How to Get Rid of Bamboo: Tips to Keep It Out of the Garden

When it comes to ornamental plants in the garden, bamboo is one of the most popular. It does not only add an aesthetic appeal to an open space, but it also provides shade from too much heat of the sun. Nonetheless, there are also instances when bamboo can already prove to be a nuisance. This is when it is critical to learn how to get rid of bamboo.

Bamboo can sometimes grow beyond their boundaries and can turn into a weed. Because of their physical characteristics, removing bamboo can be difficult, especially when they are already in their mature stage. With this, the best thing that you can do is to remove bamboos when they are still young.

Digging the Bamboo

One of the easiest ways to get rid of bamboo is through digging. This involves manual work, so be prepared if you have a large yard and if there is a large quantity of bamboo that you would like to eliminate in your property. It is also a good solution only if the bamboo is small.

  • Start with choosing the shoot that you would like to eliminate.
  • Once you are done with the identification of the bamboo to remove, start digging on the ground. Use a small shovel (find the best shovel here if you don’t have one). You might also want to water the soil first so that it will be softer, making it easier for you to dig.
  • Wiggle the plant from the top. This will allow the soil to become loose. Once the surface is loose, pull out the bamboo. Make sure that you take with you the roots.
  • Excavate the ground to remove any remaining rhizome or root. This is an important step as this will prevent the growth of bamboo in the future in the same spot.

Digging Bamboo

Manual Cutting of the Bamboo

According to the American Bamboo Society, another effective way of getting rid of bamboo is through cutting. Nonetheless, this is not as simple as making a quick cut and leaving the bamboo as is. Instead, this is what you need to do:

  • Cut down the bamboo. Again, this is going to be a more effective solution if you are dealing with young shoots and not a mature plant.
  • Apply water on the top of the area that you have just previously cut. Leave it as is.
  • When there is a new shoot, cut it and water again. This will lessen the energy that the plant has until it reaches the point that it will no longer grow new shoots. When there is not enough energy, the rhizomes will also die and will no longer have a new growth.

Cutting Bamboo

Preventing the Growth of Bamboo

It is not enough that you just remove the bamboo from the garden. Chances are, it will grow back, especially if there are rhizomes on the ground or if you live in a place with an external environment that is attractive for bamboos.

To prevent the bamboo from growing back, it will be good to use a root barrier. Dig a hole and bury the barrier at an appropriate depth. This will prevent the roots from reaching specific areas where it should not be.

Controlling Bamboo

Using Chemical Treatments

The application of an herbicide will also be a good way to get rid of bamboo. To use chemical treatments, you have to first chop, dig, cut, or mow the bamboo from the ground. Once the height is at three feet or when the leaves are already expanding, this is the time that you have to spray it with an herbicide. Concentrate on the growth of new shoots to kill them before they expand.

For this trick to be successful, one of the most important is to choose the right herbicide. For the highest level of effectiveness, you need to choose one that contains imazapyr or glyphosate.

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