How to Kill a Pine Tree: Effective Solutions You Need to Know

A lot of us may hesitate in killing a tree. After all, they are necessary for a well-balanced ecosystem. They can prevent flooding and provides fresh air, aside from the fact that some of them are also an ideal addition to a beautiful landscape. Nonetheless, there are also some instances wherein the tree can be more of a nuisance than being beneficial. This situation may be true in the case of a pine tree.

There are many situations wherein you might become curious on how to kill a pine tree. For instance, it may be too large and can pose a serious threat to humans and your property, specifically when it accidentally falls. It can also block your view of the sun that gets in your yard.

Killing a pine tree is not as simple as cutting it. There are many places where there are strict laws that prohibit tree cutting, so this is not the best solution. More so, cutting also requires a lot of effort and time. Plus, there is a high likelihood that the tree will grow again.

Using Salt to Kill a Pine Tree

This is one of the simplest solutions, but surprisingly, it can deliver effective outcomes. With this, the first thing you need to do is to use a cordless drill to create holes on the ground. If you don’t have a cordless drill, read our cordless drill reviews to pick the best one. Otherwise, keep drilling until you see the roots of the tree. In a container, mix seven cups of salt with four cups of water. Mix them and pour on the holes.

Using Salt to Kill Pine Tree

While using salt can be beneficial, keep in mind that the results can be slow. You need to check on the holes and if the solution has already evaporated, you need to fill it again. Keep on doing this until you notice that the foliage is already turning brown, which is an indication that the tree is already dead.

Using Chemicals to Kill a Pine Tree

This is one of the most popular methods of killing a pine tree, especially for people who tend to be impatient. You need to observe caution as there are some chemicals that can be toxic. To add, you need to research on the specific chemicals that will deliver the best outcomes.

Among others, it is advisable that you opt for an herbicide that contains glyphosate. Round-Up is one of the most popular brands with glyphosate as the active ingredient. It is applied to the foliage of the plant and from there, it kills the tree. You can also drill holes on the trunk and pour the herbicide for the effects to be evident quicker. The chemical should also be concentrated for it to be more effective.

Using Chemicals to Kill Pine Tree

Another chemical that holds a lot of promise in killing pine tree is metsulfuron, which you can find in products like Matrix and Escort. It is popular for the management of pine trees in the United Kingdom. It is quick acting. You just need to make about three holes in the tree and pour the chemical in its concentrated form.

When using chemicals to kill pine trees, you must wear protective clothing. Also, the application needs to be done when it is not windy to avoid the chemicals from killing the surrounding plants.

Girdling to Kill Pine Tree

Girdling or ring barking is another promising solution in killing pine trees. This is an excellent alternative to using chemicals since you do not have to worry about toxicity. To do this, you have to strip a bark off the tree. Because you have to create a deep ring, you will need to have a best chainsaw to do this the right way, you may also need a best chainsaw sharpener to sharpen your chain faster. You have to create two rings next to each other. It is important to make sure of the depth of the rings and that they connect to each other. You also have to use an ax to peel off the bark from the part of the tree where you made the rings.

Girdling to Kill Pine Tree

One of the reasons why girdling is effective is that it prohibits the flow of the nutrients from the roots to the top of the tree. This makes it not only easy and quick, but also one of the most effective solutions available.

By now, we hope that you are already aware of how to kill a pine tree. If there is one method that is most effective, I would say that it is girdling. It is easy and quick to accomplish. Best of all, it does not involve the use of toxic chemicals that can be harmful to both humans and the environment.

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