How to Grow Herbs at Home in Your Kitchen Garden?

There are proverbs, which we follow, in our day-to-day life like; “Health is Wealth.” If you lose your health, the capacity to work is also lost on the other hand and creating good income reduces down from the top. This means, your health is your wealth. The discussion which we are going to see is “How to Grow Herbs at Home In Your Kitchen Garden?” and this discussion, ultimately concentrates your healthy life at home, without going to the doctor by planting herbs in your kitchen, later consuming it as medicine to lead a healthy life.

Various numbers of herbs are available in our daily routine, which can restore any disease. Here, a few number of herbs listed and the methodology to plant it in your kitchen garden. Practice it stays healthy and has a very healthy and a happy life.

Grow Herbs At Home

List of Plants, Which You Can Grow in Your Kitchen Garden and the Methods to Plant It in Your Garden

Stay connected to be healthy and live an eases free life. As you can see here are, some herbs list is listed and methods on How to grow herbs at home. The herbs are:

  • Peppermint
  • Parsley
  • Coriander
  • Dill
  • Fennel
  • Lavender
  • Lemon balm
  • Oregano
  • Chives
  • Basil

We shall now see the herbs various uses in our day to day life and their planting methods in the kitchen garden.

How Peppermint Should be Planted and It’s Uses?

Peppermint a tablet for all your headaches and tea addition with peppermint will make you free from the hard, tension free day. The sucked natural oil from this peppermint used in dissipating for all digestive problems. Growing this herb holds small steps. First, the seed, seeded inside the soil, may be in a pot with plenty of space inside the kitchen, where sun rays scatter. After two weeks, transplanting it in outdoors is necessary or with sufficient space and sunlight inside the pot is enough.

How Parsley Should be Planted and It’s Uses?

Parsley is one of a good booster to the immune system and clears bad breath. Parsley a good antibacterial herb as well as a good digester, but studies say this is very harmful to pregnant women. This spices up all your dishes with an enhancing flavor. Parsley planting during the beginning of spring is necessary, and the soil must be rich and moisturized. The advice says to place them with a spacing of twelve to eighteen inches apart.

How Coriander Should be Planted and It’s Uses?


A study says that the usage of coriander seeds gives better impact on blood sugar and a stress reliever of the liver which produces an elevated level of insulin and good function in digestion is processed. Growing this is a very simple process. Just sow the seeds in your garden during summer and spring. Watering it regularly will give you a better harvest after a certain time.

How Dill Should be Planted and It’s Uses?

This herb is very well in using dishes like soups, fish, omelets, etc. The method to plan this dill follows very simple procedures. However, planting these seeds during the spring season is advisable. The seeds are preferred to be sowed at least of a quarter inch deep and spaced equally of a distance nine inches from one another. With a necessary amount of water periodically will help in growing this herb dill.

How Fennel Should be Planted and It’s Uses?

While talking about this herb, this possesses a very sweet taste, and when adding to sauces of fish, it produces an outstanding flavor to your tongue. Meats such as pork and veal this herb is in their recipes. Very simple steps need to grow this in your kitchen garden. The seeds of fennel sowed in groups for about quarter inch deep and a spacing of distance eighteen inches. Periodical watering in a limited manner is compulsory.

How Lavender Should be Planted and It’s Uses?

A very beautiful and attracting herb is lavender. The extracted oil from this lavender used for seasoning and can be used for baking. Lavenders said as a security of garden pests. By using the few steps, we can grow this herb in our garden. First, make sure with the soil conditions because lavender cannot withstand in moisturized soil. Then sow it indoors at the beginning of spring and later transplant it with equal spacing. Mostly keeping lavenders in the sun is recommended.

How Lemon Balm Should be Planted and It’s Uses?

A very useful herb and easily grown herb is Lemon Balm. Lemon balm is a good muscle tension and nerve reliever in nature. This acts as a good remedy for cold and avoids infection. This Lemon balm during autumn and spring grow well. While sowing it start it from indoors then later transplanted with needed space. Transplantation is very important, checking the temperature of the soil is also important. The temperature must not drop below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Lemon balm, exposed to the sun, placed in an equal distance of two to four inches is advisable.

How Oregano Should be Planted and It’s Uses?

Grow Oregano

Growing this herb Oregano is like and doctor and a chef at home. Yes, it is Oregano acts as a doctor digestion problem and fungal infections. Even the skin infections and muscle pain can treat by using this herb. While talking about cooking, Oregano acts like a chef in seasoning the meats and for eggs, etc.

This is grown in our kitchen garden by using very simple methods. First, it is seeding indoors in a pot later it can also be transplanted outdoors during the beginning of spring.

We must prevent the roots of oregano from the drop of temperature. However, placing this plant in the sunlight is compulsory.

How Chives Should be Planted, and It’s Uses?

Chives are a wonderful anti-pesticide such as mosquitos and aphids. They are antibiotic in nature. Suppose if you want a good taste and aroma to your dish, then chives is a very good option to choose. By using very simple methods, Chives planted beautifully in your kitchen garden. The seed of chives planted during spring or autumn for about half inch deep to the soil with equal distance of twelve inches apart. Planting it in partially shaded place also suggested.

How Basil Should be Planted and It’s Uses?

The Sweet Basil, which possesses a very sweet aroma a very familiar herb, found in our kitchen. This basil contains vitamins such as Vitamin C, A, and K. It is very easy to plant sweet in your garden, but before planting it, we prefer that first, it should be planting indoors, later after the frost’s departure. This sweet basil should be transplanted to your kitchen garden, and then you can get some very tender and fresh basils just at your doorstep. Sweet basil’s germination time is about five to ten days, generally preferred to place in a hot sun with equal distance of twelve to eighteen inches in the pot from one plant to another plant.


We know that the frequent disease that follows us in our daily life is the digestive problem, headache and some of the general disease. We can avoid it and life a healthy and happy life by using these kinds of herbs instead of chemicals and drugs. Go green and live long with good health.

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