How to Identify and Get Rid of Roaches Effectively

Cockroaches are a health and safety hazard and overall, creepy pests that will cause such a nuisance once they find their way into your home, apartment or car. They spread diseases by contaminating your food, allergies and asthma from their droppings and general discomfort if you have to see them crawling around every day. The worst part is that killing these creatures can be quite the task, since they can survive without food and water for up to 7 days and can even live without their head for a couple of days too.

This is precisely why you should do everything possible to try and get rid of these roaches. In our post today, we will take you through various ways you can identify the presence of roaches in your home, and tips on how to eliminate them completely.

Identifying Roaches

There are different ways you can tell if there are roaches in your home or not. It can be through seeing the actual insects scuttling by, coming across roach droppings or their nest. You can always hire pest professionals to help you with the identification, but you can also do it yourself, and save that money.

Identifying the Species

The first step in dealing with cockroaches, is establishing which species has invaded your home. This is important because different types will need different approaches when it comes to elimination.

Get Rid of Roaches

Identify and get rid of roaches effectively

There are over 4000 roach species in the world, but you need to be worried about just 4 species; American , brown banded, German and oriental. The only way you can recognize any of these roaches is by first learning their key features so that you will know what exactly to look out for.

You can easily know the American roach by its reddish brown color, with a distinct yellowish figure 8 pattern on their head. It’s also the largest of the four home invading cockroaches. Brownbanded roaches are brown, with two lighter bands across their bodies. You will mostly find them in warmer areas such as upper cabinets or in other rooms excluding the bathroom and kitchen.

The most common species is the German cockroach, with its light brown to tan color, and about two dark stripes on the back. Oriental cockroaches are so far the darkest, with shiny backs. They mostly hide out in sewers and drains.

Roach Nests

Finding where cockroaches hide out during the day as they are nocturnal creatures is not as easy as it sounds. Most people will just use baits so that the roaches can just carry them back to their nests and poison the remaining ones.

Finding the nest is crucial so that you can ascertain the level of infestation which helps you decide on the mode of elimination to use. One trick you can use is switch on the lights at night when the roaches are about and see where they run towards. This is definitely where their nest is.

Roach Droppings

This is one of the first signs that will tell you that there are uninvited creatures in your home.  Look out for roach feces, which are just small black droppings on the floor that resemble pepper. Additionally, you might also find oval roach casings, which they use to carry the eggs before they hatch.

Many droppings or casings signify a heavy infestation that you should deal with immediately. A small number of dropping just means they have just began settling and getting rid of them sooner will prevent the infestation from getting any further.

Getting Rid of Roaches

There are various ways you can opt for when eliminating roaches. You can contact pest professionals, buy commercial products or try out homemade roach killers. However, observing proper sanitation around your home also goes along way; get rid of all clutter, and ensure you dispose garbage regularly and wipe off any spills or grease in the kitchen to keep roaches at bay.

Hiring Pest Professionals

If you feel that you have a heavy roach infestation that you cannot deal with by yourself, its time you hired the experts. Having a budget for this always helps because it does not come cheap. The exterminators will probably conduct a home visit first to establish the level of infestation then discuss possible elimination techniques.

Commercial Roach Killers

These are products you buy from the stores that have been specifically made to kill roaches; baits, sprays, traps, boric acid and pest repellers.

If you have young kids and pets at home, we recommend purchasing those products that boast very low toxicity levels. Most people go for boric acid because it’s very affordable, effective and safe to use. Roach baits are also highly successful because they clear out entire colonies once ingested by one roach.

Pest repellers on the other hand, are becoming quite popular lately because they employ a whole different mechanism, and are also quite affordable. They repel roaches through very low frequencies not audible to humans and pets. To find out more about these repellers, please read our ultrasonic pest repeller reviews.

DIY Roach Killers

If you strongly feel that the other methods are not working for you, or you simply do not have the money to spare, using ingredients in your home to make roach killers works too.

Sugar and borax is quite a popular solution, with very good results. You can also use diatomaceous earth (food grade) especially if you are worried about safety for your kids and pets. There are many more techniques you can use, and it comes down to trial and error t see what works best for you.

Wrapping Up

Roaches are a menace to every household and you are better off living in a pest free zone. Proper identification is vital if you want to completely get rid of these disgusting creatures. You can use any of the identification methods we have listed to fully ascertain their presence.

The next immediate action would be to eliminate them using either exterminators, commercial or homemade killers. Keep in mind that elimination may take time, therefore you have to be patient to see the results.

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