How To Get Rid Of Sandspurs?

This question has been incessantly honking most of us, at some point or the other. They are perpetually harmless creatures, but if ignored, they increase in numbers and even stepping over them could be dangerous, undoubtedly! If you are just beside the beach or have a garden, you would certainly agree with what we are heading towards. So, how to get rid of Sandspurs?

Spurs eventually grow almost anywhere, be it – the grass, the sidewalks, the cracks in your backyard or even at the children’s play area! Yes, you read that right! They can exist roughly anywhere, to be precise. The worst part about these ugly creatures remains to be the fact that they are even dangerous after death. Because after they die, their husks fall upon the ground. At this moment, the fear of getting contaminated with e-Coli or feces of the other animals arises.

These when comes in contact with bare skin, can enter the bloodstream, causing major troubles in humans, causing severe pain as well as infections. So, considering the significance of the adequate steps to be taken as well as the methods to get rid of them remains imperative, certainly!

All that You would Need to Follow the Instructions!

There are many things that people follow to get rid of these harmful Sandspurs, while let us list out the most practical as well as popular methods that are proven for sure results.

getting rid of sandspurs

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Step 1: You’d Need the Right Set of Tools!


As, you alone cannot compete with them, at all! With the right tools in hand, we can certainly deal with the complications and more or less conquer the question of How to get rid Sandspurs?

Tools required: A pair of gloves, garden scissors, and paper bag

Step 2: You Need the Method that Suits You the Most!


There are many methods to that can be adopted to get rid of Sandspurs, while the most popular ones like:

  • Dig ups
  • Borax
  • Charcoal Starter
  • Herbicides
  • Dutch hoe

Apart of the methods were mentioned above, there are various options at home  that offer some the best benefits, even if they are temporary, they can very well be repeated for best results. Like adding a few drops of lime to the soil could benefit greatly in killing the Sandspurs by their roots.

You shall have certainly a success if you follow the Instructions well! Let us take a closer look at the best methods for winning the situation!

How to Get Rid of Sandspurs through the Various Methods?

getting rid of sandspurs

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Digging it, All Up!

This is certainly one of the sure simple ways of getting rid of these irritating weeds is to pull them up all. This is certainly a temporary relief, but completely worth it, for sure! As during this pulling off procedure, there are many pods that get left on the ground, creating a scam a little later, though!

Herbicides, Before and After!

  • This process is best to be followed before the sprouting of these annoying Sandspurs. This is major adapted around the end of the springs. This is certainly the major time when these Sandspurs start the process of Germination and expand their presence. For the finest results, you must opt to get the herbicides done, at least a month or so, before the onset of Germination.
  • Fret not; you can sue the Herbicide method, even if the Sandspurs have already sprouted. The process of this liquid soar works all then more effectively when applied after the germination to get the best results.

There is a word of caution that must be followed, as Herbicides are toxic and can cause harm to humans, animals as well as plants. Therefore, you must be extremely careful with this procedure, while it works great to get rid of Sandspurs, without a doubt!

1. Borax


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This is yet another popular and effective process that makes use of sodium, boron along with oxygen. You can make use of the gardening gloves to work the borax right into the soil for amazing results within no time. You can add water over the borax, while the weeds would certainly absorb all of it.

You must note that the amount of this borax you apply shall be adequate, while you need to work around it carefully, as it is completely poisonous if ingested. This is one procedure that also makes the soil infertile at times, so you must make the decision, keeping all of these aspects in mind!

2. Charcoal Starter

Charcoal starters

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You can get rid of Sandspurs while lighting up the fire in charcoal. You can collect the sandspur pods and burn them all up. You can use the lighted charcoal to burn up the rest of the Sandspurs to get rid of them all.

3. Scuffle Hoe

get rid of sandspurs

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You would need to cut the Spurs away from their pods and eventually store them all away in a separate bag. Using a Scuffle Hoe, you can cut away their roots. You would certainly have to repeat this procedure to do away from all the weeds completely.

Use the Simple Towel for Excellent Results

You can drag around a towel in hand over these Sandspurs, while the Spurs would all certainly be stuck to the towel, while you can either cut of burn them forever. This is one of the simplest aspects that you must try out, for amazing results, without a doubt!

The sure shot way of getting rid of the Sandspurs remained to be the fact of maintaining a well-kept and looked after lawn or a garden. Sandspurs grow in an area, left unexplored for a longer period, while on the other side, when the lawn is all full of healthy grass, well-kept plants, supported with the support of the adequate procedures to deal with their wellbeing along with a regular checkup.


Alright, so here we are! After talking much about the annoying and very irritating weeds, also called as the Sandspurs, we finally had some methods that are all tested and proven to offer the optimum benefits of getting rid of these annoying creations, within no time. This is exactly what we expected things to become after employing any of these methods! Most of the solutions, discussed here are steps that have been followed and tried by millions of people for their amazing results while you shall be the best person to let us know if any of them worked for you or not!

So, try the ones you find apt and easy, within your means, but don’t forget to like and comment on the tutorial if in case you found it right. Do let us know your experience and if any of the listings offered you relief and made you relax after you get rid of these weeds and Sandspurs, totally!

Please ensure the proper use, along with the guidance given. We hope our list of methods, tools, and the right guidance would help you reach out to these by the roots and get rid of them completely. Also, we highly recommend, keeping a tab on the well-being and the maintenance of your garden, field or lawn to ensure the weeds don’t bother you at all!

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