Learn More about the Trees on Your Property

Have you ever wondered what was in your yard? Do you have beautiful looking trees, but their growth is getting out of hand and certain branches and parts of the tree look dead or unhealthy? Maybe you’re considering adding a tree for shade or decoration or even to build your kids a tree-fort in. Can you even plant this tree next to that kind of tree? That is where an ISA certified arborist can come in handy, if you are fortunate to have a company that specializes in trees where you live. If you happen to live in Edmonton, or the Strathcona region of Alberta, Chipps Tree Care arborists exemplify how good, well trained arborists operate: in a knowledgeable, customer friendly, ecologically conscious manner.

ISA Certified Arborist

An arborist with ISA credentials will have a vast knowledge about trees and how to care for and maintain them. They can help you lay out a plan for your yard by helping you pick out species that will flourish and the best planting areas for them. Arborists can evaluate the trees on your property and determine the health of each of them in relation to one another (trees often maintain symbiotic relationships through their root structures). Trees also provide us with an oxygen supply to keep the Earth inhabitable and absorb carbon in the atmosphere. An experienced ISA arborist can make sure that the trees on your property are getting enough light and nutrients to maintain their health so that your trees may flourish and improve the environment from an aesthetic and biological point of view.

Deep root fertilizing is one of the services an experienced arborist can employ to help your trees. In nature, there is decomposing plant matter to give trees nutrients to thrive and provide us with adequate oxygen supply, but in an urban setting, those nutrients do not exist and must somehow be replenished. Deep root fertilization reintroduces essential nutrients back into the soil, this special cocktail for trees is injected directly into the deep root zone so that the tree is provided with macro and micro nutrients that it needs to be healthy.

Have the Proper Knowledge

Someone with knowledge of the different types of trees in your area will make it easier for you to keep the trees on your property healthy and beautiful. Someone who does not have the proper knowledge of certain trees may create an unhealthy environment for your trees. Too much water, not enough water. Too much fertilizer, not enough fertilizer. Too much sun, not enough sun. Little things that a trained arborist would know that could save a lot of money and heartache down the line. Keeping your trees health involves a bit of a balancing act.

Taking care of the trees on your property will help with beautifying your lawn and increasing your property value, while also pleasing the eyes and benefiting our earth’s environment. Talk with your local arborist and see how you can improve your property by adding more trees and taking care of the trees you already have.


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