How to Get Rid of Bahia Grass: Eliminating this Tenacious Weed on the Lawn

Grass can be ornamental in some landscapes, but there are instances when they can also be an eyesore. One of the perfect examples of this would be in the case of Bahia grass. Being opportunistic and aggressive, they can invade your lawn. The problem with this type of grass is that it can tolerate drought and poor nutrition in the soil, which makes it possible to grow almost anywhere. It is ugly, so there is no wonder why a lot of people are interested in knowing how to get rid of Bahia grass.

It is important to put an emphasis on preventive measures, providing you with the assurance that the grass will not grow on the property. Being proactive is way better than acting only when the problem is already there, which might be too late for you to act on it. To get rid of this pesky grass, below are some of the solutions that can deliver excellent outcomes.

Regular Mowing of the Lawn

Consistent mowing is one of the best measures to eliminate Bahia grass from your yard (A best reel mower would help you on this). This will result in the removal of the top part of the grass which contains the seed.

Regular Mowing of Lawn

When mowing the yard, see to it that it comes with a bag attachment, which will collect the clippings and the seeds. Throw the bag properly. See to it that the seeds will not return to the ground. Otherwise, Bahia grass will grow again.

Manual Removal of Bahia Grass

This might seem like a tedious task, but if you have a lot of free time and patience, this will be an excellent solution. Because of the effort that it will require, this is best only if you have a small lawn and if there is not much Bahia grass.

Manual Removal of Bahia Grass

When removing Bahia grass, be sure to wear garden gloves. Hold the grass from the base and jerk it so that the soil will loosen. Once you feel that the soil is soft, pull it out. You can also use a shovel to dig the soil and to remove the rhizome. Otherwise, it will trigger new growth of grass.

Fertilizing the Soil

To get rid of Bahia grass, you might also want to consider the use of fertilizers. Nonetheless, when using fertilizers, make sure that you apply it at the right time. The wrong timing of its application can only make the problem worse, encouraging the growth of the grass that you are trying to eliminate. If your turf grass is a cool season, apply the fertilizer in early spring or late fall. On the other hand, for warm season grass, summer is the best time for the application of the fertilizer.

Fertilizing Soil

When using fertilizers, make sure to avoid those with a high content of nitrogen. Nitrogen will trigger the continuous and vigorous growth of the Bahia grass, which will only make the problem worse. Also, you can save time when working on your lawn with the best fertilizer spreader.

Using Chemicals for Bahia Grass

A lot of people do not favor the use of chemical solutions in getting rid of Bahia grass because of their toxicity. Yes, there are hazards that are involved, but this does not mean that you should completely stay away from this method. Be knowledgeable about the types of the chemicals that are available and follow the instructions on their proper application to be sure of their effectiveness.

Choose post-emergent herbicides in the treatment of Bahia grass. This will ensure that you can get rid only of the weed while it will not have an impact on the turf grass. You need to spot spray the chemical on the grass for quick results. Some of the active ingredients that you should look for include glyphosate, imazaquin, and atrazine, among others.

The solutions above are just some of the best ways on how to get rid of Bahia grass. As you can see, the elimination of this aggressive and unattractive grass is quite easy, even without the help of a professional gardener. With a little time and minimal effort to spare on your end, you can have a well-maintained lawn that is free from pesky weeds.

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