How to Kill Pampas Grass: Get It Out of Your Lawn

Also known as Cortaderia Selloana, pampas grass can be a decorative addition to the garden. They can highlight your landscape and make your space look more beautiful. However, in most instances, this type of grass can be invasive. It can reach a height of up to ten feet and is an aggressive grower. It will only take a short span of time before they can overtake the yard and make it look dirty. Their leaves are also notoriously sharp.

If you want to know how to kill pampas grass, read on and we’ll share with you some of the best things to do. Generally speaking, there are two ways to deal with the problem – to remove them manually or to use chemical agents. Which one is more effective? You will know the answer by the time you are done reading.

Manual Removal of Pampas Grass

This is a labor-intensive task, which is why some people tend to shy away from this method. Nonetheless, this is a good way of killing pampas grass if they are still at a manageable size and if they are only in a small area.

  • To start with, be sure that you are wearing the right clothing, especially because the leaves are sharp and can hurt your skin.
  • If the pampas grass is tall, the first thing you have to do is to cut it down to three feet.
  • Once the grass is only three feet, clump it in your hand and jerk it until it becomes soft. When you feel that it is already soft, pull it out of the soil.
  • Make sure to remove the whole root crown. Also, dispose the grass properly. These are important to make sure that the pampas grass will no longer grow back on the same spot where you removed them.

Manual Removal of Pampas Grass

Using Chemical Solutions to Remove Pampas Grass

There are some chemicals and herbicides that are also helpful in killing pampas grass. You have to be careful with this and make sure to choose the right one because it can contain toxic ingredients. Here is the right way to do this:

  • Cut the grass as short as possible. You have to wear heavy gloves and the right clothing to protect yourself from the sharp leaves of the pampas grass.
  • After cutting it down, apply your choice of a chemical. Make sure to check the label as the instructions will vary depending on the requirements of the manufacturer. Here are some of the chemicals that you might want to consider using:


This is a chemical ingredient that you can find in products like Round-Up. Take note of the right combination of the chemical and the water, as well as the amount that you will need to cover a specific area.


This is one of the common ingredients in chemicals that are used for selective grass control. It is not as common as glyphosate for the reason that it poses significant hazards to humans and the environment.

Using Chemical Solutions

In sum, getting rid of pampas grass is easy. You just have to choose from the two methods mentioned above. If the area is small and if you are not feeling lazy, manual removal is best. On the other hand, if the invasion looks too difficult to control, the use of chemical agents will be promising, but make sure that its hazards will be minimal.

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