12 Gorgeous Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Christmas

We are a couple of weeks away from Christmas. This is the perfect time to start your Christmas decorations.  Let me guide you through 12 gorgeous farmhouse styles that will definitely inspire you. And don’t be afraid to tweak some ideas to fit your style and preference.

Wooden Rustic snowman

What a perfect way to achieve a Christmas look. Making him is simple and you can ask your elder kids to help. You will need two round planks of wood of different sizes, a Christmas themed scarf and a small hat made from wood. Stack up the two round planks of wood, put on the wooden hat and tie a scarf. You can opt to add two dots for the eyes and a smile to make him look even more real. The best thing about this adorable rustic snowman is that you can make him from woods just right outside your door

Wooden Rustic Ladder Christmas tree

Who says a Christmas tree has to be a real tree. You can get creative and make your own idea of a Christmas tree. You can place it at the most visible corner of your house. Basically where you would your normal Christmas tree but if you will still want to have a normal Christmas tree, place it at the dining area. So take an old ladder from your store and basically decorate it with Christmas lightings and ornaments. As simple as that and you’ve got yourself a farmhouse style cheap Christmas tree.

‘Feeder’ candle holder

There is no farmhouse that can miss a metal chicken feeder. So to create your candle holder, take the feeder and wash it. You don’t want your house looking good but smelling chicken feeds. Then dress up the feeder with green twigs, pine leaves, red burlap ribbons, small clay pots that will act as holders, and then put in your candles. This makes for a great centerpiece for an outdoor dining table or inside if Christmas is snowy for you.

Muffin Tin Décor

The thing about farmhouse décor is basically using what you have. I know for certain you cannot miss an old muffin tin that you don’t use but if you don’t have, you can just buy. Then paint some Christmas themes in each of the holes, you can opt to write a Christmas message or anything Christmas related. Top it up with burlap ribbons and garland and hang it where it will be seen. Because it deserves to be seen.

Book Stocking Holder

Wondering where to place your stocking? Well, if you have old books then that’s where you will place them. Get some white or red paint and paint the books, attach small coat hangings to the books and hang your stockings.

Chair Tree Planter

If you have old farmhouse chairs you can put them to good use. Cut the sitting area to fit your flower pot such that the flower pot can drop in. Then paint the chair white or whatever Christmas theme you want. Put in your flower pot with lots of flowers and decorate to your desire.

Country Christmas Stockings

These stockings require no sewing expertise whatsoever. So long as you know the basics you are good to go. You can use any country type material then top up with vintage buttons.

Wood Christmas Tree

This unique Christmas tree is made from old planks. Stack up the woods to form a tree from it then decorate with some pinecones, lightings and other rustic decorations. You can then place it at the front porch.

Christmas Bundt Pan Wreath

A gorgeous idea for your kitchen or living room door. All you need is a bundt pan, white and red paint, string for hanging and a nice flower to place at the centre of the pan. You can add other decorations to your liking.

Christmas themed Mason Jars

This is a great idea for a centerpiece. Take your mason jars,  you can mix up the sizes, and paint them white and red. Play around with painting designs and messages. You can also put in some candles for lighting.

Burlap Bow

These will give you an instant farmhouse Christmas style. Make a big red burlap bow and using the same type of fabric, make small green pinecones and attach. You can use this as a wreath to decorate your front door.

Galvanized bucket

For an outdoor décor, consider using your old galvanized buckets. Paint them white and red stripes and put your flower pots to add a Christmas touch to them.

And there goes some farmhouse style inspirations for you!


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