with ease.

The Conclusion

So, that is our pick for the best LED grow light out of the ones we could find. That doesn’t mean it will be the best one for you though – look through all the info we presented as well as the other products, and you will be able to figure out what will fit you the best. We can only hope this article was of some help to you and if you think it might help others, please don’t hesitate to share it. We hope you have a good day, and that your plants grow well.


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