How To Keep Carpets Clean If You Have A Pet?

Maintaining a perfectly clean home is not easy especially with pets. Carpets are expensive, and you want them to last longer than just a few months. For this reason, maintaining it is no option. Professional cleaning and vacuuming are one of the ways to take care of stains caused by our lovely and adorable pets. There are several measures you have to take to make sure your home is clean and healthy for you and your pet.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Carpet

Keep your pet clean

A clean pet is a clean home. The carpet is the first thing you notice when you get to the house, and it will give you the first impression of home even before you know the owners. Pets love the outdoors since they play in the dirt, fetch items in the bushes and run around the lawn among many other adorable things they like to do. Of course, by the time they get back they are full of dust and leaves and God knows what.

Clean your pet with shampoo every time it gets in the house. Shampoo eliminates the damp smell and keeps it clean. Also, dry your pet once done so that it doesn’t produce wet dog smell you know it if you have a dog.

Carpet Pet

A Clean Pet is a Clean Home

Clean the paws

It is the one thing that most people tend to ignore. It doesn’t matter if the pet was only out for two seconds or 20 minutes. The paws have to be clean. Just imagine the pet moving around in your white carpet. The pores are visible, and that’s what you want to avoid. Keep a towel by the door to make sure when the pet gets into the house you wipe its tiny paws.

Have the carpet professionally cleaned once in a while

It doesn’t hurt to spend a few coins to have the carpet cleaned by a professional. There are cleaning companies available online. You can check reviews if it’s your first time hiring a cleaner. I prefer calling the same company every time I need my carpet cleaned by a professional.

Use repellents

Vinegar and lemon juice act as repellents for pets. Train your dog to urinate outside. Urine from pets smells bad, and if done over a prolonged period it will be hard to bear. Prevention is better than cure you don’t want an Eau de pet urine smells in your home. Repellents will keep the pets away from the carpet which is a good thing.

Clean stains once they occur

Once your pet stains the carpet clean it immediately. There is no need to wait then vacuum the stains all together. Pour your cleaner on the stain then clean it with a neutral color rag so that you don’t dye out the carpet. Dry it out with the rug then vacuum.

Use cordless stick Vacuums

Regularly vacuum your carpet. Hair and dirt can build up on the carpet; therefore, a vacuum will take away all the unwanted debris from the carpet. Cordless stick vacuums are the best for vacuuming carpets. They are light and very efficient plus you get to vacuum without tying up your pet in the process since it’s cordless.

Additional resources

What models of vacuum cleaner are more suitable for your carpet? Check out these handheld vacuum reviews and robot vacuum reviews to find a suitable vacuum for you.

Clean the furniture too

Pets will sleep, play and walk on the furniture. If the furniture is not cleaned at some point, it will get to the carpet. It doesn’t matter if you vacuum all day every day if you don’t bother to clean the furniture you will not achieve anything at the end of the day.

Do not use carpet powders

Carpet powders are often used to eliminate smells. They do that job pretty well. What you don’t know is that they leave the residue that will in turn damage the carpet over time. It is advisable to use baking soda sparingly since it will work well when eliminating unwanted scents from the rug.

Avoid discount cleaners

Discount cleaners tend to do a sloppy job which will most definitely damage the carpet. You only pay for the services you get. If you spend less, you get poor services. Pay the required amount and get excellent services plus its only once or twice a year, not every day of the week it won’t hurt to spend a couple of bucks.

Cover the carpet in sensitive areas

Use rugs and runners to cover areas that are prone to spills and stains like under the dining table. When feeding your pet, you can place a rug under the bowl so that you can manage spills. The rags don’t have to cover the entire carpet. Runners also protect the rug from urination as well as any accidents that may occur in the house.

Before using cleaners test them

You can take a piece of your carpet and apply the cleaner to it. This test will be to ensure that the cleaner does not damage the carpet. This testing experiment should be done right before you use it on the entire rug.

Choose pet foods careful

Pet foods are usually different. Most foods use food coloring and preservatives. The food may damage the carpet but only if you do not take any measures to protect the carpet like using rags. Choose organic foods with no food coloring.

Use a pet-safe spray carpet cleaner

There are many options online for pet spray cleaners. They are easy to use. Once your pet stains the carpet, remove debris and excess moisture from the carpet and then spray the cleaner on it. You only have to wait for a few minutes to wipe it clean.

Do not rub the stain

One might think that rubbing the stain will eliminate it. This is not true since what will happen is that you will spread the stain on the carpet. Stick to bloating motion which will restrict the stain before you eliminate it with cleaners.

Professional cleaners have a systematic way of cleaning, and they have their cleaning equipment to make sure that your carpet is not only clean but durable. A carpet is a worthy investment and so is hiring cleaners. Have a plan on how to make sure the carpet stays clean.

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