How to Get Silly Putty out of the Carpet?

Silly putty is famous among the kids of all ages. It is a famous toy that is loved by children and has never gone old. Still, kids enjoy playing with it. As silly putting is harmless for kids and contributes to their creativity, it makes them sharp and active as they mould the putty according to their thoughts and new creative thing come from their mind. But wait! It may not be harmful to kids, but it has proved to be very harmful to mommies as they increase their cleaning work.

Yes, this is true once you’re the time your kid starts playing with silly putty the very next day you will find it all around your home, on the floor, on the bed, carpet or sofa, and even clothes and sometime in their hair. Now this is something serious; this makes your home look dirty and messy especially when you find this putty stuck in your living room carpet.

So when there is a problem then there is a solution, now the problem is how to get silly putty out of carpet? Here we have a complete tutorial to guide you out of this problem with simple tricks and tips. Let’s first gather the things requirement to make your carpet clean again.

Make Your Carpet Clean Again

Make Your Carpet Clean Again

What Will You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

Here is a list of things that you need to remove the silly putty from your carpet. These things are mostly available at home and if not then you can get them from the local market as these are very common and easily available items.

  1. Spoon or Knife: This will help you to remove the putty on the surface easily. A kukri knife may be taken into consideration.
  2. Bottle spray: You can add any liquid solution for cleaning and spray it easily.
  3. Cotton Balls: They are needed to wipe the surface.
  4. Ice cubes and plastic bag: To make putty chill, hard and brittle.
  5. Isopropyl Alcohol: It can be applied with the help of cloth to rub on the carpet.
  6. Water: It is used for rinsing.
  7. Towel or cloth: It is needed for cleaning; you can use paper clothes also.
  8. Vacuum cleaner: It is optional and can be used at the end of the cleaning procedure to remove the remaining residues. One of these top-rated cord-free vacuums will be ideal for this task.
  9. Other Solvents: Citrus solvent, dry solvent, club soda, detergents, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and vinegar.
Note: These solvents are optional you don’t need all of them at a time, you can use them as per the availability. These are different options of bleaching agents and cleaning solvent. From these, you can use any one or two according to the amount of putty stuck in the carpet.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Instructions for How to Get Silly Putty Out of Carpet with Simple Procedure

  • The first thing is to make the putty hard, and this can be done by chilling it.
  • Take few ice cubes; fill it in a plastic bag.
  • Keep it on the place where silly putty is stuck on the carpet.
  • Let the ice stay there until the putty is hard; this will make it brittle.
  • Now with the use of a knife or a spoon break the brittle pieces of putty. Scrap away the entire putty spots from the carpet.
  • Now the excess putty on the carpet surface will be removed, and only some residues, stains or spots will be seen on the carpet.
  • In step 2 we will see how to remove the leftover stains from the carpet.
Note: Take care of your fingers while scratching away the putty with a knife; you may hurt your hand. This method is very useful if the putty stuck on the carpet is not old, in some cases, there may be no residues left, and you may not have to go to step 2. Also, the result may vary depending on the material of the carpet.

Step 2: The Cleaning Phase

After the first step of removing excess putty from the carpet, this is the cleaning phase where the putty strain will be removed. For this, the most basic ingredient is mild detergent.

  • Take a spray bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with normal water
  • Add two spoons of mild detergent in a cup of warm water and mix it well.
  • Now spray the water on the strains of putty.
  • Using a cotton ball or towel dip it in the diluted solution of detergent.
  • Now apply it on the putty
  • Let it stay for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then using a dry fresh cloth prick the detergent and you will see the stain is gone.
  • Again spray some water and wipe with a cloth, all the detergent, and the stain will be removed and you will see a clean carpet.
Note: This step will work only if the spot is not too old or strong. If the putty spot is old and has a large amount of putty residue, then you may have to use the third step.

Step 3: Removing the Remaining Putty

Even after doing the above two steps the putty stain is not going off then this is the final step which is effective in most of the cases. In this phase we will use the solvents listed in the requirement, you can also buy ready-made solvent from the market or make one at home.

  • You can use Isopropyl Alcohol to remove the putty as silly putty is made of polymers. Alcohol is usually used to remove the polymer stains like the one used during white wash or wall painting.
  • Take any one of the solvents and add them in the spray bottle.
  • Spray the solvent on the putty
  • Keep it over for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now take a cloth and prick the putty, you can even use your fingers or spoon to remove it.
  • Repeat this if required.
Note: You can wash the entire carpet in warm water with a mild detergent after these steps; do this only if your carpet is a washable one.

Recipe for Making the Solvent

Ammonia: Take 1/4th cup of ammonia and add it to Luke warm water around 1 cup. You can use this solvent as a stain remover. It is the moderate alkaline solution. This gives a bleaching effect, be cautious if your carpet is very colorful, the color may get effects. The best tip is to take a patch test first.

Vinegar: Take 1/4th cup of vinegar in 1 cup of warm water not very hot. This is a citrus solvent with moderate acid which is best for removing dust and dirt.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Take 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide in 3 tbsp of warm water and mix it well. It is also a moderate alkaline solution that gives a bleaching effect. Use in very small quantity. A patch test is recommended.

Patch Test: This test is important when using acidic or other solvents to see the changes on the carpet. Apply a very some amount of the solvent in a small area of the carpet to see the effect.

VideoUsed 91% alcohol, rag, soapy water and cotton balls. Take a cotton ball that has alcohol rub until it separates the putty from carpet. Last use rag with soapy water to finish cleaning.”

Additional Tips from the Pro

  • If alcohol is not available, you can use hand sanitizer.
  • Even after the above steps if you wash or dry clean your carpet that would be effective and will get a cleaner carpet.
  • You vacuum cleaner after following these cleaning steps. As it dries the water or solvent left in the carpet and removes the dirt leftover.


This is the most common question of how to get silly putty out of carpet asked by mommies of small naughty kids who love playing with silly putty and often stick it on the living room carpet. The cleaning procedure is time-consuming, but the result will be a new carpet again.

I hope this tutorial will be helpful in getting rid of silly putty from your carpet and make your home free from dirt and mess. If you have any more tips or trick to be added to the list, please share with us in your comment, will be happy to add them.

So, grow some strawberries indoors or in your backyard and get the silly putty back in your home and let your children enjoy it.

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