Leaf Blower to Dry Car and Other Uses You Might Not Have Thought of

Cleaning the garden can be a challenging work, especially if it is large and if there are lots of leaves that you have to remove. The good thing is that you do not have to manually rake these leaves to clean the area. You can use a best leaf blower to get rid of fallen leaves in your backyard in a manner that is quick and easy.

As the name implies, the primary function of a leaf blower is to blow leaves. Nonetheless, it is a versatile equipment that you can use in many other ways, depending on how creative you are. Among others, you can use a leaf blower to dry car. If you have to get rid of snow or clutter in your car, the same tool will be able to extend a helping hand.

Using a Leaf Blower to Dry Car

Among the many other alternative uses of a leaf blower, one of the best is for drying your car. After washing your car, there will be water spots and streaks, which you have to get rid of. Allowing them to dry on their own may not be a good idea as they can create marks on the surface. If it evaporates, there will be a remaining residue that can make your car look unattractive. It can also attract dirt.

Drying Car with Leaf Blower

A leaf blower will have a function similar to an industrial-sized blower that is used in a local car wash. It provides a strong air flow that will be effective in drying water from the car after washing. For best results, finish by wiping the car with a clean and lint-free cloth after using the leaf blower.

Other Uses of a Leaf Blower 

Aside from using a leaf blower to dry car, it can serve other functions as well, including those that we will briefly mention below:

Cleaning Snow

While some might love the sight of powdery snow outside their house, it can be a big problem as well. When it builds up, it may make it harder for you to walk around. With this, you do not need to invest in an equipment with a dedicated function as a snow blower. Your leaf blower can be useful for blowing snow without having to break a sweat.

Clearing Snow with Leaf Blower

Cleaning Gutter

The gutter is one of the most important parts of the exterior of your house. You need to clean it regularly to get rid of leaves and other items that could get stuck. There is no need to use a ladder and do the work manually. A leaf blower will make it easy to blast the dirt to avoid problems, such as blocking the flow of rainwater.

Cleaning Gutter with Leaf Blower

Threading Wire

If you are in a situation wherein you need to thread wire in a pipe or tube, a leaf blower can also prove to be a handy tool. Place a foam on the tip of the wire. Insert it on the conduit. Turn the leaf blower on and the air will push the wire to the other end of the pipe.

Cleaning Car

The leaf blower will not only be useful when cleaning the exterior of your car, but also the interior. It will not suck dirt and dust like what a vacuum cleaner would do. However, it will blow dirt outside. Open the door of your car and turn on the leaf blower to blast dust outside.

Cleaning Car with Leaf Blower

Indeed, investing in a leaf blower is an intelligent decision. You can use it not only as a leaf blower, but for other functions as well. It is a versatile gardening equipment, making it able to provide the best bang for the buck. Its many uses and benefits, however, will only be realized if you pick the best product that is available in the market. Check out our left blower reviews to pick the best one for your backyard.

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