How to Install a Toilet Paper Holder: A DIY Task Made Easy

Whether you are building a new bathroom or you are renovating your current one, it is important that you learn how to install a toilet paper holder. For a lot of people, they may entrust such a task to others and pay them for the job. In reality, it is easier than what you might have initially thought. Follow the easy steps that we will mention in the rest of this post and you will realize how easy of a job it is!

Install Toilet Paper Holder

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install a Toilet Paper

Ready to start with your DIY project? Here is how you can do it:

  • Choose the location of the toilet paper holder. To determine where is the right placement, sit on the toilet and position the toilet paper holder on the wall on the basis of which is most comfortable for you to reach. This will prevent the need to get off the toilet seat to get the tissue paper. Ideally, the height should be 28 to 30 inches from the ground.
  • Clearly mark the position of the toilet paper holder. You can do this with the use of a marker or a masking tape.
  • Get all the parts and tools ready. It will be easier for you to accomplish the task when everything is ready so you have to grab them as you follow the next steps.
  • Measure the space in between the two ends of the toilet paper holder. This is important since it will determine where you have to drill the holes. If the spacing is not right, the toilet paper holder will not fit. You might need a torpedo level to make the necessary measurements, making sure that it will be even.
  • Start drilling the holes. A ¼-inch tile and glass drill will do the job. Drill on the exact places with your markings. To know if you are done with the drilling, the drill must already move in and out freely off the hole. In some cases, you only have to drill one hole on each side. However, there are some toilet paper holders wherein you will need to drill two holes on each side.
  • Insert the plastic anchors on the holes that you have drilled. Use a rubber mallet to push them in place if in case you are having a hard time to fit the anchors.
  • Now is the time to attach the tissue paper holder. Start with the back plate them proceed with the toilet paper holder. Secure it in place and load it with tissue.

From the discussions above on how to install a toilet paper holder, we hope that you were able to learn a thing or two. It is actually a pretty easy task, as long as you have the time and effort to spare. You will need basic tools, which are most likely already available at home.

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