How Do You Store Radishes To Keep Them Clean And Fresh?

A delicious vegetable with a lot of healthy properties having a mildly pungent flavor; most probably seen at your dining table in the plate of salad is none other than a radish. Yeah!  The radish, a source of nutrients, magnesium, calcium, iron and Vitamin B6 is used widely in almost all parts of the world. This root vegetable can either be used raw or can be used as the main recipe of your food.

This low-calorie root vegetable is cultivated widely, and it is available in a lot of varieties all over. A few of the varieties of Radish are:

  • Daikon long white
  • Red globe radish
  • Green radish
  • White Icicle
  • Black Spanish radish
  • Watermelon radish
  • White beauty
  • French Breakfast

The variety of radish varies according to the cultivation of crop season and duration, size, and color. The radishes cultivated in winter and springs are juicier than those cultivated in the other seasons. After harvesting, these are available in the market. To maintain the crunch and flavor of juice inside the radish, you will have to store it in a proper way.

Without proper storage, after one day or two, the radish starts to dehydrate and loses its crunch and become soft. So the craze for its juicy flavor and crunching ends and it totally feels tasteless.

Today our blog can be very useful to you if either you are a kind of Radish lover or not. Today we will learn how to store these radishes to keep them clean and fresh for a sort of time. Therefore, Let us go through these very simple Methods to enjoy this crunchier juicy vegetable for a few more days.

Method 1: Choose the Radish

Before buying the radishes, look for the bright colored and smooth radishes which have no cracks or blemishes.  Sometimes, a very long sized radish tastes sharp. So avoid long-sized radishes. Be focused on the colors of the leaves of the radish, the leaves of the radish should be brighter in color.

Method 2: Wash and cut the leaves and stem

Yeah! This is a must. Wash off the radishes thoroughly so that any dirt/sand on the radishes can be removed easily. Now remove the stem and separate the leaves from the top. The leaves soak the water from the root and make it dry faster. But don’t consider the leaves waste. These leaves are a rich source of iron and protein. A delicious recipe of these leaves can be a mouth watering part of your food.

Red and White Radishes

Keep Radishes Clean And Fresh

Method 3 : Store in a Refrigerator

The radishes can be easily stored in a plastic sealed bag in a refrigerator. The washed radishes should be placed in the plastic bag over a layer of paper towel; over and above. This is a convenient way to store the radishes. But still, if you don’t wish to wash the radishes; just cut off the green leaves, wrap the radishes in a zipped plastic bag and leave in the refrigerator. This simple Method will also provide you a fresh radish at the time of your use.

In addition, the fresh and cleaned radishes can be refrigerated with a bowl full of water. Just fill the bowl with water and embed the radishes in it. Cover the lid and store the bowl in a refrigerator. This will also help in keeping your radish fresh for a week.

Black radishes become mellow with their age. You can keep them fresh even for two months. Refrigerate them properly and let your tongue taste its deliciousness

Store in a Root Cellar. It is a traditional way of storing the root vegetables. It provides a perfect surrounding to the roots i.e. steady humidity and a low temperature. If you have a basement, you can create a root cellar of your own. You have to be only concerned about the humidity, ventilation, and temperature.

The temperature of the root cellar should remain between 34 to 42 degrees Fahrenheit. And the level of humidity should be between 90 to 95 percent. Appropriate ventilation lets the fresh air come in and the exhaust the stale air is a very important aspect of a root cellar.

Now place the harvested radishes either in crates or wooden boxes filled with slightly damped sand. Insert the harvested roots between the layers of damp sand. But a proper inspection of molds and rot is a must. The rot roots must be taken outside. By this traditional way, you can keep your radishes fresh for three months.

Method 4: Canning the Fresh Radish

This technique is useful when you have a plenty of radishes. This is another way of preserving the radish fresh and edible for over a year, but it is slightly different. You will have to add some flavors to it. In other words, it is called the radish pickle.

A proper stirred and boiled mixture of vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper along with the onions and garlic is poured over the properly cleaned and sliced radishes and kept into the sterilized and sealed glass jars. When a sign of properly set mixture in the can is seen i.e. there are no bubbles and the mixture is a bit away from the head of the can, and it is cooled down, it is ready for refrigeration.

To enjoy this flavor of radish, wait for at least a week; so that they can become mellow. If your pickle is giving a bad taste, then it is a clear indication that the radishes were not cleaned properly at the time of filling.


Now before I end my blog; I want to make serious note that rather than a yummy taste these Radishes have a lot of medical properties. It is used as a medicine in the Indian Ayurveda Science. This root is also used in curing a lot of diseases like as diabetes, High blood pressure, and insomnia, etc. Therefore, do take benefits and enjoy this wonderful root of nature. And live a healthy life! Get more information on radishes and other health foods by reading blogs posts with us.

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