5 Home Improvement Projects to Increase Curb Appeal

This is a guest post courtesy of Matt Doyle, the Vice President and Co-founder of Excel Builders.

Home improvement is always exciting, but not every project can be strictly personal. Sometimes the only way we can justify our projects to ourselves is with the assurance that whatever we plan to do is going to add some value to the home. If that’s your goal, you can always consider projects that directly target curb appeal!

Curb appeal refers to the assets of the house that can be seen from the street. Think of it as the first impression that everyone has when they see your home. Even small changes to the curb-facing area can dramatically improve the character of a house, and an artful eye can take advantage of that to add some real value. Here are some of the ways you could do just that.

Fresh siding in bold styles and colors

Siding isn’t often considered one of the most exciting ways to improve a home. After all, it’s one home improvement choice that can be installed in about a day, end of project. You may be looking for something more ambitious, but consider how ambitious your siding could be.

Bright colors are becoming a popular style trend for modern homes, and you can take yours along for the ride. What if you decided to make the outside of your home banana yellow? Or cherry red? If the bold look matches the rest of your home, you’ve created something that you can be proud of. Also, standout colors will make your home catch the eyes of buyers when it’s time to sell.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s fine if you aren’t the type who likes things brightly colored. Siding comes in many forms, including hyper-modern styles that are made from metal. These weather-resistant metal types come in copper and silver shades in addition to the standard carbon gray.

A majestic entryway

Majestic EntrywayIf the entryway seems like an unexciting home improvement target to you, it may just be because you haven’t considered the amazing variety of options. Entryways are some of the most captivating parts of many famous homes. You might even say the entryway is the face of your home. It’s clear from the example above that even a little bit of cost and work can make for an incredible change.

Improving your entryway can be very affordable, but what makes it even more enticing is that you can take this renovation in almost any direction your heart desires. The entryway can be shaped to leave an impression or to capture a theme. As you can see in the example above, lines and colors can turn modest changes into something artful. To create a really amazing entryway, try to bring all of the elements around the door—windows, siding, and frame — into the theme. It also helps to have a really creative door, so shop around to find the best one that fits your new look.

An exotic set of windows

A window arrangement on the first or second floor can change the character of a home completely. Plentiful windows mean lots of natural light and an attractive outward look, both things that buyers tend to care about a lot. As for options, bay windows are a popular addition to any home. A window that aligns the top and bottom floor, such as those often found next to staircases, can also make a home look stunning.

To plan the right window arrangement for the front of your home, consider the needs of your future buyers. Conscientious green buyers will love to be able to take advantage of natural light. The better planned your windows are to catch the sun at different times of day, the more effectively you can use this feature as a selling point.

A decadent garage upgrade

Those who value their cars can also improve their curb appeal by making some decadent upgrades to the garage. Fancy touches like carriage doors and tinted windows will add a lot of character to the visible sections of the home and garage. Creative paint choices can also liven up a garage that’s currently not doing the character of the home any favors.

A landscaping upgrade for the front yard

Surely you can think of something more exciting to do with your front yard than clean-cut grass and a few shrubberies. If you’re willing to put in the work of creating a flower or fern garden, you can cash that in when the time comes to look for buyers. An impressively floral front yard makes any home look welcoming and unique.

You can always add more character to your home

It’s always possible to add more character to your home and improve the curb appeal. Consider the effect of eye-catching new siding, artful windows and a beautiful garage and front yard and how these upgrades can improve your home’s value. While no two homes are alike, the combination of these changes could leave a lasting impact on the value of any home. Depending on the market and consumer tastes, these changes could be worth a lot of money.

About the Author:

Matt Doyle is the Vice-President and Co-Founder of Excel Builders, a custom home building company serving Delaware and Maryland. The company specializes in ICF and custom-built, energy efficient homes. Matt grew up in the construction industry and he has a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Alabama. He also has an extensive background in internet marketing and has worked with some well-known international companies such as Best Western, McGraw Hill Construction, Sharp, and Canon.


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