How to Make Sure that I Am Growing Dill from Seed Correctly?

Dill, considered to one of the healthiest food in the world is known to all for it amazing benefits to the human race. This is a plant product that has some of the most amazing health benefits while it is indeed considered to be one of the finest super foods that can be included in the daily diet to enjoy a host of its benefits.

For centuries, the Dill has been known and considered to be popular for the role it plays as food and also a medicinal alternative. Known for its lip smacking flavor used in its pickled form, the dill weed is used very where from grill burgers to soups, sandwiches to oils.


herb-dillOwing to its incredible health benefits, the Dill is used to be an important ingredient in the baked foods, acting as a safe condiment that even offers a great flavor. Considering to a length of its benefits, many people, consider growing dill from seed right in their homes, on the farms or in their kitchen gardens!

The dill plant grows seasonally whereas the best part is that it is a self-seedling plant that doesn’t need much of a pampering. Dill it rather an easy plant to grow, while it certainly attracts some insects too!

There are many ways you could grow the dill weed right at your home. But one of the finest ways of growing the dill weed is directly through its seed. It is rather an easy task, as planting the dill seed is effortless and very promising in the coming days. You can read on to get closer to the step by step to grow this miraculous plant that is certainly in one of the most imperative herbs used and cherishes for its properties.

Ready? So let’s get started! Planting the wonder seeds of the Dill!

All you got to be doing is scattering the various Dill seeds wherever you wish to grow the Dill. You can eventually cover a thin layer of soil over the scattered seeds and simply add water. This way is one of the simplest ones that would promote growing dill from seed.

You can grow the Dill as well as look after the plant pretty well as there are no special requirements or extra measures required. The Dill would just need the basic requirements like the sun and some water, rest it would blossom into a beautiful plant all by itself and the wonder of nature.

Dill is certainly one of the most beneficial plants to be grown in your gardens are both just leaves as well as seeds are edible and offer numerous medicinal aspects. You must look after the Dill, by offering it’s a regular trim, while you can pluck the required Dill leaves and use them for cooking. The dill plant also blooms into pretty flowers that eventually fade out, and turn into seed pots. You can cut the whole thing out when the color changes to brown. This way you shall be able to separate the flower and the seed and use as per your choice and need.

The Growing process, unfolded, Step by step!

Growing dill from seed doesn’t get easier than this…

For the simple fact that the dill plant automatically reseeds itself, it is often recommended that you must grow two separate plants for the Dill.

Plan to plant the dill at a place that receives ample sunlight, as it is its basic need. The plant might at times survive in light shade but would certainly be looking for bright and shining sun.

Dill requires a soil rich

Take ample care of the soil you pick, as the Dill requires a soil rich in organic matter, while it must also be well drained.

You must as well add aged compost in the soil bed well in advance, right before you start planting the Dill seeds. To be precise, the soil best suited for the Dill plant must be with a pH of 5.5 -6.7.

It’s planting time, finally!

You might as well scatter the Dill seeds, while the plant is kept indoors too. This process can be kept in homes for the first 4-6 weeks of the plant’s life. The dill shall successfully crop out after every 3-4 weeks on its own.

Play crucial attention towards spacing the dill seeds to harvest the best produce indeed. There should be at least a gap of half an inch while the seeds shall be sown 12 inches away from each other. You can very well arrange the seeds in rows, keeping each of them 2-3 feet away from each other.

Make sure the location has ample space for the Dill plant to reseed itself and then re-grow. This process shall go on for years after years, while you can enjoy its medicinal benefits, for a lifetime!

There is no special care that you must give to the dill plant. It certainly grows its leaf nice and tall, while you just need to pinch out the early flowers at the same time, the planting beds must be kept weeds free for sure.

You might as well opt to grow your small little Dill plant in a container. You can opt for an apt container that is at least 12 inches deep.

Word of Caution

The dill is an edible plant with its leaves as well as seed, both being edible. This plant might be attacked by caterpillars, hornworms, and other pests. This would certainly need a weekly attention, examination and through check up!

You can easily store the dill leaves plucked out of the plant you have been working hard for. The leaves shall stay good in the fridge for at least a week or so. It is recommended to warp the dill leaves into a damp paper towel and kept in the refrigerator, kept inside a plastic bag. You can even sprout the dill seed and add to your salads, whereas the fresh leave scan is kept in the fridge, while the dried ones are stored in an air tight container.


Now that you are already aware of the process to grow your own miraculous and useful little plant. Grow the plant to enjoy its incredible health benefit and add value to your kitchen gardens. This is one of the rare herbs that are medicinal, useful, flavorful and easy to grow, managed and maintained.

This is considered to be one of the easiest kitchen herbs that offer some great health benefits on the whole. The process of growing through seeds is rather interesting and promising. You must try out, growing dill from seed and enjoy the numerous health benefits of this useful herb. Make way from its fresh produce, right there in your salads, soups, grilled burgers, sandwiches, etc.

This one, not only give you the perfect boost towards your hobby as you love gardening but also be a great herb, handy in the kitchen to treat many problems in the human body. There are many people who drool over the dill pickles and wish to add them almost in everything they eat, so this post is certainly for all of them! We have various other vegetables that can be grown in your vegetable garden; please have a look at our blog.

Hope you enjoy reading and get the right steps to grow your Dills!

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