How To Make Your Garden Look Unique

Are you unhappy with the look of your garden? Does it lack something special and original? No worries! There’s plenty of ways to make your garden stand out and look unique. No matter if your garden is big or small – you can create a beautiful place to enjoy with your family.

Flower Beds

You can make your garden more colourful and lively by planting different kind of flowers. All you need to do is buy some flower beds, choose what flowers you want to grow and where to put them. You can also decorate the containers by yourself which will give them an even more unique look. Grouping flowers by colours or foliage, contrasting them, matching the colour to the container, planting them along borders of the garden – it’s all your choice. Why not choosing an oversized container and filling it with plants that will highlight its colour? The options are endless.

Exotic Plants

Tropical plants can add even more colour to your garden. They definitely look different than other flowers and are more resistant to cold weather than you might think. They don’t need a lot of maintenance but it’s important to keep them watered because they hate drought. Some of the exotic plants to choose are hibiscus, bromeliad, orchid, phormium and different kinds of palms.


To make your garden prettier and more functional add some furniture. A table with a couple of chairs for BBQ parties, a swing as a resting place, comfortable armchairs, sunbeds – there’s so much to choose from in plenty of different styles. Why not pick a vintage style to give your garden an old-school look? Or maybe you prefer a modern style for your contemporary garden? Whatever you choose your garden will be more comfortable and pretty.

Decorative Surface

Have you considered decorative gravel or paver? It’s another option to give your garden more style and it’s very easy to maintain. You can make fantastic pathways or a base for a patio or a specific area in your garden. Beach or river pebbles are great to use around plants, to create rock gardens and to prevent weeds. Boulders and rocks are perfect as features or as walls and pond walls. When it comes to pavers you have a wide range of precast pavers, concrete, cut stone or flagstone.

Girl Garden


This is one of the cheapest options of adding more style to your garden. You have to simply choose stone, wood, pavers or gravel and lay it in the right place. You can create garden “borders”, pond walls, edging around flowers beds or paths. Whatever you do, your space will look more professional and tidy.


Well maintained grass will make your garden beautiful and safe. It’s easy to grow and you can create different shapes and add paths to make it look more interesting and functional. Make sure your lawn is exposed to sunlight and watered regularly so that it’s always kept in a good condition. Adding some edging will give it a finished look.

If you’re not happy about the maintenance of the natural lawn (which can be challenging), why not considering artificial grass? It doesn’t require so much care and, with today’s technology, it looks as good and real as natural grass. It’s safe to play for kids and animals and is very easy to clean.

Pond or Fountain

A water feature will definitely add more uniqueness to your garden. There are multiple benefits of having a pond or fountain in your garden. Not only it looks beautiful, but water also adds more humidity and freshness in the air which is very nice during hot summers. You can also keep fish in the pond and relax feeding and watching them.

Pond Fountain

On the other hand, a fountain is easier to maintain and gives a garden a sophisticated look. A pond requires more work and effort. You need to choose the position, size and depth, water plants, edging and fish for your pond. It’s best to hire a professional to make sure your pond is solid and keeps water safely. Whether you pick a pond or fountain, it’s a great idea to have a water feature in your garden.


Your garden might already look amazing during the day but you want it to look great at night as well. Not only will this add a charm but also make your home safer. Well-lit garden will keep thieves and robbers away because it’ll give a feeling that there’s always someone in the house. Additionally, lights will expose and highlight the best spots and features of your garden. It’s also a good idea to think about a combination of a heater and light – that way you will be able to enjoy the time spent in your garden longer even in the autumn and winter. There’s a wide selection of lighting in different styles and colours to choose from and it’s definitely worth considering.


Your garden won’t look nice if it’s cluttered. You need a space to keep your garden tools, bicycles or furniture. You can choose a greenhouse, shed or something smaller like a chest which won’t take too much space. Keeping your garden tidy and clean is important and you’ll have a place to store some of the stuff you don’t use during colder months. Moreover, your storage space can be designed in a way that will add more beauty to your garden. There’s a big choice of materials and styles to make the storage not only useful but also pretty.


Not all parts of your garden are worth exposing. Bins and composters aren’t a nice sight and it’s better to find a place for them where they won’t ruin the beauty of your garden. Adding some screens or fences to separate them is a good idea. You can choose materials that will look great and will not only hide the ugly sight but also add some style.

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